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How in the hell could someone that sexy and handsome be single?
CH1 “Preacher-man”

Cindy shifted uncomfortably in the pew trying to keep her mind on the fact she was sitting in church. How on earth her mother talked her into going, she’d never know. Maybe it was because she was tired of her mother’s nagging, and decided one Sunday would not hurt. Leave it to her mother the matchmaker to tell her all the details of the new preacher, who was single, as if she was interested in the man of the cloth.

However when she saw him, she muttered to herself, “Oh god, how can someone that sexy and handsome be single?”

She’d first met Reverend Caldwell while she visited her mother last Tuesday. When she walked into the house, there he sat at the table, drinking coffee with her mom. When her mother introduced him, she felt his deep blue eyes piercing go right causing her to quiver and prayed to god neither of them noticed.

She held out her hand and uttered the usual hello. When their fingers touched she felt a tingle go directly to her clit. Now how in the hell could that happen? After all he was just a preacher.

Her mother turned to her and asked her if she would like a cup of coffee, she nodded yes and sat down. She wondered if he was the kind of preacher who could date, or he was one who was married to the church. She felt like asking him, but knew her mom would chastise her for doing so.

She tried her best to avoid his gaze, but every time she looked up, he was watching her.

She almost fainted when he spoke directly to her. “I wish you would join your mother Sunday, and come to church.”

She smiled and answered, “Sorry reverend, but I have plans.”

In the back of her mind was laughing and saying, “What a freaking joke! Oh yeah, like the mini skirted, bar hoping sex pot, will be found sitting in your damn church! If you listened to my mother you would know how much of a sinner I really am. Do not think so, preacher man."

The preacher got up and told them good-bye, shook Cindy’s hand and said, “I hope you change your mind about Sunday.”

After he was gone, her mother reached across the table and grabbed her hand. “You know Cindy; I would not hurt you to go to church, just once. Please do it for me.”

She could feel a non-stop lecture coming on; her mother would rant and rave about how much of a sinner Cindy really was in graphic detail. Therefore, just to shut her mother up, she said, “Sure, see you Sunday momma.”

Since Cindy’s dad had died a year ago, she tried to visit her mom at lease 4 times a week. The usual routine was to fix supper and play a few rounds of Scrabble.

When they sat down to eat, Cindy hoped her mother would not say anything more, but knew that was impossible. Her mother considered herself a verified matchmaker, and if she had her way, Cindy would have been married by now.

Her mother took a drink of her coffee and spoke. “Honey, did you see how handsome he is? He is only a year older than you. It would be so nice if you liked him. By the way honey, he is available!”

Oh, god, that did it! Everyone knows preachers think sex is sinful and she just knew this one would be no different.

“Mother, please, I think I can find a man on my own. And if you do not mind, I will get married only if I want to!”

She helped her mom with the dishes, then patted her hand, and kissed her cheek. “Gotta go momma, 6 am rolls around early, please do not be too angry with me?”

All the way home she cursed herself. “Oh shit, Cindy, what in the hell have you got yourself into now?”

She already made plans with her roommate Renee. Sunday, they were going to the new movie theater and afterwards out to dinner. How was she going to tell her she could not go?

She could see herself telling Renee about what she was going to do Sunday. After a pause she just knew that Renee would be rolling on the floor with laughter.

Giggling and saying, “You are going where? You went to church. Oh I get it this is a joke where is the punch line!” The teasing would escalate until all her friends would join in the fun.

Cindy decided against telling her the truth. She would just explain that he mom needed her to drive her somewhere Sunday, that way no-one would notice where she went.

The next thing she did was focus on what to wear. If she wore the usual mini skirt and short tops, they would not even let her through the front door of the church. So she decided to wear this long denim skirt checkered country style blouse and boots.

Sunday came around and she left for church early. She wanted to arrive at church before her mother, that way she would not have to endure any more embarrassment. When she got there, she uttered, “Damn,” under her breathe, there was her mom on the steps waiting for her.

Her mother walked up to her and chirped. “Hello Cindy, you look so nice dear.”

She then grabbed Cindy’s arm and purposely walked arm in arm into the church.

As they passed the preacher, her mom said, “Good morning, Reverend.”

