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You can find anything on the web. Including people you already know.
I’m 19 now, and I’ve never had any real luck with girls. I’m not terribly unattractive, but I’m certainly no big catch. I’m also rather shy, and to be honest, I’ve never worked very hard to meet girls my age at school or most anywhere else.

I do, however, have a very active fantasy life, and it’s evolved into various fetishes and kinks that I can only dream about acting out with a lover. But I guess that’s what masturbation is for. And since I’m taking a year off between high school and college this year, I’ve had a whole lot of time to dedicate to that particular past time.

My family is barely that, these days. My old man ran off a few years ago, supposedly with this skanky waitress from his favorite bar. I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care. He was an asshole, and I spent most of my adolescence pretending I wasn’t related to him anyway. My sister is a few years older. She’s living with some guy about 2 hours away, so we never seem her but a few times a year. So it’s pretty much mom and me these days. She works hard, never complains, and has been a great mom given all that she’s been through with the asshole. She’s kind of a bigger woman, probably 200 lbs or so, with a great big motherly bosom that she struggles to keep contained in the often ill-fitting clothing that she buys. Nobody ever accused her of having fashion sense.

I suppose it’s because of her that I developed a fetish for larger women. I’m not talking about huge monsters weighing in at 350 lbs or anything. Just lots of curves, soft places, a little extra skin, just more woman to hold onto. I surf the net constantly, prowling for what they call BBW pornography. I guess that stands for Big Beautiful Women. I agree, and I jack off to that shit all the time. Thankfully I have my own computer in my room, so I don’t have to use Mom’s down in the office. I also have some other fetishes, like mature women. I suppose that’s because of mom as well. I used to jack off to some older female teachers in junior high and high school, but in my fantasies, they’re all about Mom’s age, mid-40s, and about her size and shape. What can I say; I’ve found a taste for something near to home. In truth, I didn’t have direct fantasies about having sex WITH my mom, just that the women of my fantasies had similar characteristics.

About six months ago, I decided that perhaps the same internet that gave me so much BBW and mature wank material might also help me meet a girl. I’ve seen so many ads and SPAM emails about meeting women on the web, so I figured, ‘What the hell?’ I had to do some poking around through lots of junky sites, but I finally found a site that specialized in BBWs. As I perused the ads, I got so horny thinking about all these single fat ladies who needed company, I had to jack off right then and there! Some had photos, most had stats (height, weight, hair, eyes, etc.). Some were very kinky and hot, others were very romantic and heartfelt. One thing they all had in common was a desire to be loved as they were by someone who could cherish them despite their socially conspicuous weight.

I created a profile, calling myself BBWLover142 (clever, huh?). I nervously replied to a handful of ads, ones that appeared to be in my part of the country. I hadn’t really figured on the nationwide element of this whole internet dating thing. Within a day or two, I had some responses. They were sweet and grateful for the most part, and all requested a photo and some more conversation.

I apparently hadn’t considered the photo thing either. I didn’t have any photos of myself on my computer, but I knew that Mom had just bought a new digital camera that I hadn’t even seen yet. I went down and found her, and asked her to take my picture with it. She obliged, and we took a couple shots of me, and a couple more of us together, just for fun. It took me a while to figure out how to extract them from the camera onto my machine, but I got it eventually.

I kept up correspondence with a few, contacted a few more, and generally enjoyed trading emails and photos with hot chubby girls. At least a couple of them were too shy or embarrassed to send their own photos. To them, I sent photos of me with my mom, so they could see that I was not just making up my preference for big gals.

The months went on, and life went on, and so did these correspondences. I figured I had nothing to lose by being myself, so I was very forthcoming, and I was rewarded with the same. I finally started to narrow it down to one gal whom I really enjoyed. She was one who would never send a photo, but she was fantastic and I found her irresistible just the same. She went by Naomi, and she was from my same city, and was quite a bit older than me (she wouldn’t say how much, but assured me she wasn’t over 50!). She had a great personality, a clever wit and a sexy mind. I would masturbate to her emails on occasion, and the contents of our emails became increasingly sexually charged.

Finally, about three weeks ago, we made plans to meet. We were both very ready for some good hard sex (I know I was a virgin, and while I couldn’t be sure about her, she was so giddy about our rendezvous I started to wonder). I let her set the time and place. She wanted a hotel room, so she set it up for that Friday night. She would check in, plant an extra key in the lobby, and then go up to the room. I would arrive an hour later, find the key and meet her in the room. Naomi said in her email that she wanted all the lights down so that we could enjoy each other without being distracted. “We’ll know if its right by feel, not by sight,” she wrote. I was just so excited at the prospect of getting laid and fulfilling a fantasy at the same time; I didn’t even question her desire for darkness.

