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Chapter Ten: Unforgivable

James gazed out upon the alien world that he and the other immortals found themselves, his enhanced eyes looking far into the distance for any sign of enemy movement but didn’t spot anything. According to Andromeda this had been a failed experiment the gods had created billions of years ago that they had just left alone after giving up. The landscape was beyond foreign, the sky a light purple, the trees coloured from blue to orange, and even the grass they stood on was an off white colour. On top of that it all seemed to be alive and moved in multiple directions even though there was no wind blowing.

‘This is kind of creepy,’ Henry, a strong and powerful looking man with auburn hair said from the far end of the field they were standing in. His voice was barely a whisper but every immortal in the area could hear it as if he was standing right next to them.

‘Are you sure this is where Ares is going to be?’ Lucy demanded, pointing the tip of her golden sword at Andromeda with a hard look on her face.

‘I’d bet my life on it,’ the blonde woman standing in the middle of the group stated.

‘I think you just did sister,’ Erin, the eldest of all remaining immortals said through gritted teeth. While some of the others found themselves a little conflicted when it came to Andromeda, Erin had not let her recent actions influence the way she saw her. Andromeda had played a pivotal part in the events of the last invasion and two of their members had died at her hands directly, so as far as Erin was concerned there was nothing she could do to redeem herself. She looked upon her sister like an executioner looked on their victim moments before they were brought up to the gallows.

‘What do you want to do boss?’ Francis asked, pushing his glasses back up his nose and looking directly at James.

‘Take Lucy and make a quick patrol of the surrounding area. If you see anything let us know.’

The eyes of the young married couple lit up at the prospect of going off on their own and they both disappeared hand in hand an instant later. They were both really great people and the extremely smart Francis had become one of James’s closest friends in the last few years, but they were still very young and still getting used to their powers and more importantly they were still getting used to their passion for one another. It had gotten so bad once that during a sparring session between the two of them turned into sex right in front of the rest of the immortals present. He just hoped they could keep it in their pants long enough to get the job done, they didn’t need someone sneaking up on them because their eyes and ears had decided to take a quick sex break.

James’s beautiful and always young wife Amy moved closer to him, lacing her soft warm fingers between his as she held onto him tightly. ‘I’m worried about Gabriella,’ she said softly into his ear.

‘There’s nothing to be worried about baby,’ he replied, ‘She has Anna and Sam watching over her and she is hidden safely in a massive city. The only thing we have to worry about right now is her meeting a boy.’

‘Something doesn’t feel right James; I don’t know how to explain it.’

James looked into his wife’s eyes and saw the worry behind them; it was consuming her from the inside out. The truth was that he was worried about their daughter as well, but he knew she would be safe with where she was and they had a job to do here. If they accomplished what they were here for they could give Gabriella the greatest gift she would ever receive, a real life away from fear and pain. James had been alive for almost as long as civilization and his whole life had been filled with regret, loss, and pain as everyone he held dear was taken from him one by one. He wouldn’t let that happen for his child.

Out of the corner of his eye James had looked over at Andromeda who was standing under guard but looking directly at them, a small smile crossing her lips as she had undoubtedly heard what they had been talking about. Trying to push the anger that was filling him away he strode over to her and grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, lifting her to her feet so she could look directly into his face.

‘Why the hell are you so damn happy sister?’ he growled.

Andromeda only smiled wider and brought her hand up to brush away a few strands of hair that had fallen over her eyes as she spoke, ‘Does your child know what she is?’

‘What are you talking about Andromeda?’ Amy demanded, moving between James and the traitor and picking her up off the ground so her feet dangled.

‘Do you even know? How unfortunate. I thought you might have already guessed what she is and that is why you have been protecting her so fiercely!’

‘Out with it or I will tear your limbs off!’

‘She’s a weapon Amy, the greatest weapon to ever be created! Why do you think Ares fears the child?’

‘LIES!’ Amy roared and tossed Andromeda thirty feet through the air. Before anyone could even react, the angry mother summoned her golden bow into her hands and loosed an arrow made of pure white energy at the traitor. At the last second a golden blur intercepted the arrow, using a long sword to knock it away right before it was about to hit Andromeda and standing defensively between them.

