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I got caught taking pictures of a woman peeing.
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He Photographed My Pussy

Mom was entertaining the Church Finance Committee at our house. They had been meeting at various houses over the past few weeks trying to figure out if they could repair the roof on the church. They planned several fundraisers and the meeting at our house was to try and finalize the latest one.

There were six women, including my own mother. The minister’s wife was there, a banker’s wife, the mayor’s wife, the high school principle, and the wife of the man that owned most of the downtown businesses.

Dad had been trying to remodel the bathroom but it was not even close to being finished. The best part was that the doorknob had not been the one that he had ordered so there was just a big hole where it belonged.

Over the last two days I had managed to get several pictures of Mom in there going to the toilet and taking a bath. So I figured that I now had five more women to catch in the act.

I had asked Mom if there was anything that I could do to help out. She thought that it was strange of me to offer my help but she said, “Keep our glasses filled. We may need the alcohol to give us a fresh approach to things.”

I broke out a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red wine and offered them to the women as they arrived. Two wanted the white and two wanted the red, while the other two wanted straight gin with a drop of vermouth. Yuck!

The meeting had not been going for even a half-hour when the first woman went to the bathroom. I waited a moment and then I stuck the lens of my digital camera in the doorknob opening and pressed the trigger. I had it set on video and I took about a thirty-second video clip. Then I got to hell out of there.

My plan had worked perfectly, I uploaded it to my computer and then I watched it. The minister’s wife had lifted her dress way up and tucked it under her armpits, she lowered her panties to her ankles, and then she sat down very lady like. Her panties were white cotton old lady panties but her pussy was fully covered with thick wild dark brown hair. She finished peeing and then she opened her legs up wide to wipe her wet slit with toilet paper, then she wiped it again, and for her third wipe she reached all the way back to her asshole. During that third wipe her pussy lips were opened wide and her inner pink lips were fully exposed, she had a rally nice big pink clit.

The next woman to go to the bathroom was the banker’s wife. She was wearing a very business like pant suite. She pushed them down to her ankles, then she pushed her panties down to her ankles, and finally she opened her jacket to sit down. Her knees were spread wide, her pussy was shaved completely, and she masturbated the whole time. I had been looking at the viewfinder and had captured the whole thing. She used just two squares of toilet paper to wipe her pussy then she just pulled everything up and adjusted her jacket. I just barely got out of there in time.

The mayor’s wife was wearing a sexy skirt and she had on very sexy panties too. The skirt came up, the panties went down, and she peed like there was no tomorrow. Her panties were black lace and her pussy was neatly trimmed.

The high school principle just lifted her long skirt and sat down. She was not wearing any panties. With her knees spread wide I could see that she had a landing strip above her slit. She wiped, dropped her skirt, and came at me as if she knew that I was there. I came so close to getting caught that I about shit myself.

The women were drinking a lot and I kept their glasses full, I also kept an eye on them to see who headed for the bathroom next. All of the women went back to the bathroom for a second time. The minister’s wife, the mayor’s wife, the high school principle, and then the banker’s wife all went.

Then Mom went in. I all ready had a lot of pictures of her but I did not have any video clips so I took one. Mom just did her normal thing in the bathroom. I had watched her pee often.

Then finally the richest woman in town went in. She was wearing the latest fashion in dresses. It was a tight party dress with a low cut neckline and a slit up one side. It fit her perfectly. She scotched it up her thighs and held it there as she lowered her sexy string panties to her ankles. Her pussy was much fuller than the other women’s pussies, her lips were almost red, and there was no sign of any hair.

Shortly after that the meeting was over and the women started leaving. I was picking up the glasses when the high school principle told my mother, “About your son, he photographed my pussy.” I froze dead in my tracks.

Mom replied, “I know, he photographs mine all the time. He is just going through puberty. I’ll have a talk with him.”

The principle said, “Oh, I don’t mind. But if he does it again he should be in the bathroom with me. He can get a much better photo that way.” Then the woman laughed.

Mom giggled and said, “You are right. Maybe I should let him practice on me a few times.”

The principle asked, “Do you think he photographed the other women?”

Mom replied, “I’m sure he did but none of them said anything about it. Why?”

The principle then said, “If he would show me what he took today, I’d let him fuck me. I would give anything to see that rich bitch with her panties down”

Just then I came up to them with a tray full of empty glasses and said, “I got her twice with her pussy exposed if you really want to see it.” I gave it a little thought and then I asked, “Can I really fuck you?”

The high school principle said, “Are you in high school? I only let my students fuck me.”

I looked at Mom and she said, “He will be in the fall.”

The principle laughed and replied, “That’s good enough. Now show me what you took.”

I was amazed that she wanted to see all of the women’s pussies over and over again. She was especially interested in the rich lady though. Then she told Mom to schedule another meeting at our house as soon as she could. She wanted me to take more video and pictures.

At the principle’s request Mom left the two of us alone.

The principle said, “I loved it when I saw your camera lens in the hole where the doorknob belongs. Thank you for letting me watch the other ladies pee. If you let me have a copy I’ll let you record us having sex.”


So with my video set, the camera on my dresser, and the recording started I undressed while watching her undress. As I had suspected she was not wearing any panties. The landing strip of pubic hair above her slit was nice. Then for the sake of the recording she leaned over to kiss me then she knelt down and sucked my cock into her mouth. After that she stood up and pulled my face to her rather large breasts. I sucked on her big nipples and she encouraged me to chew on them gently. She said that way she got more feeling.

