Summer School for Sheila (part 2)

Sheila and I looked at one another and moved to my car. We got in, sitting quietly for a moment as we began to realize what this meant. We could have over a week alone together, with no one to interfere or question. Even though it was a public parking lot in the middle of the day I felt our intimacy.

As I relaxed I said “Wow!” exactly at the same time as Sheila; we both laughed. She said she’d had a hard time not giggling, when I’d told her mother that I could work on her technique, and I admitted it’d been hard to keep a straight face when she’d been saying what a good teacher I was.

“Let’s go back to the house” she said eagerly “why waste time?” However we took the time to go to the supermarket and stock up for the next nine days. I thought that we didn’t want to have to keep coming into town for supplies. I have to admit that I was nervous about being seen in public with Sheila too often as we might become too obvious. My grandparents had bought the beach house back in the years when a high school principal could afford a vacation home. As my family had been coming here almost every year since then there were a number of old timers who knew me and might start talking.

Despite that, I slipped into a New Age store and bought a copy of Sensual Massage and a bottle of lavender scented massage oil. I wanted to introduce Sheila to another level of touch that I thought she’d enjoy.

The drive back to the house turned out to be rather dangerous as Sheila, while innocently looking out the window, reached across, unzipped my pants, and slipped her hand inside. Fortunately there wasn’t any other traffic as I swerved across the road! She laughed and squeezed my balls as I got the car back under control. I told her to behave herself until we got back home, but she didn’t.

Happily I got back without an accident, turned into the driveway and crunched our way up the gravel to stop in front of the house. I killed the motor and leaned over to kiss Sheila. She suddenly grabbed me and burst into tears.

That threw me. I wondered if I’d done something wrong. I put my arm round her shoulders and she buried her face in my chest. I waited until the tears died down and she sniffed. I asked what was wrong. She looked at me and gave me a sheepish grin. Even with her eyes red and the tears wet on her cheeks I thought she was about as beautiful as any girl could be.

“There’s nothing wrong. I’m just so happy. I love you Uncle John and I was being brave and grownup about leaving you and now we have all this time together and it was too much.”

Sheila lifted her face up and kissed me long and slow. She let her tongue glide into my mouth. She wriggled across the seat to be as close to me as possible. I felt her hand back between my thighs, her fingers gently stroking me. She broke the kiss and rubbed her cheek against mine. “Let’s go into the house now” she breathed into my ear “We can unpack the car later.”

I opened my door and she wrapped her arms around me so that I pulled her across the seat as I got out. I picked her up in my arms and she nestled against me as I carried her into the house and straight to the bedroom. I dropped her on the bed and she wiggled and made kitten noises as I stripped my clothes off as quickly as I could.

She went totally limp as I jumped onto the bed and straddled her. She let me undress her, neither helping nor hindering. But as soon as she was naked she was more a tiger than a kitten. When I kissed her she bit and her fingernails scratched across my back. If she wanted it rough I was happy to oblige. I divided my mind: half stayed calm to make sure that I didn’t hurt her; half that let loose and enjoyed the pleasure of dominating a desirable and willing partner.

When I’d had enough foreplay I pinned her wrists together above her head and slipped my hard prick along the damp path and into the juicy opening of her cunt. She was panting and her breasts were heaving when I started to bore into her. As I drove deeper and deeper she started to cry “Yes, yes!” and “Harder, harder!” Later her cries turned to “Oh God, oh God; I can’t take it any more! I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.” Even with the weight of my body on top of her Sheila was thrashing her body around with the intensity of her experience.

I fucked her twice straight off; the feel of her vaginal muscles squeezing and releasing was so incredibly stimulating that my penis stayed erect after the first ejaculation and was soon shooting a second load of semen into her welcoming vagina. When we finally finished I rolled off her and lay by her side; both of us panting and moaning with pleasure. I was bathed in sweat and I could feel that Sheila was also.

As we lay, side-by-side, with our fingers intertwined I found myself marveling at the fact that this girl, who hadn’t known how to kiss properly had, in a few days, become such an uninhibited lover. Maybe I wasn’t such a bad teacher after all!

After we had recovered our breath and our self-control we showered off and got dressed. Sheila put on the tightest pair of shorts she owned and a sleeveless blouse that let me see the color of her nipples through the thin cloth. I just put on a pair of jeans. Neither of us bothered with underclothes.

We went out to unload the groceries from the car but spent as much time with me fondling Sheila’s ass each time she bent over to grab a sack as we did carrying the purchases. Neither of us thought it was an unproductive use of our time.

With the evening closing in we didn’t feel energetic enough to go windsurfing that day. I grabbed a bottle of white wine out of the fridge and we sat on the porch, both squeezed into the same basket chair. Sheila sipped at the wine and tried to make sophisticated comments about its bouquet but spoiled the effect by making a face at each sip. I laughed at her and she pouted in pretend upset but then she put her glass down and ran her fingers through my chest hair.

She leaned against me with a sigh of contentment. “I’m so happy”, she murmured, “I want this to go on for ever and ever.”

