Continues from last chapter but you don't have to read it .
David began to circle his dick around my pussy hole . I began to shake a little from the unwanted pleasure he is giving me . He then moves his dick on the tips of my soaked lips . I began to move it up and down , just barlely touching my young unused lips .

I'm starting to enjoy it , even though I'm joy supposed to . He starts squeezing my sone hard young nipples with his fingers , making me even hornier then I all ready am .

I'm so wet the my young pussy juice is starting to gather at my bottom . He lets go of my nipples and puts both his hands on my bottom , bringing them off the table .

I see a combination of lust and crazyness in his eyes as he brings he waist back and slowly went into my pussy . I can feel my virgin pussy starting to stretch from the power of David's huge dick . He then goes back a inch and forces it back three inches .He then hits a blockage .

" this is going to hurt , for a little bit but after that you'll love it " he says with a insainly slur. I shake my head no but he dosent listen . He pulls his dick almost all the way out and then jams it though my maidenhood.

Tears fall from my eyes as he starts to pound my no longer virgin pussy . Back and forth , back and forth he went . He then hit a spot in my pussy that me almost have another orgasim . He hits it again and agian , intell I feel the approaching climax . He hits it one more time and I felt another blast of pleasure hit me .

My pussy walls started to massage David's rod . He then picked up the pase and he hit another blockage .

" I'm guessing that's your womb. I can't wait to fill it up with my spunk " he said with clee . I again tried to shake my head no and again he ignored me .

He pulled back a I intch and when he was ready smashed through my wombs walls . It hurt a lot more then when I had my virginity stolen . He started going faster and harder , I can feel my breast move with the pounding.

My body seems to have a mind of its own as my pussy starts to meet him half way , making his dick go in even farther then befor . He started to jack hammer it to me and I was enjoying it . He then goes all the way in and stiffens . He shoots a huge amount of cum into my young abused pussy .

" I hope you get pregnant with my child . Ill be lonely with out the kid that my wife would of had " he says gleefully . My brother has to be the craziest person ever . He first changes me into a girl and now he wants me to have his kid , even though I'm a kid my self .

" that was the best lay I have ever had . Who knew that fucking a kid can give you so much pleaser " says David .

He looks at the wall clock " oh , it's time for dinner I'll be right back " he says . He gets up and walks out the hidden door.

I feel my pounding heart slow down to its normal pace . I can feel my the combination of our juices pooling at my butt hole . It isn't the the worst feeling in the world that's for sure .

The door opens to not David but two black guys . They had to be identical twins . They looked exactelly alike .

" oh look its a liittle white bitch right and ready for us " says the one on the right .

" your right Kev , she looks so fuckable and look . She's already wet for us " says the one on the left .

The both started taking off there clothing . First there tee shirts then there belts , shoes , pants and finally there underpants as well . The dicks that sprung out had to be at leased eight intchs long and they weren't all the way hard .

They pull out knifes from there dropped pants pockets and cut the ropes from my hands and feet but leave goths dirty sock in my mouth .

One picks me up by the arms pits and I try to struggle but he back slaps me .

" you little white bitch are going to stop are I'll hit you some more " he says and I stop struggling . He moves me so that I'm about two feet from the bed on the left . The other from behind , puts his hands on my waist .

" why do you always get the pussy ?" asks the guy behind me .

" it's because I was born ten minutes befor you . That makes first , so I get the pussy " he relplys .

" fine " says the guy at my back .

The guy at my back puts his huge dick in my butt hole , it makes me shiver . The guy Infront starts to suck on my nipples very hard . Then the guy at my back shoves his dick into my ass .it feels like my ass is being cut with a axe . The guy in the front puts his dick in my pussy and starts pounding hit as well .

The force of two huge black guys having sex with both my holes was making me start to have another orgasm . They were in almost complete sync with each other as they pounded my already abused pussy and now no longer virgin ass hole .

I start to rock back and forth so that more of there dicks are getting in . I start to shake as my oragasm builds , it feels more powerfull then all my last ones combine.

They start to jack hammer me and I ment them faster and stronger . I feel my orgasm coming and I release . The force of my orgasm makes both the guys have there's . They both shoot there cum into my holes and them pull out , all three of us ate out of breath .

The secret door opens and David appears .

" why did you start the party with out me ?" he asks .

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Keep going and improving, honestly coming up with a story on your own can be hard and the concept is good, it's your writing style that needs improvement, and improvement comes with practise, keep on it

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Keep going and improving, honestly coming up with a story on your own can be hard and the concept is good, it's your writing style that needs improvement, and improvement comes with practise, keep on it

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