‘Out of the way Erin!’ Amy bellowed in sheer anger, ‘I should have killed her eighteen years ago when I had the chance, I don’t plan on making the same mistake twice!’

‘Amy as much as we all want to kill her we must be patient! She will pay for her crimes in time, but right now she is the only one who can lead us to Ares!’

‘I don’t care! She dies today!’

As Amy pulled the golden string on the bow back again to summon another arrow James jumped in and grabbed her around the waist hard and turned her around so she was pointing the bow at him instead. For half a second he feared she would shoot him for interfering, but thankfully she thought better of it and lowered the bow down as her eyes shimmered with tears.

‘Amy we must do this,’ he said gently and pulled her into his arms, ‘Ignore whatever Andromeda says and let’s get this done so we can go and see our daughter.’

Amy’s bow disappeared and she flung her arms around her husband, tears rolling down her soft cheeks as she quietly cried into his shoulder. The day Gabriella had been born was the most important day of both of their lives and they loved the small child with their entire hearts, and James could vividly remember watching the newborn open her eyes for the first time and look up at him with so much hope and love that he was stunned into silence as he openly cried tears of joy. They were easily the luckiest family to ever have lived because they would never have to say goodbye to their daughter and she would never have to say goodbye to them. They would be together for the rest of time.

There was only one small problem for them though, being that they would never age and never die they seldom changed and they would for a long time see their daughter as the little baby that had once fit in the palm of their hands, fragile and helpless. He knew it bugged Gabriella but to him she would always be his little girl in pigtails smiling at him every time he looked at her.

‘Lucy and Francis are coming back,’ Richard said suddenly bringing James back to reality. A half second later the two young immortals rushed out of the bushes to their left, their weapons held at the ready and a look of anger on their faces.

‘What’s wrong? Did you see him?’ Erin asked as she quickly rushed over to their side a moment before the rest were there.

‘No, we couldn’t find him anywhere!’ Francis said as he struggled to catch his breath.

‘We found something else though,’ Lucy said through gritted teeth, ‘An ambush set up for us about thirty kilometers from here!’

‘How many?’ James asked quickly, summoning both of his golden swords into his hand instantly.

‘Too many to count, but that didn’t stop the human calculator over here from trying,’ Lucy answered and pointed towards her husband.

‘Hey! You love that I’m smart!’ he defended himself and they both smiled at each other.

‘Guys! Where did Andromeda go?’ Richard asked and everyone turned around to find that their captive was no longer in the clearing with them. Without words they broke off into the nearby woods, flying low through the trees looking for any sign of the woman who had escaped them, but she was nowhere to be found and they quickly grouped up again.

‘She led us here to try and trap us!’ Amy yelled loudly and James knew she was right. She was never trying to help them; she was just trying to get them as far from Earth as possible.

‘Gabriella!’ he yelled as the realization hit him, ‘This was all about getting her!’

‘Should some of us stay to take on the demons here?’ Lucy asked but James shook his head from side to side hard.

‘No! Everyone back to Earth now!’ he yelled and he was already gathering all his power around his body as the world twisted around him and he began to slip into a worm hole that would rocket him across space at a speed faster than light.

Normally teleporting would only take a fraction of a second to get from one place to another, but the further the distance the longer the delay was and the more power you had to use. They were at the far edge of the universe, bordering the great unknown blackness and as such the power required to get back to earth was quite substantial, but at this point it didn’t matter. Power or no power James would fight tooth and nail to protect his daughter. It took nearly four whole seconds, which to the immortals was a very long time especially since they feared the worst for the ones that had been left to protect earth and humanity, but eventually they fell out of the vortex and landed at the rally point, Ares’s old sanctuary that was now used as a gathering area for the group.

Anna was already present as eleven immortals dropped in on her wearing their armour and wielding their deadly swords. The second she laid eyes on the fierce look on James’s face her own armour appeared and she quickly rushed over to him. ‘What’s happened?’ she asked quickly.

