She wanted help stretching out, but wasn't expecting the size of him.
Jasmine is a 17 year old junior in high school. She is on the gymnastics team, competing in the floor routine. She stands 5'6" with dark skin, shoulder length black hair, and dark brown eyes. She only weighs 105 lbs soaking wet, with a small B-cup chest, and slim hips.

Mr. Hill, her coach, is a 47 year old married man. He only stands 5'11" tall, with balding red hair, and hazel eyes. He is a little on the heavier side, weighing 215 lbs, with what you would call a beer gut.

Mr. Hill has never been known to be a dirty old man, but he did enjoy seeing how flexible the young girls were. He did gymnastics himself when he was in school, competing in the balance beam and uneven bars. But he would never be that slim or flexible again. He usually trained the boys and his assistant coach, Tia trained the girls. Tia is a 28 year old single Asian woman. She stands 5'5" with long black hair and brown eyes. She has a muscular build, weighing 125 lbs, with firm C-cup tits and 36" hips. She won two national championships in college in gymnastics, so she knew what she was doing.

Practice for the day had just ended when Jasmine walked up to Mr. Hill, "Mr. Hill, is there any way I can get some muscles massaged? My legs and back are killing me today." Mr. Hill smiled at her, he has always helped the kids if they have had tight muscles or other things before, so this was no different, but he had to get home to go to his son's school function. "Can Tia do it today? I have to go home early today." Jasmine looked at him innocently, "please Mr. Hill, Tia doesn't do it as good as you can, my muscles never seem to fully relax when she does it."

Mr. Hill looked at her sincerely, "ok Jasmine, but we need to make it fast so I can get home." Jasmine nodded as she turned around and started walking to the training room, where a massage table was located.

The training room also housed several other items that the high school trainers used to look at injured athletes closer. It had a small bed, a small arm chair, a chair that was similar to a gyno chair, and a small X-ray machine. As Jasmine walked into the room she climbed onto the massage table and laid on her stomach. Mr. Hill walked up next to the table and looked down at her, "so where are you feeling tight at?" Jasmine looked up at him, and smiled , "start with my lower back please."

Mr. Hill let out a long breath as he gently laid his hands across her lower back, feeling the tightness in her muscles. He started rubbing against her back, softly at first, then pushing into her back with a little more force. Jasmine let out a soft moan, "god that feels so good Mr. Hill." He pushed the palms of his hands harder into her back in, feeling the knots in her muscles, as her moans grew a little louder.

Jasmine's body began to relax as her coach rubbed her lower back hard. Feeling his rough hands against her skin through her tight outfit felt good to her, and helped her muscles to relax even more. She closed her eyes as she relaxed even more, "Mr. Hill you can move to my quads now, my back feels much better now."

Mr. Hill obliged her request moving to her leg closest to him. He wrapped his large hands around her left thigh, just above her knee and slowly started running them up her leg towards her crotch. Squeezing her leg equally and rubbing it all the way up, her legs slowly opened further as his left hand got closer to her crotch. The edge of his hand brushed against her covered slit, but he felt extra warmth emitting from between her legs. His dick twitched a little as he lightly rubbed the edge of his hand against it a little, looking to see how she reacted.

Jasmine felt the edge of his hand pushing against her slit, but didn't say anything, enjoying the feeling. She started moving her hips off of the table, hoping he would do it more.

Mr. Hill knew what he was doing was wrong, but it had been so long since his wife had let him have sex with her, he couldn't help it. He then moved his hands to her right leg, starting just above her knee and moving up her thigh. Again as his hand brushed against her crotch he pushed the edge of his hand into it, noticing it was a little hotter than before.

Jasmine moaned in ecstasy as she felt her pussy beginning to get wet from the attention. She started moving her hips up and down against his hand, not wanting him to stop.

Mr. Hill noticed her hips moving against his hand and he immediately pulled his hand away, knowing he should leave now. His 6" dick was fully hard now, pressing hard against his shorts, showing a small tent. "I need to leave now Jasmine, do you feel better now?"

Jasmine lifted her head off of the table and looked back at him, "so soon Mr. Hill?" He nodded slowly, "yeah I have my son's school function remember." Jasmine looked him over, looking down his body to his crotch, noticing his small tent, "well can you help me stretch my legs before you go please?"

