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Georgette certainly grew up during the summer or at least she grew out.
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Her Tits Were Huge

When school started up in the fall I could not believe how much Georgette had grown over the summer. Her tits were huge. They didn’t stick out too far but they sure were big around. My little sister has half peaches on her chest but Georgette had half soccer balls on her chest. Honest her tits started under one arm and reached all the way over to her other arm. Even our teachers didn’t have tits like that. Besides when I last saw her in June she was not much bigger than my little sister was on top. What happened?

Anyway as soon as I saw her I said, “Georgette you really grew up. Will you go out on a date with me this Saturday?”

She scowled at me and replied, “No! You’re just like all of the other boys. You just want to play with my tits.”

Shocked I said, “That’s not true. I took you out last year a couple of times and I never tried to play with your tits.”

Georgette said, “Because I didn’t have anything to play with last year.”

I snapped back, “I didn’t want you for your tits back then, and I don’t want you for your tits now. I like you but if you’re too stuck on your tits to see that, then just say no and walk away.”

Georgette’s jaw dropped, she blushed from embarrassment, and she just stood there.

Shortly Georgette said, “I’m sorry. I really am. You see every boy on my bus made fun of my tits. They called them fun bags, globes of joy, headlamps, and tatas…bodacious tatas in fact.”

I said, “What about knockers, milk bottles, and hooters?”

Georgette smiled and said, “I didn’t even mention fuck udders, filthy pillows, or hand-warmers.”

We both laughed together and I asked again, “Will you go out on a date with me this Saturday?”

Georgette said, “I would love too. Will you take me out for pizza and a chick flick that I want to see?”

I replied, “Yes, of course. Anything that you want! Is it okay if my mother drives us?”

She giggled sweetly and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Several boys saw her kiss me and throughout the day I kept getting ribbed about it. I knew that they were jealous.

After our last class Georgette caught up with me and said, “The girls have been teasing me all day long, but not about my tits, about me kissing you this morning. I hope you don’t mind but I told them that we are going out on Saturday…and…that I’m your girlfriend.”

I just smiled.

Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, pressing her big tits into me as she hugged me. She even slipped her tongue into my mouth.

As we finished our kiss she whispered, “If you let me be your girlfriend I’ll let you play with my tits in the movie…and I’ll kiss you in school whenever I see you. Now put your hands on my ass and pull me into you.”

Soon she whispered, “Oh no! I gave you a hard-on! I’m so sorry. If I move away everyone will see it.”

I held her close, I pressed my hips into her a few times, and I came in my underwear.

I said, “Just give me a minute. It’ll go away soon.”

She whispered, “I’m so sorry. I will make it up to you. I promise.”

A minute later she French kissed me again and ran to catch her bus home.

Georgette’s best friend Dee Dee walked over to me and said, “Georgette really likes you, you know. All summer you are all that she talked about. Every time her mother bought her a bigger bra, Georgette would ask me if you would like it. I think she got a new size every week or two. I don’t know what got into her but I sure want some of it. My tits are only 34-B.”

I asked, “Just out of curiosity, what size is her bra?”

Dee Dee pulled out her phone and sent a text message. When she got a reply she let me see the screen.

Georgette typed, “32-EEE and my bra is pink lace with white trim. I’ll show it to you tomorrow. Besides, I owe you. Remember?”

She typed, “Remember what?”

When Dee Dee got the reply she looked down at my crotch and said, “Oh!”

I decide to use the boy’s restroom before I walked home.

When I came out Dee Dee was waiting for me. We lived a couple of streets apart.

She asked, “Did everything CUM out right?”

As we walked I said, “Girls are lucky. You don’t get erections that you have to hide.”

Dee Dee giggled and said, “That’s what you think. Our nipples broadcast when we are excited or cold, our panties are always wet from thinking about boys, and our periods are no fun either. Thick sanitary pads show through our clothing, tampon strings get lost and we have to dig around in a bloody hole to pull the damn thing out, plus our hormones go berserk every twenty-eight days, not to mention PMS. During my periods, I get so fucking horny that I would let the family dog fuck me for a little relief.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at her.

Dee Dee smiled and said, “I’ve thought about it lots of times but I’ve never let him. It isn’t for his lack of trying.”

I said, “I would love to watch you do it with your dog.”

She asked, “If I can talk Georgette into it, can I come along on your date Saturday?”

I was honestly thinking about when she said, “You can play with both of our titties and probably both of our pussies too. I’ll certainly let you play with mine. I’ll wear a very short skirt, a sexy blouse, and no panties or bra.”