‘Where is Gabriella?’ Amy asked; worry dripping from each word as she rushed over.

‘At the apartment with Janice and Samantha. Why?’

Without answering James gathered his power around him once more and pictured his adopted daughter’s tiny New York apartment in his head, quickly jumping through the distance and landing on his feet hard in the small living room. His eyes quickly noticed that it had changed since the last time he had been here, but none of the new furnishings held any interest for him. The emptiness of any person and a small pink cellphone sitting on a large leather couch caught his interest though and he quickly rushed over and picked up the device a second before his wife and the rest of the immortals appeared in cramped room.

‘SAMANTHA!’ he roared and the floor beneath his feet shook under the sound. Half a second later a tall redheaded woman in golden plate appeared before him, her sword held tightly in her hand and covered in black blood. ‘Where’s my daughter?’ he demanded.

‘I-I’m sorry James,’ she stuttered and her eyes darted around the room, ‘I l-lost her!’

‘YOU WHAT?’ Amy cried out.

‘I’m sorry Amy…’ she whispered and couldn’t meet the angry woman’s eyes, ‘She went with Anna and I thought I had a few minutes to run out to the store and get something. When I got back to the apartment both Gabby and her friend were gone.’

Amy quickly turned to Anna, the youngest of the new immortals so far and James could see his wife’s anger starting to bubble over as she lost control of reason. Faster than he had ever seen her move Amy rushed over and grabbed Anna by the throat with one hand, crushing her windpipe as she pushed her hard into the wall as all the family pictures hung there toppled to the ground and shattered one by one.


‘I-I d-didn’t do a-anything!’ Anna gasped, trying to pry her attacker’s fingers from her throat but found she was no match for the pure rage she was facing from an angry mother.

‘I don’t believe you!’ Amy breathed through her teeth and with no effort at all she tossed Anna through the wall and into the bedroom where the poor girl landed hard against the far wall, a massive dent forming from where her body hit. ‘Don’t think I don’t know what you’ve been doing behind my back! If you hurt her and I find out I will kill you myself!’

‘Amy!’ Samantha cried out and rushed between the two immortals before any real blood could be shed, ‘She didn’t do anything!’

Amy tried to push past the redhead to get her hands around Anna’s throat again but James and Erin quickly came up behind her and wrapped their arms around her shoulders and pulled her back using all the strength they had in them. Even though they had her pinned between their bodies Amy still struggled to get at Anna and James was afraid if they let her go she might actually kill her, but thankfully Anna took that brief second of safety to teleport away. James knew it would have been better if she had stayed as they needed whatever information she might have, but at the same time she was much safer not being there. Amy just needed some time to calm down.

‘What do you know Samantha?’ Erin asked through a grunt as she struggled to hold onto Amy.

‘When I got back and saw them gone I started to look for them, but the government got to them first.’

‘Better them than Andromeda,’ Lucy said and James couldn’t help but agree. The look on Sam’s face though told him they were wrong.

‘I located where they were being held, but everything was wrong. Apparently Homeland Security was holding them, but when I got there it was nothing more than an old warehouse down by the river. I quickly teleported to the room they were supposed to be in but all I found there were a couple of dead people and an empty room.’

‘You don’t think Gabriella could have done that do you?’ Richard asked.

‘No, and this is where it gets a little more complicated,’ Samantha explained and held her sword up for everyone to see the black blood covering the blade, ‘The things that were dead in there weren’t human. Their blood was black sludge like a demons!’

‘What are you saying?’ James asked slowly, sure he wouldn’t like the answer he was about to hear.

Before the girl could answer though a crippling pain rippled through all the immortals and most of the younger ones dropped to their knees holding their head in their hands as a new name was etched into their memory; Andromeda, Fourth Born.

‘What the hell just happened?’ Francis asked through gritted teeth as he struggled to get back to his feet.

‘Someone’s just killed Andromeda,’ Erin answered sadly and closed her eyes. Only three of the original twelve immortals now lived, and even though she had been their enemy Andromeda had also been their sister at one point.

