The story begins when little Katie was 10 years old. A month later after Katie's birthday she had a party theme of it was princess. Katie was dress in a nice pink dress, long arm gloves, a touch of make up, her hair down, and a crown. Katie had her friends all dress up even the boys dress in suits which Katie though they looked handsome. After the party was over and time had past Katie had a wonderful time at her party she couldn't wait until next year. Katie overheared her parents talking about an old friend of daddy's was coming into town. Katie never really met her daddy's friend because they all lived in the city and while they lived 3 hours away from the city.

A few days later daddy's friend arrived Katie asked the door and greed him. Daddy walk by and say "Hi Dave. Come on in." Dave walks in he was a handsome man, very build, nice clean hair cut, and a tattoo word on his arm which I could not make out. Daddy introduce me as daddy's little girl I always say "Im a big girl now not little". Daddy tells Dave if wanted a drink Dave say "yeah". As daddy goes get a drink I sit next to Dave I turn on the TV to watch my cartoon. At the time I was 4'5, 75 pounds, blonde hair, and was starting to grow boobs. I asked my mom why is my chest growing she explain along with the sex talk I wanted to vomit after that talk. Ever since my boobs started to grow they were always hard and pointy. In the shower I would touch them, play with them, and firmly squeeze them it hurt but it felt good.

That day I was wearing shorts, a tan top, and a training bra. Dave kept looking at me as I watched my cartoon show then daddy walk in Dave looked away grabbed his drink and started to talking with daddy. The phone rang daddy went to answer Dave again was looking at me when my show ended I walk out of the room I look back to see Dave staring at my butt. I went to my room to play on the computer for a while then I got bored so I started playing with my boobs. I smelled smoke and forgot that daddy was going to do a BBQ. I rushed downstairs daddy and Dave getting the BBQ pit all fired up. Daddy told Dave that he is going to get the food again I was left with Dave but this time we talked. "So Katie you have a boyfriend?" Dave asking that question made me uncomfortable but answered it. "No Im too young." Dave kept looking at my legs at first it was creepy now I though my little body excided him.

My best friend Rachel's sister would always tease guys when are out shopping. Daddy came back and asked if I can go for swim in the pool daddy smiled and said yes. I went shopping with Rachel and her sister last week and she got me a skin bikini. It looked like I was naked and it perfect to tease Dave. I walked outside and daddy was not there only Dave which was perfect I asked where daddy was and Dave said "he went to the store to get some beer and sodas." I jumped in the pool Dave was looking at me as I swimmed. I got out to practice me dives I looked at Dave grabbing his private part I knew he was getting excided a few more dives I dryed off walk over to the BBQ pit talked to Dave a little but he was having a hard time talking to me. "So Dave why are you looking at me all the time?" I said. "Well your a beautiful girl." I giggled "really Dave?" He looked all nervous try not to sound like a pervert and was having a hard time not rape this 10 year old sweetheart. Daddy came back with beer and sodas I grabbed a soda and went back to the pool I made sure Dave saw my cute butt.

Teasing Dave all day was fun after finished eating I went to my room and played with my boobs they were still hard and pointy. It was getting late I undress except for my panties I look down my window and saw Dave looking at I cover up. I was embarrassed went he looked at my boobs I knew guys like big boobs and I was no where big enough. I when to sleep and had an interesting dream. Dave was kissing me undress me licking my boobs putting his hand over me before he got to my panties I woke up stand next to my bed was Dave. My thoughts was my dream true I cover myself with my pillow Dave felt up my legs "mmmmm Katie you got nice legs" I scared and excided at the same time I never had someone touch me like that before. Dave moved his hands higher and higher up my legs he was inches away from my pussy then he stop and said " breakfast is ready sweetheart." I was lost in the touching new sensation came to my body I got ready put short, tan top, no training bra, sandles, and put my hair in pigtails. I saw my myself in the mirrow I was so adorable.

Daddy was making eggs, bacon, pancakes, and juice he gave me a big plate I eat a lot but never gain weight maybe because Im an active girl. After breakfast daddy talkes to me that Dave was staying with us for a while and that mommy was staying longer at grandpas. I was scared and sad mommy is going to be away some and Dave was staying wondering what he would do since he already touched my legs. I put that out of head daddy and Dave left and I went to my friend Rachel's home for the day I told her what happen but then she tells that her sister's boyfriend had sex with her. She tell me how, where, and when it happen. She said "last weekend, my bedroom, he touch me and put his penis inside my vagina. It hurt but later it felt good. He is coming over again tonight when my sister is at work and both my parent are going be outside with the neighbor play games."

