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Friday 6:51 P.M.

We were doing the dishes. He got the scrubbing/washing part and I got the drying part. It was always like this. Every time he came to dinner, it would end up like this. It was tradition you can say. For the two years he had been coming over every once in a while and it led to this.

So I might have been a 16 year old girl in love, what’s it to you? I knew what I was doing; trust me. I didn’t read a book and end up knowing the knowledge of life. He actually explained it to me. Could you ever believe? A 16 year old with so much built up inside of him. He could baffle men three times his age and he did it with pride.

You can sum up people into categories. For him it was different. He had his own. He was his own category and to even to attempt to pry yourself into that category was useless. You ended up being rejected. The same went for me, even if I was his girlfriend.

My parents actually liked him. He had charm. I wanted to believe whenever he saw a person on the street or met his eyes with them he stole their charm. I know it was some dumb idea and possibly not possible, but it made sense if it actually happened. Everyday he’d have something new. I had no idea how it worked, so figuring him out was on the top of my list.

“Done,” he said swinging his hip so it hit me in the side.

I really didn’t measure up to his height. He had close to half a foot on me, but it didn’t matter. I felt protected. And with that I dried off the last plate and looked at him. I leaned in for a hug, but not before he gave me a little poke in the tummy that led to the hug.

Following me up to the stairs, we passed my parents. My parents didn’t mind him. They loved him. He had gotten me out of this depressed, bitchy little mood I was in and they were grateful for it. Mainly because I was in that mood for a while, but he snapped me right out of it. He saw through me as if I was transparent. When I was fooling everyone else, I couldn’t fool him. It’s as if he wrote the for my life and he explained it to me. Whatever it was, I loved it.

Whenever he came over to sleep over, he brought his sleeping bag with. This way it looked like he’d sleep on the ground instead of with me. My parents said it was all right, but I really don’t think they bought it. It’s not like we had sex in their presence. Even though we did, they were never home when we did it. So no muffled noises or moans escaped while he was here with them around.

“Where’d you put the movie?” I asked him as he let go of hair as we entered my room.

“I dunno,” he replied with his strange accent, shutting the door behind him.

He had this accent. It was one from Boston. The thing is we lived nowhere near Boston and he had never been there. I had no idea why he had it, but it was fun to let him use it. After he replied to me, I walked around the room and picked up the DVD and shoved it in. I turned around to see him taking my pillow out of the pillow case and ripping the little seal off of it, and shoving it back in. That’s why I loved him.

“Jen said it was really good,” I said as I rolled onto the bed.

I rolled two more times until I was in the middle of the bed. I bent down a bit and picked up the universal remote and started to get the movie rolling. During the whole time he sat between my sprawled legs, sat Indian style and started to tap away at my puffy ass. I paid no attention to it. He was always doing something like this and I secretly loved it.

“If Jen saw her leg get chopped off she’d say it was good,” he said as he tapped my ass to his own little rhythm.

“Then let me watch one of the movies you like,” I told him for the millionth time.

“No,” he said as he slowed it down to a small tapping. “You never like them. Only I can like them.”

He wasn’t being an ass or anything, it was the truth. I never liked any of his movies. Ranging from The Usual Suspects to Memento, I never got a kick out of anyone of them. They confused me and made me thing. I hated thinking. I let him do the thinking for me.

“And when you don’t like them you go ahead and keep telling me how you hated it and stuff,” he said as he tapped my ass slowly with each finger, one at a time. “So that’s why I watch your movies.”

“The chick flicks?” I asked as I clicked the play button.

“The chick flicks,” he answered with a stern voice as he continued.

The opening for Freaky Friday came about, but I knew he wasn’t watching the movie. He was too busy keeping up the promise he stated last week. He told me he’d kiss every part on my body. He was doing it too. Two days ago he completed the upper half of my body, and now he was working on the lower part. I knew he wouldn’t get into the sex scenario, but I was eager as to what he’d do when he got to my pussy.


