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A boy and a girl make love for the first time.
My Story

He looked deep into her auburn eyes and saw the soul of my lover. Her rounded face matched her larger figure but he didn't mind that. She was a big girl and he cupped her large breast in his hand as they locked tongues on the sofa, her mother in the next room chopping vegetables oblivious to the masculine hands fondling her daughter in the next room.

He gently yanked at her crimson dress she'd worn to her grandmother's birthday party but she grabbed his hand and guided it back to her chest. She was still frightened of being caught by her mother rutting with her boyfriend on the sofa. He forced his tongue deeper into her throat, determined to force himself on her and she relented, her body softened and she lay deeper into the cushion but she still did not feel like going any further.
He moved his hand slowly from her waist to her bottom. It was large and soft and it felt like clay under silk cloth in his hands. Her body stiffened and she moved closer towards him as he took his hand down the back of her leg to her knee and rubbed up and down, up and down.
She then began to soften again so he rudely took his hand away from her knee and gently but assertively pulled her dress straps off her shoulders. Underneath the dress was a white-turning-to-grey bra. He pulled the dress down further, across her flabby waist and up her bent leg revealing a similar pair of panties which his lower waist felt were slightly moist.
He left the dress at her ankles and began to fondle with increased vigour her beautiful body, pulling at the stretchy bits and guiding his finger around the top of her panties. She exhaled in ecstasy slightly and he knew he had her.
He tugged at the panties, pulling them to her ankles with the dress. She was unshaven yet neat and he traced his thumb at the edge of her pelvis, causing a quiet squeak to escape her lips. Off went the bra. Her nipples were large and erect and they rubbed against his shirt while he was getting even more and more excited by this unexpected chance of popping hers and his own cherry.
He rubbed her nipples with his thumb until she began to fumble with his shirt buttons out of anticipation or embarrassment for her nudity. Her mum carried on chopping up dinner in the kitchen just around the corner.
She pulled the shirt of his perspiring back and then attacked his jeans, ripping the button open then the zip down and he eventually decided to pull them off for her. Rising above her into a straddle position, he casually removed his jeans and boxers in one move. He know lay on top of his big, beautiful angel with his little man digging into her thigh, just shy of her vagina. They kissed again, he pulled away from her and then...

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2012-06-19 12:50:04
Incomplete story! Not real, totally fiction! Learn to write and then try again. More bulid up! Read some really good stories before you ever attempt another storey, Stop copying other people's stories.

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2012-06-19 00:23:40
bingo so many poster on this site don't understand the power of proper perspective to tell a good story.i've posted comments to so many new poster's on just googling first second and third person perspective. hopefully some are looking up how to write a decent you wonder why i call them poster's and not writer's the example is right above this comment. this is a stray thought or some daydream doodle not a story.

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2012-06-18 17:08:42
What was there was good, but much too short. I assume there will be more parts. If this is a true story why not use first person. It makes much more sense nd is easier to write.

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