The girl from my very first story "old times for me"
The Story of Kareren:

Day one - It started out normal. I would be in my room playing my PS2 ( Playstation2). The game i was

playing was Stuntman. I was having a lot of fun destroing cars and trucks by jumping huge ramps with

them. I was alone as well cuz my pearents were out looking at new houses cuz we were moving soon so I

was alone and I heard a knock on the front door. So I got up to answer the door and found out it was

kareren, shes 9 years old btw. ( by the way). I had her come back to my room so she could watch me play

the game. After a while I started to get bored and ask her if she wanted to have some fun and if she wanted

to feel good? She said ok what are we going to play/do? I told her to lay on the bed on her side. To tell you

what she looked liked, well she had dark brown/blackest hair, was wearing pink shirt, red/black checker

pants, socks and shoes. oh and blue eyes lol. I then stop my game, got up and grab and old wwe divas

book. and showed her a picture of a wwe diva sitting in a chair and i asked her where she wanted me to

hump her at? She pointed to the divas butt and then I said where do you want me to touch you at and she

point to the divas front area know as her pussy. So I got up behind her and started to hump her while i

place my hand on her side, but she grab my right hand and placed it on her pussy area and I started to

rub her as I humped her nice young butt. It felt soo good i stop and told her to lay on her back as I stated to

hump her pussy and started to kiss her and she said she didn't like it so I stop and went back to humping

her butt while rubbing and kissing her till I cumed in my boxers. The next night the same thing happend. I

had her laying down as I hump her butt while rubbing her pussy area and went to kissing her as I cumed

yet again in my boxers. The 3rd time this happend we were outside down by the bottom of the back porch

steps and i had her bent over, with hands on both sides of the rails and I humped her nice and good at

first. Then I picked up speed and asked her if she liked it? She said yes and I said what ( cuz I wanted her

to keep saying it, like she was moaning it or something you know like: yes yes yes) but she didn't do that.

But I started to cum and that was the end of that. Now for the final day we got to do it was ok. She came

over and said that we couldn't do it anymore but all we could do was kiss. So I said lay down and we can

kiss, but being smart I started to hump her while kissing and she didn't try to stop me, so I kept going till I

stoped told her to pull down her pants, so she unbutton her pants, zipped them down and took them off.

She was wearing light pink panties with little red hearts on them, as I told her to lay back on her side and

as she did I had my shorts off and in my blue boxers. I went back to humping her and it felt so good, my

cock was so hard that I felt her small ass from my cock touching her after each forward thrust. Mmmmmm

it feels so good I told her. Then I put my right hand on her pussy area and started to rub her and boy did I

feel her 9 year old young pussy through her panties and that just got me over the hill like I was in heaven or

something. She was moaning softly as I just kept on going and I wanted to do more to her but I was on the

end of cumming so I stoped humping her, rolled ontop of her pussy, humped her a little bit but very fast

and hard as we kissed and I started to cum on her panties cuz my cock was poking out of my boxers and I

could feel her panties were wet from both me and her going at it. So I started to cum on them as we kissed

and she started to say oh what are you doing to my panties? I feel something weird on them? I told her I

just cumed on them and she said umm ok, what's cum? I then told her and she said oh ok. I kissed her

and got dressed and she was to. As we were

dressed I layed down next to her so we could kiss more and I asked her if she like that and she said I

guess so? It felt weird and I got wet down their for some reason? I told her you got wet cuz I made you 9

year old young pussy cum and it felt good to my cock when I felt you cum so I cumed on your panties! She

then said ok I got to go now and that was all we ever did, cuz she moved away a couple of days later before

we ever moved. But in my head I wish that the day before she moved I could hump her sister cuz she was

wearing nothing but a swim suit bra and panties and it made me horny but I got off to watching one of my

favorite / best porno videos ever ( wish I still had it, I don't know what happend to it). Well I hope you like this

story, and if you did comment on it and if you like I cant write another one telling you about the other girls I

seduce in my past ( if you haven't read my first story yet, "old times for me") If you do want me to write one

pick a girl you want me to write about from my first story and I will be glade to. But don't ask for what typyou

want me to write about cuz my stories will be true stories of my past and I was 16 in my past to tell you now

before I get haters on me!!!

The End!

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2013-11-28 21:28:14
Don't listen to the haters. Keep writing. Haters: fuck off

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2013-01-26 17:25:08
I believe this may be the most absolutely horrible thing I have ever bothered to attempt to read in all of my days. You should seriously consider having all ten of your fingers amputated so as to avoid ever again defacing the English language with such illegible refuse.


2012-07-22 23:59:15
It was a lot of fun to read thx.

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2012-06-22 16:57:54
It was't worth my time. Plus, the double spacing made it hard to read.

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2012-06-22 09:03:03
I think 16 is a bit optimistic, knock 10 years off and about right. absolute pathetic peurile pointless trash, do the world a favour and destroy your computer and smartphone then stick to playing kiddy games on you ps2

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