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We were just kids back in the forties
Well it started at school. I was younger than the guys I ran with' and they would tease me alot about getting a fuck. as they called it. I didn't really care to much about it at the time one way or the other. I'd heard some of the guys talking about jacking off, and I wasn't sure what they were even talking about.

I went to an old country school, a one room school, where the teacher taught all grades from kindergarten too the eighth grade. This story begins around 1947 and I was in the second grade. anyway we were taking our afternoon recess, and I had a crush on this girl Barbara. We always walked to school together. Barbara loved to kiss and we slipped into the old wood shed to do some kissing...Barbara liked to talk about adult things even though neither one of us knew much about such things. She really surprised me today , Billy Joe I want to see your cock she said I told her we might get caught but she talked me into it. I unzipped my pants ,and pulled out the little guy. Barbara bent over and took it into her mouth, and began sucking on it. I became real hard fast, my cock was I guess around four and a half inches long. God it felt so good. Barbara slid her panties down and told me to put it in her pussy. Well I rubbed it all around and over her pussy, but never got it inside her...The bell rang and we had to go back to class. I was so excited I ran too tell my big friend Dean, who was always teasing me about getting a fuck and shooting blanks...I yeld wait up Dean , and as I ran up I said I got a fuck I got a fuck! He laughed and said you got a fuck..And I said yup I got a fuck In the woodshed with Barbara.

Well school let out and we started walking home. We lived about a half a mile from the school I lived on the same road as the school but Barbara lived just a short way up the cross road. as we walked home that afternoon Barbara asked me how I liked what we did in the woodshed I told her it was great and asked her where she had learned that kind of stuff. She told me she'd been peeking at her Mom and Dad, said they don't know I seen them but I couldn't sleep and I heard them in their room last night My Mom was moaning and carrying on and Dad was licking her pussy.and she was screaming oh God I'm cummin Do you want to lick my pussy? ' Well I'll try, ain't it suppose to be nasty to do that? No silly ! that's what some people say to keep us from doing nice things they don't want us to be doing. We walked down by the creek and Barbara sat down on this log she pulled off her panties , and raised her dress above her knees. She opened her legs and leaned back and said well go on. I got down on my knees, and looked at her pussy, it was soft and pink and I put my mouth against it. I ran my tongue all over it and slid my tongue inside her. She was wet and it had a bittersweet taste about it. I could feel my little ole cock jump at the thoughts of what I was doing. Oh that feels good, she was moving her butt up to meet my probing tongue, and I was licking her harder and harder. She began to scream no more no more I can't stand it..I wasn't sure what was happening to her and she didn't know either (I know now she was having an orgasm) Her pussy was really wet now a lot of clear looking fluid was running down her inner leg and down her crack. Oh God she spoke now I know why MaMa was screaming at Daddy to stop . Billy Joe it felt so good.!! .My little cock was hard has a rock and Barbara put it in her mouth and began to suck on it like she did in the woodshed. It felt so good. I began to get a funny feeling deep inside me, when all of a sudden I felt this great burning sensation that started at my butt hole and ran all through my cock and all over it's head. I could hardly stand it. .Barbara said you did it to...don't it feel super. I replied that I had never felt anything like it. She said when I was watching MaMa and Daddy do it, a bunch of white stuff came shooting out of him, and MaMa licked it up and said it tasted so good... I looked at my cock, and I hadn't shot any white stuff. We went on home that evening, I did my chores that night ,and got my homework finished I ate supper and thought about Barbara and what we had done today. I thought about how much smarter she seemed to be, then I was, after all she had introduced me to something up to this point in life I had not even though about..She had made my little cock feel so good with her mouth. She had my mind thinking now, maybe I could peek in on my Mom and Dad like she had done.....I sure was gonna try.

Next morning I was up early, Mom was fixing breakfast, and Dad was getting ready to go to work. I was getting ready to go to school. Mom was telling Dad about some kind of sale going on at the dime store, and said she was gonna go. Dad kissed Mom goodbye and patted her on the butt, has he left for work. I set there finishing up my breakfast. My mind was on what Barbara and I had did the day before . Mom said I can give you a ride to school this morning if you'd like. I told her no it wasn't very far and I wanted to talk to Barbara anyway. I met Barbara at the crossroad like always , and she began to tell me how she had thought all night about the feeling I had given her while licking her pussy. She said I laid in bed last night and took my finger and rubbed all over my pussy until I got that feeling again...That feeling must be what Mom is talking about when she's screaming Oh God I'm cumm'in I said It must be ..I told Barbara about my plan I had of sneaking a peek at Mom and Dad, and she told me it would be something I'd never forget. Something was changing in me, my cock would get hard at just the thoughts of what Barb and I had done, and thoughts of seeing my Mom fucking my Dad was driving me into a frenzy..
Barbara's Mom picked her up from school that afternoon, I sure was hoping we could do some more expermenting, but that would have to wait . I got home and did my usual chores went to my room thinking about Barbara. I began rubbing my cock with my hand stroking it up and down..It was feeling so good. I kept on stroking it faster and faster then I could feel that feeling starting again at my butthole and it ran all over my cock I was cumm'in, has Barbara would say, and it felt so good, but I still didn't have any of that white stuff Barbara had said she saw shooting from her Dad's cock. Maybe I wasn't old enough for that yet, and then I got to thinking about my older friend Dean always teasing me about shooting blanks. That had to be it I wasn't old enough to have that white stuff..

