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continuation of the gay relationship between myself and Alex
Hi, I’m Joe and I’m bisexual. A long time ago, while working away from home in the North of England, I was lodging with another bisexual guy, an Australian named Alex. This is the continuing account of the gay relationship which developed between us. In this part of the story the landlady goes away for 24 hours and we make the most of having the house to ourselves.

I woke the following morning at 7.30 to find I was still in Alex’s bed and he still had an arm round me. After a few seconds I realised that Alex’s eyes were half open and he was watching me. When he saw I was awake he pulled me closer and kissed me. I put my arm around him and gently ran the tips of my fingers down his spine from his shoulder blades to his butt crack, then back up and down again. This caused his dick to spring to attention which he manoeuvred into position between our tummies.
”There are some things we have to sort out” Alex said, “Like how we hide the fact that we’ve become an item, from Mrs Sharp”. I said “Well first we must always lock the door, then we have to learn to do things quietly and, most important, we me must not make a mess on the sheets”. Alex said that he’d been wondering about the last point since he realised how fortunate it was that he was sleeping on his back when he had the wet dream last week. I said “As long as we can rule out any more involuntary ejaculations I think we can protect the sheets by lying on a big towel. I brought a couple of bathing towels with me for when I go swimming”.
“Swimming” said Alex, “Do you think we could go today, I’ve not had any exercise since I got here”. “Don’t see why not” I said “we can’t fill the whole day with sex”. “There’s just one thing” said Alex “Before we can go, I have to slake this thing” and with that he rolled his still hard dick across my tummy, “because if I see you in just your swimming trunks I’m bound to get a boner”. “Ok” I said “I’ll just find my bathing towels”.

I got my large suit case down from the top of my wardrobe and found two large towels and my swimming trunks. I threw the trunks and one towel onto a chair by the window and having removed the covers from my bed I spread the other towel across. I beckoned Alex to join me and I jumped onto my bed. Before I had a chance to turn round Alex was on my bed and kissing the cheeks of my ass. Then he ran his fingers up and down my spine like I’d done to him earlier and this got me feeling really horny. I put a hand behind me and found his solid shaft and proceeded to give it a few slow wanks. This caused Alex to gasp and he pushed himself so close to me that I was unable to move my hand so I pulled it away and let him grind his dick into the small of my back. I reached back further and squeezed the top cheek of his ass while he reached over me and fondled my dick and balls, bringing me to a full erection
After a while he pulled back and started slapping my butt cheeks with his boner, and then he rubbed his dick head along my crack. I was just about to spread my cheeks to give him access to my rose bud when he said “Can you raise your right leg”. I complied and he pushed his shaft between my thighs so that his dick head just nestled against my sack, then he asked me to put my leg back down. So with his shaft squashed between my thighs he started to hump me while holding on to my stiff dick. I put a few tissues on the bed and then reached between my legs to find the tip of Alex’s dick and rubbed it in time with his thrusts. I soon felt my fingers getting wet with precum so I used it to lube the palm of my hand and the top of my thigh then I sandwiched Alex’s dick head between my hand and thigh. His pace began to increase immediately and he started to whisper in my ear. “Oh gosh, this is good- just like fucking. I’m guna blow it soon. Very soon, like NOWWWWW”. I snatched a tissue and held it in front of Alex’s dick head and in two seconds it was all soggy. Alex lay holding me for a minute while he recovered then he jumped up, rolled me onto my back and said “Your turn”.