She looked down and asked, “Do you need to hold my ass and kiss me?”

I replied, “Will you let me dry hump you without the kiss? I’m not sure that Georgette would want me to kiss another girl.”

Dee Dee said, “I wasn’t planning on telling her about either.”

I pulled her to me, I cupped her tight ass and I pulled her pussy into my hard-on. Her little tits felt nice on my chest as we kissed. I humped into her slowly at first, then faster and faster until I had another explosion in my underwear.

Dee Dee said, “Oh thank you, I got off too. Your cock gets so hard.”

She kissed me again and walked toward her street calling back, “Can you walk me home every night after school?”

I replied, “Yes” and walked home.

The next morning Georgette and Dee Dee were both waiting for me to arrive. I got a big kiss and then I was dragged into the locker room and way down to the far end. I was pushed into the corner. They had their backs to everyone else that might be looking. Georgette lifted her blouse up to her chin so that I could see her pretty pink lace bra filled with her big titties. With Georgette’s permission Dee Dee raised her blouse up to her chin. However, Dee Dee was not wearing a bra and I could see her nice size titties clearly.

Georgette let me look for a full minute then she unhooked the front clasp bra and opened it up to reveal her huge tits for me.

A couple of minutes later a female teacher shouted out, “Okay girls, put ‘em away and get to class.”

Then she said, “Holy shit Georgette, you really filled out over the summer. If mine were that big I’d be showing them off too.”

Georgette said, “Hi Mrs. Brown. Would you like to flash my boyfriend too?”

She blushed and said, “Maybe! Suppose you three come to my home room just before lunch.”

Georgette hooked her bra back up and both girls lowered their blouses. Once again I had an erection that wouldn’t go away. Luckily I had a book to cover it with.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t get my hard-on to go away. I could not stop thinking about Mrs. Brown.

When the bell rang I practically ran to the far corner of the school, up to the third floor, and into Mrs. Brown’s room.

She just smiled knowing that I had been rushing to get there. Georgette and Dee Dee were right behind me but they hadn’t been running and out of breath.

Once we were all inside the room, Mrs. Brown closed and locked the door, then she placed a piece of paper over the window so that no one could see in.

Mrs. Brown said, “Okay…one rule…nothing we do in here…leaves this room. Is that clear?”

We all replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

Mrs. Brown said, “Okay Georgette, you and Dee Dee take off your blouses and you take off your bra. I’m not going to be the first one to expose myself to him. Even though he is the cutest boy in this school.”

Once Georgette and Dee Dee were topless, Mrs. Brown began to unbutton her blouse and take it off. She was wearing a sexy black bra that hooked in the back. I watched her force her shoulders back as she reached for the hooks. That gesture forced her good size breasts out further.

Dee Dee asked, “So how big are your tits?”

Mrs. Brown smiled and replied, “This bra is a 36-C but it is getting tight. I don’t think that my breasts are growing, I think my bra is shrinking in the dryer.”

Georgette laughed and said, “They’ll do that.”

Mrs. Brown asked, “Do you girls shave your pussies?”

Dee Dee replied, “We shaved each other this summer for our bikinis but now we are letting it grow out.”

Mrs. Brown said, “My husband won’t let me shave or trim for that matter.”

Georgette asked, “What do you do in the summer?”

Mrs. Brown smiled and said, “Well as a matter of fact, I go to a lot of nude beaches.”

Dee Dee smiled and said, “Then show us that you don’t have any tan lines. You shouldn’t care about being nude if you really are a nudist.”

Mrs. Brown said, “You first…all three of you.”

I started undressing right away as they watched me. All Dee Dee did was lower her skirt because she was not wearing any panties…just like she said would happen on Saturday.

Georgette and Mrs. Brown removed their skirts and panties and then watched my cock twitch with my heartbeat.

The girls had beautiful bald pussies but next to Mrs. Brown they looked like little girls. Her hairy bush made me want to see more. No one was allowed to touch anyone else but we could look all that we wanted too and Mrs. Brown told me that she and the other two girls would be happy to open their pussy lips up with their fingers if I wanted them too.

Now that was an offer that I could not turn down.

Mrs. Brown was the first to get down on the floor and spread her pussy lips for me. The other girls did too and I could see that not all pussies were created equal. Georgette had a rather large clit, Dee Dee had fat outer pussy lips, and Mrs. Brown had the most wonderful pussy of all. Her pussy had fat outer lips, long protruding inner lips, and a big clit. The way she was holding it open I could see her tiny pee hole, her big love hole, and some of her own cum just inside. The hair looked matted near the center. Just below her wonderful pussy was her equally wonderful asshole. It was a reddish brown and it was crinkled perfectly.