Mom called out that it was time to eat supper. Her and Dad talked about their day and what all Mom had bought at the dime store sale..Dad asked me how school was going I said fine. He said son I believe you're gonna lose your girlfriend, he always was teasing me about Barbara. I said how's that he replied well their transferring some of the guys to a plant up in Ohio, and I believe Barbara's Dad put in for the transfer....My heart sank this couldn't be happening. My friend who had taught me something so fantastic was gonna be moving away I didn't want to believe it maybe her Dad would change his mind. Well I helped Mom finish up washing the dishes, and set down and did my home work I couldn't stop thinking about Barbara moving away I was gonna lose my new found pleasures.Mom said it's time for bed Billy I said ok Mom she kissed me on the forehead like usual and said sleep tight. I went to my room and got into bed but tonight I had to stay awake tonight could be the night. I was looking forward too.. I could hear them out in the living room laughing ,but I couldn't make out their conversation They finally decided it was time for bed I could hear them in their room getting ready ..My cock was hard and throbbing just thinking what I might be able too see. I put my ear to the wall and I could hear something squeaking. I got out of bed and tipped toed down the hall. When I got to the door to their room, which was partially opened I could hear Mom, she sounded like something I never dreamed my Mother could sound like. She was moaning and her voice sounded like a kitty purring Oh yes fuck me oh fuck me. I peeped through the crack in the door, Mom was in the middle of the bed her legs spread and in the air and my Dad was shoving the biggest cock I had ever imagined I would ever see. He was shoving that monster of a cock back and forth in her pussy and Mom was screaming Oh God I'm cumm'in oh I'm cummin It's so good. Dad kept shoving that big cock into her pussy back and forth like a steam locomotive driving it all the way into her pussy his big balls was slapping her ass between her legs she cried out again I'm cumm' in ! Oh God in heaven I'm cumming! Oh I'm cumming again..her voice sounded like she was almost sobbing from the pleasures Dad's big cock had given her. About that time I heard Dad say honey I'm getting close, and then I heard my Mother say oh sweetheart cum in my mouth please cum in my mouth Dad jerked out that big cock from her pussy and Moms legs dropped to the bed and in the same motion Dad was climbing over her stroking his cock with his hand. Mom had her mouth opened and then I saw that white stuff Barbara had told me about, It was shooting out of his cock in large spurts and he was filling Moms mouth full of that white stuff over and over it shot out of his cock. Moms mouth was so full it was running out the corners of her mouth Mom reached up and took his cock in her hand an went to licking it like a lolly pop sucking all that white stuff out of it ...She was looking up at him now and grinning Oh I love that cum that sticky wonderful cum.. I love it's taste Oh god honey I needed that she said....has she was wipeing the last bit off her cheek with her fingers and then licking her fingers getting every last drop of his cum. Dad was panting like a dog that had been chasing a rabbit and thanking my Mother for the great climax she had gave him..I slipped back to my room my little cock was so hard I begain to stroke it I jerked it so hard I tore some of the foreskin loose and it bled a little , but I got that feeling again, but no white stuff.

Mom woke me up the next morning, get up honey it's time for breakfast. I walked into the kitchen Mom and Dad was sitting at the table their usual selves. Wow what would they think of me now if they knew how I had watched them fuck each other last night I looked at my Mom and thought how it would be to fuck her like Dad had. I could still picture in my mind that big cock of his ramming away at her pussy and her big tits rolling back and forth on her chest, and Dad's cock shooting all that white stuff in her mouth I could feel my cock getting hard. I hurried up and got ready for school I was excited about telling Barbara about what I had seen. We met at the cross road and I asked her if I could carry her books for her and she replied that would be nice I told her all about what I had seen that night all about that white stuff. She laughed and said I wish you could give me some of that white stuff I told her I wish I could too..She looked at me and said I guess you know I'm leaving here my Dad took a transfer to that plant up in Ohio I said yes I know my Dad told me last night she said I don't want to go but I have no choice I said it will be ok and we can write .And maybe someday I can give you some of that white stuff, she laughed at my teaseing.. That following week Barbara and her folks left for Ohio I kissed her good bye on her mouth and she shoved her tongue against mine..Don't forget I want some of your white stuff someday she laughed. I told her I'll never forget you I never saw Barbara again, but I never forgot the wonderful things we did

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2015-03-11 18:24:02
My sister was three years older than me. There was a girl on out street who was right between us I age, so we were both friends with her. She had a sleepover with my sister who fell asleep. That night we shared our first kiss. Our first mutual masturbation and she sucked my cock. I was in fourth grade at the time. By that summer we were sneaking off to have full sex all the time. She got pregnant a few years later. We were married for thirteen years.

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2012-09-09 23:40:38
my b/f put his thing in my mouth this past week and asked me to suck on it. It was like a lollipop but so much more alive. He filled my mouth with lots of white gooky stuff and he asked me to swallow it. It was kinda salty but I did like it.

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2012-01-21 10:17:48
Oh lighten up people. We all know it's easy to get onto porn sites. And we know some of the people on here aren't actually 18+

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2009-05-04 18:11:29
i love your story. i want to fuck barbra too. is barbra hot. and is she still in ohio??


2009-03-16 09:49:13
my brother put his thing in my mouth last week and told me to suck on it. He pushed it in deep and made me gag then he filled my mouth with his gooey white stuff. It was lots a fun. He said he's gonna kiss me on my putty on my 13 th birthday

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