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Stevie's sexual beginnings and what it lead to
If you are under 18 stop reading, read something else. I don't condone the behavior described in the story below. It happened and I make no apologies for my actions. There is a lot of blame to go around, but I blame no one other than myself. If you are upset by depictions of sex, homosexual sex, pedophilic sex, teenage prostitution, forced sex or psychological truth please stop reading this story, it isn't meant for you. Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent, not so innocent and myself. Any similarity between people depicted here and anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

My parents had gone out leaving me and Jason, my best friend who lived next door, outside, doing whatever we were doing that day. Knowing Jason, we were fiddling with something mechanical and talking sex. Jason was very mechanically inclined, always taking something apart and trying to put it back together and he always talked about sex and when he did I listened intently. Jason was 13, I was two years younger. Jason was my encyclopedia of sex, he explained the difference between boys and girls, about cocks and cunts, and it was mind blowing. He told me all about the things you do with girls, fucking, sucking, blow jobs, eating pussy, sucking nipples, squeezing breasts and my mind pictured all the girls I knew, Jason's 16 year sister, his cousins, my cousins, the teaching assistant, girls in class, all of them, with their legs spread, sucking cock, getting fucked. He told me what masturbation was, and I was determined to be a master at it, making full use of those mind images. Jason always had the "stuff", he borrowed from his dad's or his uncle's collections, pictures of naked women, little comics with drawings showing people fucking and sucking, and I couldn't get enough. I'd trace them before he had to put them back. I would look over his shoulder as he turned the pages and described what was happening.

"You like this one? Look she's sucking his cock and cum is coming out! You like that one?"

"Yeah, and look she's got her hand between her legs and stuff's dripping down her legs."

"Wow, and look at this one, he's shoving his big prick in her cunt" as he flipped the page.

On and on he'd go. No matter what we were doing it was always sex, sex, sex, and I loved it. Sometimes we'd put up a tent in the backyard and as soon as we got it up and organized he'd start with the sex talk or did I show you these pictures and there we'd be, drooling over women with their legs spread, women eating other women, women sucking guys, and he'd talk about what was happening, what it must feel like to push it in, or blow your wad in their mouth, I was in awe. We'd get naked and compare our dicks, his much bigger than mine. He'd tell me the different ways he jacked off. Shooting into his own mouth. What it was like, how it tasted. Yuck, I don't know, that sounds nasty. Once he asked if I would push my cock in his ass. What! Gross! "Well you may need to wash it off using the hose spigot afterward, but lets try it, OK?" NO WAY, you crazy?? On and on it went.

Jason had found some old skeleton keys and wanted to try to open the doors on my parents flat. We climbed the stairs, sure enough, the first key opened the door to the enclosed back porch. We tried all the keys on the inside door to the flat but none of them worked. My dad had a big calendar pin up of some cute girl hanging on the porch, and Jason started with the sex talk.

"Can you imagine feeling those tits? Man I'd like to put it in her pussy"

I laughed. "I think you'd get lost in there."

"Oh I bet she'd like this." Jason had unzipped his pants, and pulled his cock free of his underwear. It seemed he had gotten bigger than the last time I saw him. He sat down on my toy box and pulled on his cock. "Those lips would sure look good wrapped around this. I wonder what it would feel like."

"Yeah, can you imagine getting a blow job from her!", I exclaimed.

"I wonder..., but you'd be to chicken to do it."

"I am not!" I wasn't scared or chicken.

" have a mouth and lips, so do I, we could try it but you're probably to scared."

"Am not!", I dropped to my knees between his spread thighs. "I'll show you", I leaned forward, holding his cock between my thumb and first finger, my mouth closed around his prick. Right away I liked the feeling of it in my mouth and knew I really liked cock in my mouth. "See", I said rather proudly as I let him slide from my lips. I wanted to suck it back in and was going to, but Jason stopped me.

"Wait, this isn't the way its supposed to be done. We should be doing each other at the same time". I couldn't imagine how till he told me to lay one the floor and started to straddle my head.

"Don't touch me, I'm very tickleish, I can't stop giggling once it starts",I said, but Jason didn't listen and didn't stop. His mouth surrounded my cock, and it was warm and wet. I could feel sensations starting inside immediately. His cock was already in my mouth when his hands rubbed down the backs of my thighs and grabbed my ass cheeks and this started me giggling. I couldn't stop and then it happened, I accidentally bit him. Jason jumped straight into the air.