Mr. Hill stood there, contemplating her request, he knew he should get going, but he relented to her, looking at her innocent look, and slowly nodded, "ok Jasmine I can help you stretch your legs, but then I definitely need to get going or I'll be late." Jasmine nodded, biting her lower lip as she flipped over onto her back in front of him, giving her a better view of his bulge. She stared at it for a bit, then slowly looked up at him and smiled innocently. She lifted her left leg up until her knee rested against her chest.

Mr. Hill watched what she was doing, looking down at her crotch, almost hoping he could catch a good view of her young pussy. He was almost disappointed when her clothes didn't give him any view of her slit. 'What am I thinking? I could get fired and sent to jail if I did anything to her.' He thought to himself as he moved his eyes back up her body.

Jasmine's ass was right on the edge of the table, her right foot resting on the floor, as she started to straighten her left leg up above her head. Mr. Hill watched her intently as she closed her eyes as if in pain. "Ok Mr. Hill can you put your chest on my knee and put pressure on it," she said, not opening her eyes.

Mr. Hill has done that before, several times, but he was reluctant this time. He had a raging hard-on that was begging for release, and knew that doing as she had asked would cause it to contact her body. He stood there for a bit, weighing his options, and finally decided to help her, while trying to figure out a way to keep his dick from contacting her body.

He positioned himself in front of her and bent over at the waist, keeping his hips back far enough so his dick didn't touch her young body. Jasmine groaned as he put most of his weight against her leg, and she started counting to 20. Mr. Hill marveled at her flexibility, her left leg almost level with her hip, as he groaned himself in wanting. When Jasmine reached 20 she whispered, "now move your chest up to my calf." He groaned at her request, knowing the implications of it.

Mr. Hill slowly moved his chest up the back of her leg until it pushed into her calf. As he moved up, his hips moved with him. He felt the head of his erection nudge against her tiny ass and skid up her thigh. As he pushed into her leg his dick throbbed against her thigh, causing her to moan, "is there something wrong Mr. Hill?"

He didn't know how to answer her, trying to think about something else, hoping his erection would go away. Jasmine counted to 20 again, and then whispered, "ok Mr. Hill time to switch legs." He put his hands on the table and pushed himself up off of her. As he stood back up Jasmine sat up as well, looking at him and smiling. He looked at her in confusion, "What? What is it?"

Without saying a word she reached out and grabbed his dick hard. Mr. Hill gasped in surprise, immediately trying to pull away from her. His dick throbbed at the attention, but his mind was telling him he needed to get out there, and fast. Jasmine squeezed his dick harder as he tried to pull away, "I thought you had a problem." She said as she moved off of the table and onto the floor in front of him, "what are you scared of Mr. Hill, I know you want it, and so do I."

He cleared his throat as he began to speak, "we can't do this." Jasmine giggled as she started rubbing his dick through his shorts, "don't be silly. I'm a girl and your a guy, it's only natural." His dick wanted it so bad, as it throbbed harder against her hand, "but... But you're a minor and a student. I can get fired and go to jail." Jasmine smiled at him, "I won't tell anyone if you don't." She said as she slid her hands into his waistband and started tugging his shorts down.

Mr. Hill knew he should stop this, but his urge for sexual release took over and he stopped objecting. As Jasmine pulled his shorts down over his dick, it sprang up in front of her, sticking straight out in front of him. She gasped loudly at the size of it, and just stared at it in amazement. While his dick wasn't very long, it was rather thick, almost 2 3/4" wide. She continued sliding his shorts and briefs down his legs as she looked up at him, "you know Mr. Hill I have had a crush on you for the longest time, but I never realized you were this big."

Mr. Hill just smiled and nodded at her, not caring what she said to him. This vixen had seduced him and he knew it, but all he could think about now was releasing all of his built up tension. After his shorts were around his ankles, Jasmine wrapped her hand around the base of his dick, marveling at its thickness. Mr. Hill looked down at her hoping she would do what he wanted. He watched as the top of her head slowly disappeared under his gut and the head of his dick was greeted with a warm, wet feeling as her lips wrapped around it. He growled in pleasure as he pushed his hips forward, hoping she would take more into her mouth.

