My first attempt at poetry!
For Master....

Master, to you my soul I freely give;
My body yours to use in your own way,
Your praise and loving touch for which I live,
My heart and mind so desperate to obey,
Mean every fibre of myself submit,
Without reserve or limits, to your will,
And honoured that by your feet I may sit,
So proud that your desires I may fulfill,
My punishment I gratefully receive,
For every blow that strikes feels like a kiss,
As you adore your slave, that I believe,
And her improvement brings us both such bliss.
Sir, serving you for me is so sublime;
I pledge myself to you for all of time.

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2014-06-11 06:01:07
Nicely done.


2012-06-20 01:20:13
Well done. When will you write a story


2012-06-19 11:37:45
Lovely poem! It all flows very nicely. =). Great job.

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