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I wasnt going to write tonight. But then I read the greatest peice on this site. A Dream within a dream. It had to be the most beautiful peice I had ever read, so I had to write something
Lifes end is beautiful at dusk,
but there is something I know that you must.

Lifes end is not sad,
it's is a moment to be glad.

For you and I are together as one,
and our time together is not yet done.

Tonight we leave with only our souls,
one hand in hand, together as whole.

As you leave the world you know behind,
let me fall in love with you one last time.

This is not death, no matter how it seems,
lets begin a life again, in your dreams...

We all life lives, but no matter how we desperetly try, we humans are mortal.
Life is short, so make it could with the one you love. Dont get depressed over
heartbreak for too long. Think of it as a oppertunity. A chance to search for that
special someone. There out there, all you have to do is find them.
Dont waste your life, live.

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2012-11-22 20:31:54
The Half a Tablespoon of Cider Apple Vinegar before every meal looks like it's stairght from a fad diet to me. I wonder what is the evidence base behind it?I'm sorry to state the obvious, but to lose weight, you must use more the you consume. It really is that simple.The problem I see with the diet you list is there is nothing really to fill you up; perhaps the egg white. Your going to be really hungry and I'd imagine your bowls will cause problems. Try adding more protein, as this inhibits ghrelin for longer (which makes you feel full for longer). Also, I believe blended versions of exactly the same meals stay in the gut longer, thereby keeping the individual fuller.

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2012-06-23 01:39:25
The poem is fuken awsum u should write more poetry

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2012-06-20 01:35:14
im the first person to read this. Haha!...its really good :D

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