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True story about being a spoiled princess to a Daddy Dom.
For a long time I was really confused about what I wanted since I'm only 20 and hadn't much experience with these things. I knew I was submissive, but I'm also pouty and like to be treated like a little princess. I recently found out through that there are lots of people with these relationship desire...and rather than hardcore bdsm doms, the men are called daddy doms. And I'm grateful to be in such an arrangement! The following is a mash up of some of my true every day experiences.

I love kitties and always really wanted a Siamese one but they're not so popular and definitely not free but a few days ago I found one on the internet and just needed to have it and approached daddy with the idea.

"Can we please, please, please get the kitty?" I whined to him when he got home.

"I don't think's not a good time and I don't know if we can it the attention it needs." He was more stern than I expected.

"But I want it!!" I pouted. Similar banter went back and forth with me starting to get really pouty and crying just a little.

In the middle of me throwing a fit in our bed room he grabs me by the hair, sits on the bed, and forces me over his lap.

"I hate it when you're this whiny! You never learn." He gruffly says as he pulls up my dress, yanks down my panties, and starts spanking me. Hard.

"Ow. Okay, we won't get it! Please, don't! Stop!" I yell like a spoiled brat and try to wriggle out of his grasp and whimper which only makes him hold me tighter and spank me harder. He holds my head down by my hair with one hand, and is spanking me the other. I continue to wriggle around but he only uses it as an opportunity to spank my bare pussy when I open my legs a bit. I try to keep my legs close and keep whining and until he pushes me off his lap and onto the ground.

I just sit on the ground and sob pathetically...I'm trying to make him feel sorry for me and keep rubbing tears away and making whimpering noises.

He looks down at me from the bed and says, "Okay, baby. We can get the kitty...but you have to take care of it, okay?"

I immediately smile and get up on my knees to nuzzles against his lap and legs, he beings stroking my neck and chin as if I were a pet.
"You're like my little kitty." He says soothingly which makes me very happy.

Then I get up and start dashing about all excitedly since I'm getting a kitten....a little while later we go pick it up and I thank him endlessly. So, now I have a little baby Siamese kitten!

Later that night I was very sleepy and all nestled in for bed and he starts caressing me and grabbing at my breasts and trying to slide down my panties. I always sleep in cute little nighties...I have quite the collection. I'm also so much smaller than him....he's 6'5 and well sized while I'm barely 5'1 and very petite.

I just try to squirm away and nestle under the covers and turn my back to him because I'm so sleepy but he keeps trying so I protest and say, "Stop it, I'm sleepy."

Immediately he gives me a sharp spank, "No, you do as I say." And he grabs my shoulders and roughly turns me back onto my back. He slips the straps of my nightie down my shoulders and starts pinching my nipples and squeezing my boobs while I just lay there with a pouty face on.

"'s time for your spanks." He says after awhile.

This means that he wants me to get up on hands and knees on the bed while he spanks me...we have to do it before we have sex every time.

"No!" I say defiantly!

"Baby..." He warns and gives one of my nipples a twist.

"Ow!" I squak as I get on all fours.

He starts to spank me...gradually increasing the hardness. And after a while orders me to spread my legs wider, this allows him to start spanking my pussy slit as well which always makes me wet. After a few swats he shoves his finger inside me and exclaims how tight I am. I'm lucky to be blessed, well and cursed, with a forever tight cunt. He begins finger fucking me from behind very forcefully.

After he's satisfied doing that he pulls his hard dick out of briefs and gives the orders, "Alright, little girl, get down here and suck it."

"No!" I say and try to wriggle to my side of the big bed. He grabs my hair and pulls my face towards his cock.

"Come on. You have to." He orders.

I try to resist for awhile but he just keeps pulling my hair and spanking me harder and harder.

"You're being bad, baby. I'm going to have to fuck you extra rough if you don't stop." He warns while still delivering spanks.

So, I submit and move down to him and start licking at his cock.

"Put it all in, baby." He says as he places his hand on my head.

I put it in my mouth and bob my head up and down, but he forces my head all the way down so my face meets the base of dick. I try not to gag as we keep this up for awhile. When he's content with that he says, "Alright, now move your ass up here and show me that pussy."

This indicates that he wants me to straddle him, facing towards to feet, so I can continue sucking his dick while he has a full view of my spread pussy.

I continue to suck and lick his super hard dick as he fingers me, pinches my clit, rubs my asshole (I squirm when he does this because I've never had anal even though I bet he'll make me someday). He licks me for awhile to so we're 69ing for some of it.

Then without warning he pushes me over onto the bed laying on my stomach, quickly gets on top of me with his full weight, enters me and begins fucking me fast and hard.

"Hey! Noooooo. Ow. Don't!" I start to whine, even though I'm aroused but he's fucking me so hard and laying on me with his whole weight.

"Maybe if you had been a good girl and did what I asked right away I would be gentler" He said as he continues to fuck away from behind.

After awhile he gets off off and grabs my hips, bring me onto of him and rams my pussy down onto his slick wet dick.
"Alright, now give me a show, baby." He commands.

This means that I has to put my hands behind my head, or behind my back to rub his balls as I bounce up and down on his dick. I have to do it vigorously because he wants to see my tits bounce around wildly. Occasionally he brings his hands up and grabs my tits or slaps them around gently. It's so exhausting doing this for as long as he wants but he won't let me cum until he says so, and if I do I'd get in major trouble. Sometimes I cum anyways to be a brat and just take the punishment...but this night I didn't want him to take away my kitty so I was being a good girl and doing exactly what he wanted.

After what seemed like forever, and my cunt being like the wettest it's ever been. ..completely soaking and creating a puddle on his balls and the bed, he pushes me off him and onto my back and climbs on top of me. I'm glad that he doesn't want to do some crazy exotic position tonight. When he's on top I usually after to raise my legs up and back as far as I can. So, he moves them up onto his shoulders and starts pounding away. It's so intense and hard and I love it. Then he says that I'm allowed to cum and I almost do immediately. I moan loudly as I squirt all over and am happy because he LOVES it when I squirt, but I only do sometimes. He cums almost immediately afterward and fills my pussy up with warm cum which I love him.

"Good baby" He says as he rolls off of me and pulls me to him. And then we cuddle ourselves to sleep.

This is just one day that I've relayed. Would you guys like to hear more?


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