After I had played with her breasts for a while she got on the bed, lay back, and spread her legs for me. The first thing she wanted me to do was to kiss her landing strip, kiss her big clit, and poke my tongue into her love hole.

With all of my assignments accomplished she then instructed me to put my cock inside her pussy. She told me to do whatever felt good to me and not to worry about pleasing her. The funny thing was that I had no idea of how to please her anyway. So I thrust my hips driving my cock into her and then pulling it back out just to jam it back into her pussy again. In a short while I was cumming inside a real woman, inside my new high school principle, and she said that I could do it again whenever I wanted too.

We got dressed and turned off the video recorder before going to Mom.

Mom asked, “Well, how was it?”

The principle replied, “He is rather good at it. However, after I’m done teaching him about sex no girl will stand a chance with him. He will drive those girls to the breaking point. They will experience orgasmic overload. I bet in time, he can make them pass out from sheer pleasure. That son of yours is the best I’ve had in years. To think that he was a virgin up until that point.”

Mom said, “His father used to have that same affect on me but it sounds like my son may be better. I’d sure like to try him out for myself.”

Shocked I asked, “I can fuck you too Mom?”

Mom replied, “Yes, you can and if you want to I will let you call it fucking, but only in front of me. If your father is around you should call it sex or love making.”

Stunned I asked, “What do you mean…if Dad is around? Shouldn’t I just keep my mouth shut?”

Mom said, “I will have to tell your father about you fucking me. That is if you still want to fuck me. I don’t keep secrets from him. Then after he knows I’m sure that you can continue but you cannot call it fucking. You see the term motherfucker is not a nice one. Your father hated being called that by his father.”

I asked, “Did Dad fuck his mother?”

Mom giggled and said, “Did he? He sure did and he still does. That is why he comes home an hour late on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Well, the next Thursday was another meeting. The same women were there. They were all wearing blouses and pants. Again I was put in charge of drinks and they were even more thirsty and drank them faster.

The Mayor’s wife was first to use the bathroom. As soon as the door was closed my camera lens was in that doorknob hole. Her pants and panties went down, she sat on the toilet seat, and then her knees opened up wide. I zoomed in and I could actually see her yellow stream flow out of her pussy lips. After she wiped and was pulling up her panties I got out of there.

One by one each lady did just about the same thing for me. The Banker’s wife, the Minister’s wife, and the rich lady each took a turn. When Mom and the school principle went in, so did I. As promised I got some great videos of them.

The three other ladies kept drinking and peeing until the meeting ended.

When the ladies were about ready to leave I was called in to say goodbye to them. Instead they each asked, “Did you get some good videos of me peeing?”

They knew.

It dawned on me that my mother and the principle had set all of this up somehow.

I remembered something that my mother had said earlier about getting pictures of their tits. So I said, No, not really! I wanted full frontal nudity, tits and all.”

I saw the expressions on their faces change. They each looked as if their father had just scolded them.

Then the Minister’s wife asked, “Can we do it in private? Maybe in your bedroom?”

I saw Mom nod her head to say that it was okay.

I took her up to my bedroom. Now the Principle had given me some advice before the meeting so I knew full well what to do with her. After all Mom and the Principle had blackmailed the other three women into cooperating with me.

I took a video of her undressing and left it running. I then took still pictures from all sides from far and from close, to really, really close, I had her lay down and spread her legs, then hold her pussy lips open for me. I got great shots of her face, her breasts flattened out on her chest, and of her holding her own pussy open for me.

Then I took pictures of my cock kissing her open pussy and then more pictures, after I pushed into her inch by inch. When I was all the way in I just started fucking her. By the time I was ready to cum she had had two orgasms and was begging me to cum in her. Boy for a Minister’s wife that woman could sure swear. She really enjoyed telling God that I was the best fuck that she had ever had and that my cock could fuck her cunt every Sunday during church if I just came down to the nursery where she worked with her daughter. She assured me that her daughter would cover for us. In fact she said that I could fuck her daughter too if I wanted. The last pictures were of my cum dripping from her well-fucked pussy. I kept her panties. After she was dressed I turned off the recorder.

The rich man’s wife was next and she had a very fat pussy. Her pussy lips were almost red, and she was completely hairless. I sat her sting panties over on top of the other pair. The recorder had been running and I had fucked her. Surprisingly she cried and after I pulled out of her she curled up into a ball, the fetal position. I started to feel sorry for her when she said, “My husband hasn’t touched me in years and I was a virgin when I met him. You are only the second man to fuck me.” At fourteen I hardly considered myself a man.

The Banker’s wife was next, her pussy had been freshly shaved bald. She kept trying to masturbate as I took pictures of her. She even tried to masturbate while I was fucking her but I made her stop. Then she said, “My husband ties my hands to the bed posts to stop me from masturbating. I have to do it any chance that I get.” So I tied her hands and I finished fucking her. After she had her multiple orgasms she said, “Wow! That is the first time that I have ever had an orgasm just from being fucked. Thank you.”

The Mayor’s wife was last. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and it was pierced. So were her nipples and her belly button. But her pussy had one through her clit hood and three rings down each of her inner pussy lips. When she peed they were not visible. Anyway fucking her was nice because she fucked back. She got on top after a few minutes and finished us both off.

When Mom came up I had four pair of panties on my dresser. Mom and the Principle gave me their panties too.

That was the beginning of my high school career.

The End
He Photographed My Pussy
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