Her movie started and she was hooked from the first second. That was like her. She never paid attention if she put her mind to, but that was a good thing. In the mean time I could go ahead and kiss away. I looked down at the black pajamas she was wearing and slowly tugged them down. It revealed her delicious ass. My grin widened as I pulled down her thong so it was fully exposed. I got into the same position she was in; on my stomach facing the TV.

I kissed away at her little tan ass. I smiled at the foreign little smell that made it’s way from the restricted area she called her asshole. Suddenly I felt the little urge inside my body that was building up during dinner.

“Fuck,” I said as I started to get up. “Gotta pizz.”

I walked over, gliding my left foot over her right ass cheeks and jumped down from the bed. She smiled as she clicked paused and raced after me. Opening the door, I felt her bump into me. I hid a smile from her as I walked down the hallway to the end of the room. Her parents never used the hallway bathroom. They were blessed with the bedroom in their awfully large master bedroom. They kept to their property, and we used whatever we had before us.

I walked in knowing they wouldn’t come up for a while. She followed as I lifted the toilet seat. She closed the door fully and locked it. I took my cock out and waited as she came over and grabbed it. I had the power to keep it flaccid as she aimed down at the toilet and I let it rip. She aimed it around the inner lining of the bowl as I watched her play around with my cock. The piss continued as she played wonderfully with it. I bent my back forward and gave her a kiss on the temple as the last of my piss dribbled into the toilet. She bent over to flush it as I pulled my shorts up.

She swiped her hands under the running water and then wiped them on her pajama. I opened the door, made sure the coast was clear as we slowly tiptoed back. Closing the door behind us, I let her walk in front of me. I quickened my pace, pulled her pajamas and thong down in a single motion down to her ankles as she rolled right onto the bed.

“They’re home,” she said to me as she pressed the play button. “And they’re not going out.”

“Yah,” I said as I shrugged my shoulders and ended up right between her legs once again as I spread her ass cheeks.

The trance she was in usually let me explore every little thing in her body. That is if I didn’t get her to move or end up giving her an orgasm, it was fine. So I lay there and went right back to work. I slowly parted her cheeks apart and store her asshole right in the face. It was an inevitable staring contest as I store at it for a minute or two, not blinking.

Of course I lost, but then I felt as if I had to pay homage to its incredible little power and I did. I slowly reached forward and swiped my tongue right into there and flicked it. My ears were alert and I heard a little moan. Not a groan, but a luscious moan.


Suddenly I realized the part of my body he had just licked. We never talked about that part of the body, because it never came up. I was opposed to it, mostly because it was known to hurt like hell. I looked over my shoulder into his deep eyes.

“What the hell was that?” I asked him with a sour look on my face.

“A taste test,” he said as he darted in once again.

He got a dab, but then I pulled away in time. I pulled up my thong and pajamas as I sit up and he stare at me from his lying position. He looked at me as I looked right back at him. The foreign feeling was unexplainably good.

“Like it?” he asked me as he laid his head down and started to stare at my kneecaps from his angle.

I couldn’t lie to him. It was too hard. He had lied to me once, but then he confessed. He felt like shit for the next week, but I snapped him out of it after a while.

“It felt weird,” I told him as I tried to replay the memory back in my mind. “Really weird.”

He somehow pulled off a shrug from the stance he was in. Since he was on his right side facing the TV, he threw his left arm out and I grabbed it. He pulled me in so my back was to his cock. I felt it, but he snuggled it in between his legs as he gave me a kiss somewhere on my head and stacked some pillows under his heads.

He fell asleep first. I felt his arm stop playing around with my belly button piercing and it just collapsed after sometime. His soft little snores were a give away. I put the movie on mute and read the captions, but dozed away after reading a bit too much.

Saturday 7:21 A.M.