Alex knelt astride me with his bum toward my face and as he bent forward to play with my balls and push his tongue inside my foreskin, I started to lick and kiss his bum cheeks. He ran his tongue around my glans and I parted his bum cheeks and ran my finger along his crack. With my other hand I reached between his legs and found his half hard dick which was still wet with his spunk and I scooped some up and transferred it to his anus. While I was doing this he took my whole length in his mouth and started to bob up and down slowly. He wasn’t going fast enough to make me cum any time soon but it was a lovely sensation and I just lay there soaking it up. With his ass hole nicely lubed with his cum I wiggled my finger around the centre and pushed gently; it slid in up to the first knuckle and I felt his sphincter muscle clamp down on my finger. As Alex was unable to speak, I didn’t know if I was hurting him so I didn’t push any further.
Alex had been deep throating me for about five minutes when I felt my excitement starting to build and Alex must have noticed something because he increased the pace. I didn’t know if Alex wanted to swallow my cum so I decided to give him plenty of warning. “Alex” I said “I think it’ll be about half a minute”. He just gave two slaps on my thigh and went faster still. As I got to the point of no return I gave two slaps on his butt and he responded with two more slaps on my thigh. He squeezed my balls and pulled back a bit so that my dick head was in his mouth. I lay there panting and watching him swallow as hard as he could. After a while he turned round and led on top of me and we stayed there making out for about five minutes, then we got up showered and dressed
After breakfast Mrs Sharp announced that her sister was not well and that she and Julie were going to visit her to see if there was anything they could do for her. She said “It’s 50 miles away so we’ll stay overnight. I’ve prepared all your meals and left some instructions for you. I should be back in time to cook Sunday dinner. I think you should be ok”. Alex said “oh, I’m sure we’ll be able to muddle through somehow”. Half an hour later Mrs Sharp left, leaving the two of us alone. Alex said “If we go for a swim this morning will we really have the place to ourselves for the rest of the day or do you think Ron is likely to drop in this afternoon”. I said “I know that Ron is working overtime at the factory all the weekend, so he won’t be disturbing us. So let’s get to the swimming pool before the place gets too crowded”.
The pool wasn’t crowded, just about twenty people milling around the shallow end and a few using the diving board. We swam around for a while then Alex said “Do you dive” I said “A bit” and he said “Come on then”. So I followed him to the board and he beckoned me to go first. I went to the end of the board, checked there was nobody below and launched myself in the general direction of the water. I entered the water fairly smoothly so I assumed that I hadn’t created too much of a tidal wave, swam a short distance under water and surfaced near the middle of the pool. I looked up to the board to see Alex just leaving. He did a very graceful swallow dive and entered the water with hardly a splash. I said “That was very neat; I think you’ve done that before”. He replied “yes, a couple of times” and made his way back to the board. I saw Alex reach the end of the board, take a couple of steps back, run forward and jump. He performed a flawless somersault followed by another perfect entry into the water. It seemed to me that this was almost Olympic standard stuff and I wondered if this really was the guy I’d slept with last night. Alex surfaced right under me and we ended up in an embrace. I pushed him away, fearing the possible consequence of prolonged physical contact and said “That was terrific, you are truly amazing”. He modestly passed it off and said he would just do one more. This dive was similar to the last except that he put in an extra twist before the somersault, again slipping smoothly into the water. However, this time his performance did not go unnoticed and as he surfaced he was cheered and applauded by a group of girls standing by the pool side. “I don’t like an audience” he said “Let’s go and loose ourselves in the crowd”.
We swam back to the shallow end where there were now about thirty people splashing around and stopped at the point where we could just reach the bottom. I looked enquiringly at Alex and he said “My father is a swimming and diving instructor; we have a large pool in the garden at home and I have been diving since I was four years old”. I didn’t know what to say and Alex just smiled at me and then said “Those girls have gone, let’s go back to the other end”. We stayed for about another half hour, swam a bit and indulged in a bit of horse play. Even though there was quite a bit of physical contact between us neither of us got a boner and we even managed to shower and get dressed in the men’s communal changing room without anything happening.
While walking back to the car I thought of an amusing little pun and chuckled about it. Alex said “What’s biting you” and I replied “Well, your dad trains divers and my dad is a train driver”. We laughed about that through most of the short drive home
The house felt warm and inviting after the cold October day outside and as soon as we hung our jackets in the hall Alex locked the front door and embraced me. We made out for a while then Alex said “I think our dicks behaved themselves rather well” and I replied “I think it’s probably something to do with the cold water, but there’s something I don’t understand. Why you are so shy of people watching you dive; I bet all those girls have got damp patches in their knickers just thinking about you. With that talent under your belt you could pull anyone you want”. “But I don’t want to pull anyone” he said, and added in a lower voice “Because I’ve got you”. “Well that makes me feel I’m the luckiest guy on this planet” I said, and we hugged tightly.

Alex went to the kitchen to see what Mrs Sharp had left us for lunch and I hung our damp towels over the radiators in the hall. After lunch we washed the dishes and retired to the lounge to watch television or whatever. I lay down on the large sofa and Alex flopped on top of me and after a deal of manoeuvring we managed to get comfortable. Alex said “This morning, just before you jizzed in my mouth, you put your finger in my ass; that was lovely, why did you stop”? I said “well you couldn’t speak, for obvious reasons, and I didn’t know if I was hurting you. Alex said that it hadn’t hurt at all, but he knew what I meant because a couple of years ago a guy with a huge dick had tried to force it into him and the pain was more than he could bear. The worst thing being that the guy seemed to be getting off on hearing him scream. That had frightened him off and he hadn’t contemplated anal sex since then. I said “Alex, no matter what we do, no matter what we get up to, there’s one thing you can be absolutely certain about. I’m not going to hurt you”. “I believe you” Alex said “and your finger certainly was very nice”
Alex said “There’s all sorts of things I want to do with you now but I don’t know if we have time to fit it all in”. “We have about 20 hours to play with” I said, “We should be able to cover quite a bit, what do you want to do”? Alex said “well I definitely want your finger back in me and I want to do the same to you, then I want us to do something where we both get to cum together and I want to jack you off so that I can see you shoot your jizz. I want us to shower together so that we can wash one another and rub our soapy bodies together and I want to fuck you and if I can take it, I want you to try fucking me. There, that covers all my fantasies”.