I was feeling pretty contented myself and with a sense of sexual fulfillment that I hadn’t realized that I’d been missing. Sex with my wife had become routine, unimaginative and infrequent. Now that I had rediscovered the pleasures with Sheila I would have been happy to have it go on for ever and ever but didn’t see how it could. I decided to put that worry aside and, like Robin Williams said in that movie “seize the day.”

We had more than a week that we’d be together. I thought I could still introduce Sheila to a few more experiences that she’d enjoy. I asked her what she’d like to do now. She smiled and said that I’d promised to teach her how to kiss when sitting down and now seemed like an ideal time.

My thoughts of what I had to teach her had long ago gotten past kissing but I said that I’d fill in the missing lesson right away. I suggested that we move immediately to advanced level where the student sits in the teacher’s lap. Sheila shuffled her bottom onto my lap and wriggled until she slid down between my thighs while her legs dangled over the side of the chair. The feel of her ass cheeks against my groin got me thinking of other things than kissing. But, as a good teacher, I went with the student’s desire. I put my left arm around her shoulders and told her to lean back, close her eyes and part her lips. Leaning down I kissed her and slid my tongue into her mouth. Each time I kissed her I experienced a slight shock as I rediscovered the sweetness of her mouth.

After a while she started kissing me with more force and wrapping her fingers around my hair as she pulled my head down. By this time my other hand had traced the contours of her body from her knees along her bare thighs and started unbuttoning her blouse. As my fingers caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples she started to make little grunting noises and moved her bottom against my groin with insistence.

Without breaking the contact of our lips, I slid out of the chair with Sheila still on my lap until I could lie her down on the rough, wooden boards of the porch. Working by touch I found the zipper of her shorts and undid it. She raised her hips as I slipped the shorts down her legs and felt her kick them off her feet. At the same time her hands were unzipping my pants and pulling my prick out. She rubbed it for a little to bring it fully erect and then guided it into her.

All this time our lips were locked together. As I felt my penis slip into her welcoming, well-lubricated cunt I realized how we were working together. There wasn’t any need for words. She understood what I wanted and I could sense her needs. Even after years of marriage I’d never had this level of harmony with my wife. I thought that people were so stupid to think of male and female as opposites when they should be seen as complements. Each fitted perfectly into the other to make a unit that created a pleasure that was overwhelming.

Not that all my mind was working on the philosophy of interpersonal relationships! More and more of it was occupied with the sensations that flowed from my penis through my whole body. I’m not kidding. There was a tingle that even reached the hairs on my head.

Compared with the ferocity of our lovemaking just after we got back home this was slow, leisurely, drawn out over a long time but the climax was just as good. I rolled off Sheila and lay beside her, feeling the heat of the wood on my back. I lay there for at least ten minutes letting the release, that came as my body relaxed, wash over me like gentle waves.

Finally I zipped my fly and got up. Sheila just lay there, which was fine by me. Apart from her unbuttoned blouse, which didn’t hide anything, she was naked. The bikini pattern of pale skin against the golden brown of her legs, tummy and arms kept pulling my gaze back to her breasts and her pale curls of pubic hair.

She lay there all the while I was preparing the barbeque. She was becoming aware of the power that her beautiful body gave her and enjoyed teasing me with her nudity. Every now and then she would rub her slit with her fingers and look at me questioningly. I felt proud of the fact that I was able to keep on preparing the food!

When the steaks were ready I growled at her to get dressed and come and eat. With a wicked grin she reached over to grab her discarded shorts and slip them on. She left them unzipped and her blouse unbuttoned. My eyes were devouring her all through the meal.

That evening was a sample of the days that followed. Sheila became more and more uninhibited in her lovemaking. She took pleasure in discovering the effect of her touch on my body. Despite all the energy we spent I felt myself growing younger and stronger.

We made love in the early morning, went out on the boards and then made love instead of lunch. In the afternoons we were on the water or the beach and in the evenings we made love again – and again.

The afternoon after our next session on the boards I gave Sheila her first massage and she begged for one every day after. I put my wife’s yoga mat on the kitchen table and Sheila lay there as I massaged the lavender oil into her smooth skin. I let my fingers probe her muscles as I felt her relax. First I gave her a regular massage to release any stresses in her body.

Then I put the lessons of Sensual Massage into practice. I traced the contours of her body with the palms of my hands, stroking her with a rhythm that built up and slowed down, lulling her into a state of semi-hypnosis and total relaxation. As she lay on her front I stroked down to her rump and let my fingers take over from my palms as they moved between her legs.

Sheila started moaning with pleasure at my touch and gave little cries of delight and shivered with the intensity of the feeling as my fingers wormed into the tight hole of her anus. I heard her moan with disappointment as I withdrew my fingers but then she was gasping with aroused pleasure as my fingertips slipped between her labia to stroke the warm, wet slit.