I woke up and looked around. I felt the crust between my eyes and his heavy arm around my waist. I remember the summer from last year when he returned from his three-month stay in Oklahoma with his dad’s cousin. I wasn’t exactly sure what to call it, but he called him an uncle. I never got around to asking anyone, but that was now added to the top of my list.

I remember when I saw him in the summer. He maybe grew like half a inch. It’s not like he had a huge growth spur and ended up with a 10-inch cock. I’d actually hate it. Sometimes his cock made me ache. I never put a ruler to it and measured. I knew he felt insecure about it, but it ate me inside to figure out how much I was taking. I sometimes used my fist size to measure him up, but always ended up saying no to myself as I compared it to something.

But when I saw him return he gained a lot of muscle. Maybe close to 10 pounds actually. He had been swimming day in and day out there, and his back was beautiful. He had a very nice chest, but it was hairy when I saw it then. Thanks to his decision of joining the swim team, I got the luxury of shaving away at every little hair on his body…well visible hair anyways. And with that he had grown into a man in the last year or so.

“Hey?” I asked him as I moved my legs around the sheets of my bed.

Nothing. The area where my head was seated was awfully hot. I moved it forward and let the cool spot push against my face. It was a minute or so before I maneuvered away from his arm and onto my feet. I looked at him with his face buried deep into my pillow, most likely leaving a puddle of drool. I squeezed my face from the thought and then looked down at myself. I had an itch in between my legs and I decided to itch it. I smiled as I slowly pushed my lips apart and gave my body that oh so needed feeling.

With a finger in my cunt for a minute as I watched him sleep, I took it out and slowly made my way down.


The creaking of the stairs woke up me up as I looked up and around her pink bedroom. The movie was still going but no one was watching. I looked down at the pillow and noticed the drool spot.

“Fack,” I said as I looked at its huge size.

I flipped it over so it wouldn’t be discovered. Some what relieved by that, I looked down at another problem that occurred in my shorts; morning wood. I clicked my tongue, got up and gave my nuts the adjustment they needed for the last couple of hours. Doing so I turned off her TV and DVD player and then made my way down to the kitchen. I had to take a leak, but I knew she’d be disappointed if she wasn’t there to guide my piss into the toilet.

I saw here pouring herself a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I walked behind her and slapped her ass, comfortable to do so without the presence of her parents. She let out a groan as I squeezed. She raised her hand to me and put her index out.

“Suck on this,” she said poking at the air, trying to get it into my mouth.

I caught it and moved it in my mouth. Yup, it had been inside her little pussy. I sucked on it for a couple of seconds until her fingernail ended up scratching my tongue. I set it free as she wiped it against her pajamas as she did for everything else. She picked up two spoons, dropped them into the bowl and carried them to the living room. I followed her in a daze as she got to the living room.

She sat Indian style as she ate away with one spoon, the other obviously for her. With the TV in front of her, she turned it on and put on the Saturday Morning cartoons. It had been awhile, but when I joined her I felt free again. Watching Tom and Jerry run back and forth was exhilarating. The whole time my cock had subsided and was reduced to nothing. My balls felt as if they were right up my body, wanting me to squirt. I looked at her and wanted to as she chomped away.

I dug in as well and soon enough we were done. It was pure silence except for the slurping and chomping of the cereal. She looked down at the bowl. I wanted her to have it. She was too bony and some milk would help her a bit. Suddenly a powerful question crossed my mind as I looked at her transfixed eyes. It’s as if I commanded her, she turned towards me with the “now what?” look on her face.

“We should try anal,” I told her.


I looked down at the bowl of cereal and felt like throwing it at him. This was the only question I was going to say no to. Even if he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him, exposing a ring pop I would say yes. But anal sex? No!

“No,” I said as I turned my head away, signaling for the end of discussion.

Okay, I knew him too well. He didn’t regard any of the messages I sent him. Instead he took them and turned them into something else. He was special like that. He was special all together. He could take a pebble and turn him into an idol.

“But I know you liked that lick,” he told me. “You’ve never moaned like that, in like ever.”