While Alex was saying all this my dick was getting harder and harder and as Alex was lying on top of me, he must have noticed. I told him that we could probably fit most of that in, except the last part which I thought we should get around to gradually. “So” I said “We’d better get started”. Alex Put his hand on my boner and said “I think we already have”. Then he flipped over and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I started to suck his tongue and he started to grind his boner against mine. After a minute or two I said “It’s much too hot in here, we have to strip”. Alex jumped off me and in no time at all his jeans were round his ankles and he was pulling his tee shirt over his head. I took my shirt off while I was sitting and having unclipped my belt and unzipped Alex knelt and pulled on the bottom of my trouser legs. I raised my butt off the sofa and my trousers were gone. Now the sofa was leather, it looked nice but wasn’t too good against bare skin and our towels were still damp. I told Alex to hang on while I went to the bath room to get another towel. I returned with a towel, some tissues and a jar of Vaseline. When Alex saw the Vaseline he guessed what was coming next.

I spread the towel on the sofa and indicated Alex to lie on his back. I said “For the best effect I have to get my finger in you the right way around, that’s with my fingertip facing forward, so pull your knees up to your tummy and spread your ass cheeks. I put a large dab of Vaseline on my middle finger, put my hand between his legs and lubed his little hole. He gasped as my finger entered but he said “Nice, go on”. I pushed a little further in and he said “That feels a little weird but it’s still nice”. I Said “You’ve not felt anything yet” and I pushed my finger to where I thought the spot would be and gently pressed forward. Alex jumped and gasped so I started to massage the spot and he screamed with delight. “Wow, what was that” he said “I never knew you could get that intense pleasure from your bum”. I said “I’m rubbing the inside end of your dick through the wall of your rectum, its sensitive like the head. You either need a dick of just the right size in your bum or a finger in the right place to produce this effect”. He said “I’ll settle for your finger ; go on , go on”. I didn’t want Alex to cum yet so I stroked very gently and after a couple of minutes I told Alex it was his turn to perform on me.
I assumed the position which Alex had been in and he very quickly got his greasy finger into my ass hole and proceeded to finger fuck my ass. Then looking straight into my eyes he pushed his finger further in gradually pressing forward. I told Alex when he had reached the spot, but he already knew from my reaction. He carried on massaging my prostate occasionally giving it a harder press which made my dick jump. He got a bit carried away and held my shaft with his free hand and started to lick the head of my dick. All this attention I was getting brought me much closer to cumming than I had planned for this stage so I stopped Alex and told him it was time we took a shower
We walked through the house naked with our boners swaying and I followed Alex up the stairs. On the way up I couldn’t resist poking my finger into Alex’s butt crack. We turned the shower on and made out while we waited for it to warm up. It was a large shower, more like a wet room and there was easily room for two people. The warm water was quite a turn on and I soaped my hands and rubbed and tweaked Alex’s nipples. Then we moved away from the water jets and soaped each other’s bodies all over paying particular attention to our bums to remove all traces of Vaseline. Then having made sure that our pubes and tummies were well lathered up we rubbed and slithered against one another. Then we went back to front, both ways around rubbing our soapy dicks into each other’s butt cracks. Back under the water jets all the soap washed away and we stood there with our dicks swaying and for a few seconds had a sword fight without using our hands.

