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When you gett done reading this you will already have cumd
Raped in the woods.

The horrible nightmare began one Saturday when Melanie decided to go jogging through a

remote section of forest just outside of town. Normally, she performed this early morning ritual

through her neighbourhood, but it was the height of the Summer, and she had the urge to get

away from the traffic and smog. It was that fateful decision that led to the most horrifying day of

her life, a day she would always remember.

She wore her usual attire that morning - a grey tank top, cropped just above her midriff, a sports

bra, windbreaker jacket, and a pair of tiny white jogging shorts that showed off her long,

beautiful legs quite nicely. Her blonde hair was tied neatly into a pony tail. Like most women,

Melanie was never satisfied with her figure and she committed herself to a strict routine of

morning jogs and weekly aerobics. The fact was, she looked really good. At 5' 6" , she had a

very slender, 'Barbie doll' figure, with long golden hair that fell loosely over her shoulders and

down her lower back. Her breasts were not very large, but they had the round youthful

appearance of a seventeen year old. But it was her legs that were the most striking. They were

well-toned and athletic, yet still very femine-looking. Melanie was never shy about showing them

off. Quite often, she would go to work wearing a dress suit with the hem of her skirt cut no less

than six inches above her knees. A slit up the side revealed just a hint of upper thigh whenever

she sat down and crossed her knees. She wore no hosiery of any kind, she didn't have to with

her beautiful almond complexion. A pair of black high heals capped off the sexy, but professional

look that drew long stares from men as she walked by.

Melanie parked her jeep at a trailhead just off the main road. The only other vehicle nearby was

a black Chevy Blazer. She did her usual stretching then began jogging slowly down the hiking

path. About a half a mile into her run, Melanie saw a man walking toward her on the trail, no

doubt the owner of the Blazer she saw earlier. He looked clean cut, about 6' 10" , good build,

with nicely chiselled features, dark hair and eyes. When the man saw her he smiled and said, "

Good morning." Melanie smiled back as she approached him, not noticing the two other men

crouching in the brush nearby.

Suddenly he jumped in front of her and before Julie could react, one of the other men grabbed

her ponytail and jerked her head backwards. He literally pulled her to the ground by her hair.

Julie was so startled, she didn't think to scream or even try to get away. When she tried to get

up, one of the men took hold of both her elbows from behind and forced her to sit back down

on the cold ground. The man holding her was very rough-looking. He had a bald head and

tattoos on both arms. Her windbreaker slid down her shoulders as he squeezed her elbows


" What the HELL are you doing?" Mealanie hoped the tone of her voice would scare them off.

The dark haired man glanced around and said, " Looks like, whatever the HELL we want to."

His eyes dropped down to her legs.

" Yeah, it's just you and us," the man with the tattoos added.

Her third abductor was well over 6 feet tall and, unlike the other two, he said very little, but

watched her intently like a predator sizing up its prey. For some reason this one scared her the


Melaine knew now that her worst fear was about to become a reality. Her heart was beating like

a drum against her chest. Desperately she began to fight with them, but her efforts were only

rewarded with a sharp kick to the pit of her stomach.

" We got to get her off the trail!"

They pulled Melanie up and forced her through the heavy brush. She tried to scream, but the

big man immediately placed his hand over her mouth to silence her. They brought her to a small

clearing where the tattooed man punched her in the right temple with his fist and sent her

reeling to the ground. The hit was so hard it almost knocked her out.

" Careful man, I don't want her face messed up."

" The hell with her face, I wanna see this bitches tits," and he yanked Melanie arms over her

head so hard it felt like they were going to be pulled out of their sockets. One of them took off

her jogging shoes and held her ankles while the other two pulled off her tank top. Melanie's

head was swimming. So much was happening at once, her mind couldn't keep up with it. The

dark haired one knelt over her, and without saying a word, held a large knife over her chest,

then slipped the blade under her sports bra and began cutting until it snipped apart. The sudden

rush of cool air on Melanie's naked breasts made her nipples hard.

" Her tits aren't very big are they?"

" I bet she's a good FUCK though."

" Yeah, lets have a look at the rest of her."

Melanie felt the dry, dead leaves crunch beneath her body as they turned her over face down.

Her arms were still pinned above her head, and one pull of her ankles stretched her body taut.

Someone placed his knee into the small of her back, and she cried out in pain when he leaned

into her. Mealine lay there helplessly as they jerked and pulled at her jogging shorts, then her

panties, until she was stripped completely naked. They turned her back over and all three of

them stopped and stared when they saw her shaved pussy for the first time.

Julie had begun removing her pubic hair just recently, even the area around her asshole. The

sight of her smooth cleft always turned her boyfriend on and she found that it actually increased

her sensitivity during their lovemaking. Now it only added to her humiliation, and to the

excitement of her captors.

" Wow, I've never seen a woman with a shaved pussy before! Did you do this for us,


" Of course she did, man, this bitch REALLY wants it!"

" Let's tie her up."