He had me there. It felt really good, but at the same time it was my asshole.

“But I poo from there,” I told him flat out. ‘Doesn’t that disgust you?”

He looked at me and then had to reform a new plan. With the way his brought thought I knew he’d come up with something good to respond back with, and he did just that.

“You make it sound like we’d be the first people in existence to every try it,” he replied and got that ‘zing! I win!’ look on his face.

I didn’t cave in. I just shut up and returned back to watching TV. I just couldn’t keep the idea of a cock inside my ass.

~Saturday: 2:54 P.M.~

I talked her into it. I got her and that was all that had to be said. We hadn’t had sex in awhile. The only way I showed her the luxury of it was through porno. We watched porn together, but she usually regulated what we watched. Today I typed anal into the search engine and va-la. Home.

I sat in her computer chair and spread her legs so she could sit in between them. She got her butt in all nice and snug while I typed away. My cock slowly bulged away against her back as I had it exposed. Her mom was out of the house somewhere and her dad wasn’t downstairs drinking his troubles goodbye. At the same time I was letting the precum drip down her back and into that small little crack that led to my new obsession.

After downloading some movies from her broadband connection, I watched them with her. Most of them involved doggystyle anal, but I saw some spooning. I felt her getting wet down there as we watching cocks bust in and out of a girl’s asshole, gapping it and letting it stay wide for awhile. I was hoping none of them showed tears coming out of a girl’s eyes, and I was happy when it didn’t happen.

“See,” I said as I slid my hand down the front end of her pajamas and felt her hard clit. “It’s simple. Just let me read up on how to do it, and we’ll be doing it in no time.”

She was thinking about it as I rubbed away at her clit right my middle finger stroked her right pussy lip with my ring finger. I didn’t get the female vagina. It seemed as if any touch of it sent her up the wall, but it pleased me that she had a smile on her face. Slowly as I rubbed at that beautiful little clit I saw from time to time, she grabbed my cock from behind and spread the precum around the head of my cock.

“Oh my god,” she said under her breath. “Don’t stop, it’s going!”

Her hands were cold as she touched it, which then made me put my chin on her shoulder as I kept rubbing away. I wanted to do more, but I knew I couldn’t with the primal fear of parent interference. Moments later I felt her shaking and releasing the small amounts of juices she usually did. With my love for her juices I got as much as I could and took it to my mouth.

“Mmmm,” I said to myself as she sit there, letting go of my cock.

She got past the intensified moment about two minutes later as she got off and went after my unintended cock. She grabbed it and gave it a quick couple of licks. Doing so, she started an amazing wank as I slide my ass across the chair a bit. My balls made a clearer view for her eyes as she grabbed them and played around with them.

“Holy shit,” I said of approving of her methods as she quickened up. “Faster. I want to cum so badly. Uggh, hurry!”

She took the command and quickened it up. Her squeeze on my cock was nice and lenient as she went faster. Before I knew it I felt it, but couldn’t let the words escape my mouth. My cock erupted with my cum. A line flashed to the side of neck and into her hair, while the rest made its small little volcanic eruotpns onto her hand and most dribbled down. I looked down as she looked at it.

She pulled all of it off my cock as I placed my pleased cock inside my pants. She slowly sat there on her knees as she licked herself off. I looked down with a smile, slowly losing my drive but not my love for her. I moved the chair back and allowed her to get up. I wasn’t going for a kiss, knowing she had my sperm in my mouth. Instead I fastened her forehead with a series of kisses and then let her go get cleaned up.

To be continued...


2006-10-04 17:28:49
love the creativity, but hate the story line


2006-07-16 22:13:01
cool from both sides willie t


2005-07-27 11:12:35
well written although not alot of action so if u carry it on it will definitley get better


2005-07-24 19:26:48
interesting choice to do both persepctives, i look forward to the rest.


2005-07-13 15:59:25
lame story fuck wad

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