Before the day arrived, I made sure Mom knew I was going to be gone. Not wanting to alert her that her son was going to fuck a fat girl he’d never even spoken to before in some hotel room, I conjured up some story about going to a rock concert that would go late into the evening. She seemed to know I was lying, but she didn’t say anything, much to my relief. She said she had plans that night as well, and we’d see each other Saturday morning to clean the house.

Finally Friday arrived, and I spend the early evening making sure I was clean, smelled good, dressed nice and shaved my face closely. I also had the idea of trimming my pubes. ‘That might be an nice courtesy, if she gives me a blowjob,’ I thought. I trained my shaver’s trimmer feature at my crotch and brought the kinky coils under control.

I heard Mom yell goodbye and heard the door close as she left for her Friday night bridge club right on time. My pecker was throbbing at the thought of getting it on in mere hours with my beloved Naomi. I was tempted to beat off quick, to make sure I could last at least a few minutes inside her, but I decided not to. I paced nervously until the time came for me to head for the hotel.

Fifteen minutes later, I was pulling into the parking lot of the designated hotel, an aging Marriott sorely in need of a facelift. My stomach was a knot of excitement. I checked myself in the rear-view mirror and popped a mint into my mouth. I strode quickly, nervously, into the lobby. It was devoid of customers, and all employee eyes were on me as I entered. I smiled weakly and headed for the potted palm near the doors to the pool. I tried to look inconspicuous as I paused near the palm tree. Finally I spotted the keycard in the dry moss at the tree’s base. I snatched it and strolled nonchalantly out towards the pool. The keycard had the “215” written on it with a marker. I followed the signs up the stairs and down the corridors to room 215. I tried to calm myself, cleared my throat and slipped the keycard into the slot. The green LED flashed on, and I nervously pressed the door inward and followed it in.

The room was bathed in darkness. I was thrilled and horny, but also a little nervous about finding the bed and the woman who lay upon it. I could hear her breathing, and without too many bumps, I found the large king size bed, and I heard her sigh contentedly to have me finally near her. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I opened my mouth to speak, and then realized I had no idea what to say. I think she sensed my indecision, and to save me the trouble, she sat up and put her hands on my chest. I let go a soft gasp at what was finally becoming a reality. I put my hands on her hands, and her warm skin felt electrified in the dark. At that, she began undressing me.

The feel of her hands across the bare skin of my chest, arms and stomach was amazing, and it was all I could do to not shoot in my pants right then. My breathing was shallow, and she moaned softly at my obvious pleasure. Finally she got to my pants, and upon unbuckling my belt and unfastening my button and zipper, they fell to the floor. My surprise had been to not wear underwear, and she gasped with near alarm to find my bare flesh right there. My cock was almost painfully erect, and her warm hands found it instantly and gently caressed its length, from tip to balls.

It was my turn to explore, I decided, and knelt onto the edge of the bed. I could feel the heat of her body in the darkness, and I reached out to find her. My cool hands found her warm skin, which elicited a sharp gasp at the shock. It was her shoulder, bare and silky smooth. I caressed everywhere, working hard mentally not just to glom onto her tits or go for the real gold between her legs. No, I wanted to be a lover, and I ran my hands everywhere, thought her hair and down her rippling back and sides, across her rolling belly and down her round thighs. Her soft moans encouraged me. Finally I braved her chest, and was rewarded with an enormous rack of two massive breasts. She had very pointy nipples, which appeared to be very sensitive to my touch. I finally rolled down her stomach to her pussy. It was well rounded, and cleft open like a split peach. I could just feel the heat and moisture radiating from her pussy, and as I lightly dragged my hand across it, she moaned insistently. Her pubic hair was coarse but not thick, and it felt fantastic against my shaky hand. I pressed a finger to her protruding pussy and found her clit practically hanging out in the air. She convulsed from the direct pressure, and her arms came around my neck.

She drew me to her for a deep, passionate, delectable kiss. Her mouth was delicious and warm, and her tongue hungrily searched my mouth as I continued to press my hand against her sex. She pulled me closer and finally on top of her, and her unconscionably huge tits pressed against my skinny chest. Our kiss continued, and finally she took hold of my head and moved it to one of her erect nipples. It slipped easily into my mouth and I sucked and licked it voraciously. She groaned and squirmed beneath me, and I nearly came as my cock jabbed into her thigh. I switched to the other nipple, and she cooed again. At this point I noticed her scent. It was lovely, comforting, very feminine, and almost familiar. I took this to mean that our union was meant to be, and refocused on pleasing my new lady.

