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(Please Comment, you guys are my inspiration) Jack the Ripper, scourge of the walking woman of the night. I think the rest is selfexplainitory.
Jack the Ripper

He didn't have to stalk his victims for very long. London was a dream to him. He everything about the police force and was never caught. Most of the time her would just rape the women and leave them. The beauty of it was they never told anyone about it because of the humiliation on the family. He only killed some women if he felt like it. Some times the rage really did boil over, he would carried away and start stabbing his victim while still fucking them. Granted he did this to mainly hookers. 
He strolled down town with a surgeons bag with all of his toys and influences inside. He wore a black top hat and a a rutty old blue cape. He wore white puffy gloves and walked around with a black oak cane, with a headpiece of a man screaming and his hands on his head looking like her was screaming in horrorible pain or melting. It showed to his torso and was filled with gashes from where fire may have been melting the figure. He was an artist and carved it himself. He was a fairly rich man with, and his clothes, save his cape, were all expensive things. People seemed to trust him more if his character loomed high class. It always worked. 
He walked the foggy cobblestone streets with lanterns lighting most of his way. He was headed toward a bridge when he saw a woman just over the drink. His eyes widened in lust seeing this new found hooker. 
The woman named Tanya was a "new wave prostitute". Or that's what she liked to call herself. She wore a crimson and silk red dress that hung low and was laced with a light red exposing her D-cup cleavage. She had black silk gloves going past her elbows a full 5 inches. She had a black silk ribbon on her neck tied at the back and 4 inch heels. Her skirt only came to an inch above her kneecaps. She had light brown hair tied into a bun and dangly bangs on her forhead. She had full plump ruby lips. Her eyes were a greyish, blue. She had a small mole in her cheek bone. She had smooth sleek features. Her red silk dress had golden buttons going down the middle of her dress. 
"Hello my lovely." he whispered to himself.
He strolled over the bridge, his cane was clicking along with him.
Tanya saw the man coming. 
"This could be my first one." he said a little gittery. 
The man appoached her, the only visible feature on his face was his devilish smile. 
"Are you crazy young lass? Do you not know there is a murderer on the loose?" he said matter-o-factly.
"Well sir, I need money. I need to pay for me self." she explained.
"I pray you young girl, not this night, let me walk you home." he said extending his elbow. She took it gracfully putting her other hand on his chest.  
"You are so kind Guv'na." she said with a meek smile, "Are you a doctor?" she asked talking about his bag
"Prehaps?" he said slowly veering the two toward the wall. She didn't realize it until they were nearly at the wall. They got into view of an upcoming alley way. She bit her lip getting alittle nervous but felt his hard abs. 
The Ripper smiled again as he suddenly shifted into the alley way, she gasped as she tried to turn away but he grabbed her around the throat with one arm and putting one hand over her mouth dragging her in. He threw her on the cobblestone as he pulled her closer by the heels. She was about the scream when he twisted his cane and pulled out a serrated knife and with all one sift action his put the knife under her throat. 
"Please serrah, I won't tell anyone, you can do what eva' yous wish ta' me, but don't kill me." she pleaded her chest heaving wildly, her huge tits almost popping out, crushing against the corset. 
The Ripper smiled devilishly again. He went to his knees as she stared at him in horror letting all of her wieght fall on her hands lifting her body. He greedily stared at her monsterous breasts. His hand out stretched grabbing one. He sqeezed her soft luscious tits as they folded around his fingers. He slowly brought his knife down the middle of her cleavage, she felt the cold blade between her breast, and the serations poking her massive tits. She squinted in pain as they scratched between them. The knife finaly stopped at the dress, he suddenly pulled the knife outward cutting the dress open. 
Tanya gasped out loud. He put the knife back into it's wooden sheath. He grabbed both ends of the rip, grabbing them he tore the dress open lifting the girl off the ground, he did it again as she gasped again. He then did the final rip revealing the naked body underneath. Her took off his gloves and slowly laid his hands on her flat belly, and glided his hands up and fanned her large tits, one in each hand. He came forward sucking on her right breast. He suddenly switched and fit as much of her left breast into his mouth biting down as his right hand covered her mouth. She screaming into his hand as his head whipped back and forth. He took his mouth off. He slid his right hand from her mouth down past her breasts, to her belly, tickling her a portion, then finaly to her shaved vagina. He started slowly to rub her clit. 
Tanya gave a slight moan as his finger slowly began to rub in a circular form. He put his mouth over hers kissing her deeply, his tongue greedily licking around her mouth. He stopped kissing her and just licked his lips all around. Pulling out his hard erect penis he shoved it into her in a fit of lust. He felt the vibration from her mouth as she moaned out loud. He started to kiss her neck and licking around her ear.
Tanya was extremely turned on by the deadly man, even grabbing his back and moaning along. She didn't think of how this might end, she just thought of more. 
The Ripper gave her a slight bite on her neck as one of his hands lifted her shapely thigh. He rubbed her thigh up and down thrusting over and over. She moaned every few seconds, her moans were contorted in such pleasure her toes clentched inside of her heels. He lifted his head over her mouth again but it was Tanya this time who lifted her body up and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his head, nearly slobbering in his mouth. Her tongue was so soft. She moaned in pleasure feeling his long hard dick sliding in and out of her. She looked up and called out a moan in orgasm. He took out his member and twisted her around. 
"I wanted your tight delicate asshole slut." he commanded, whispering in her ear. He sqeezed her firm luscious, ass, that was in the shape of an apple. 
"No!" She cried out,
He spread her soft cheeks apart the tightened trying to stop him. He spread them apart with easo however and put his penis on her virgin asshole. He then forcfully shoved it in. It barly made any difference at first, he head was almost barly in. He was too thick. He licked his finger and shoved it in her asshole. She screamed out trying to crawl forward. He spit on his rock hard dick as he tried again. This time he went all the way inside of her ass. She screamed incredibly loud and highpitched. He took it out and went back in her ass holding her hips pulling himself in and out of her tight virgin ass that caused her squint her eyes, and tears to flow. 
"Please!" she moaned over and over.
Her thrusted in one last time and cMe inside her ass. She felt the warm cum fill her ass as she knew it was over.
"Get on your knees whore." he said fixing his top hat making sure she couldn't see his face. She did as she was told. She started to say something, seeing him standing over her when his dick came forward and forced himself down in her mouth. 
Gagged once tasting her own pussy juices and her ass. 
"Suck." was the only word he said. 
She did, her lips around his penis rocking back and forth. She started to go faster while jacking him off. 
He closed his eyes smiling feeling her tongue directly under his penis unintentionly moving. The entire time he was reaching into his bag.
She screamed out loud while still sucking as he stabbed her in the stomach, the vibration of her scream and the softness of her mouth he jizzed into her mouth. She fell back as the white cum dripped from the sides of her mouth. He then took the knife from her belly with a smile. He then continued to stab her again and again until she had 7 stab wounds. 
He stood up and walked out of the alley way. 