Neither Alex nor I were circumcised and we were standing there with our foreskins rolled back. We were both leaking precum and I positioned my glans right next to Alex’s and pulled his foreskin forward, stretching it so that it came over my dick head as well. Then I rolled my foreskin back over his. (I think this known today as “Docking”). We rolled our slippery dick heads together for a while producing a few quiet moans and then we started a slow wank. Alex said “If we cum like this do you think it will all burst apart”. I said “I don’t know, but let’s not find out now cuz I want to lick your ass”. We pulled apart and Alex bent over. Now normally I don’t go in for ass licking because of the cleanliness considerations but I thought that we would never be cleaner than we were then, so I buried my face and nose in Alex’s crack and for the next minute teased his bud with the tip of my tongue. Alex whimpered for a while and then said “I’d love you to do that all night but if you don’t stop now I shall blow my load right here”
Alex stood up and said “Now you bend over, that favour definitely has to be returned. So for the next minute or so Alex licked my ass the way I’d just done him. I felt my desire to cum getting very close so I asked Alex to stop and I stood up. “Alex” I said “ I had planned that at this stage we would get dry and go back to the sofa and jack off so that you could see me come. Do you want to do that or shall we go for it here”. Alex said “Right here and right now”. “Suits me” I said and I took his shaft in my hand and he reciprocated. We were both teetering on the brink and after a few strokes I knew it was almost over.
During the previous hour we had both come close to the point of no return three or four times so I knew this was going to be a pretty powerful climax, and it was for both of us. Our wanking, our panting and our pelvic thrusts all seemed to be synchronised and it looked as though we were going to hit the peak at the same time. I think Alex beat me by a third of a second because just before I popped I felt his warm juice on my hand. I heard some moans and exclamations, I don’t know if it was Alex or me making them; I didn’t care. I just closed my eyes and let it all happen. I remember hearing Alex say “I’m Cumming, oh fuck I’m Cumming”. I opened my eyes to see Alex staring straight at my dick just I sent my last squirt into the air; it hit him full in the face.
We gradually collapsed onto the floor still wanking slowly, squeezing out the last little drops of cum from our dicks. I don’t know how long we lay there making out with the warm water still spraying over us but eventually we got back on our feet and made sure that all traces of jizz were washed away then stood there hugging and swaying. This passionate embrace was rudely interrupted when the hot water was exhausted and the shower started to run cold. We leapt out of the shower, grabbed the bath towels and started to dry ourselves very energetically. When the shock of the cold water had faded we became gentler and took it in turns to dry one another. “Well, did that little session tick all your boxes” I asked. “It certainly did” Alex replied, “With bonuses as well. What are we going to do now”? “I think a nice long rest is called for now” I said “while we recover and get ready for tonight”. Alex looked puzzled “Why, what’s happening to night”? He said. “Oh, I don’t know” I said “but we’ll probably think of something”
Alex prepared the evening meal (to Mrs Sharp’s written instructions) and after we’d eaten I washed the dishes while he got comfortable in front of the television. When I got to the lounge I found the room in semi darkness and I joined Alex on the large sofa. The t v program was not very interesting and neither of us had the inclination to change the channel as we were becoming more and more interested in each other. Our tee shirts and shorts soon found their way onto the floor then Alex rolled me onto my back and led on top of me. “That cold water was a damn nuisance” he said “The mood I was in, you could have done anything you liked with me”. I said “It will be hot again by now, what say we go back and start from where we left off”? “Great” Alex said and he got up and switched off the t v. He picked up our clothes from the floor while I collected the towels from the hall radiators. From the top of the stairs Alex threw our clothes into the bedroom and went into the bath room to turn the shower on while I spread the towels over his bed. I moved two pillows across from my bed then I joined Alex in the bath room
We washed one another then ground our soapy bodies against one another in every way possible then we rinsed off, dried each other and went back to the bedroom. We lay on the bed making out for a while then after shifting positions and rearranging the pillows a dozen times or more we ended up finger fucking each other’s ass holes in the 69 position. After we had pleasured one another in this way for a while I carefully greased a second finger and slid it into Alex’s butt. “Ouch, is that two fingers” Alex exclaimed and I confirmed that it was and Alex said “Well its uncomfortable but it doesn’t really hurt”. I said “that’s good, you’re gradually getting stretched”.
For the next half hour we teased each other’s dick heads with the tips of our tongues, pausing occasionally to kiss, lick and suck one another’s balls and do a bit more finger fucking. Then Alex said that he thought he might be getting close. Well I certainly was so I took as much of his length as I could in my mouth and left just one finger in his ass. I started to bob my head up and down and at the same time to massage his prostate and it seemed that he was doing very similar to me. It was obvious that Alex’s excitement was growing as he started to thrust initially in time with my bobbing but then his pace increased and his thrusting became more urgent. I felt his prostate jump and then his dick slipped out of my mouth and skidded across my cheek. I tried to recapture it but with Alex flailing around it was difficult. I was just about to get my lips around it when it started to spray semen everywhere. That did it for me, the tingling feeling in my crotch increased tenfold and in a couple of seconds I hit the peak. It was different to normal though; instead of cumming in pulses it was one steady continuous feeling that seemed to go on for ages. That was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had and I don’t think I have equalled it since.
When the feeling eventually subsided I found Alex trying to mop up the jizz that had dribbled from his mouth so I grabbed some tissues and started to clean up the spunk which Alex had shot around. Then I turned around to face Him and we kissed. “That was absolutely terrific” he said, with all the girls I’ve fucked, I’ve never had a feeling like that; not even close. Your lips at one end and your finger at the other really did it. I kissed him again and looked into his blue eyes and, being a master of understatement, said “Yes, it was good for me too”.

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