"Jesus, what you trying to do, you jerk, you almost bit my cock off"

"I can't help it, I warned you I was tickleish. I'm sorry." Jason was back sitting on the toy box, and I wanted his cock back in my mouth. I crawled over to him, and reached for him.

"No way, man I hurt, let's just forget it, you idiot, I'm out of here." He got up, pulled his pants up, and walked out. I was alone, I was crushed, Jason was mad at me, which I knew he'd get over, but most of all I missed....I missed having that cock in my mouth. Feeling the weight of it on my tongue, the warmth of it between my lips, feeling my lips making that shape we'd seen so many times in those comics and pictures. I wanted that cock so bad.

Well, wouldn't you know it, when my parents were out, they bought a house. No more flat, no more Jason next door, no more sex comics, and pictures,and sex talk. We moved very shortly thereafter, and I never got to be with Jason again. Several months passed and my father needed to see one of our old neighbors, Mr. McCathy about some equipment he needed. Billy, his son, was my age and we had played together many times so I tagged along to see if he was around. Billy was there and as his father and mine searched in the garage, Billy and I went to the basement. Billy was a cute guy, slight build, with sandy hair. I was always tall for my age and already a head taller than Billy. Billy and I got to talking and of course, the conversation turned to girls and sex.

"You know Sue and Jackie, Jason's cousins, they have a shower in the basement and we snuck over there one day and saw them naked in the shower"

"Really! Wow! I wish I could've seen that. Did you see their tits and could you see their pussys?"

"Yeah, well Jackie, has a nice pair but Susie hardly has any yet. Jackie's pussy is covered with hair, and we could see Susie's slit down there"

"Do you see Jason much?"

"No, he has older friends now and we don't hang out as much anymore"

"Jason has all kinds of sex pictures, comics, and books. We used to look at them all the time. Did you know we sucked each other once?"

"Shit, you're kidding, you guys actually did that?" I just nodded, like it happened all the time, no big deal. It got silent for what seemed a long time, I was trying to think of something to say, to follow up with, but I couldn't. I could sense the wheels turning in Billy's brain. "Your full of shit. You're lieing!"

"No I'm not! We did."

"Prove it, then suck mine."

I put my hand on his crotch and squeezed his cock. It was much bigger than Jason's or mine, it was hard and hot under my palm. Billy's eyes were half closed as I stroked his cock and said "I'll suck you, and if you like it you suck me, OK?".

"No, no way...if you've done it before with Jason, prove it...". He leaned back, pushing his hips forward toward me.

I couldn't understand, I was supposed to suck him, but I got nothing in return, I pulled back my hand and started to consider bailing out, I looked across at his crotch, I could see the outline of his hard cock and I knew I didn't want to throw away this opportunity. I looked Billy right in the eye, slowly dropped to my knees, never taking my eyes off his. I reached for his zipper and slowly pulled it down. The grin on his face, told me he knew I wanted it and would do whatever he wanted. I opened the panel on his white briefs and pulled his cock free. It was probably 6 and 1/2 inches long and over 1 inch thick. My left hand could feel the weight of it, the girth of it, the heat of it. I leaned forward, my eyes still looking into his, he was watching me..

"Lick it, come on lick it, if you did it before then you'll do it now."

I stuck out my tongue and licked under, and around his knob. It was hot and smooth. I ran the tip of my tongue down and up the shaft. My right hand opened my slacks and pulled my own prick into the open. I was hard and getting harder as I jacked it. I put his cock against my pursed lips, first kissing the tip and then letting it push them apart as I moved my mouth onto it. "Mmmmmmmm", I couldn't hold back the sound of lust as I felt his cock slid between my lips, over my tongue, against the inside of my cheeks. My mouth filled with saliva, it wanted his hot shaft so bad. It slid in so easily, felt so hot, so solid, so smooth. "Emmm,Mmmmmmm", I sucked harder, I couldn't get enough cock. I was humping his cock with my mouth, my head bobbing, in and out. An increase in fluid in my mouth and strange salty yet sweet taste, made me first think that he had pissed in my mouth. I pulled back, it was coming from his pee hole, but it wasn't yellow, just sort of clear and milky. I remembered the comics talking about precum and how girls loved to taste it. I licked it, I liked the taste, and waited for more, making sure I licked off each drop. Billy was thrusting his hips at me, fucking my mouth, as I sucked harder.

