goes back to when i was 16, if you dont like dont read
Introduction: goes back to when i was 16, if you dont like dont read

Ok I had this girl name Christian come over one day. And we were alone in my house and I had her walk

into my room with me. From there we started to just play a game of dare ( where you dare someone to do

something and they have to do it). Well I told her to lay ontop of me and she did which was nice then it

happend! I started to hump here with clothes on and she let me and I asked her to pull down her shorts

and hump me and I thought she was about to go, but got off of me and off the bed, drop her shorts to the

floor and got ontop of me, she was only 8 years old by the time. She was wearing red/pink panties as she

humped me and then I slid my hands down her panties as she said oh god and I squeezed her small, soft

and sexy little ass as she humped me and I loved it, this went on for a long time I even saw her butt as

naked as it could be. but the last time it happend was the best... The Knockout Moment: We were in my

room and she was feeling sleepy so she layed down on my bed and fell asleep, I waited and then took her

pants off slowly trying now to wake her, then i removed her pink panties so I could spread her legs wide to

see her 8 year old bald pussy. Then i bent down and started to lick her pussy, it tasted so good and she

was moaning in her sleep ( soft little moans) but i licked and fingered her pink pussy for a while till I

stoped and took out a long marker. I sucked on it to make it wet ( had to) as it was nice and wet I slowly

push it in her small virgin asshole and started to fuck her very slowly and then I picked up speed as I fuck

her hole harder and harder as I stroked my cock and she cumed a little bit and then I bent down rub my 7

inch hard cock on her sweet pink pussy for a little bit before I started to cum all over her and that was the

end of all the things that happend and to this day she don't remember or know what happend.

the end

part 2

Candice, I was friends with her and well I had her over to watch a porno video with me two guys fucking

one girl, well I started to hump her ass while squeezing her tits and I started to like it so much I pulled up

her dress and I put my hand on her panties to rub her pussy and she said no please don't but I kept going

and I loved the feel of her 14 year old pussy throught her panties ( which were white) and I rubed her and

hump her for the whole video that went on for a while till one day she wasn't home and her friend Daniel

was out riding bikes and I had her come back to my house with me but my parents and brother was home

but I took her into my room and shut the door. I told her to lay on my bed on her side and I hit play on the tv

and the same porno video came on and she was like in shock. Dindn't say anything, but I did, I asked her if

she wanted to do it their way or my way? she picked mine and i hit stop and rewind on tape so I could play

full sence. I got behind her, hit play and had her move backwards with only her 10 year old butt to my cock

and I started to hump her while watching the video and squeezing her nice tits through her shirt. I asked

her if she liked what I was doing to her? And she said nothing. Then I asked her if she liked what she saw

on the tv? she said nothing but a little umm. then I started to pound her ass as she came backwards from

each forward thrust to make me cum!!!! Then the next week I saw a friend from school who was a girl ( no

name need) but this was a black girl and I went to her house as we talked for a while and we started to

kiss and i showed her my hard cock, she showed a little hair on pussy not whole thing :( showed her tits

and well I sat down and she sat on my lap and we went back to kissing as i undid her bra and sucked on

my first girl tittys and first black as well I loved it and didn't stop till she rubed my cock and said I want to

stroke it to make you cum, but I had better ideals I layed her down and put my cock in betweenher big black

tits and started to fuck them, I fucked them so fast and hard I started to cum all over her nipples. And now

for the last girl I seduced her name was Kareren. I had her over one night she is a 9 year old girl by the

way. I started to hump her butt and she took my right hand and placed it on her pussy area and I started to

rub her up and down as we kissed. ( god wish I knew more things back then, like I do now!) We did it only

4 times but it was good as it lasted. The final time we did it was outside down by the back porch steps. I

had her bent over with her hands on the rails of the long porch as I pulled down her pants and I got naked

put my hard cock to her light blue cotton panties and just hump her bent over till I cumed. But that is all that

I ever did to anyone like that. Now days I have grown up from stuff like that and went out and found what I

wanted more then anything "TRUE LOVE" but I lost that one girl but hey, I'm not giving up on her i'm just

doing the same stuff as I always will, wait for the right time for me and her to be together once again.

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