Reverend Caldwell took Cindy’s hand and said, “Welcome Cindy, glad you could join us. Hey, did you mother tell you about the potluck after the morning services. I do hope you’ll join us.”

Cindy just nodded no and kept on moving, pushing her mother toward the seats. Frowning and thinking, “By god I am not about to stay in this church any longer than I have to.” She was relieved when her mother did not sit in the front row.

Cindy looked around and almost fainted. Half of the men sitting there were the very ones who hit on her at the local bar. Now here they sat all prim and proper next to their wife or girlfriend.

She snickered and whispered, “Oh goody, a room full of hypocrite’s.” When glanced about, she shivered; the place gave her the creeps.

She settled in and was determined to tune out everything, including the “you are a sinner sermon.” She was doing well until she looked up and saw the minister watching her.

Cindy smiled at him. “Goddamn, how can be a man of the cloth, be so fucking handsome?”

She then wondered what was on his mind. She started imagining sexy things and blushed.

Maybe he is one of those dirty minded ministers who do more than console their flock. When they stood to sing the last hymn, she leaned over and said, “Mother, I think I will stay for dinner, beats cooking any day.” She tried not to let on she had an alternative motive.

Cindy found herself enjoying the dinner and noticed it made her mom quiet happy. So she figured the day was not a total loss and it did not bruise her dignity too badly. When she went to get some pie for dessert, her mother joined her.

Her mother leaned over and said, Cindy, I hope you do not mind me going over to Martha’s after dinner? She wants me to help her work on the quilt she is making for her daughter. Oh, don’t worry about how to get home dear, I have already asked the preacher if he would take you.”

Cindy, almost dropped her plate and was about to yell, Mother, how could you! Then stopped, she knew that this was one argument she would never win. She then smiled to herself; it might not be such a bad idea, for the preacher to take her home. Now, she could really see what he was like. It was a perfect chance to see what was on his mind.

Cindy sat back down and started eating her pie. She glanced over at the preacher when he was not looking. She then sized him up and down. At that moment, she wished he were not a preacher. He was a very handsome man, one she could really fall for.

His deep blue eyes were hidden by heavy black lashes and his oval face was surrounded by long curly hair. When he smiled he had the cutest dimples. She jumped when his eyes met hers and then quickly looked away. Inside she wished they were sitting somewhere, private.

She then told herself, “That will never happen. I do not date preachers!”

Reverend Caldwell knew Cindy was watching him and wondered if she liked what she saw. When he looked at her and their eyes met for one brief moment, he felt his heart skip a beat. Inside his head he was yelling, “Wow, she is really beautiful!”

He continued to watch her when he went to get another cup of coffee. She was a tall full figured woman. Her breasts were large, but firm. Her waist was just perfect, and he loved her full hips. She also had a cute round face an upturned nose, green seductive eyes, hidden by the locks of long curly blonde hair.

Cindy was his idea of a perfect woman. In his mind he wondered if she would ever like him. He could not take his eyes off her, hoping no one would notice he was ogling her.

Reverend Caldwell readjusted his tie and then remembered her mother telling him that she thought Cindy was too promiscuous. In his mind he said, “Oh man, I wonder how loose she really is? After all, he I am not just a preacher, but also a man, with needs. A man wishing he was kissing her right now.”

He was brought back to reality when her mother tapped his shoulder and said they were leaving.

He then walked over to where Cindy and said, “Sorry for the delay, Miss Walter’s, are you ready to go home?”

She took his hand and said, “Oh, please, Reverend Caldwell, call me Cindy. Let me visit the ladies’ room first then I will be ready.”

While Cindy was doing that the preacher had a devious plan. He checked all the doors and made sure they were locked. Then on his was back to where Cindy was he stopped by his office and laid his suit jacket on the chair. That way, she would have to walk to the office with him to retrieve it. Once there, they could talk, he winked.

When he returned, Cindy was she was just coming out of the bathroom. He walked over to her and said, “Cindy, do you mind if we go up to my office for a moment, I think I left my suit jacket there, okay?”

She told him yes and soon she was standing by him in the office. He grabbed his jacket then sat down at his desk acting as if he was looking for something. When he glanced up she was running her fingers through her hair.

He swallowed hard and thought to himself. “Oh, how did I get so lucky to have this goddess standing before me now?”