"Oh yeesss, oooh suck it", his cock seemed to get even harder, it was spasming, I could feel his cum streaming up thru his shaft, first past the fingers I had wrapped around it, as it shot from his balls to the base of his cock, and then as it rippled against my lips on its way into my mouth. I felt the first spurt it hit deep into the back of my mouth and start running down my throat and then I tasted the chalky, salty taste of real cum for the first time. It was much thicker then the precum but I wanted all of it. A second spasm flooded my mouth just about filling it. Cum was oozing out around my lips. I swallowed hard, gulping it down, just as a third and fourth wad soon followed. I didn't want it to end. I kept sucking, licking, swallowing, get every last drop of cock juice as he spasmed repeatedly between my tight sucking lips. I kept running my tongue around his dick while pushing it in and out between my lips. My hips bucked in orgasm as my masterbating got my cock spewing its own juices onto the basement floor.

"God, that's enough", he grabbed my head and pushed me away, so quickly, his cock left my lips with a pop. "What a cock lover you are". He stood there looking down at me, "You really need cock, don't you?" He was wagging his cock in my face, I wanted it back between my lips, I just wanted it, I opened my mouth trying to get it in as he smacked it against my cheeks. "You want it don't you?.....Don't you?"

"Yes", I responded softly, embarrassed by my obvious wanton desire.

"Well, lets see how much, I'll let you feel it in your mouth one more time if you lick up your cum off the floor."

"Please,please don't make me do that."

"I'm not making you do anything, but if you want to have this again", he rubbed it against my cheek, it was warm and still firm, I still wanted it bad, "then lick it up like a good little cumsucker".

I slowly backed up and lowered my head to the floor. My tongue licked at my own cum. I knew I was despicable, but in some way I found be degraded added to the excitement. I licked and sucked every drop from the cold cement.

He laughed, "Boy, what a sicko. You can come and get your reward", he was standing there waving that penis, that cock, that beautiful prick up and down, and I crawled over and sucked it between my lips and into my mouth. "Fuck, you just can't get enough, I didn't know you were such a fairy...Stevie, the cocksucking fairy". I heard him, but I didn't care, it just excited me more. I sucked and licked and he became hard once again. "Boy, am I going to fuck that pussy mouth of yours this time". I just nodded and kept sucking. He grabbed me by my longish blond hair and started pushing his cock deep into my mouth, his cock hit the back of my throat, I gagged, but didn't want him to stop. I swallowed, and gasped for air, then his cock head was in my throat. I couldn't breathe, I gagged, tears filled my eyes, and he pumped his cock in and out with short strokes, fucking my throat. I could have pushed away, I knew I could, but I didn't. I wanted his cock in me, needed it. Breathing thru my nose helped, I was no longer suffocating, the gagging subsided, and now I found I could use my throat, tongue and mouth as a substitute cunt for his cock. I went at him for all I was worth. Precum was coating my entire mouth, I could taste it, and spasms were starting to send his cum past my tight lips and down my throat. My lips pressed tightly against his groin as his penis was massaged by my constantly swallowing throat. My throat muscles tightened around it and tried to pull it deeper as I swallowedover and over. I loved how it felt on my lips and tongue as his cock swelled with its fullness and then suddenly pumped its contents into me, spasm after spasm.

I wanted to keep his cock in my mouth, but he was done and pulled it from me just as I heard our fathers come back into the house. We both scrambled to get our pricks back in our pants. As I left, Billy whispered to me, "You'll be hearing from me...cocksucker". I smiled and nodded still tasting his cum in my mouth, and knowing I couldn't wait. I never heard from Billy again, two days later, he and his cousin were killed in a motorcycle accident .

The next four years, I was a confused kid. Went to school, had friends, went out with girls, even had steady girlfriends.
Masterbated every day, sometimes several times a day. Most of the fantasies that accompanied these sessions were about girls, girfriends, women in magazines my father brought home,hid, and I found. Sometimes when jacking-off I would think about about Jason's or Billy's cock. How I wanted to feel them in my mouth again, taste them again, feel that pulsating spasming between my lips. You can read for yourself this authors other stories of how I was picked up by three guys in a van that reintroduced me to male/male sex ("What does it Matter"), how getting picked up afterward I learned I could make money and have cock at the same time. Whenever, I got really horney, absolutely ravenous for sexual release, that's when I'd go out onto the streets("Making some Money"). I even had my regulars. Phil, the bearded guy with the Mustang, the first guy who I'd let fuck my ass, was one of them. He said he looked for me every week. I actually found out he was a psychologist, can you beat that. I guess I didn't expect one of those to be a pervert, too. Then there were several that just wanted blow jobs that showed up any time I was there. Even though I was particular about who I'd mess with I'd still make between $100 to $150 on a good night. I had started hearing about sexual diseases in my health class in high school and got kind of scared about that. I started buying rubbers and making guys I didn't know wear them if they wanted to fuck me, it wasn't as much fun but I felt safer. I started carrying a little handbag strapped to my waist with essentials, like lipstick, rubbers, mouthwash, wipes, even small liquor bottles like they had on airlines, so I could use them as a chaser after having gulped down a mouthful of cum. Somehow, in my young mind, I thought the alcohol would kill any germs.