‘She’s not our priority right now,’ James sighed, ‘We have to find Gabriella!’

Suddenly Amy collapsed to her knees and cried loudly as she dug her hands into the floor, ripping through the wood and cement like it was dirt. ‘What’s wrong?’ James asked and knelt down beside his wife, putting an arm around her shoulder.

‘What-what if Andromeda killed her?’

‘But she just died Amy,’ Erin said softly and knelt down on her other side, ‘why would that happen if she had just killed Gabriella?’

Before Amy could answer the whole apartment building shook a second before the roof in the center of the living room shattered into a million splinters as a blood red bolt of lightning shot down from the heavens. In an instant James was turned around, his swords appearing in his hands again as he prepared for an attack from the demons; but it wasn’t demons that came through the gate connecting the two worlds. No sooner had the gate appeared it vanished and left a young brunette girl lying prone on the floor, red blood staining the scorched floor from a brutal wound on her left side.

‘It’s Janice!’ James yelled out and he was over to her in an instant, pulling her limp body off the floor as blood poured freely from her wound, ‘Someone help her!’

Michelle, a cute little brunette with a very small body quickly rushed to his side and grabbed the mortal from his arms, rushing her to the couch and laying her gently on it. Michelle had dabbled a little bit in a nursing course a few years back and if anyone could save Janice it would be her. She quickly tore the girl’s bloodied hoodie off her body and gingerly rolled her onto her side so she could properly see the wound. Whatever had happened to her she was lucky to be alive, the wound had missed ever vital organ but if they didn’t get her patched up quickly she would bleed out in a few minutes.

‘Someone get a cloth quick!’ she said calmly and suddenly three immortals were holding out dishcloths to their sister. She grabbed the closet one to her and pressed it up against the wound, the white material quickly getting saturated in blood. ‘Justin hold this in place!’ she ordered and a strong looking man with dyed green hair rushed over and pushed his hand against the cloth a second before Michelle disappeared from sight.

Less than five seconds later Michelle returned with various medical supplies in her arms and she quickly knelt next the now very pale girl on the couch. Even though she had never gotten certified as a nurse Michelle worked very quickly and with a purpose as she went to work on the wound. She cleaned it up, stopped the bleeding, and then with a hideous looking curved needle she stitched it up neatly saying there shouldn’t be that big of a scar left over. She quickly hooked up an IV to give her some fluids, blood, and intermittent pain killers because when Janice finally did wake up she was sure to be in a massive amount of pain.

‘When will she be awake?’ James asked Michelle.

‘I don’t know, I’m sorry. She’s lost a lot of blood so it could be a while. If I hadn’t gotten bored with the school I would be able to do more.’

‘You did great,’ Erin said from the other side of the room, her strong arm around Amy who was quietly sobbing to herself now.

Waiting for the young woman to wake up was one of the most nerve wracking things James had ever actually experienced in his long life and he couldn’t help but keep looking at the clock on the wall to check the time every five minutes. They decided that just sitting around waiting wasn’t the best use of their time and under Erin’s command all but her, Amy, Samantha, Michelle, and him were sent off into the world to search for any clues of what had gone down. James wasn’t holding his breath though, he knew their best answers would come from Janice once she woke up and he wanted to be there when that happened.

Every twenty minutes Michelle would kneel beside Janice and quickly take her vitals, checking on the stash of O negative blood she had probably stolen from a clinic. Thankfully there seemed to be no negative effects with the blood transfusion and as the first hour came and went she was starting to darker up a bit, her skin a little more pink than it had been earlier. Her vitals were apparently getting stronger as well and Michelle said it wouldn’t be long before she came too, but cautioned them that whatever had happened must have been very traumatic and they should be gentle when questioning her. She didn’t want the girl to get freaked out and rip out the IV or tear her stiches.

The moon was high up in the sky by the time Janice started to stir and only a few minutes later she finally opened her eyes and started to moan in pain as she grabbed at her side. Michelle was quickly at her side and pulling her hands away from the stiches as she explained where she was and that she was safe. It appeared she was in more pain than Michelle had figured on and she quickly gave her more painkillers, giving James an opportunity to speak to her.

