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My first story, friendly advice please.
I was sitting at a coffee shop reading the news paper. A little brunette girl about 5ft 2 inches walked up to me to give me my coffee. Her name tag read Janessa, she was beautiful green emerald eyes, nicely tanned long brown curly hair that went down her back. Except she had a crappy aditude she dropped the drink infront of me getting the coffee all over my pants. Janessa looks at me and walks away, I am usually a chill guy but this bitch needs a lesson. I sat there until she gets off her shift, she chances back to her regular clothes. Man her boobs looked so hot I'm guessing they were C's. She walked out, quickly I snuck up from behind her, covered her mouth with a cloth and threw her in the back of my car. I wacked her head with a bat so she was knocked out cold. I took her home and placed her on a wooden table in my basement which was filled with toys. I violently ripped off her clothes and saw her beautiful breasts. I placed my hands on them and slowly massaged them, I tied her legs together and cuffed her hands down to the wooden table and went up to bed. The next morning I went to check on her she was still sound asleep. I took my bull whip and wacked her pussy with it, she screamed with terror. "Good morning sunshine" she looked frightened, she looked so cute scared makes me want to fuck her even more. She spat out " you fucking dick head better let me out or I'll rip your balls off" I grinned "my my... Such strong works... And yet you can't do anythig" she kept cussing at me and I wacked her face with the bull whip "SHUT THE FUCK UP WHORE YOURE MY SLUT NOW YOU DO AS I SAY. She kept quiet I walked up to her untied her legs, spreaded them and cuffed them down. I touched her soft pussy, I was in luck this little bitch was still a virgin. " How old are you ?" Janessa studdered and said " s-s-sixteen" I slipped one finger inside her pussy and slowly fingered her. " you little whore you're getting all wet.. Your enjoying this arent you?" She kept quiet and closed her eyes I pulled my finger out and put some lube on her little ass hole. Without warning I shoved my 10 inch cock into her little ass. She screamed so loud and I can see tears streaming down her face. Blood came out her ass, I kept fucking her harder and harder " SHUT UP" surprisingly she kept her trap shut. I kept fucking her and she passed out in 30 secs I quickily slapped her "Stay awake orelse your going to regret it" she screamed "GET YOUR DIRTY DICK OUT OF ME!" I took my dick out and lubbed my dick quickly I shoved it back in 10x harder than before. Keeping her screams in she cried and cried "p-p-please...stop.." her ass felt so tight and so good " hell no, your ass feels soo good. I cummed inside her ass.

"my ass...feels so hot..."

I took my dick out and saw cum sliding out of her ass. I shoved my hand in and scooped all my cum out.

"open whore"

She slowly opened her mouth and I dropped all my cum inside her mouth

" you better not waste a single drop"

She sucked my fingers like a lolipop I took my hand out of her mouth and slapped her.

"good job bitch"

She closed her eyes and fell asleep

I went upstairs and called my friend, Jordan. He is a tattoo artist and a doctor.

"hey Jordan, I got a new slave in my house and she needs to be put in place.

About an hour later Jordan came over and we both headed downstairs. My little sweet Janessa wide awake and scared. I touched her ass hole and she yelped.

"what do you want me to do with this bitch?"

"I want a tattoo that indicates that she's my whore."

"alright but I need a small fee"

"sure man what is it?"

" you will see, now what do you want?"

"just my symbole is fine, right on her hip."

Jordan took a seat beside her and poor Janessa tried to move away but couldn't get far.

"Get that thing away from me!"

" wow you are a feisty one"

I tied her down tighter so she couldn't move and put a gag ball in her mouth.
Jordan started drawing and started crying. When he was finished he stood back and
admired his work.

"thanks Jordan"

"no problem, now time for you to pay me"

Jordan turned around untied Janessa and shoved his dick inside her mouth.'

"Suck bitch!"

Slowly Janessa bobbed her head back and forth back and forth he put his hand on Janessas head and pushed her head into his 9 inch cock

"oh god you feel soo good..."

Janessa looks like crap now, her hair is soggy wet and her makeup is smudged everywhere Jordan kept fucking Janessas face like there was no tomorrow. Poor girl looked like she was going to die. One more trust and Jordan cummed in her throat, he left his dick in and started taking a piss in her mouth and slowly slid his cock out of her mouth

"swallow bitch"

Janessa listened and swallowed she started gagging and threw up.

"Thanks Jordan, I'll call you if I need anything else.. I have big plans for this hoe.

I dragged her by her hair and locked her up in a little cage and left her lying there trying to catch her breath.


2012-06-20 02:34:23
great story now is it really your desire to get used like that?

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