It had been such a night, and I was on my way home. Phil had fucked me, getting me warmed up. He didn't use a rubber but assured me he was clean. I guess, since he had been doing me pretty regularly, I wasn't to concerned about his giving me some disease and I always liked the feeling of his cum shooting in my ass. I cleaned up with a fresh enema afterwards. Sometimes, because I really needed the release, I'd even let him suck me off and not charged him for it. He said he loved tasting my cum. Then, I'd given a couple of blowjobs to guys from the tavern, each followed by a couple of swigs from the little bottles. The alcohol burned as it went down, I figured it would kill anything, and it made me feel nice and warm inside. I'd made about $130 and was going to call it a night. I was cutting through the park back to where I left my bicycle locked to a bike stand. I was wearing a sleeveless tight T and very, very tight jeans I'd gotten several sizes to small, from the girls section at the Good Will store. I had made slits down the legs and across the rear to expose some flesh of my legs and ass. I knew I looked sexy. During the week I worked on the look I wanted. I made sure my hair framed my face, bangs down to my eyebrows which I had shaped just so, my lips just tinged with a little red lipstick to make them more noticeable, eyelashes darkened with a little mascara. I didn't want to look like a girl, just sexy as hell. The women's wedge soled tennis shoes lifted my heel just enough to augment the roundness of my ass and the jeans were so tight that the seam rode in my ass crack and rubbed against my asshole. Each round cheek was pushed up and presented like cantelopes. My testicles were split apart by the seam in front and pushing out like unshelled walnuts against the jeans material. Every detail of my genitals was visible against the tight cloth. I practiced my walk a lot, sort of walking on my toes, taking little steps, while rotating my hips as I walked. I felt sexy and looked sexy and loved it.

I was halfway thru the park and could see the bike rack. The shoes made it hard to walk very fast but I was in no hurry. All of a sudden four guys came from a side path onto the path I was on. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, I felt this could be trouble and I turned to walk away.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?", yelled one of them. I tried to walk faster. I heard them moving closer and I was about to start to run when I felt a hand on my shoulder spin me around. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" the voice said.

"Leave me alone, I'm headed home." I tried to say it bravely, emphatically.

"Well it looks to me like your a little faggot, and we don't like faggots in our park. Do we guys?" There was nodding and verbal abuse all around me. Hands were pushing me around, one grabbed my ass, one my crotch, squeezed so hard it hurt. "You like that don't you fag? I bet he getting all hot and bothered. Why don't you get on your knees fag and suck us all off, that's what you want, isn't it?"

"What I want is for you to leave me alone, I'm want to gohome." I struggled to try and break free, tears welling in my eyes. Then I a felt it, a fist slammed into the back of my head, sending me sprawling onto the ground.

"Aww, little fag, fell down, it seems he can't stay on his feet. Lets all help the little fag up." I could feel a hand grab the slit cut below my right cheek and pull, the cloth ripped and half my ass was now exposed. "Ooops, looky here, he isn't even wearing underwear, must think we want to see his ass naked. You like being naked, faggot? Must like walking around showing off his little ass. Lets give him what he wants guys. Lets give him a swing ride." This didn't sound like something I wanted! Hands grabbed the bottom of my T and pulled it over my head. My hands were held behind my back as some other hands undid my jeans and then lifted my feet off the ground, flinging my shoes into the dark, and then pulling my jeans down and off. I started to scream as loud as I could until a fist pounded into my stomach. "Shut it or you'll be eating your teeth." I was being carried, one guy had my feet, and two more my arms. We got to the swings in the park and one of them was raised by throwing it over the cross bar several times. I was laid on the seat, the wood biting into my lower back and I could hear the sound of cloth be ripped. They ripped my T and jeans into strips and proceeded to raise and tie my ankles up to the chains of the swing. Next my wrists were bound and strips pulled my arms out and secured them to the chains of swings on either side of me. My whole body was level to the ground, my legs straight up along the chains, my arms stretching out in crucifixion style, my head hanging back so everything was being looked at upside down. The pain in my back was excruciating, I was feeling dizzy from the hit to my head and nauseated from the blow to my stomach. "Look how he's trying show us his little boy pussy. You like show it off don't you, faggot?"