It was three days later as he exited an alley way, his victim laid on the ground spitting cum from her mouth crying without a single wound. He looked at the ground to see a discarded newpaper. He lifted it and started reading.
"Tayna Smith, a prostitute claimed to be attacked and raped by the notorious Jack the Ripper, otherwise known as the Whitecapel killer. However police of Scottland yard have concluded this was not the work of the ripper due to the fact that she had stab wounds, and was not sliced down the chest like the other victims." he scowled and in rage roared into the sky. He pulled a knife and turned around to murder the woman in the alley when a policemen called out.
"Ay? Watch all this?!" he yelled. The Rippers eyes shot open in surprise. The police man saw his evil eyes gleaming ad his whole face was shrouded in the shadow. 
The Ripper ran. He darted down the street as the police men fired his pistol. He took a right down an alley way and took another left. He emerged from an alley way running for a bridge as he was about to discard his bag off the edge when a Russian accent caught his ear.
"Vhat a nice beg." it said, parhaps you could like to give it to me." he said, The ripper only smiled as he handed it over to the robber who held a gun. The man punched him in the stomach with the weapon and fired the gun before he had any chance to react. The Russian took his jacket, his gloves and his cane. 
"You vill di in a few seconds, I think you should know who I am before you di, Michael Ostrog, at your service sir." the police man emerged from the alley way and saw the man. 
"You! Stop!" he cried out as Micheal darted away. The police man ran after.  
The police man stopped for moment to regard the man on the ground.
"Doctor Miller?" he said before he ran after the criminal. 
"Tanya Smith, I'll come back for you... I swear it... I'll kill you." he said as his eyes shut in death.

Abigail looked around the graveyard. Her great great great grandmother had wrote in a diary she had found in the attic that Richard Miller, was the real Ripper. So she came to the honored cemetary to find the man. She found the diary at a very young age, 4, and looked it up. Growing up scared of the Ripper she she actualy looked at him assorted of a hero in her pre-teen years and found him sexy in her teen years as a goth. Now 23 she was still extremely atracted to the idea of the Ripper and she would still masterbate to him sometimes, but she wasn't a goth anymore. Baring a striking resemblance to her great grandmother she finaly found the grave. 
She felt the need to come to this graveyard at night for some reason. She saw the name and suddenly felt horney. She looked around the empty graveyard as she started to rub her pussy through her sweat pants. Her favorite pants because every pair of jeans she wore made her ass look like skin tight jeans. She but her bottom lip moaning slightly as her panties starting soaking in her fluids. Her nipples became hard and needed to be sqeezed and just like her great grandmother her breasts were double D. Her Shapley thigh quivered in the cool night air. 
The almost skeletal body awoke. 
"Tanya Smith" it said, it's voice nearly demonic. He suddenly heard a strange ringing noise. 
Abigail answered her cell phone, "Abbey Smith." she answered startled.
The Ripper smelled the air, 
"A direct desendent then." he said with a smile, "My revenge will be on her legacy then." he said as he hit the boards, breaking through them in a single hit, flesh starting to reform around his bones very slightly. The only thing that reformed completely was the one thing he was most prideful in, his 10 inch penis. He started crawling through the dirt, digging his way out. He emerged from the ground to the foggy fresh air. He saw Abigail walking away, at least 20 years away. He looked around seeing the new reformed city. The lights bright. 
"A brave new world I see." He said "I shall have to learn."
 True evil would never die due to a single bullet, he had just been sleeping.
But now he had awoken. Now the world would feel his vengance.
History would call the monster many things. A bed time monster, the whitecapel killer, the first real serial killer, he was all these things, but the one thing everyone would know by is, 
Jack the Ripper.

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