This is my first real medical
Dr Levy was fuming! He was supposed to be playing golf today but his stupid pathetic lazy stand in had decided she was too ill to take over his last patient so he was having to forefeit his golf afternoon to finish his list!!! Fuming!!! was all Dr Levy could think!!

After trying to calm himself down Dr levy who was 64, bald and pot bellied, opened his door and called in his last patient. "Stacie Down" he said in a calm voice. Stacie, a 17 year old, plumpish shy school girl got up and walked slowly towards the good Doctor. Dr Levy watched as the young, very big breasted, girl made her way towards him. Well, maybe things arent going to be too bad this afternoon after all. Lets see what she has to offer he thought!

"Come on, come on! I havent got all day" Dr Levy barked. He was pleased to see Stacie blush and hurry. Hmmm eager to please thought Dr Levy.

"Right, I see you are here for a full physical. YES!"
"Yes Dr but please I havent had a physical yet and I am a bit nervous!?" said Stacie meekly.
"Well dont you worry missy" said the good Dr and put his arm around her reasurringly "I'll look after you".
Dr Levy led the young girl over to his desk and commanded abruptly "arms up!", Stacie immediately put her arms in the air and Dr Levy whipped her top off! He stood back to look at her huge tits incased in a much too small bra. Sitting down on his chair in front of her the Dr reached around and quickly unfastened her bra before she said anything and quickly pulled down the straps and exposed her big titties. Good god they are huge thought Dr levy and her dark red nipples are probably the biggest he has seen for a very long time!.

"Hands behind your head" he barked, amusing himself. Stacie was mortified. Here was this old Dr shouting at her and undressing her so that she was now topless in front of him and she knew he was gonna touch her boobies and she was gonna just have to let him! She really didnt want to get into any trouble!. I am definietly gonna enjoy this though Dr Levy as he fondled, pinched, bounced, squeezed first one large tit then the other. Once he had finished with the second he went back to the first and pinched and tweaked the nipple, causing gasps of pain from Stacie.

Again he moved quickly on to the second breast and tweaked that nipple for a good five minutes before sitting back and cupping each glorious breast in both hands and admired them longingly. Stacie looked down at the Dr and winced slightly as she saw him just staring in what looked like admiration at both breasts!.

"Right, I can safely say that each breast feels totally normal to me, now we must take your temperature". Thank god thought Stacie hopefully I can put my top on now but before she could moved Dr Levy had reached forward and pulled down the girls skirt and knickers to her ankles.

"Move your foot Stacie so you can get out of these clothes" Dr Levy barked again. He was bending down level with the shy girls crotch and was delighted to see her neatly shaved pussy in front of him. Why oh why did I shave everything off this morning, thought Stacie who was now close to tears. She steps sideways giveing the good Dr a better view of her tight neat little pussy.

So here she was completely naked, hands behind her head in front of this old Dr who looked like the cat who got the cream!. "Walk with me" Dr Levy commanded and put his arm gently around the naked young girl and walked her to the couch. He liked the way her large breasts swayed and jiggled as they walked. They Got to the couch and Dr Levy pushed Stacie gently by the shoulders so that she was bending over in half. The couch was low so she had her large rump sticking up in the air. "Open your legs now please Stacie" ordered the Dr. Stacie reluctantly opened them dreading the view she was gonna give the Dr.
"Now bring your hands to your buttocks and pull them apart for me so I can take your temperature" he said quietly. Silly Stacie did as she was told and pulled her buttocks apart to give him full view of her tight little anus and a complete view of that neat little pussy of hers!! Dr levy got the thermometer and the KY jelly and applied the jelly to his ungloved finger. sitting right in front of her he enjoyed the view of her privates before placing his finger on her anus. "Just relax" he cooed as he gently pushed his finger into her anus. "Ohhhh, that hurts" said Stacie but all she got was a sharp slap on her big buttock from the Dr. "Quiet" he commanded. Stacie dare not say anything else but let the Dr put his finger in and out of her anus! Dr levy watched his finger fuck the girls anus for a bit before replacing it with the thermometer. "Now we wait" he said.

He sat back to look at the young girl, large bottom pushed up, pulling her own buttocks apart and the thermometer in her anus. Golf..... what golf, he smiled to himself.

Sudenly there was a knock at the door. "No" shouted Stacie, but just earned herself another smack on her buttocks.

"To her relief the Dr said "No we are busy" but from behind the door came the voice of Coach Rain "I have Stacie's notes from her last school". "Oh Right ok come in" called the Dr. Well, coach could not believe his eyes, here was the new girl who was slightly plump but certainly good looking, bending over, arse in the air, totally naked with a thermometer coming out of her anus!! He could not beleive his luck in coming and seeing this. Stacie on the other hand was mortified!! She had hated Coach Rain and his leaching eyes, and now he could see everything!!! Tears started to form in the young girls eyes as she could hear the Dr and Coach chatting only a yards behind her big bottom!. Coach never took his eyes of the glorious sight and chatted idly to the Dr. Dr Levy could see the look of lust and glee in the Coaches eye and decided to give him a bit more. The thermomenter went off and the Dr gently removed it!!

"Oh I see you have a bit of a temperatureStacie" he said. "Well stand up and lets have another examination of you". Very slowly Stacie stood up and as commanded by the Dr put her hands behind her head again and turned around to give Coach Rain full view of her glorious tits.

Coach was delerious!!! He had never seen such a big pair or titties on anyone so young and such bit chewable nipples!!

Dr called the poor victim over to the chair and proceeded to fondle the big tits again and pinch and tweak each nipple in turn. Coach was mesmerised!! "Right coach Rain, when Stacie does games or any type of running she must wear a sports bra!! come over and feel the weight of these!! he offered. Coach was over as quick as anything and took over the fondling of the young girls titties. He was in heaven! he glanced up at the shy young girl and stacie could have sworn he was smiling at her expense as he kneaded, bounced, pinched and played with her titties for the next ten minutes.
When is this humiliation going to stop!!!

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