I felt her groping for my cock, and I knew I wouldn’t last if she got ahold of it. So I slipped off her massive chest and backed off of her until I was face to face with her cunt. Again I could feel the radiant heat emanating from her crotch, and the thick musky scent of it made me moan out loud. I pressed my hands on her belly and thrust my face between her legs. She let forth a startling cry, which was muffled from my ears by the pressing mass of her thighs against my head. She squirmed and bucked hard against my lapping tongue and nibbling lips, her non-verbal vocal strains ever louder and more urgent. She was fucking my face so hard I could barely breathe, catching occasional gulps of air when her hips shifted just right. Her hands were on my head, pressing it further into her snatch, and her juices rolled down my face and her legs. Finally the presumed orgasmic event took place, and she squealed and froze her body with her back arched while I pressed my tongue as far into her as I could get it. My nose was smashed against her clit and she shuddered in climax, before finally releasing me and collapsing onto the bed. I dropped down onto the floor and breathed deeply.

We stayed that way for a moment or two, she laying on her back on the bed, and me collapsed on the floor trying to catch my breath. I heard her move, and I stood up. My cock was drooling precome, and I got a bunch on my hands. My night vision was now working well enough for me to spot her huge white ass pointing at me on the bed. She was on all fours, aiming her sizable rear end in my direction, cooing softly to herself. Taking the hint, I got back on the huge bed, and kneeling behind her, I set my hands on her huge ass. She purred and pressed herself against me. Obliged, I took my aching prick and rubbed the head against her sopping wet twat. She purred louder, and I nearly fainted from the pleasure. Finally I was quite well lubed and I pressed it against her opening. It slipped in quickly and we both twitched at the quick coupling. We froze like that for another moment, savoring the union of our bodies. It was all my fantasies come true. I nearly pinched myself.

Finally, I started thrusting, slowly and gently into her cunt. She moaned and rocked in rhythm. I gripped her ass cheeks firmly and continued my motion. Miraculously I didn’t blow my load right away, and after a few minutes, it seemed that I had become acclimated enough that premature ejaculation wouldn’t be likely. I concentrated on varying my speed, depth and motion to see what she liked. She appeared to like it all, and we moaned and grunted together for what seemed like an hour, but was probably five minutes.

I picked up my pace, and she moved to match me. I could feel the home stretch coming on as if I’d done this a thousand times (which, I guess, I had with myself). I kept thrusting but released her butt and leaned forward to find her huge tits. I grabbed hold and found her monster nipples dragging against the bed sheets. We both grunted like animals as we neared our respective orgasms. She bucked harder and I felt the familiar sensation of my balls churning in preparation for the cumfest. I jammed against her hard as my body tightened in orgasm. She took over the motion as she fucked me while I emptied myself into her hot cunthole. Finally, as I fought the burning need to collapse, she hit her orgasm, and she slopping sounds of her sopping pussy against my still turgid cock were like music. She squealed through her orgasm, and finally we collapsed into a spoon on our sides. My cock slipped out along with a bunch of cum, forming a rather warm wet spot on my stomach and her butt. I pressed my face into her hair and smelled her again. She smelled so good, and again I thought about why she smelled familiar. It didn’t matter. I was in love with this mysterious woman of my fantasies and now my reality.

We fell asleep like that, and I awoke to find myself alone in the darkened room. I startled, not sure where I was. I found the lamp on the nightstand and turned it on. My eyes burned with the sudden intrusion of light, I realized I’d been in total darkness for hours. I saw the digital clock’s bright red numbers telling me that it was 3:38 in the morning! I called for Naomi, and my voice cracked. I searched the dimly lit suite for her, but there was no sign. I found my clothes and quickly dressed. I questioned for a moment if it had all happened, but the ache of my groin and the cum encrusted on my stomach and the bed were testaments to the veracity of my recollection.

I flew out of the room and headed for my car, a bit confused about what had really happened. I drove home snuck in as quietly as possible. I could hear Mom snoring softly, and I ducked into my room, stripped and jumped into bed. I couldn’t fall asleep right away; my mind was racing trying to figure out what had happened. Where had Naomi gone? Did I not please her? Did she change her mind about me? Eventually sleep came, and it wasn’t much better. My dreams were filled with orgasmic sex, bodies and flesh, the familiar sound of her moaning and the smells of her sex.

I awoke to the sound of the vacuum cleaner. The clock said it was 9:23 AM. ‘Not enough sleep, but I better help Mom clean,’ I conceded. I showered quickly, dressed and ran down to help. She was busy doing her thing and hardly noticed when I arrived.

“Good morning, Mom! How was Bridge?” I offered, trying to sound normal.

