This story starts off with a young couple, Brad who is 17 and Julia who is also 17. Brad is a competitive swimmer and happens to find many of the girls on his swim team very attractive. Julia is a figure skater and she too thinks many of the girls on Brad’s swim team are attractive.

After they had been going out for a few months Julia finally had the courage to tell Brad that she was bi-sexual. Brad was fine with this, being a teenager all he cared about was sex. Brad and Julia had sex when ever possible, it eventually got boring and they wanted to change things up, this called for a threesome.

Since Julia was bi-sexual that meant that another girl would be a good fit for both of them. Not wanting Julia to get jealous of a girl Brad might pick for the threesome, he let her choose the girl and hoped she had good taste. Turns out she did, she choose the most attractive girl on Brad’s swim team, the girl that Brad had been dieing to have sex with for a long time now.

Rebecca was young, only 14, but she was beautiful. She was the popular girl at school and ever guy would hit on her hoping to get a shot with her. Little did they know what was going on in her head. She knew that since she was the popular girl it was expected by guys that she knew things, that she would know what to do if she had sex with a guy. But she didn’t, she was innocent and was almost glad she knew nothing. It became more and more apparent that she would need to know things and soon, her relationships were getting more and more serious and one would soon lead to an unfamiliar place for her.

She had always known that Brad and Julia had sex a lot and that they were experienced, she also looked up to Brad. He was the one on the swim team everyone looked up to. He of all people could help her.

At first Rebecca tried to work around the topic hoping that Brad would understand what she was saying without having to actually say it. She went on about having boyfriend after boyfriend and wanting to stick with one guy for a while, but was worried where that would lead. She then went on to say how she had never gotten serious with a guy and was worried that she wouldn’t know what to do if she did. It had come to the point where she needed to ask. “Brad … I was wondering if maybe since you know a lot about what to do in a serious relationship. If maybe you could give me tips or help me before I get into one?”. Brad “Sure, lets meet up somewhere more private and we can talk. You can come by my house later, say 7pm” She knew that this wasn’t what she really wanted, but she hoped it would eventually lead to it.

Later that night Rebecca stopped by Brad's house for what she thought was going to be an awkward evening. As she walked up the driveway she saw no cars, was anyone home? Her questioned was answer when Brad answered the door, there was no one else there.

Brad " Hey, got an idea what you want to learn tonight?"

Rebecca "Ya, I think I have a good idea what I want you to show me"

Brad "Okay, where should we start?"

Rebecca "How about we move to somewhere more comfortable."

As they move to the couch thoughts are racing through Rebecca's head. How far will they go? Is there a reason why there is no one home? Does Brad have something planned for her?

Brad "So how do you want to do this? Just talk or..."

Rebecca "Well I'd like some hands on experience so I know what to do."

Brad "Okay, where do we start?"

Rebecca “Well I have kissed guys before, but they have never meant anything. I'd like to know what that feels like"

Brad "So a kiss with me would mean something?"

Rebecca "Yes" she leans in and kisses him.

Brad "Well you're going to find out what it feels like for a lot more then just a kiss." Brad leans back in and kisses her, his hands starts to move to her thigh. He slowly moves it up her thigh, but she doesn't stop him.

Brad "Has a guy ever touched your breasts?"

Rebecca "No"

Before she realized it Brad's hands were moving under her shirt and under her bra. She had touched her own breasts before, but it never felt so good. She no longer felt like the innocent girl she used to be, she felt grown up with him.

She had to see his hands on her breasts, she took off her shirt and he was already working on her bra. He started playing with her nipples, they were hard. He took one hand off but she didn't notice, he started undoing his pants. She didn't see him doing this and was surprised when she saw the tent in his boxers.

She stopped, didn't know what to do. This was all new for her and now it was her turn to do something. Brad grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch. Then he told her "Take it out".

She couldn’t believe what was happening, she couldn't even move. Brad helped her out by slowly pulling down his boxers and revealing has hard cock. By instinct she wrapped her hand around his cock and began to stroke it. She had no idea if she was doing it right, but one look at Brad's face and she knew she was.

Brad stopped Rebecca, stood up and told her to kneel in front of him. Rebecca slowly brought her mouth to his cock and not knowing what to do she starts licking it. Up and down his shaft she licked and once it was all wet she looks for instruction. Brad put his hand on the back of her head and gave a light push putting the head of his clock in her mouth.

She worked with it a bit, but was stopped by another push by Brad. Now half his cock was in her mouth and he started pulling and pushing her head in and out. Rebecca got comfortable with this and wanted to go farther, she was getting really horny and wanted that cock all the way down her throat. With one big push she took all of his cock down her throat and surprised Brad. He had no idea she could do that and was amazed want she started sucking him off that deep.

Brad was so distracted that he didn't notice he was about to cum. He stopped Rebecca because it was time for her to enjoy herself. He got her to sit back down on the couch and they started kissing again. Brad's hand found it's way down to Rebecca's thighs and he slowly rubbed them getting higher and higher. He they move to her crotch and she jumps, not expecting him to go there but lets him. He starts to rub her crotch and she moans. They break the kiss and Brad's moves to take off her pants. As he does he notices she came prepare for this, fancy lacy panties. He reaches to take them off too, but Rebecca stops him. She had no idea things would get this far, she doesn’t know if she’s ready for this. “Can we let that wait for next time?” she says. “Whatever makes you comfortable.” says Brad.

To take his mind off of it Rebecca quickly brings her attention back to his cock. To make up for Brad having to wait what he wants, she wants to make him cum. She takes his cock deep into her mouth and starts sucking as best as she can to make him cum. Brad is so amazed that she can give such a good blowjob when it’s only her first time. Brad starts to get very close and as he is about to cum he forces his cock down Rebecca’s throat and cums. All Rebecca can do is wait it out, when Brad is finally done cumming down her throat he lets her head go and she lets his cock fall out of her mouth.

“I think that’s enough for one night, we better get our clothes back on” says Brad. “Okay, we really should do this again sometime” Rebecca responds. “Well my parents are out of town this weekend, do you think you can come over. Just tell your parents you’re having sleepover at a friend’s house, also there will be a surprise waiting for you” Brad says. “See you then” says Rebecca as she leaves.

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pretty bad execution. the perspective was all over the place. this site should require a preposting preread requirement. stories that suck this badly should never be allowed on this or anyother site.

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You keep changing tense from present to past in the same sentence. The subject was not what was promised. negative for me.

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