All day we played games until daddy came to pick me up. "Now Katie Dave is going to look after you tonight I have to go to the office to finish work ok" I nod my head but was a little consider with Dave after what Rachel told me I dont think I can do what she did. I got home Dave was watching TV while drinking a beer. A few hours and nothing has happen Dave order pizza and we watch funny movies on cable I told Dave if we can watch one more he searched for another funny movies and therr none. "Would you like to watch a rated R movie Katie?" I always wanted to watch a rated R movie but daddy and mommy wont let me. I noded to Dave and he put on an XXX movie instead of an R movie. I was confused at the title it read 1st timers take big cocks I didnt know what cocks meant I sat there watching the movie it started with a young girl undressing I was in awe at her body I wanted to have a body like hers. Few minutes until it a guy comes in starts kissing her touches her grabs her lick her vagina then she puts the mans penis in her mouth in awe again of what I was watching.

I couldn't stop watching my eyes wouldnt leave the TV until I felt Dave's hands on developing boobs. I pushed his hands off me I sat back on the couch playing with my boobs again Dave puts his hands on my boobs and again I push him off but everytime I push him off he kept on grabbing. After a while Dave spread my legs I didnt know what he was doing I looked at the TV and Dave was doing what the man on movie was doing to the girl. He unbutton my shorts and took them off but remember I had a thong on didnt have any panties to wear that day. Dave was mosleting my vagina I didnt want him to touch my special flower that mommy said it was. He takes off my thong and now my vagina is exposed I cover my face because I was embarrassed Dave's finger slid up and down it felt weird then I started to get turn on. Dave moved his face close to my vagina then it hit me his tongue was lick and sucking I was getting the this weird feeling I look seen him doing this to me.

I couldn't take it anymore as I wrapped my legs around his face and squeezed I yelled and breath heavy as I yell at the top of my lungs my grip on his face lossen. Dave stood up took off his shirt and unzipped his pants I didnt know what he was doing my eye were closed when I open my eyes his penis was in my face I looked at it and mouth drop next thing I know his penis is inside my mouth. He wasn't rough he just slide it in and out getting my saliva on it Dave got big and hard my mouth was small it couldn't get it all. I looked at the side on me the man was also doing it to the girl then she lays down as the man place his penis on her vagina. My thoughts were going thru my head this penis is going to rip me apart if Dave puts it inside me.

Dave turns off the movie carries me to my room lays me on my bed I tryed to cover myself but Dave pull them off grabbed my legs spread once again and started to lick again. My head spinning and was getting dizzy at the feeling of this as well as the yelling and scream of pleasure. Dave works again on my boobs and I feel his penis touching my vagina Dave grabs his penis and slide it up and down giving me more pleasure. I was breathing so hard I couldn't take more of this just then Dave tries to push his penis inside me but was so tight it was hard to get in. Next Dave spreads my legs some more I put my hands on my vagina to cover it Dave moves up to my face and french kiss the feeling of this was good he kissed with passion he didnt force anything thats when my hands left my vagina and once again his penis at the entrance of my vagina.

Dave again tries to push his penis inside me as the same time kissing and touching my boobs the next thing I feel the tip of his penis is inside I screamed into his mouth as he pushed more into me. Dave stand to side of the bed as I laying at the edge of it as he starts to fuck me with the inches he already had inside me . I felt like that part is not yet ready for me to be inside "Dave please stop its hurting me no more please stop." Dave stopped and looked at me and said "Katie ever since I saw you I wanted to do this to you, your a very beautiful little girl I want to please you so bad." I didnt know what to do his penis still inside me the thing I could think of was what Rachel told me later that day. So I gave in "ok Dave please dont hurt it will hurt for your first time just relax you pussy and let me cock inside you tight little pussy." I didnt know what pussy or cock meant by I guess thats other words for a penis or vagina.