Just as Mr. Hill growled Tia was walking by the cracked door. She froze in place, not sure what it was or where it came from. She remained perfectly still, listening for more. She heard a groan coming from behind the door, realizing that's where it came from. She stepped back a little, contemplating on just swinging the door wide open, until she heard, "oh my god yes suck my dick." Tia couldn't figure out who said that, but it sounded older to her. She slowly peered in through the crack, and almost gasped loudly at the sight in front of her.

Jasmine was kneeling on the floor in front of Mr. Hill, her head was moving forward and back, as Mr. Hill was moving his hips in time with Jasmine's head. Tia thought about yelling something, but remained silent, taking in the scene. Jasmine was cupping Mr. Hill's balls, fondling them, as her head started moving faster. Tia was starting to get turned on from watching the scene as she slowly moved her hand down inside of her pants and started rubbing her moistening slit through her panties.

Jasmine could only take half of Mr. Hill's dick into her small mouth, and her tiny lips were stretched to the max around his girth. Mr. Hill held his head up in the air, enjoying having his dick sucked, as he laid his hand on the back of her head, trying to get her to take more into her mouth. But her tiny mouth was unable to take anymore.

Tia's pussy was getting wetter as she rubbed it faster and faster, focussing on the scene in front of her. She wanted to go in and join them, but also just wanted to watch them and see what they did.

Mr. Hill's dick was throbbing hard as he felt himself getting close to cumming already. He didn't want this to end so soon so he looked down at her and whispered, "Jasmine stop so I can return the favor before I cum."

Jasmine reluctantly pulled off of his dick and looked up at him with a pleading look, while still slowly stroking his dick, "what Mr. Hill?" He looked at her sincerely, "I don't want to cum so soon, so let me return the favor before I do." Jasmine looked at him in confusion as he helped her stand up.

As Jasmine had pulled away from his dick, Tia got the first look at Mr. Hill's dick, 'oh my god that's the biggest one I have ever seen.' She thought to herself as she rubbed her slit faster and harder. She noticed it wasn't very long, but it was so thick, 'there's no way it will fit in that tiny girl, hell I would have a hard time taking it,' she thought.

Mr. Hill helped Jasmine remove her pants and panties, revealing her shaved pussy. Mr. Hill looked at her pussy, her pussy lips held tightly together, and lightly glistening with moisture. He groaned at the sight of her teenage slit, realizing it would be a nice, tight fit. He helped her up onto the massage table, so she was sitting on the edge of it.

Mr. Hill slowly got down onto his knees in front of Jasmine, as she watched his every movement intently. He looked at her and smiled as he brought his face closer to her pussy. Jasmine knew what was coming, but she still held in her breath as she felt his hot breath on her slit. Her whole body trembled as she felt him lightly run his tongue across her pussy, causing her to throw her head back in ecstasy. She wanted to scream out in pleasure, but only let out a light moan, "oh god."

Tia was getting close to an orgasm as she watched the scene, as she pushed her pants and panties down to her ankles. She ran her finger between her wet lips, then sunk a finger into her own pussy. A long moan escaped from her, as her whole body tingled in excitement.

Jasmine laid her hands on the back of Mr. Hill's head, trying to pull his face into her. He resisted her, wanting to tease her more, holding his head back a little, just flicking his tongue across her outer lips. Jasmine's body trembled each time his tongue flicked across her tiny clit. Finally Mr. Hill gave her what she wanted, he buried his face into her crotch, sinking his tongue into her tight folds. Jasmine threw her head back, stifling a scream as she pushed her hips into his face. Mr. Hill moved his tongue in and out of her tight pussy, his nose pressing hard against her hardening clit.

Jasmine laid on back onto the table, letting go of his head as she lifted her legs up and put the backs of her knees on his shoulders and clamping his head with her thighs. Mr. Hill moaned into her pussy as he tasted her sweet nectar, it was coming more and more as he pressed his nose into her clit harder. Jasmine couldn't remain quiet any longer as her orgasm came closer, "holy shit, that feels so good." She yelled out as she lifted her hips off of the table.

