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Hey so this is my first story. Please correct me on ANY grammar or spelling errors. I promise the story will get better.
It was a warm summer night and  Ashlee had just got done finishing unpacking most of her boxes from her move, Ashlee goes on the patio in the back, she has neighbors, about a quarter mile away, but the trees hid the view of her house to the neighbors.  Ashlee goes to the bathroom, to brush her teeth before going to bed. She stared at herself in the mirror for a moment. She was a petite girl, no taller than 5'4 with red shoulder length hair and olive colored skin with green eyes. Ashlee finished brushing her teeth and climbes into her bed and got under the covers.

Ashlee awoke to the sound of thunder, being afraid of rain, she cuddled into the blankets and tried to ignore the booming of the thunder. Feeling the need to check the weather, she wrapps the blanket around her and walked to her television. Ashlee turned to the weather channel, she snuggled up on the  couch when there was banging at her door.  She goes to the door and opens it. "Oh fuck." she mutters seeing a man passed out on her front deck.

Ashlee struggles, but manages to pull the man inside. She runs to the bathroom and gets a towel and wraps it around the man. After making sure he didn't drop anything when he fainted, Ashlee shuts the door and locks it. 

Ashlee returns to the man and takes him clothes off and continues to dry him off. The man suddenly stirs awake. The man stands up and looks down at Ashlee. "what did you do?!" He demanded glowering at her. "What do you mean what did I do? YOU are the one who past out on my porch!" Ashlee said backing up slowly. The man towered over Ashlee, he backed her up into the wall. "Do you really want to talk like your something?" 

Ashlee started to get a little turned on. She put her hands on his chest and began to trace his chest and stomach. The man sucked in a breath. "What are you doing?" he asked in a hushed voice. He trembles a little, trying to keep balance. He lifts Ashlee up and sets her on the counter. He kisses and bites her neck gently. She scoots back and wraps her arms around her legs. "Um, who are you exactly?" The man nods, "Right, I am Bashitre. I was being kept prisoner at your neighbors. I escaped and just started running..." Ashlee rests her forehead against his chest. "It's okay, I won't let them find you." 

Weeks after Dashitre was found on Ashlee's porch, they became close, and one night while laying in bed together, Ashlee looked over at  Dashitre.  Being a virgin, Ashlee had the sudden urge to hop on Dashitre and ride him all night long. "Hey I have a request." Ashlee said seductively, pulling off her bra and taking his hand and putting it on her breast. Dashitre raises and eyebrow, "May I ask what your request is?" Ashlee smiled and nodded, "Well you see, I am a virgin, and I am really attracted to you and these last few weeks of you being here has made my life so much better, I was wondering if you would like to make love tonight, we could go out to dinner, maybe see a movie and then when we get home I could light some candles and we could drink some wine. My treat."  

Dashitre smiled, looking almost amused. "I am sorry beautiful, I honestly, would love to mate with you, but... I am a demon, and I am not permitted to mate without being paired forever with them, I am allowed to do anything, but the actual love mating, but the dinner, movies and candles sounds amazing for like just being like a 'human couple' kinda." he flashes an apologetic smile. 

Ashlee nods, and rolls on top of him and kisses him passionately, and moves down to his boxers and takes out his length. She kisses the tip and puts it only half way. She beings bobbing her head up and down on it. Dashitre  chokes back a moans, after a few minutes, he begins panting and he pushes Ashlee's mouth down on his male organ. After a few more thrusts Ashlee's face is covered with his man juices. Ashlee licks Dashitre's junk clean and washes off. "That was fun." Ashlee grinned. "Wanna take a showe-" Ashlee was cut off by her phone ringing. Dashitre answers, "Hello? Dashitre, who is this if I may ask. Oh. Yes she's here." Ashlee looks at him, "It's your parents." Ashlee's rolls her eyes and takes the phone and with the most cheery voice she could get, "Hello? Oh hi mom! Oh that was... My... Boyfriend. Oh you're coming over today? Oh... See you in ten minutes than. Bye bye." Ashlee looks at Dashitre, "Will you pretend to be my boyfriend? Pretty please?" he smiles, "My pleasure... Shall we clean you up my love?" Motioning to her face. Ashlee quickly cleans her face, fixes her hair, make up an puts on on ivy green dress and heels. "How do I look?" Dashitre smiles, "You loom absolutely stunning my dear." 

The doorbell rings, Ashlee walks to the door and opens it, "Hey mom, hey dad, this," pulling Dashitre to her side, "Is my boyfriend." Dashitre takes the middle aged lady's hand and kissed the top and bows, "It's a pleasure to meet the parents of my beautiful girlfriend. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dashitre Abvolgul." he shakes the other mans hand.

To be continued...

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2013-11-18 00:52:01
hey that comment below was mine and im sorry its just that i just watched 10 movies with that same ending and if you knew what that feels like you would understand. so yeah im so so sorry.

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2013-11-18 00:49:06
if you are going to put a 'before you read the story' message, at least indent when you actually star the story. oh, and uh, IDIOT! DID YOU HAVE TO PUT 'TO BE CONTINUED'! THAT IS LIKE THE WORST THING TO PUT AT THE END OF A STORY! INSTEAD YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT 'PART 2 WILL COME OUT SOON'

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2013-08-21 14:13:55
just ignore the other 2 anons

i think this is a good story ^^

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2012-06-27 18:08:36
No need to be a fucking douche... Asshole

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2012-06-25 11:21:25
This is just badly written overall. I suggest adding fAr more deions and a actual story
And atleast make a attempt

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