I swiveled my head from side to side, "No, no, ...please,let me go. I'll go, I won't come back", I pleaded.

"But this is what you want and now we're going to give you what you want. Aren't we guys?", again there was general agreement all around. "You want us to see you naked and now your naked. You think you're sexy well your going to get more sex than you bargained for. But before you get what you want you need to be punished." I looked down between my legs and was horrified to see a guy standing with a belt hanging from his clenched fist.

"No, please no, don't hurt me!" I cried. "Please..." A belt was whipped across my bare buttocks. Thwack! It stung and the skin immediately burned with pain. "Oh, no, please, no." First one side then the other. Thwack! I wanted to scream but remembered his threat. The tears were pouring down my cheek. "Please, stop,please let me go". Thwack! I squeezed my eyes shut.

He stopped. My skin was burning with pain. "Look at this, the little queer is getting a hard-on he likes it so much." I looked down my body and there my was my penis betraying me, getting hard. I closed my eyes and tried to will it to relax, but it didn't it just got bigger. Thwack! My whole body, jerked and writhed. Pain and..and burning, hot. I felt fingers squeezing and rolling my nipples, oh, don't, don't that will just make me, make me..., I opened my eyes and a cock was closing in on my face. My mouth opened and I could feel it sliding between my lips. I sucked it in. "MMmmm". It pushed its way into the opening of my throat. Thwack! I swallowed and swallowed to keep from gagging. This in turn, pulled, squeezed, milked the cock in my mouth causing it to swell and spasm its load into me. Don't take it away, don't ...Thwack! Unhhhhhh....., then another cock was in front of me and I stretched for it, taking it between my lips. I sucked and tongued it as it again pushed deep into me. I couldn't breath. Thwack! I tried to move my ass and couldn't the swing swayed but I couldn't move. My nipples were again being toyed with, squeezed, pulled, I was moaning and squirming to this touch. Hands were on my thighs, warm pressure against my asshole. The sensations, the skin on my buttocks burned, my nipples hard with lust, hot, hard smoothness pushing my little hole open, hot, taught skin sliding between my lips, warm firmness caressing my tongue. I strained against my restraints with wanton abondon. Someone was pushing a cock into me...hard. I could feel myself stretching around the invading thickness. It was in, and pushing deeper, then slamming into me and pulling out. Over and over. One in my throat the other in my ass. I could feel fluid dripping from my cock onto my stomach. Cock was filling me, cum was shooting up deep in my ass and down my throat. One finished, another replaced it. I felt sick, I felt humiliated, I was exhausted and still I wanted more, more......

"See you around faggot"

"Please let me go, untie me, please don't leave me alone." I begged.

They laughed. "Don't worry you won't be alone for long. Your going to get what you always wanted. When we let it be known that there's a kid on the swings just looking for cock, you'll have lots of company." They laughed again and dissappeared into the darkness.

"No, please, .....please!", I shouted after them. I was alone in the dark. I was scared, trembling, strung up like a piece of meat. I struggled to try to get free but couldn't. I started to call out for help and no one seemed to hear. Then I heard someone approaching, I swiveled my head around trying to see but couldn't, then I heard a zipper and hands were grasping my legs and I felt the tip of a cock pushing against me again.

"I've seen you around, kid, but wasn't going to pay for it. Hah, now looks like I get it for free." In one hard push, he had impaled me with his cock. I didn't even want to raise my head to see who it was. I could hear more people surrounding us. I open my mouth to plead with them but I barely said a word before another penis was filling it. Someone had both my nipples between their fingers and were twisting and pinching them. My body was spasming, like I was being given electric shocks. My cock again betrayed me, someone was sucking on it, then jacking me, oh no, I'm going to come. The cock in my ass is squeezed tight as my anal muscles start to spasm along with my orgasm. This seems to be what the owner of the cock in my ass has been waiting for. He starts slamming his cock into me.