She was limp as a rag as I rolled her over to lie on her back while I worked on her front. I started from her head, massaging her face, her cheeks, lips and ears with the softest touch I could manage. Her breathing was long and low. She shivered as my fingers moved down onto the soft skin of her throat and worked their way onto her breasts rousing her nipples to stand stiff.

Then to her belly and, avoiding her groin, aroused her through the touch of my fingers on the length of her legs before, finally, moving back along her inner thighs. By now she was whimpering with desire and murmuring “Oh my God, oh my God; I can’t take any more I’m going to die.” As my fingers traced the length of her damp slit and started to massage her clitoris her whimpers grew stronger and she burst out “I’m going to cum! I can’t stop it! I’m going to cum! Oh, Oh! Why aren’t you fucking me you bastard? Oh, Aaah!” Her hips rocked violently as her juices spurted covering my fingers with her musky smelling liquid.

I stopped my massage and bent my face to her slit and curled my tongue around her clit before sliding it into her hole, lapping at her juices like a kitten with milk. Sheila lay there crying weakly with the after effects of her violent orgasm. Her hands found their way to my head and fondled me as I kissed her wonderful sex.

When she’d recovered a little she said that she’d never imagined anything like that. She said I was the most wonderful man in the world; that she would never love anyone as much as she loved me and would I please climb on top of her and fuck her silly. As that was my idea too, I did just that.

Later on, she wanted to massage me. Believe me, I wanted that as well. Her hands weren’t strong enough to work my muscles very much but they were plenty able to rouse me to a fever pitch of desire. I lay there while her fingers massaged my balls and her mouth and tongue worked their wonders on my shaft. My hips were rocking as I shot my load into her eager mouth. It wasn’t a move that was in the massage book but it should have been.

Every day we worked on massage techniques as much as we did on wind surfing, and almost as much as love making.

We did other things as well. I introduced Sheila to nude bathing by moonlight; when the water touches your body with an intimacy that daylight never gives. As she was so eager for new experiences I even tied her spread-eagled to our bed to let her feel what it was like to be totally defenseless. If anything, her orgasms were even more dramatic when I fucked her as she lay there unable to move. We repeated that several times and each time she started to dampen the bed with her juices even before I touched her. I liked the effect of tickling the soles of her feet with a feather as she lay there unable to move.

One evening, towards the end of our stay, we were sitting on the porch watching the sun approach the horizon out beyond the lighthouse. Sheila was snuggled on my lap, her cheeks against my shoulder. I was letting my mind stray back over the time we’d had together. Random memories drifted into my awareness: our first kiss, the sounds she made when she had an orgasm, the feel of her, the taste of her, her scent.

I found that I was filled with contradictory feelings. There was the peace and sense of continuity that I always feel here at the beach, the physical well-being and fulfillment from so much sex with someone I loved, but also sadness that it was all going to end, and soon. What a fool I’d been to let myself get so involved with Sheila. In two days I would drive her home and then go back to my wife. I realized that from here on there’d be a hole in my life. I’d know what I’d be missing, what I wanted but couldn’t have. How would I be able to settle back to the empty life that I’d been leading.

Sheila stirred and sat up. She had a serious look on her face. I recognized it as her “I’ve been thinking grown-up thoughts” face and I found it irresistible. “You really love this place don’t you?” It was more a statement than a question. I nodded. She knew that our family’s history was rooted in this house. My father had spent most of his summers here as a child and I had done the same. I hated the thought of the place going out of the family on my death.

“You’d like to see your children grow up here, wouldn’t you?” Again it was more of a statement than a question. I stiffened; this was the elephant in the room that my wife and I had never talked about, that we’d pretended wasn’t there. I thought I’d accepted the fact but I found tears coming to my eyes as this beautiful, innocent girl spoke the truth.

Sheila saw the tears too and wiped them off my cheek with her gentle fingers. With a catch in my throat I told her it was too late for that. She shook her head emphatically. “No it isn’t. I can have babies. I want to have your babies, as many as you like.”

I started to open my mouth to state the obvious – that she was only fourteen and my niece and she had her life ahead of her. She put her finger on my lips before I could start to say my piece. “Listen to me” she begged. “I’ve thought it all out. In three years and two months I’ll be eighteen and able to do what I want. I’m the daughter of the sister of your wife. We’re not blood relations. You can get divorced. We can get married and I can have your children and, when we spend our summers here, you can see them grow up to love this place as much as you do. Then, later, you can watch our grandchildren play here too.” I could see in her eyes that she was dead serious. She had worked the whole thing out.

She leaned her face to mine. I felt the warmth of her breath as her tongue traced my lips before she kissed me with such love that I could think of nothing other than my love for her. Her eyelashes brushed my cheeks and her breasts moved against my chest. I let my mind be filled with the vision of babies with blonde hair and blue eyes crawling across the porch. Then I saw toddlers paddling in the water at the edge of the beach and screaming with delight as the waves washed over their feet.

Of course it was impossible; it was madness but, all the same, I scooped the beautiful girl/woman up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom for another night of lovemaking. I was willing to see what the future would bring.

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