‘Are you okay Janice?’ he asked softly, grabbing her hand gently in his.

‘I’m so sorry!’ she cried and tears began to flood her baby blue eyes, ‘I should have stopped her!’

Amy had pulled herself out of her sorrow and slowly walked over to them, kneeling down next to him as she looked deep into the girl’s eyes and wiped away a few tears from her cheeks. ‘It’s okay sweetie,’ she said gently, ‘Just tell us what happened. Where is Gabby?’

Janice took a deep breath and launched into the story about what had happened to them when they left the apartment. ‘We got lost and Gabby didn’t know the number to call Samantha on so we had to try and find our own way back, but then the cops suddenly showed up and were pointing their guns at us! For a minute I thought Gabriella was going to fight them off but before anything could happen they quickly shot us both with tranquilizers and the next thing I know we’re stuck in a small room being interrogated by these guys who said they were from Department of Homeland Security, but they weren’t even human!

‘One of them was about to kill Gabby I think when that woman from the school showed up and killed them where they stood, breaking our handcuffs a moment later. She told Gabriella that she would take her to you guys but I kept telling her that she shouldn’t trust her. There was something in her eyes that was scaring me and I knew if Gabriella went with her she would be in danger, but she didn’t listen to me! I tried! I really did! But she went with her anyways! Before they disappeared I grabbed onto Gabby, not wanting her to go alone and the next thing I know we’re on an entirely different world!’

‘What did this world look like?’ James asked.

‘It was really dark and covered in ash and fire and there was all this red lightning in the sky! There were so many aliens there! Every direction you looked they were there, stretching into the distance! Then this really big one with wings like a bat appeared with the woman who brought us there and she called him Ares. He told her to kill Gabby and that’s when things got worse. I tried to throw myself in front of her, to protect her as best I could but at the last second she knocked me out of the way as the woman’s sword slashed through my side. It’s all fuzzy after that. All I know is that the woman fell to the ground dead a second later, a piece of her own sword stuck in her head. I heard that monster charging at Gabby a second later and right when he was about to kill her he stopped!’

‘He stopped?’ Amy asked hopefully.

‘He said something about her serving a new master now and then he hit her in the head hard with his black spear! There was so much blood when she hit the ground and she wasn’t moving! I tried to get up but that thing, whatever he was knocked me back down. I thought he was about to kill me but he just told me he was going to send me back if I passed on a message for him!’

There was a thick lump building in James’s throat and he had to force it down just to speak, ‘What did he say?’

‘He said to tell you… that’s he’s going to turn the thing you love most in life against you, that your daughter now belongs to him!’

‘She’s resting now,’ Michelle sighed as she walked into the kitchen of her large two story house in the English Countryside. After Amy throwing Anna through a wall and the roof shattering when Janice was sent back they decided it wasn’t the best idea to stay in the small apartment anymore. Michelle was the only other immortal to have a private residence near the small town she had grown up in so they brought Janice there so she could recover without being disturbed.

‘Is she going to be okay?’ Erin asked gently.

‘A few of the stiches tore when we picked her up but I got them all patched up. As long as she gets enough blood in her body she will be fine, physically anyways. What she saw will always haunt her though. Do you really think they were taken to the demons home world?’

James sighed and pinched the top of his nose between his fingers, ‘It’s the only logical place I can think of. It’s the one place we can’t find and Andromeda knew that.’

‘So what now then?’

James had been trying to tackle that very question for some time now and still hadn’t been able to come up with a solution. The good news was that it didn’t sound like Gabriella was dead, she was just being held hostage by Ares and they really had no way of rescuing her. What troubled him the most was the threat he had sent back with Janice. What did he mean when he said he would turn his own daughter against him? Did the Dark God plan to corrupt her mind like it had with Ares?

‘We have to find her,’ Amy said flatly, her face neutral as she had run out of tears and was in shock.

‘It would be nice if we had a place to start looking,’ Michelle added.

‘We have to be careful here,’ James began, ‘If what Janice said she saw was true then Ares is getting ready to begin his final assault and he wants to repeat the cycle.’