They dragged her by the arms along the rough ground to some nearby trees. Melanie knew

there was little chance of anyone helping her out here, but she had to try, so she screamed

again, this time at the top of her lungs.

" Shut the fuck up, Bitch!" The tattooed man kicked her in the side of the stomach so hard it

knocked the breath out of her.

" This'll keep her quiet," and the dark haired one stuffed a rag into her mouth.

They tied a rope around each wrist and fastened them to a tree so that her arms were stretched

outward above her head. By now, Melanie was overcome with shock. She only made a weak

attempt to fight them off this time, and that resulted in another sharp kick to her side. They tied

more rope to each of her ankles and pulled her legs up in the air. She closed her eyes shut and

tried to hold back the tears as they secured each ankle to a tree branch above. Now, with her

legs raised and spread apart, her crotch was fully exposed, giving the three men complete

access to her naked pussy.

They stepped back a from her, apparently to admire their handiwork. Melanie couldn't see them,

but she could feel their unblinking eyes tracing every curve of her body, filling their evil minds

with memories that would bring them both stiffness and relief in years to come. They mumbled

to each other, as though trying to decide what to do next. Several long moments passed before

they appeared within her view. Then Melanie's heart jumped when she heard their zippers go

down. She was going to be raped, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

The tattooed man approached her first. His big, sweaty cock was already hard. He slipped in

between her open thighs and positioned it against her shaved cleft. Melanie tried to pull away,

but he just laughed. Then, with one quick thrust, he forced the whole length of his shaft into her

helpless pussy. Melanie screamed into her gag. She had never been fucked dry before and the

pain was excruciating. He pulled back, then drove it in again, and again, as he relished the feel

of her tight cunt. It seemed to go on forever, his beating hips continued to slam her, each time

with more force. Melanie had no choice but to lift her buttocks up and accommodate him, in the

hope of easing the pain of his savage thrusting. Then finally, his lean body tensed and he gave

her one last push. Melanie could feel his hot jizz filling her sore vagina like burning lava.

He withdrew his softening cock out of her and smiled, " Did that hurt? I don't see why, it sure felt

good to me."

It was the dark haired man's turn next. Before Melaine could relax, he placed his eager cock

against her pussy and began rubbing it up and down her tender, pink folds.

" You like this don'cha, baby!"

Melanie groaned helplessly as he plunged into her at full force. He ran his hands over her

breasts and played with her nipples, then reached between her legs and pinched her clit.

Several minutes passed, then he too, shot a load of hot cum into her body.

" I guess you're a whore now." He smirked while zipping up his pants.

" Two down, one to go!" The tattooed man cheered on.

Melanie barely noticed the big man as he approached her. The pain and shock of the ordeal

had drained her strength and weakened her spirit. The only chance she had now was to lay

there quietly and hope they would be done with her soon.

Then Melaine looked at the big man standing just behind her outstretched legs and her eyes

widened in horror when she saw his monstrous 12 inch cock. " There's no way that thing will fit

inside me!" She thought. The other two men untied her ankles.

" Relax babe," one of them said, " it shouldn't feel so bad now that we loosened you up a little."

The two men pulled her long, slender legs apart until they were almost perpendicular with her

body. Melanie could feel the pain shoot down the backs of her limbs as her body tried to adjust

to this new position. Then they leaned forward on her legs so that her ass was lifted off the

ground. Her gaping pussy now stood out in plain view between her outstretched thighs. Never

before, had Melanie felt so vulnerable.

The big man pressed the head of his massive cock between her swollen folds. Melanie

struggled desperately but the other two men had a firm grip on her legs. Then with some

difficulty, he forced his cock in little by little into her pussy. Julie screamed and jerked helplessly. It

felt like her insides were going to split apart. Her cries only seemed to encourage him more as

he worked the entire length of his 12" shaft deep into her vaginal tract. Melanie had never felt

anything so big inside her before. She wanted to beg for him to stop, but the gag frustrated any

attempts to speak. He began to pump her slowly, in and out, until he got a rhythm going. Julie

tried to relax but the quivering walls of her vagina kept pulling and clutching at the intruder. He

grabbed her hips with his powerful hands and pulled them close to his so he could fuck her


The big man's endurance was incredible. He was hammering her body violently now and Julie

could actually feel the head of his cock pressing against her cervix. He never took his eyes off

her the whole time, as though he seemed to enjoy watching her suffer more than performing the

act itself.

Suddenly the big man closed his eyes and squeezed her hips tighter, and she felt the muscles

and veins in his massive organ working inside her, pumping what seemed like an endless supply

of hot jizz into her body.

" She's fulla hot jizz now!" The tattooed man said.

Melanie lay there motionless, her breath coming in ragged gasps, as they re-tied her ankles to

the tree. She hoped it was over now... she didn't care if they left her bound like she was, as long

as they left. But they didn't. Instead they settled down in the leaves and smoked a cigarette.

Melanie couldn't believe what was happening, they just sat there, laughing and joking. She

couldn't tell what they were saying, but there was no doubt the conversation was about her.