"Oh yeah, he's so tight, he's like a virgin pussy. Oh man, I'm going to come, unh...unnnh" and he shoots his load of cum into me as my prick erupts onto my stomach. Now the cock in my mouth is spasming, filling it with hot cum. It flows down my throat, and down both cheeks, my lips and mouth are covered with cum. Its running in my nose. I swallow and lick my lips, savoring the taste, and trying to remove its thickness from my mouth. I'm caught doing it by the ass fucker.

" Look he's licking it off his lips, he wants it so much. If he really likes it so much, give him some of his own" the guy in my ass instructs someone nearby. A hand scoops the cum off my stomach and feeds it into my open mouth. I find the taste sweet and clean, brighter, than the cock juice I've been getting all night and find myself sucking it off the fingers feeding it to me.

"Jeez what a pervert. Look at that. Can't even get enough of his own cum. You like it, don't you kid?" I found myself nodding, wanting even more.

The cock pulls out of my ass. Hands grab my thighs and another cock is pushing into me. God its got to be huge, with all the cum in me providing lubricant he's having a hard time getting it in. Ohhhh, it hurts. No don't, don't. Its pushing slowly into me opening me up like never before. I can feel my insides stretching around this huge monster, my ass burns. It moves deeper and deeper, I feel like its pushing into my stomach and he still feeding it into me. Oh, ohhh, there's this feeling, oh, yes, oh,....its, ohhhh. I'm pushing myself down onto it, your almost there, almost... I stopped breathing, more... more, oh yes... deeper, please, please more. I'm grasping him tight with my anal walls, my whole ass is gripping at him, pulling him deeper, I need it so bad.. He starts pumping me, I can hear the suction as his cock slides in and out of my burning hole. I can feel my insides being pulled back and forth with each stroke. Almost out, then in, oh yeah, deep in, ohhhhh... ohhhh there's that feeling again, more, more, more just a little deeper, its almost ... Ohhhh. "Fuck me...rape me, ...deeper,...more", I hear myself saying. Not only is he fucking me he's moving the swing back and forth pulling me onto him as he pushes it totally into me.

"Look at that, he's got that monster all the way in that kid. Jesus, it must be up to his fucking throat" someone comments. I start to shake all over, his body is pressed against the cheeks of my ass, and I can feel his cock swelling in me. Spurt after spurt of hot cum is starts shooting into me. I can feel it, reaching up deep into me, its super hot tongue flicking at me, striking a place deep inside me.

"Aiyeeeeehhhhhh!" I scream out loud as my body shakes violently, wrenching at my constraints. I can't stop the shaking and the writhing in lust. He wasn't moving, just his cock spasming, swelling, gushing into me, again and again. My body twisting, screwing, humping his massive member, trying to get it deeper...deeper. Just a little more. No don't, don't take it away, my brain is screaming as I feel it pulling out of me. I'm still shaking all over, and I can feel his cum running out of my open anus and down my crack, and over my ass cheeks as his cock emerges from me. Don't, don't take it away....I was almost, it was almost....just a little longer, deeper, harder, just..... I could feel my anal ring muscles, spasming, flexing, beckoning.

One after another, over and over. My rectum was on fire, and each new cock made it burn hotter and more painful. My lips felt scorched, my throat raw and bruised, my jaw was so painful I couldn't close it. Throughout the night, visitor after visitor pushed their swollen cock into me. Some were vocal, others said not a word. Some used rubbers, some didn't. Yet along with the dread I felt, there was an exciting anticipation of the next one. What was wrong with me? They made me come so many times I had nothing left, just dry spasms, my skin on my penis was raw, the muscles within cramped with pain.

Then I was alone, it seemed like hours and nobody ventured by. Pain screamed from every part of me. It was just starting to get light when a park worker found me. I could see he was tempted, I could see it in his eyes and in his crotch as his cock strained against his green worker slacks. He seemed hesitant and didn't know if he should or not. If I wasn't half dead, I know I would have reached for him, sucked him hard, and taken him up my ass. But I couldn't and he didn't. He got me clothing from a donation bin and took me to a clinic. It took almost two months to fully recover physically. I never went back to the streets. The world is just to full of people that don't know how to handle their own sexuality and take out their hostility for their feelings on others. However, several times I fantasized about going back and thanking the park worker properly
( you know how).

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I want to be barebacked repeatidly for a few hours and never know any names of my abusers. Just shove it in, empty your load and let the next guy have his fun.


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god this was so good


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