‘What cycle?’ Michelle asked and the three immortals who had been there the last time visibly shuddered.

‘The wide spread destruction eighteen years ago could have been avoided,’ Erin explained as she closed her eyes and lost herself in the memory all those years ago, ‘We knew they demons were coming before it happened but we didn’t act. We didn’t do anything to protect the world. Ares had already been corrupted and when he tried to force the rest of us to stand aside while it happened we split down the middle. Those who were against him were too afraid to do anything because he was out there hunting us down one by one. So we hid in the shadows for a week just watching as billions died.’

‘What does that have to do with anything going on right now?’

‘He’s trying to get us to leave Earth and search for Gabby. He wants us distracted so he can attack unchallenged.’

‘We can’t just leave her out there!’ Amy yelled loudly, finally showing some emotion after her breakdown earlier that day.

‘I’m not saying we shouldn’t Amy,’ Erin said calmly, ‘but this is a very delicate situation and if we don’t handle it right a lot of people can die.’

James was conflicted, he loved his daughter no less than Amy did but he knew Erin was right as well. If they made a rash decision it would have dire consequences that could affect every living thing everywhere. He had already seen what would happen if they didn’t make a stand against Ares and he wasn’t willing to pay that price again, but on the other hand his daughter meant everything to him. He would give his life for her if it meant she could live for the rest of time. Sighing he opened the fridge next to him and pulled out a cold beer and drank nearly the entire thing in a few seconds. It would take a lot more than just that to get him drunk but he didn’t really care about that, it was just a left over habit from his time as a human.

‘Amy and I will go find Gabriella while the rest of you stay behind in case the gates open up again,’ he said and held up his hand as Erin opened her mouth to say something, ‘You need to be here sister. The younger ones are very skilled but have no combat experience and they will need you to keep them in line and not give into the bloodlust. We know what happens if they do,’ he sighed and looked at his wife who quickly averted her gaze as the recent memory of throwing Anna around like a ragdoll fell on her.

‘Is this really the best decision? You two going out on your own like that?’ Michelle asked.

‘Probably not but I won’t leave my baby girl out there all alone. Amy and I can handle ourselves if we need to.’

With the choice made they called on the others and gathered them in the living room to tell them what the plan was. Anna did not answer the summons and James began to worry about her. She had been very close to Gabby and he knew she blamed herself for everything that happened, but that was far from the truth. Andromeda was the only one to blame for Gabriella’s disappearance and James doubted there would have been anything Anna could do to stop it if she had been here. If she had gotten into a fight with Andromeda she might had died so in a way she was lucky she hadn’t been there when it happened.

The other immortals voiced their concern for the plan just as Michelle had done but in the end they followed their orders. There was no actual leader of the group and it had been made that way so the problem with Ares having all the power couldn’t be repeated, but the younger ones trusted their older counterparts and knew if they came to a hard decision like this one it was probably the best way to go about it. So even though they thought it was crazy they agreed to stay behind and protect earth in their absence.

As the others began to leave James pulled aside Lucy and Samantha and spoke to them in private. ‘I need you both to go and find Anna,’ he said softly, ‘She’s really hurting right now and I want to make sure she is okay.’

‘You don’t think she’ll do something stupid do you?’ Lucy asked with concern.

‘I don’t think so but you never know, she was Gabby’s best friend in the whole world. Just find her and try to convince her that what happened was in no way her fault. Okay?’

Both girls nodded and instantly teleported away to begin their search and James knew Anna would be in good hands. Lucy was one of the kindest hearts he had ever met and she and Anna had become pretty good friends even though there was a bit of an age difference, not that age mattered to them anymore. They would eternally be the same age.

James moved back into the living room to find Amy already in her amour again and holding onto her golden bow with a tight fist. Erin was quietly talking with Michelle in the corner by the television and he quickly made his way over to them to see what was going on.

‘I think I should stay and take care of Janice,’ Michelle said, ‘She’s going to need medical attention for a while and I’m the only one that can do it without taking her to a hospital.’