I said, “It’s too bad that I can’t touch you.”

Georgette asked, “What would you do if you could?”

I replied, “I would lick all of your pussies.”

Mrs. Brown looked at the girls and then said, “Go ahead!”

She was my first target. I would forever remember her taste. A real woman…my teacher.

She had a musky odor, a slightly sweaty salty taste, and then I got to her nectar. Mrs. Brown tasted great, I licked her hole, and I nibbled on her clit giving her an orgasm.

I moved on to Dee Dee saving Georgette for last. Dee Dee had a bitter taste but I stuck with it until I gave her an orgasm too.

Now Georgette had a sugar taste to her pussy, it was sweet like honey. I could not get enough of her. I managed to give her two consecutive orgasms.

Finally, Mrs. Brown said, “I hate to say this…but…we have to get dressed. My next class will be here in a few minutes.”

I had not gotten my rocks off.

Mrs. Brown asked, “Are you girls virgins?”

They both nodded, Yes.

Mrs. Brown then said, “Put it in me. Be quick about it or I might change my mind.”

I put my cock in her pussy and fucked into her just a few times. I said, “I’m cumming” and she said, “Leave it in there. If you pull it out, it’ll just make a mess.”

So I pumped cum into her, and then I pumped more cum into her, until my balls were drained. I had never cum so much and I felt good.

When I pulled my cock out she stuffed her panties in to keep it from leaking all over. We all got dressed. When we opened the door, three students were waiting to come in.

Mrs. Brown was my last class of the day. From there I rushed down to the freshmen locker room to find the girls. Georgette gave me a fantastic kiss out in the main hall. Then Dee Dee and I walked home.

We repeated our little adventure the next two days, also with me cumming in the end. Georgette let me cum in her on Thursday and take her virginity. On Friday Dee Dee gave me her virginity.

That Saturday we decided not to go to the movie. We had better things in mind. Georgette told my mother exactly what she had in mind…a sleepover with me and Dee Dee…in my bedroom…and in my bed…nude.

Mom simply said, “Okay. You and your little girlfriend can spend tonight with him. Are you girls on any form of birth control?”

They both were.

Mom said, “But Dee Dee has to sleep with me. I have my needs too.”

Georgette said, “If you eat pussy as good as your son does, she will be happy to sleep with you.”

Mom went to pick up Georgette while Dee Dee walked to my house.

That afternoon all four of us got naked even my mother. She was pretty and she had a nice body…but Mrs. Brown was still better.

Dee Dee let my mother ate her pussy while we watched her. Dee Dee was on her back on Mom’s big bed. Mom was on her knees with her head between Dee Dee’s legs. That was when Georgette told me to fuck my mother. Wow!

I could hardly belied that Georgette had talked my mother into letting us sleep together and then just told me to fuck my mother.

I got up on the bed and slipped my cock into her wet pussy. Mom stopped what she was doing.

Georgette said, “Put your mouth back on her pussy. Lick her good, because I’m next.”

I loved fucking my mother and I knew that she would let me do it again, whenever I wanted too after that.

That was the first of many sleepovers. Even Mrs. Brown joined us occasionally. Fucking in her classroom was too dangerous.

When summer rolled around my mother and my two girlfriends had a pretty good bush growing between their legs. Mrs. Brown and her husband took us to several nude beaches. The girls loved running around free and naked. Eventually Dee Dee’s mother joined us too.

When Mr. Brown joined us, his wife would not let him fuck Georgette and Dee Dee. She knew that they were way too young and besides he should be happy to fuck the three women. He never said a word though when she let me fuck her.

Later in that summer after Georgette’s parents divorced, her mother Bernadette joined our not so little group. Bernadette got pregnant for Georgette when she was just sixteen and had her at seventeen. Now that Georgette is fifteen yeas old her mother is quite young at just thirty-two. My mother was thirty-seven and Mrs. Brown was forty-five. Of course us three kids were all fifteen and at that point in our lives we were still freshmen.

Our fun never stopped even when school stared up in the fall and we became sixteen-year-old sophomores.

In our senior year, I knocked up Georgette’s mother. She had decided to go off her birth control without telling anyone.

Georgette and I were married after college.

The rest of the women moved in with Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

Georgette’s mother gave birth to my daughter and she was the flower girl at our wedding when I married Georgette.

The End
Her Tits Were Huge
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