Dave continues to push his penis inside me I feel full as it goes inside like I was doing number 2 Dave stop and says "Katie this gonna hurt but only for a while." I was scared of how much it was gonna hurt next I feel a sharp pain as Dave just moves his hips a little and jams it back inside me. Half of his penis was inside me he kept it inside. A few minutes later Dave starts moving his hip a little pain but was getting better slow fucking at first until he started to build up speed my vagina was getting this great pleasure as I wraped my legs around Dave as he made love to me. He flips me on my tummy and just pound the hell out of my vagina I fell something build up I though I was going pee then I let myself go. I was embarrassed that I may have peed on Dave but he kept making love to me other was coming as well "not again" I said in my head.

I screamed this time "ahhhh Dave something is coming over me dont stop keep going mmmm." Dave pounds little Katie pussy for 10 more minutes until Dave blast rolls and rolls of cum inside Katie's tight little pussy as Katie feel warm around pleasure hits. Dave kept fucking Katie until he stopped coming he stood up spanked Katie's little 10 year old ass. After Dave made love to me he took pictures on his cell phone had me pose in different forms then we hewr daddy's car pull up Dave tell to go take a shower wash up and clean up.

Dave just clean his penis and pretended he was working out but he did had a work and it was called fucking Katie. Katie was suppose to be in bed 2 hours ago Katie's daddy asked why she was still awake. Katie tryed to answer not to tell what Dave did to her then she came up with something was believable. "Well daddy you when you eat pizza your tummy starts to burn I guess I have what you have." Katie's daddy would eat a lot of pizza and his tummy would heat up like he was having heartburn. He said ok and went to his room a few minutes later I heared the shower running Dave came into to my room cover my mouth and said "I need to little girl pussy." I though to myself again we just finished so I noded Dave took his pants off I had panties on he moved then to the side and jammed his penis intp me 2 minutes in he cummed again inside me.

In the morning Dave was no where to seen Daddy was making me breakfast it was the weekend so I decide to go to the pool. Daddy went back to the office he said he will be back by dinner time. As I swimmed in the pool my vagina hurt a little but with water made feel good then I started to think about what Dave did to me. I wonder if it was wrong for me to along with it, it felt good as the pain stopped. I was wearing baby blue bikini I took my bottom bikini to see my vagina it was kinda red I touched it, it hurt but not as much. I rubbed myself and fingered myself I was moan loud the good thing I had no neighbor live across from my backyard I didnt have to worry about them looking over my yard.

I continue on rubbing and finger I keep moaning until Dave came up and said "Well well little Katie is a horny slut." I stopped my face went red with a look of embarrassment. "Hey dont stop I like the show." I see that Dave got a hard on he looked at me looking at is penis. He smile he undress jump in the pool "Katie you want more?" I looked until eyes and noded yes Dave didn't need to lick me since we were in the pool. Dave turns me over I was confused but got the idea when he entered my vagina boy it hurt so much I stopped myself from screaming but it was to much. "Dave it hurts but no matter what dont stop ramming me." I tried to push Dave off but he kept at my word he didnt stop fucking me he fucked me for a good 10 minutes until I feel his warm cum inside my vagina.

I was weak and I sunk in the pool Dave got me out of the water put me in a long chair put my bikini bottom on and left me their to air also put a beach umbrella so I wouldnt get burn. I woke with Dave touching my body he stopped "dont stop" he caressed my body as I took off my bikini he examined my vagina that I need to heal it up. We talked a little and I popped the question "why did you put your penis inside my vagina?" Dave mumble on his answer trying to come up something to say. "Well Katie Im a pervert I like having sex with younger like you, your my10th girl I had sex with sorry I did that to you."

I was speechless but I didnt know much about sex besides the talk. "Thank you Dave for having sex with me I enjoyed it. Since your staying for while we can do it again and again." Dave smiled and reliefed on what Katie said. Over the weeks Katie and Dave would fuck when there alone at the house and Dave would teach her many sexual things. By the time Dave left Katie was experience in sex. Katie would masturbate and fuck herself with a dildo that Dave got for her. Months later Dave would visit and have his way with Katie. Katie was happy when Dave came to visit and was sad when he left. Katie would think of that night if he took advantage of her or if she wanted it to happen. She wonder if another older man would have sex with her she will have see and find out.

The end.

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i am a grampa and i saw one of my friends feeling and touching my 9y grandaughter ,she seemed to injoy his attention. he didnt know i was watching and i could see he was excited and was gobsmacked whem he exposed his 5 in erect cok and put her hand on it and she started to play and feel his stiffness as he pulles hee panties to the side and exposed her bald puffy mound he was like 59 and they were like feeling each other up

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