‘That’s a good idea,’ he answered, ‘If the others need you they can call you and you could be there in a second so don’t worry about it. She knows about us now and that makes her family okay?’

Michelle nodded with a soft smile and walked back into the bedroom on the ground floor to check on the poor girl who had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. James knew he would always be grateful to her for trying to protect his daughter and then bringing the news that she was still alive. It gave him hope to know his baby girl was still out there somewhere and he hoped he could get to her in time before anything happened.

Amy walked over to them now and grabbed onto his hand, squeezing tightly to let him know she was anxious to get going. He quickly hugged Erin and they said their goodbyes, hoping it wouldn’t be the final one. Together he and his wife began to draw their power in and mix it together in an ever increasing cascade of raw energy, shooting through space a second later at an even greater speed then what they could have achieved alone.

Intense pleasure washed over Gabriella’s entire body and she squirmed as every nerve and muscle in her screamed out for release. She could feel soft fingers caressing her burning skin in places she had never been touched before and she couldn’t help but gasp in pleasure as the appendages explored her body. For so long she had craved to feel someone touching her like this and it was more than she could ever have hoped for. It was slow, methodical and very passionate. She could never see the person who was doing it to her and sometimes she wondered if it wasn’t just her imagination. The hands always seemed to touch her in the exact spots she was thinking about and would bring her close to the edge she wanted to jump over, but at the last second all the pent up energy would evaporate and she would be back at square one all over again.

It was almost agonizing and she cried out for release but it would never come and it frustrated her more than anything else in that moment. It was like being with Anna all over again in her apartment, all the build-up but no finish. The thing she wanted the most was also the very thing she hated when it happened but her body couldn’t help but respond to the pleasure when she would be penetrated. Whoever it was with her they were very large and she felt stuffed when they entered her tight hole, but he would hit every little nerve inside her and it would drive her crazy with passion. The penetration was always slow and soft, building up the pleasure over a long period of time before it would once again vanish right before she was about to scream out in ecstasy. No matter how much she begged him he would never let her get off and wouldn’t even let himself finish inside her.

After what seemed like days of just intense pleasure she would finally wake up to find out that once again it had all been a dream induced by her captors and the shame would swallow her up at how she felt about it. Day after day it was always the same routine and every time she would wish for death to finally take her, because when the pleasure was done and she was once again awake the pain would begin. She found herself restrained on a swinging table in the upright position, barbed wire like rope holding her ankles and wrists in place. The pain from the little barbs puncturing her skin and finding the gaps in her bones was bad enough, but it would only get worse from there.

Wherever she was being held didn’t follow the laws of the natural world and she found that dark magic was the most terrifying thing she had ever encountered before. Day in and day out hideous demons would attack her carefully with sickening tools, severing tendons and pulling the flesh from her muscles slowly as the sheer pain crashed through her. When it had first started she had expected to pass out after the first few minutes of this but found that it would never happen. She was being kept alive by powerful magic and she would feel every little thing that was done to her over and over again. When her body had been almost completely destroyed and she was finally ready to die she would fall asleep and wake up to find that she had been made whole again.

She was starting to lose her grip on reality and could feel herself slipping into dark thoughts as the torture continued. With no sense of time she had no way of knowing how long she had been there but if she had to guess it would have been months, but that didn’t seem right. She had expected for her parents and the rest of her family to burst in and free her but they never came and she was losing what little hope she had left. What could have happened to make them just forget about her like that? Were they even looking for her or did they figure she was already dead?

For the first time since she had almost been killed by him Ares appeared before her, his massive wings curled up against his back and his pitch black spear held in his left hand. His red eyes bore holes through Gabriella and she had to resist the urge to cringe at his presence. She hated to show him any fear.

‘How are you liking your accommodations?’ he laughed, his rough voice grating on every nerve in her body.

‘Why don’t you just kill me?’ she demanded angrily and looked directly into his eyes.

‘Oh now why would I go and do such a horrible thing like that? You’re very precious to me!’ Ares slowly walked towards her and reached out a large clawed hand, dragging the sharp talons down the side of her face hard until she bled, ‘You will be my greatest weapon! You are already very powerful!’