Then one of them mentioned " taking' a leak" and all three got up and went into the woods. This

was her chance.

Melanie knew they hadn't gone far, so she had little time to lose. Her arms were still stretched

over her head and tied to each tree. The knots were behind her wrists, so there was no chance

of reaching them with her fingers. The frustration was maddening. She tried her best to work her

wrists out of the ropes but the knots were too tight. Then she heard the crunching of leaves

coming from the woods - they were returning.

Melanie closed her eyes and lay still, hoping not to draw any attention back to her. She couldn't

help but tense up when they approached and stood over her. They loosened the knots around

her ankles and pulled on them so that her ass was lifted well-off the ground. Then the man with

the tattoos slipped underneath her while the other two lowered her down on top of him and

tightened the knots. She could feel his hard, naked body underneath her now, her buttocks

pressed firmly against his sweaty thighs. He took hold of her butt cheeks with his hands and

spread them apart. Melanie tried to mentally prepare herself for, yet another attack on her pussy

by this brute, when suddenly, she felt the growing pressure of his cockhead against her open


" No.. please not there!" Her mind screamed out. Julie tried to fight off the invasion by twisting

and turning her body, but it was no use. She felt a sharp pain in her ass as he slipped the head

of his cock into her puckered hole. Melaine never experience sex like this before. The sensation

was very new to her, and even more unpleasant than what she'd been forced to endure so far.

" Aw yea! This bitch is tight!"

Melanie screamed into her gag. The pain in her asshole was so intense she almost fainted. Her

body tried to push his cock out, but he kept forcing it in. He reached up and grabbed her

breasts for a better hold. Julie wanted to bring her arms down but the ropes held them in place.

Finally, her body gave in, and he shoved the entire length of his shaft into her asshole.

Then the big one made his move, and before Melanie knew it, he was pushing her legs apart

and forcing his huge cock in and out of her cum-soaked pussy. The tattooed man began to

move his cock slowly opposite him. Melanie felt both cocks working inside her now, rubbing

against each other through the thin layer between her two canals. She tried to wiggle away, but

it only made the pain worse. The big man grabbed her hips and the other tightened his hold on

her aching breasts as they continued their assault on sweaty her body from both ends.

Just when Melaine thought she had experienced the worst, the dark haired man lay down

beside her and pulled off her gag.

" Hey slut have you been fucked three ways, baby?"

Before Melaine could say anything, he pushed his cock against her mouth. She tried to turn her

head away, but he grabbed the sides of her face with both hands.

" You're gonna give me a blowjob, Bitch," he said, " and you're gonna do just the way i like it or

I'll cut your throat."

By now Melanie was so humilated, she barely heard what he said. But she felt herself open her

mouth and let the purple head of his cock pass between her lips.

" Now suck on it, Bitch, suck it real good, Cause your life depends on it."

Melanie sucked his cock as he thrust it in and out of her mouth with ease.

" Use your tongue, whore...."

She obeyed and ran her tongue along his long, bumpy shaft. Then he pushed the entire length

into her mouth. Melaine almost choked when she felt the tip of it touching the back of her throat.

Looking up, she saw him grinning down at her with smug satisfaction.

Mealine's helpless body was now being violated in every way possible. She didn't know how

much time had passed before the tattooed man's cock began to pump and throb inside her

asshole. He gripped her breasts so tight, it felt like he was going to tear them off.

" Aw man.... here it comes, baby!" She felt his warm load fill her ass.

This seemed to excite the dark haired man even more, and he began to pump her mouth faster

and harder. Julie felt faint from shock and lack of oxygen. Then he spilled his jizz deep into her

throat and she had no choice but to swallow all of it. She was coughing and gasping when he

pulled his softening cock out of her mouth.

The big man was still hard and work on her pussy. His huge cock hammered upwards, almost

jerking her up off the ground with the force of a pile-driver. Sweat from his forehead began to

drip down onto her flat belly. The tattooed man freed himself of her asshole, but still maintained

his hold on her.

" Get her ass, man!"

Melaine screamed.

The big man pulled his throbbing cock out of her pussy and pushed it into her asshole. Melaine

screamed again, the pressure down there was unbearable. His hips pounded into her

asscheeks unmercifully until she felt his warm jizz gush into the deepest recesses of her

asshole. Then Melaine fainted.

When she finally woke up, it was raining. Her bonds had been cut and she was lying face down

with her arms and legs spread-eagled on the wet earth. Every muscle in her body ached terribly

and her insides felt loose from the constant penetration she had to endure earlier. Melanie lay

still and looked around to make sure her captors were gone, then she slowly gathered her

clothes and got dressed.

Eventually, the wounds healed, the men were caught and prosecuted, and the rape coinciding

helped ease the trauma, but, even today, Melaine still cannot bring herself to go into the woods


Im kind of new at this checkit out let me know where to go from here on any ideal for the next

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ok first you need to label your stories. second of all you need to make sure you keep your character straight.. who the hell is julie? the name of the story was bad day for melanie and you kept throwing a julie in there... wtf dude... killed it for me!

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