Tia's orgasm was so close, and as she heard Jasmine yell in pleasure, it sent her over the edge. She rubbed her clit hard and vigorously as her body shook hard, her orgasm coursing through her body. Juices ran out of her, running down her inner thighs, as her legs began to grow weak from her orgasm. "Fuck yes, fuck yes," she moaned out, trying to stifle it so they didn't hear her.

As Tia's orgasm began to subside, she fell to the floor, her juices still leaking out of her as she tried to catch her breath. Jasmine clamped Mr. Hill's head harder as her orgasm drew near. "Oh god Mr. Hill your gonna make me cum, please don't stop, make me cum!" She yelled in ecstasy. Upon hearing Jasmine yell, Mr. Hill abruptly stopped, pulling his tongue from her pussy and trying to pull his head away. Jasmine was so close to cumming, that she didn't want him to stop and felt him trying to pull away, "no please make me cum." Mr. Hill kept trying to pull his head out from between her legs, as he put his hands on her thighs and pried them apart. After he was free he stood back up, Jasmine looking at him in lust and disappointment, "why did you stop?"

Mr. Hill didn't say a word as he moved his hips in-between her legs, his dick getting closer to her pussy. Jasmine realized what he was doing and immediately tried moving back, "no, you're to big, it won't fit in me." Mr. Hill smiled at her devilishly, "how do you know until you try?" He kept moving forward until his thick head brushed against her labia.

Tia was watching this unfold in front of her, as she was still trying to recover from her orgasm. She wanted to jump up and stop this, but her legs were still weak.

Mr. Hill started rubbing his fat head against Jasmine's tiny slit as his dick throbbed, wanting to gain entrance. Jasmine looked at him in fear as she tried to cover her pussy up with her hand. "Relax Jasmine, you're the one that seduced me, so it's only right," he groaned as he pushed her hand away. "I know Mr. Hill, but I didn't realize you were that big," she almost cried. Mr. Hill looked at her, not moving his dick anymore, "I'm just helping you stretch out, besides babies come out of there, and they're bigger," he said. Jasmine slowly nodded as she looked up at him, "ok but please take it slow."

Mr. Hill exhaled deeply as he grabbed Jasmine's legs and lifted them up, so her legs were sticking straight up. Then he spread them open as far as he could, hoping that would help open her up. Tia was standing again as she slowly pushed the door open, looking to see if they would notice. Jasmine held her breath as she felt Mr. Hill begin to penetrate her, she felt his large head split her open and slowly began sinking into her. Mr. Hill concentrated on taking it slow so he didn't hurt her, looking down at his dick penetrating this young girl. Her slit was stretching wide to accept his girth, as her tight pussy squeezed his dick tightly.

Jasmine was breathing like she was in labor, as her pussy tried to push the invasion back out. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to get her pussy to relax. "Holy shit, its big," she groaned out.

Mr. Hill knew she wasn't a virgin, 'but damn was her pussy tight,' he thought as he continued trying to push into her. He looked at Jasmine and whispered, "are you ok, does it hurt?" Jasmine shook her head vigorously, it did hurt a little, but she didn't want to disappoint her coach. Mr. Hill kept pushing into her, feeling her pussy still trying to force his member back out. He was surprised he hadn't cum yet, it had been so long since he had felt such a tight pussy. After his dick was fully into her he laid across her skinny body, his large stature almost covering her whole body. "Ok baby, I'm fully in you now," he whispered in her ear.

Tia crept into the room when Mr. Hill laid across Jasmine, standing behind them. Jasmine's legs were doing the splits, sticking straight out of each of her, showing her flexibility. As Mr. Hill's hair covered ass was sticking up in the air. Tia knelt down on the floor, looking at their joining, seeing Jasmine's pussy stretched tight around Mr. Hill's cock. Tia felt herself getting turned on again, wishing it was her in Jasmine's position, in a way.

