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I was supposed to keep other guys from checking out her ass but that didn’t work.
Fbailey story number 747

I Protect My Sister’s Butt

“I want you to take an aerobic class with me.”

That is the way that my sister always talks to me.

Melody was sitting on top of me. My sheet was pulled tight across my body with her knees holding my hands tightly to my side and her hands on my shoulders. She likes to do that to me first thing in the morning before I get out of bed. My bladder is full and I usually have an erection when I wake up. She knows that my resistance is down at that point. Plus having her grind her hot moist pussy into my hard cock just enhances the probability that I will say yes to anything that she wants.

Instead I asked, “Why?”

Melody said, “Because you little pervert, you are my brother and you have to help me when I ask you too.”

She was quoting Mom because that was what she was always telling me.

So again I asked, “Why?”

This time Melody told me all about the twenty-one-year-old Greek God that was running the aerobic class. At fifteen my sister had a crush on a guy that she had never met. She said that he only allows couples to take his class. Hence, my involvement.

Then came the real reason. “I am going to need you to protect my butt. I’m only going to wear my white leotard with nothing on underneath it. I want him to see my hard nipples and my camel toe but I don’t want him to see how wet my pussy gets. Besides that leotard creeps up into the crack of my ass and I don’t want to look stupid pulling it out constantly. Also I don’t want some other pervert looking up my pussy.”

By then she had been massaging my cock with her very talented pussy and I knew that she would not finish me off unless I said yes.

So I said, “Okay, I’ll take the class with you.”

Then as my reward she kept grinding her crotch into my crotch until I exploded.

However, she didn’t stop like she normally does. Instead she kept grinding into me. Her short robe opened from her movements and I saw her nice firm breasts just inches away from me. I looked down and she was not wearing any panties either. Now that was unusual.

It struck me that she was so excited that she was masturbating herself on my still hard cock. Not only had she masturbated me but she was taking care of her own sexual needs as well, with only a sheet separating us from really having sex.

I had almost cum a second time when she had her orgasm and got up freeing me from my confinement.

She just smiled at me as she looked at my hard-on lifting the sheet up. When she looked down and noticed that her robe was open she took her time closing it. That gave me enough time to jump out of bed and rush past her on my way to the bathroom.

That was when I ran smack into Mom coming out of the shower wearing two bath towels, one around her body and one around her hair.

Mom laughed and said, “By the feel of that meat between my legs, I’d say your sister has asked you to go to the aerobic class with her.”

Sure enough when I unwrapped my arms from around my mother, her legs were clamped shut with my cock trapped between them.

She giggled as I pulled it out and ran past her into the bathroom. In my haste I forgot to lock the door. As I was trying hard not to piss on the ceiling, I was standing back about three feet from the toilet and almost bent over to hit the porcelain bowl. I heard some giggling and looked over toward the sound. Both my mother and my sister were standing in the doorway watching me pee.

As I watched them, Mom dropped her towel and Melody dropped her robe.

My cock started twitching uncontrollably and I pissed all over the place as they continued to giggle.

Mom said, “Melody you should stop teasing him. That cock of his is too good to waste.”

Then in a total surprise Mom said, “Next time you get that excited, come see me. I won’t let any of your cum go to waste. I promise.”

Startled by what she had heard Melody said, “You’ve got to be kidding. You wouldn’t let him fuck you…would you?”

Mom smiled and said, “You are willing to let someone that you have never met, fuck you because he reminds one of your girlfriends of Greek Mythology.”

Melody said, “That isn’t the same. If you let him fuck you its incest.”

Mom snickered and said, “Come on Melody, you’ve see it and if I’m mistaken you’ve done a lot more than look at it too.”

I said, “She rubbed her pussy over it until she came and left me high and dry.”

Melody snapped, “That’s a lie. I got you off once.”

Mom laughed.


Three days later we arrived at the studio for our first class. There were seven couples with Melody and I the youngest. Everyone introduced themselves to the rest of the class. As expected the instructor had the girls stand in the front row with their partners behind them. The first thing we did was stretching exercises.

I watched my sister bend over and grab her ankle to a count of ten. She grabbed her other ankle after that. Then she got on her back with her feet toward me and lifted her ass way up off the mat into a bridge. Her moist pussy slit was right in front of me. Of course I got an erection. At first I was embarrassed but once I noticed that other guys in the class were sporting hard-ons too, I ignored it.

The funny thing was that the instructor didn’t get an erection. Now that took control.

By the end of the hour class Melody was quite sweaty. Her white leotard was transparent. All of the guys wanted my sister.

At home Melody rushed into the shower while Mom dragged me into her bedroom. Without Melody to stop her Mom undressed, undressed me, and then let me fuck her. It was great, it was over with all too quickly, and I wanted more. Well I got more that night, the next morning, and every day after that.

The next class started out the same way but then got harder. I noticed that three of the other ladies had bought white leotards and that they were not wearing anything underneath either. That sure made us guys hard…all except the instructor.

I was the last one to leave and I saw the instructor kiss his boyfriend. When I told Melody about it…we never went back.

The more that Melody went without sex and the more she saw Mom was getting from me, the more she wanted me. Finally, after about six weeks Melody begged me to fuck her. That was when I found out that my over-sexed sister was actually a virgin.

She certainly had me and Mom fooled until I had it all the way in her pussy and was pumping my cum into her. That was when she said, “I knew it would feel good, I just knew it.”

I asked, “Were you a virgin?”

Melody smiled and said, “I was, but not anymore. Thanks to you.”

A moment later she added, “Your stiff cock felt so good inside me, much better than a hard plastic vibrator. I had never experienced how good my orgasms could feel. Oh, and when you started cumming…I could feel it. It felt wonderful. I almost wish I wasn’t on birth control.”

Things were a lot nicer for me around the house after that. What fourteen-year-old boy wouldn’t want his fifteen-year-old sister and his thirty-four-year-old mother fighting over him?

The End
I Protect My Sister’s Butt
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