The preacher cleared his throat. “Cindy, please call me Herb, after all, we are not in the church right now! If you will you excuse me, I trust this is not too personal, but you are very beautiful.”

He shifted his pants, making his swelling member more comfortable, praying she would not see it.

Cindy looked at him with amazement she could not believe her ears. The preacher was coming onto her. She thought about telling him he was out of line, but thought she would go along with his game and see what he was up too.

She moved around to the side of the desk and stood there for a moment speechless, her eyes glued on his lap. Oh my god, he was hard, and it must be a good 9 inches and very thick. She did not know what to say next, but felt her panties getting wet and her nipples harden.

In the back of her mind she was yelling, “Oh preacher-man, let's fuck!” However, in her next thought she screamed, “Hell No, what would momma say!”

She was about to say, I have to go, when the preacher stood up and pulled her close. He kissed her hard as his hands fondled her in places a preacher should not. He kissed her ear and whispered, “Oh God, forgive me. I want you Cindy! I have fantasized about you since the first day we met. If I am out of line, tell me!” In the back of his mind he screamed, “Oh please do not say no!”

She looked at him, damn it, how can she say yes. He is the preacher for Christ sake; you do not fuck the preacher! She felt his hand squeeze her nipple, she wanted to yell, “STOP,” but could not bring herself to utter the words. Her body was ablaze with lust, screaming, "Yes," it had been too long since a man touched her. This time Cindy returned the kiss, letting her tongue dance with his.

The preacher kissed her again lightly saying, “Oh honey, hold that thought.” He then walked over to the door and locked it. Then licked his lips turned around and walked back to Cindy pulling her into his arms again.

Cindy hesitated as if she was going to say no, but instead, told him, “Not so fast, sit down. I want you to watch for now!”

She stood back and started slowly removing her clothing. When she took off her blouse and bra, she heard him gasp. She turned around, bent over, and took off her thong, as she showed him her wanting body.

She took a nipple into her mouth, sucked it hard while rolling the other one. “MMM, it tastes so good!”
When Cindy looked over at him the preacher was sitting with his trousers unzipped and his hands around his cock.

She squealed, “Ooh baby you’re so big! “ She moved toward him until she was standing naked in front of him.

The preacher looked up; her hard nipples were just inches from his mouth. “Come here my pretties. Give daddy a taste baby!”

He then sucked her right nipple into his mouth teasing it with his tongue. Following that, he took it in his teeth, and bit it gently. He did one then the other, as his other hand slide the whole length of her wet pussy.

Oh fuck, if she knew a preacher-man could do this she would have gone to church years ago!

“Oh god, suck them hard! I love a titty man!”

His fingers parted her labia as he slid his forefinger across her clit, Cindy thought she was going to pass out from excitement! She took his head in her hands and pulled him closer into her tits.

She kissed the top of his head, “Ooooooh Preacher-man! Eat me! Now! Oh honey, I can not wait to feel that tongue deep inside me!”

The preacher cleaned off his desk in one scoop and laid her on her back facing him. He sat down pulling her toward him and spreading her legs apart until her pussy was inches from his hungry lips. He ran his tongue the full length of her slit then parted her lips and sucked her clit into his mouth.

Cindy arched her back and moaned rolling her head back and forth. He slid two fingers inside her pussy, while sucking her clit, and finger-fucking her at the same time.

“Oh my god, preacher-man, yesssss, just like that, do not stop! Oh keep going I am going to cum!”

He could not hold back any longer when he felt her quivering he stopped eating, stood up and started rubbing his cock back and forth across her clit.

“Ooooooh Cindy, I hoped you would come to church today! I prayed that you would let me comfort you this way. Oh god baby, let me drive my cock deep into you. Let me fuck you!”

Cindy spread her legs wide and squealed, “Ooooooh please Preacher-man! I need your help now and your support! Ram your cock deep into me, Oooooh, aaaaaaaaaaaah, sweet-Jesus Fuck me……. I am cumming!

Just as Cindy started cumming, he drove his cock all the way into her with one hard thrust. He leaned forward to kiss her nipples then moved upward toward her sweet lips as he drove his member into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper. His balls were so full of cum; they felt like they would explode any minute.

She pulled away from his lips, and then leaned forward and took his nipple in her mouth, and bit it.

