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Kristy and her dog were best pals and always did stuff together. Sometimes when she was sitting in the shower or reading a book she would start to finger her self and think of her dog, she wanted more than anything to loose her virginity to her dog. then one day it happened without warning as she was walking her dog:


It was a beautiful summers day, and Kristy, a local senior at the Atherton State high school was out on her normal afterschool walking her dog job. she was jogging holding her dogs leash as the Rohdestion Ridge Back ran along next to her. she knew of an old bush track that led to a private swimming hole in the bush, only her and her frinds new about it and dicided to go and check it out and maybe go for a dip.

As she got there she put her foot in to feel the tempreture and then stood back and started to strip. Kristy was very used to skinny dipping as she never bothered to take any togs with her and only thought of going for a swim on the spur of the moment. when she has stripped she dove in. Ted, her dog was barking and wanted to go in too.

"come on boy, come on" Kristy said to egg her dog on, then with a massive splash as he jumped in.

They swam around alot together then she had had enough and went to sun bake on a rock. Ted got out too and laid down next to Kristy. while Ted was licking himself dry she noticed that he lifted his rear leg and was licking his cock, as it got harder and harder. She started to get horny and coudln't help herself, she reached over and grabbed it and started to massage it rubbing it up and down up and down. Ted just looked up at her in a weird doppy face, then stood up a shook all the water off of him.

"oh Ted come on you know i'm just having a bit of fun here" she said sadly and went back to sun baking.

the juices that were coming from her freshly shaven pussy must of attracted Ted as he started to sniff the air and went straight onto her and started licking her pussy.

"OHHHHH TED!!!" Kristy moaned

she spread her legs apart as wide as they could go and let her dog lick her pussy. She so badly wanted to get fucked by her dog that she push him away and got up on all for. It took a bit to get Ted to get onto her but he finally jumped up onto her and let his hard cock dangle down and touch her wet pussy. Kristy grabbed the hard cock with her left arm and guided it into her pussy. Although she was a vergin, she did regually finger herself and knew what to do.

"ohhhh!!" she moaned as she felt the head of his cock enter her pussy.

He moved closer to Kristy and got the idea, then started to push it in deeper and deeper and DEEPER!!! untill his cock was fully inserted into Kristy's now very wet pussy. Ted pulled it out half way then slammed it into her while tightening his grip around her belly.

"ohhhh OHHHHHH OHHHHHH!!!!! TED!!!! ohhh yeah oh harder HARDER!!!!!! oh oh OHHHHH!!!!" she moaned and moaned with every movement that TED made.

She could feel Ted's breath oh her back get heavier as he started to speed up his movement going in and out in and out in and out IN and OUT IN and OUT IN AND OUT IN AND OUT!!!! she moved her ass against his beating cock to get the force of it. then with a massive climax she came.

"OHHHHHHHH!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!"

but Ted kept on fucking her, harder and harder. and within seconds she climaxed and came again, this went on 3 more times before she could feel his semen start to reach the end and then squirt his first load right into her pussy. But Ted being horny wouldn't stop and jsut kept on pumping.

"awwwwwwwww YEAH!!!!!!!!!!" Kristy siad as she came again "oh yeah again Ted do me again!!"

she was fucked three more times and eventually had enought and pushed Ted away, he was eager to do it agian and tryed to jump back onto her but she refused, she let him lick her wet pussy though and then she rubbed his hard cock again letting him come right over her leg.

"oh Ted your one horny dog" And with that eh tryed to jump on her again , but this time she was too horny to stop him, he fucked her again and again, till she was red and sore

"oh yeah Ted thats it fuck me again....AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEAHHHHHH!!!!
harder, ted harder, oh yeah thats good, keep it up, oh yeah awwww yeah Ted your good at this"

Ted was getting faster and faster and eventually came inside of her wet pussy

After that she had enough she dived into the water hole and cleaned herself off, Ted jumping in after her and also cleaned up. She got out and got dressed.

"ok boy lets get outta here, it's starting to get dark now" and with that they were soon walking the dark street to her home.

"Hi mum we're home" she said as she opened the front door and let ted leash go.

"oh hi sweetie, dinner will be ready soon, have you been for a swim?"

"yeah me and ted went down to the swimming hole for a dip."

"ok well go clean up"

Kristy went and had a shower, and went to her room, as she entered, she saw Ted there lieing on her bed,

"hi Ted, go on outta here, and if your good tonight i'll let you do me again" but just looking at him, she was already feeling a bit horny, so she shut the door and said "oh alright come here"

He opened his hind legs a bit, so she had a clear view of his cock, it was hardening and now he had a full erection. She sat down next to him and dropped her towel, she grabbed Ted's cock and lowered her face to it.

"mmmmmm Yeah" she said as she opened her mouth and placed it over his erected cock.

she was holding on to it with one hand and slowly massaging it with her mouth. She could tell taht he was enjoying it cause he rolled over onto his back so she could do it better.

"mmmmmmmmm........oh fuck yeah!!!" she said as she moved it in and out of her mouth. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeha oh Ted this is a nice tasting cock" then with that she could feel him starting to come. Not wanting her sheets to get too dirty, she cautiously climbed onto his body and placed her pussy down ontop of his cock. she moved it up and down, up and down until he came.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH TED!!!!!!!!!! YEAH THATS GOOD!!!!!!!!" she was about to climax also

"oh yeah here i come oh Ted yeah here i come........OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

and with that she layed down on top of him, his cock still in her, but now slowly sofening.