"You can't cum inside of me, I'm not on the pill," Jasmine whispered in Mr. Hill's ear, as she squeezed her pussy hard around his dick. Mr. Hill nodded in understanding as he pushed himself off of her, using the sides of the table to brace himself. He slowly withdrew his cock as he prepared to fuck her, "ok baby here we go." He groaned when the head of his cock was just inside of her. Jasmine nodded once as she put her hands on the back of her thighs to hold her legs open. Mr. Hill held the table hard as he pushed back into, more easily this time. "Holy fuck you're big," Jasmine yelled as he filled her back up, "make my pussy all yours." Mr. Hill started moving in and out of her, faster with each stroke, as he grunted each time he slammed into her.

Tia started rubbing her pussy again as she watched Mr. Hill's thick cock moving in and out of Jasmine's tight pussy. She started involuntarily moaning as she rubbed it faster and harder.

Mr. Hill and Jasmine were making so much noise that they didn't hear Tia behind them. Mr. Hill grunting louder and louder, and Jasmine yelling out in ecstasy, "yes fuck me Mr. Hill, show my pussy what a real dick feels like." Jasmine moved her hand to her clit, and was rubbing it vigorously, trying to make herself cum.

Tia wanted to move in help the girl cum, but she was more focused on making herself cum instead. She watched Mr. Hill's hairy ball sack swing back and forth as he slammed harder into Jasmine's pussy harder, and it was slowly starting to tighten up towards his body.

Jasmine's orgasm was drawing closer as her breathing hastened, "I'm gonna cum Mr. Hill, do you want me to cum all over your big dick?" Mr. Hill was only able to get out, "that's it baby cum for me, cover my dick in your juices." That was enough to help Jasmine go over the edge. Her pussy clampedaround hard around his dick hard, making it harder for him to move as she yelled out, "ooohhhh yeeesssss!" Her juices ran out of her pussy, coating Mr. Hill's dick. Her body shook as her hips lifted off of the table, "oh my fucking god," she moaned, as her orgasm continued to course through her body.

As Jasmine was orgasming, Tia second orgasm hit her hard, not as hard as before, but this time juice flowed out and directly onto the floor. She stifled her screams as her body trembled.

Mr. Hill was fighting to hold shooting his own load, as Jasmine was still cumming. He couldn't hold it any longer as he pulled out of her and stroked his dick. He felt the cum rushing up his dick as he yelled out. His hips jerked as his dick throbbed and pearly white semen flew out and landed on Jasmine's covered chest, landing between her tiny tits. His hips jerked again and more cum flew out, landing a little shorter than the the first. He shot a total of 4 times, two weaker shots landing on Jasmine's covered stomach. Mr. Hill stood over Jasmine, trying to milk all of his cum out of his dick.

Jasmine was recovering from her ecstasy high as she looked up at Mr. Hill and smiled. He could only return the smile, trying to recover himself, his dick slowly going limp.

Tia had already recovered as she crawled over to the side of Mr. Hill, looking up at his deflating member. She licked her lips, noticing a small amount of his cum still leaking out. She reach out and slowly wrapped her hand around it. Mr. Hill almost kicked Tia as he jumped in surprise. He looked down at her and she held a finger over her lips to shush him. Mr. Hill nodded as he looked back at Jasmine.

Jasmine's body was still tingling as she looked up at him and mouthed, 'thank-you." Mr. Hill nodded once and smiled as he felt Tia take his dick into her mouth. He let out a long groan as Tia sucked on his dick hard, causing him to close his eyes.

Tia could taste Jasmine's juices on his, mixed with the small amount of cum that was still leaking out of it. Even with his dick being limp, it still filled her mouth full. She sucked on it with abandon, hoping she could get it hard again.

Mr. Hill had his eyes still closed, savoring the feeling of having his spent dick being sucked. "Mr. Hill are you ok?" Jasmine asked him. He didn't answer her, putting his hands on the back of Tia's head and pulling her into his crotch harder.

Jasmine sat up looking at Mr. Hill then down his body, seeing her other coach sucking his dick. She almost gasped in surprise, not expecting anyone else to be here. She wondered if Tia had seen what had happened, and if she would anyone or not.

Tia finished cleaning Mr. Hill's dick of all of the juices, pulling away from it and looking up at him. As she pulled off of his dick, Mr. Hill opened his eyes and looked down at his assistant coach, smiling.

To be continued if I get good reviews... Constructive criticism please.

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