“Oh, hi, honey. It was fine. Al and Janine won again. How was your concert?”

“Oh, it was great. Sorry I got home so late. Need help cleaning?”

“Sure. Could you clean the upstairs bathroom? I’m almost done down here. I’ll meet you up there in a moment.”

“You got it, Mom. Sorry I overslept. That concert really wore me out.”

She smiled curiously and threw me a sponge and a bottle of 409.

“Go on, get!”

I ran back upstairs and got right to work. Of course, my mind was churning with thoughts of last night. I decided to take a quick break and check my email. Sure enough, there was a message from Naomi.

“Thanks for last night, darling. It was unbelievable. I want you again soon. This is like an answer to prayer. Everything was perfect. I’m sorry I had to leave you alone, but I had to get back home. I hope you understand. Love, Naomi.”

A small electric shock ran through my pecker as I took in her words. Then I heard Mom coming up the stairs and ran back to the bathroom to finish cleaning.

When we were all done, we went out for lunch and ran a couple errands. I was dying to get back to my computer to send Naomi an email sharing her sentiments. When I finally did, she wrote back almost immediately asking if she could come over tonight and “take care of me”. I gulped loudly. I didn’t think I could make that work, since I live with my mom, but I had another solution.

“Meet me at my house, but come to the backyard,” I wrote. “I have an old playhouse I used to play in as a kid. I’ll get a mattress or something in there, and then I’m all yours. Meet me there at midnight.” I included my address and sent the email.

I hurried to prepare my little playhouse for some action. It was more cramped than I remember, but I figured we’d fit okay. While Mom was upstairs reading after dinner, I nabbed the thin mattress out of the hide-a-bed and dragged it out back. It fit, barely. The evening hours passed at a geologic pace as I waited for the appointed time. Finally, I snuck past my snoring mother’s room and downstairs, then out the back door to my “fuckhouse”, ready to be pleasured.

I heard a car door open and close, and the sound of footsteps on the driveway. I sat up quickly, bumping my head on an overhead beam. Cursing silently, I listened for Naomi’s footfalls across the grass. Finally she knocked gently on the small door. I pushed it up, and I could see her silhouetted form, wearing a sexy teddy that covered her curvaceous fatty form. My cock lunged in my sweatpants, and I managed to speak.

“Come on in,” I got out, and she crawled awkwardly through the door. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea to do this out here, I thought. Oh, well. Too late now. She didn’t speak a word, but nearly tackled me with a hungry kiss. She crawled on top of me, crushing me into the thin foam mattress. Her tits pressed against my chest and her crotch grinded against my stiff pecker. Surprised by her aggressive approach, I gave in and let her run the show. She fondled me as we kissed, caressing my upper body. Finally she sat up and pulled my t-shirt off. I grabbed onto her huge tits, trapped under the satin of her teddy, straining at the thin straps. I still couldn’t see her face, but I knew her smell and her body like it was my own.

She slid off of me and yanked down my sweatpants. The waistband caught my boner and bent it down, so that when it got free it slapped back down on my belly with a fleshy smack. She cooed and bent her face down into my crotch. Her mouth found my cock and it disappeared into her throat. She instantly deep-throated me, and I gasped at the surprise and the sensation. She expertly worked my cock with her tongue and mouth, and soon I shot my load into her cheeks. She milked it all, nearly choking on the blast, but she swallowed it all down, slurping with satisfaction the last drops.

Naomi then sat up and I heard the sound of snaps being undone. She squatted over my body and, crouching to avoid hitting her head, she walked up to my head. I could barely make out the form of her ass and twat looming overhead, when she lowered herself down and sat on my face. I fought off the fear of suffocation and went to work licking her cunt and sucking on her clit. She rocked against me, pressing herself against my face. I made a trip with my tongue into the crevice of her ass, and found her puckered asshole. I lingered there for a moment, and her body responded positively. She leaned back a bit to give me access, and I chowed on her anus while my nose penetrated her vagina. Finally I moved back to her cunt and within moments brought her to orgasm. She shook violently against my face, and her juices poured over my chin and cheeks. As she relaxed her weight felt uncomfortable against my head, but she quickly lifted herself up. She bent over to kiss me.

She broke the kiss, refastened her teddy’s crotch snaps, and squeezed out of the playhouse. I almost started after her, but I didn’t want to risk offending her or chasing her away. She obviously knows what she’s doing, I thought, and fell back onto the mattress. I heard the car door open and close again, and I fell asleep.

