Day 3 2:30am;

Callie woke up the next morning and immediately noticed that she wasn’t tied to her bed any more. She was in her kitchen bent over her wooden table. Her legs were tied to the table legs and her arms were in a pair of hand-cuffs stretched out in front of her. There was a piece of rope tied to the chine that connected the cuffs together and the other end of the rope was connected to the leg of the table. She felt weak. Her legs felt like jelly and her entire body ached like there was no tomorrow. “So your finally awake cunt.” Callie looked over to her left and saw Master walk into the kitchen. She looked back down at the table. He walked over and fisted his hand in the back of my hair and pulled my head back up. “When I came back into the room and saw how much cum was all over you I thought that you had a little too much fun.” He let go of her hair and Callie felt him run his hand down my back and to her ass. “I think you need to be punished for coming so many times.” I felt one of his fingers slide into my still very sore asshole and start to pump. “I watched the video and you came a total of 17 times. I think you need to be punished for that.” He pulled his finger out of her and then he walked out of the kitchen.

Callie closed her eyes and leaned her head against the table as silent tears rolled down her cheeks. A few moments later Master came back with something in his hand. “See this cunt?” He put the item in front of her face. “This paddle is 5 inches in diameter and 2½ thick.” He took the paddle away from her face and slowly ran it across her pussy. “I’m going to spank you as hard as I can 17 times and you are not allowed to come. If you do then I’ll spank you another 10 times each time you cum. You also have to count out loud if you mess up or don’t say the number fast enough we go back to one. Am I clear?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good girl.”

He removed the paddle from her pussy. A few seconds later Callie felt the sharp sting against her ass and heard the loud slap echo thru the kitchen. “O-one.”

Jack ran the paddle against her abused pussy again with more force to add enough pain to make her yelp. He removed it and brought it down across the small ass again. “Two.” She whispered brokenly. This time he didn’t give her anytime to recover and brought the paddle down again. “T-three.” Each time he changed the area of where he’d slap her. Sometimes it’d be directly on her ass but his favorite place to hit her was her pussy.

Callie messed up counting twice and they had to start over but that was alright by him. By the time they reached 17 Callie was panting and her pussy was dripping wet from her arousal. When he looked at her face he saw her tear stained checks and the obvious shame from liking the pain he was putting her thru.

He smiled.

Jack walked out of the kitchen again and grabbed his duffle bag. When he returned he untied her from her position over the table. She slumped to the ground. Jake didn’t even give her a second glance. He opened his duffle bag and pulled out a blindfold, the gag with the nipple clamps attached to them, a leash, and a thick leather collar that had CUNT written across it. He turned around to face her and saw that she was still sitting on the ground her head down hair covering her face. He walked over to her and put the blindfold on her. Then he strapped the collar around her neck. Lastly he placed the gag in her mouth and the clamps on her bruised nipples. She whimpered slightly but by then she was use to the pain. “Follow me Cunt.” She obeyed immediately. She got onto her hands and knees and followed as he led her out of her apartment and into the hallway. He kept his eyes on her and knew when she realized that she was no longer in her home.

Callie knew when they got into the elevator when she heard the soft ding. Silently she climbed in when Master tugged on the collar around her neck. When they reached what Callie assumed to be the ground floor Master tugged sharply on the chain and started walking with Callie following silently behind. A few moments later she heard another door open as she followed him and than they were outside. Callie felt sharp pebbled dig into her hands and knees as she crawled after Master.

Callie couldn’t tell if there were people around to see them. She could only imagine what they must look like. Her on her hands and knees, blindfolded, gagged, and clamps on her nipples being led on a leash by a man that was well over 6 feet tall.

When they finally stopped Callie heard a click and then another door being opened. A second later she was yanked up by the collar and shoved into a car. When she put her hands out to steady herself she could tell she was in the front seat of a car. Once she was settled Master yanked her arms behind the headrest and handcuffed them. She heard the door close and a few moments later the other door opened and she heard Master climb in. The car started and Callie started to panic.

What if he killed her and left her in some ditch? She was naked and had nothing to identify her with. Her boyfriend was in Africa on some hunting safari with no cell reception. She had no family to report her missing either. Callie started to tremble at the thought. She didn’t want to die. Not like this.

“Spread your leg.” Master barked. She immediately did as he told her not wanting to anger him. Callie felt his fingers circling her labia and then he roughly shoved a finger into her. He started pumping his fingers at a rough pace. As much as she hated it Callie felt herself getting closer and closer to her climax. “You want to cum?” She nodded slightly. “Well you have been a good girl….” He started rubbing faster and harder. But he still didn’t say she could cum. Then after a few agonizing moments, “You can cum.”

Callie felt herself go over the edge as she came.

When the waves subsided she started to cry silently. She hated that she liked what this man was doing to her but she couldn’t stop it. Then she heard a sound that made her cry a harder.

Truck horns.

“Look at what a slut you are.” Master said as he continued to rub her pussy. “You know I bet these men would just love to have a turn with you.” A moment later and the car stopped. She heard the driver’s side door open. Then her door open and Callie was blasted by the cold air. Her master adjusted her seat so that she was as far back as the seat would allow. Then he lowered the seat so that she lay back. “You can cum as many times as you’d like but don’t scream. Keep your legs open or else.” He walked away and Callie could hear he speaking to some people but couldn’t make out what was being said.

Callie started shaking. She knew what was going to happen.

She could hear the men laughing as they came closer to the car but she still couldn’t tell how many there were. Then she felt someone climb on top of her. Instantly she froze when she realized it wasn’t Master. The new man was shorter and not as muscular. She heard the sound of a zipper being lowered. Callie wanted to fight and scream but she knew she couldn’t. She was at the mercy of these new men and Master. The guy shoved into her and Callie arched from the force of it. He started to pump and Callie felt herself growing wet. She was right on the edge of coming but the guy on top of her came then pulled out of her. “Damn she’s one hot slut.” He said.

Jake laughed at what the bald trucker said. Callie certainly was a slut. The bald trucker handed him $100 as the second trucker climbed in and started in on Callie. The second man was much rougher on her then the first man. Jake watched as he slammed into her and tugged on the clamps and he could see his other hand wrap around her delicate neck and squeeze. When the second guy was done he got out of the car, walked over to him, and handed him the money. “Thanks man you have no idea how good it is to bang a good slut after a long trip.”

“Yeah I know how it is.” He walked back to his truck and climbed in. The third and final guy climbed into the car to have his way with Callie. When he got out of the car and left Jake went over to his SUV and looked down at her. She had a dark bruise forming around her neck and there was blood on the side of her mouth. There was blood and bruises that covered her from head to toe. Jake un cuffed her hands and reached the leash to the collar around her neck. Then he grabbed her by the hair and threw her on the ground enjoying her muffled cry of pain. He walked her to the back of the car. He opened the trunk and shoved her into the trunk. He forced her onto her knees and cuffed her hands behind her back. Then he forced her down so that she laid with her face pressed against the floor and her ass high in the air. Then he took out two dildos and shoved them into her ass and pussy. “Stay in that position for the rest of the ride. And you cannot cum. I’ll know if you do.”

Jake got back into the front seat of the car and started driving. He knew the last request was impossible and couldn’t wait to punish her.

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I don't see it on my list Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Russia and Turkey are the closest cointrues I see. I'd met some wonderful Romanian people, so I'm sorry not to see it on the list. Although since Indonesia was just added recently, perhaps Romania will come. Thank you for asking.

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