She must of fallen asleep like that cause she opened her eyes and it was morning. Ted had gotten up and was at the door sratching and wining to get out.

"oh no i fell asleep, oh Ted i'm so sorry here" she opened the door and relised that she was still naked, her brother was there staring opened mouthed at her.

"Kristy, what were you doing to Ted?"

"nothing, i was getting changed and let him out" she lied

"i'll tell mum"

"oh no philip no way come in here a minute"

Philip was a year older than her but had the maturity level of a 10 yeah old, he still went crying to mum everytime something went wrong. But there was one thing that he couldnt deny, ever since he was 11 and started to get interested in girl he has always wanted to get with Kristy, she new ths and always turned it down, manly because she didnt want to break her virginity with her own brother, but now that she wasnt a virgin she kindly concidered it.

she dragged him inside her room,

"please don't tell mum"

"and give me one good reason why i shouldnt go tell mum taht u have been screwing Ted"

"i'll do anything, anything you want"

"anything huh??"

he inched closer to her and lowered his right hand to her pussy, Kristy took a deep breath, he squeasd it tightly and inserted his middle finger up her hole.

"awwwwww" Kristy sighed with pleasure "shut the door or mum will see"

He turned around and shut the door, and when he turned back, Kristy was on the bed in a suductive manner.

"so come on i'm all yours, this is what you have ever wanted isnt it......Philip.......well here i am come and get me"

his cock was getting hard now and swelling in his pants, his bulge now really noticeable, he undid his jeans pants and pulled his cock out, and slowly went over to his sister who was waiting for him on her bed.

"oh Kristy, i've wanted you for soooo long"

"well come and get me then"

first he kissed her hard on the mouth, putting his tongue into her mouth and massaging it on the inside of her mouth. He moved his hands onto her boobs and was groping her. He stopped kissing her and moved down to ehr boobs, now sucking on them.

"mmmmmmmm yeah finger my pussy philip........mmmmmmm yeah thats it oh this feels so good"

He lowered his hand onto her pussy and slowly inserted his middle finger into her pussy, moving it slowly in and out in and ou in and out. His cock was now standing on end, grabed it with his spare hand and started to massage it. Kristy saw this and grabbed it and started to massage it for him so he could consintrate on her pussy.

"oh Krisy!!!"

"oh yeah thats good philip, oh oh i'm going to come philip oh yeah, lick my juices up oh yeah."

she came just as philip touched her pussy with his lips and started to kiss her, but he continued to such and lick her pussy until she came again shortly afterwards.


"oh Krisy, you taste so good."

"stop, i wanna suck your cock now"

they stopped and swapped postions, she took his cock in her hand and placed the head into her mouth, it was so hard and stiff, and standing onend. she kissed it and placed it fully into her mouth, deep throating it. She had never done this before, but it felt good, really good. and with her spare hand she was squeazzing and playing with philips chest. Philip wasnt the most musclest guy ever but he did have a few on his chest, but no six pack.

"oh yeah Kristy thats good, oh yeah oh AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!"

"mmmmmmm yeah this tastes good philip"

"oh Kristy......Kristy i'm going to come oh yeah oh oh yeah i'm goign to come....... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH"

he came into her mouth, shooting warm, white cum right into the back of her throat, she took it all and swallowed every last bit of it. She wanted to get fucked by him and didnt want to waste it just oh her face, so......

"Philip...........fuck me, fuck my pussy real hard"

"oh kristy"

they got up and moved to a better postion to fuck each other. she layed there open legged and ready for her brother to fuck her, so he went onto ehr and placed his cock at the opening of her pussy, and slowly inserted it.

"oh philip fuck me hard, harder"

she was so horny, he slammed it into ehr ingnoring her scream of pain and fucked her hard.

"OHHHHHHH yeah thats it philip hard HARDER i wanna feel it in me hit me deep inside."

"oh oh oh yeah Kristy oh yeah"

his cock wasnt think but what t lacked in thinkness it gained in the length, it was at least 9 inched not erected and slammed into her hitting that back walls of her insides with ease.

"oh yeah thats good, OH OH YEAH"

he fucked hard and harder and got even harder. the sound of sqelch came as the juices leacked out of Kristy's pussy, making it even easier to fuck her hard.

"oh yeah i'm going to come, oh yeah thats it Philip oh yeah i'm goign to come oh oh ohhhhh AWWWWWWWWW yeah oh yeah thats good, yeah AWWWW!!!!!"

she came with a massive climax and shuddered all over, Philip also came.

"ooohhhhhhh Kristy yeah that was good,"

catching their breath, they both fell asleep, with philips cock still in her, and her legs still wide apart.


She never thought that her relationship would come to this, but it was better to get fucked by her brother than to let him tell the world that she fucked their dog Ted. so she kept it up, fucked him reguarly just to keep him quite, but she still did fuck her dog, but only when she was out walking him, she would never do it int eh house anymore cause she got court last time.



- if you would like to see a sequal, vote higher than 5/10 and i will make one in the days to come

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2015-08-13 04:09:45
it was a decent start; wish you'd kept writing. Yes; there were some errors but enjoyable anyway

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2011-12-27 19:46:13
the plot was good except for the spelling and you need better describing, for example the dog should stay tied or knotted for about 10 minutes and would pull out, other than that it was a great story, 7/10

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2011-07-01 02:36:08
it was okay at the beginning but then turned to dinoshit. neg rate for u


2010-04-10 22:19:26
this was a great story it felt sooooo good comeing to it

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2009-05-09 16:54:54
very good story 7/10 more please

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