‘I’m mortal you idiot!’

‘Do you really believe that my dear?’ he asked her and the memory of killing Andromeda flashed before her eyes, ‘Both of your parents were immortal child.’

‘They conceived me when they were both mortal.’

‘Your mother maybe, but your father has never been just a mere mortal. He aged but that does not make him like all the rest of the insects that invest this universe! He still had some of his power child when he got your whore of a mother pregnant, and she carried you when she was an immortal which makes you very special.’

‘You’re lying!’ she screamed but he simply smiled and chuckled at her.

‘We both know I’m not, how else would you have killed Andromeda? No you are much more powerful than you know and with you at the front of my armies I will finally finish what I started all those years ago.’

‘My father is going to kill you!’

‘He won’t get the chance because you are going to kill him first,’ he laughed.

‘NEVER!’ she yelled as loud as she could and the ground they were on shook a little as she felt herself losing control of her anger. She could feel it rise up in her stomach like a bomb ready to explode at any minute. She would die before she ever hurt her father!

‘You’ll see it my way soon enough. I can feel the anger you feel towards me, it is very strong and you will need it. It won’t be long until you are unleashed on the world you call your home.’

‘I won’t get my powers for eight more months! Even then I will never do what you want me to! I would rather die!’

‘For someone so magnificent you are a dimwit!’ he barked, ‘We are outside the known universe child, and as such outside its laws. Time is different here and you have already been here for seven months by your earth standards. Your body is already nearing its peak and before your parents or the rest of the rabble they call immortals now even get time to know you are gone you will be ready. My master has told me all about what the old gods did after I defeated your father; how they made new protectors and when they turn eighteen they gain their powers. But you are different, you always had your powers you were just too stupid to realize it! When you turn eighteen your powers will grow exponentially, and by that time you will be under my control!’

Beyond angry know Gabriella struggled at her restraints, trying to break them with whatever strength she could must but all she ended up doing was digging the sharp barbs deeper into her limbs as the pain ratcheted up another notch. Laughing loudly to himself Ares moved even closer to her and reached out his clawed hand once again, gently sliding it over her naked body as he admired her. The second his thick fingers touched her tender breasts she lost control and lashed out at him with a strength that she hadn’t even known had been in her, breaking through the restraints on her left wrist and slapping him so hard his head snapped to the side.

He quickly grabbed her wrist in his hand and twisted it until it was facing the opposite direction, her fingers hanging limply as they touched the back of her wrist and unbelievable pain shot through her. ‘That wasn’t very nice now was it?’ He backed away and wiped a drop of black blood from his lips while waving in a group of disgusting demons. They quickly restrained her again while she cried out in pain and began to go to work on her body once again, using deadly curved knives they flayed her skin from her body while Ares watched and laughed.

The pain this day was more intense than all of the others combined and she screamed for hours while her body was ripped to shreds slowly. Through the pain though she kept her eyes locked on her tormentor, watching him as he watched her get skinned alive. She could see the pleasure he was getting from it and it made her sick, she would never become a monster like him and she would never hurt the people she loved. He could do whatever he wanted to her but in the end she would make him kill her. She felt one of the blades puncture through one of her lungs and her cries of pain were now nothing more than sobs as she struggled to breath.

The time for her to sleep came and gone and she found she was going to be without that brief respite as the demons took a few seconds break while her body automatically regenerated, only to feel their tools dig into her flesh once more. She closed her eyes and tried to picture her family in her mind, hoping to get some kind of comfort from their smiling faces but it didn’t work. All she could see of them now were twisted images of them being killed in gruesome ways as whatever dark magic was being used on her seeped into her brain.

‘Your family isn’t going to save your Gabriella,’ Ares said evenly, ‘They have abandoned you! If they loved you as much as you believe wouldn’t they have come to save you? You are alone!’

‘I WILL KILL YOU!’ she yelled as loud as she could and once again the ground beneath her shook with her rage, but she could already start to feel her mind start to slip. It was too late.

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