This time I didn’t sleep long, and I hurried back into the house and into my bed. Mom was still sleeping and I hopped into bed. I thought about what had just happened, and I boner returned. I whipped down the sheets and pulled my aching pecker out and started pulling it. The thought of her cunt against my face, the smell of her furnace-hot vagina, she weight of her as she came against my face. I pulled hard on my cock, jacking it at superhuman speed, my mind swirling with lust. My lips involuntarily parted and my tongue came out, mimicking the motions I used to tease her clit. I groaned loudly as I pounded my meat.

What happened next was a huge shock. My tongue found flesh, and I immediately tasted Naomi’s cunt. How did she get here? I didn’t hear her come in the house. What’s happening? But my lust overpowered my critical thinking, and I gave myself to eating her cunt as she sat on my face for the second time that night. I continued to pound my peter as I slaved giddily to bring my darling Naomi to climax one more. Finally I felt the now-familiar signs of her orgasm, and she shook against my mouth and tongue. She immediately bounced up and straddled my cock. She lowered herself onto it and rode me in my own bed, just feet from where my mother lay sleeping.

I was so mad with lust and passion for my new lover Naomi, that I couldn’t stand not seeing her face. I threw my hand at the lamp and found the switch. I flipped it on and turned my gaze at my beloved Naomi. And saw my mother. I was looking at my mother atop my cock, gasping as she rode me. She stared right at me, but continued to grind her hips against me. She pulled down the straps of her teddy and her massive breasts spilled out. I was in so much shock I had no idea what to do. She grabbed my hands and put them on her huge nipples. Then she lifted herself up and dropped herself down, sending my cock into uncharted reaches of her cunt.

I came hard. Very hard. I was horrified and so turned on, and I wept as I pumped massive loads of hot cum into my mother’s pussy. For her part, she cooed softly and mashed my hands into her huge tits, while working her pussy muscles to milk my emptying cock. When my orgasm subsided, she put a finger to my lips, and leaned down to kiss me. I still had no idea what to do, but for all my shock I didn’t want this to end or go away. We rolled over, and lay in each other’s arms for the night. I would occasionally cry or panic, but she always comforted me and softly whispered that it would be alright. We didn’t sleep a wink, and when dawn arrived, it found us lying together, nude cuddling and kissing.

When finally we got up, she looked at me with sad, soft eyes.

“I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t mean to deceive you. I planned this all along. You see, I had put an ad on one of those BBW websites, and when you responded not knowing it was you own mother, I was embarrassed, then amused, and then…then I realized that what we both wanted was the same thing. I’ve found you to be so sexy since you grew up. I started masturbating to thoughts of you when you were 15. Then I’d feel such shame. But always the thought came back to me that you are the only man in my life and I love you. Why can’t your mother be your lover? What do you think?”

What could I say? I was almost alarmed at how reasonable it sounded, and while the identity of my lover was a surprise, the genuine nature of our sexual romance was completely true.

“Okay,” I croaked as a mix of shame and love flushed my face. “It’s just gonna take some getting used to.”

Mom put her hand on my chest. “I know, honey. I love you, and I would never hurt you. We’ve always needed each other. We just found a new way to need each other, that’s all.”

She stood and pulled down the rest of the teddy and it dropped silently to the floor. I took in her body, which I had never really seen naked before, either as her son or as her lover. Her huge, full breasts, her belly and her sides with their curvy rolls of fat, her swollen pussy with its cleft lips, her strong thick legs. My cock stirred under the sheets. I got up and stood across the bed from her and kicked off my sweatpants. She took in my form, admiring it and smiling sweetly at me.


“Yes, Mom?” Even saying the word “Mom” felt weird but somehow satisfying.

“Would you do your mother a favor and lick her butthole again? That was fantastic.” She shot me a devilish grin.

“Get on all fours and I’ll lick you from behind.” It was as if I hadn’t said it myself, it just came out.

Her eyes went wide and she obliged. I stared down at her milky white ass, the large round lumps of her butt glowing in the morning sunlight. I knelt down on the bed behind her and pressed my tongue to her anus. She squirmed and giggled, and I realized I’d be fucking my mother in the ass before lunch.

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2011-05-17 19:23:48
It was a bit obvious from the start that naiomi was ur mom but wat can I say I fucked my mum and have been for the last 3 years


2007-08-15 10:33:37
This was a hot, juicy story. It gave me a raging hardon. I guessed the ending, but loved the suspense.


2007-05-14 12:05:44
I love bbw. I'm married and fantisize constantly about these (in my eyes) beautiful, ravishing women.
I flirt with them as much I can get away with.
gave it a 10


2007-05-02 11:30:54
11/10 Awesome story. Had me hooked all the way through.


2007-04-18 06:30:07
good story made me cum and cum

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