He bellowed, “Aahh, yes that’s it, bite both nipples Cindy! Oh, please let me cum inside you!”

She continued biting his nipple and thrusting her hips in rhythmic fucking motion.

All the sudden he went rigid. “Ooooooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaaaah, yesssssss……. I am cumming!”

Cindy did not move for a moment holding his cock deep inside milking him until his balls were drained. When they were finished he sat back down in his chair to catch his breathe. When he looked at her he almost swallowed his tongue; she was lying their eating his sweet nectar from her pussy.

When she was done, he helped her up then kissed her passionately. When she looked at him he had tears in his eyes.

“Oh Cindy, I hope you do not have a bad impression of your preacher now!”

Cindy kissed the tears off his cheek and uttered, “Oh I don’t Preacher-man; after all, you are a man too. However, I think I will need to pray right now, for your support and guidance.”

She then lowered herself to her knees as if to pray, but instead took his cock into her mouth, licking him clean!

The preacher then suggested, “Oh my child, I want you to come by here every night this week. We can pray like this together.”

Cindy looked at him and gasp, “Oh no, Herb what am I going to tell my mother? You know, she will ask me about today! She knows that I am not that easily persuaded into coming to church.”

The Preacher-man held her tight and kissed her cheek and chuckled saying, “We can tell your mother that we have become friends and I am helping you convert.”

Cindy smiled and asked, “Oooh good idea, when is our next prayer meeting?”


The preacher looked at her and suggested, “Meet me here, 8pm Monday.”

Cindy said goodbye and told him she would take a cab home. She didn’t tell him she had many things on her mind to think about. One thing she did not want to do was see her mother, JoAnne at this time.

All the way home Cindy wondered how her mom would take the news; that she was going to start going to church.

She chuckled and whispered, “Oh won’t that nosy busy body be surprised as to the real reason I am going to church.”

I can see her now yelling, “My daughter is a whore,” before passing out.

Oh hell the old prune is too fucking religious to realize sex is a natural phenomenon and should be fun.

When Cindy got home she changed into her baby-doll pajamas, with bikini panties. Then crawled under the covers and tried to fall asleep. However, the visions of what she and Reverend Caldwell would be doing all week made her clit throb.

She turned on the soft light next to the bed, and threw back the covers. She reached for her 8 inch vibrator in the bedside table, and removed her panties. She turned the toy on high she ran it across her swelling clit.

“Oh preacher-man, I wish this was your tongue tantalizing my hot clit!”

Cindy has not felt this alive in years. Oh god, the preacher-man made her so fucking hot. She removed the rest of her pajama’s, climbed out of bed, and walked over and opened the curtains of her big bay window. She then proceeded to masturbate calling out the preacher’s name repeatedly.

With one hand she brought her hard nipple to her mouth sucking and biting it as her other hand was on the toy fucking her twat. Hell she did not care who saw her, she needed to cum.

Cindy plunged the toy deep and shrieked, “Fuck me Reverent Caldwell! That’s it; ram your hot, hard cock into my cunt hard! Oooooh my god, yesss! I am cumming!”

She climaxed so hard her knees almost buckled. She then went back to bed without putting anything on and fell asleep with her hand in her pussy.

Monday morning, the ringing of the phone awoke her, and when she looked at the clock it read, 11:30am.

Reaching for the phone, she uttered a sleepy, “Hello.”

Her mother’s voice, responded. “Rise and shine sleepy head! I need to ask you if what I just heard is true.”

Cindy cringed, oh god here it comes both barrels loaded. “What is it you heard mother?”

Her mother’s voice paused then she blurted out. “That you have decided to join our little congregation. Is it true?”

Cindy fought the urge to laugh. “Yes mother it is true. Reverent Caldwell convinced me I need a little religion (and in the back of her head….and some stiff dick) in my life.”

Cindy had to hold the phone three feet away because he mother yelled. “Glory be, thank you Jesus, my prayers are answered!”

Cindy then softly spoke into the phone. “Don’t rush things mother I am just trying this religion stuff to see if I like it okay? Goodbye mom, see you Wednesday night.”

“Ok dear, see you then.”

Cindy was so excited about what had happened Sunday night that she could hardly wait until the 8pm prayer meeting. Her clit was throbbing again and she knew she needed to calm down and save her energy for that night. She took a cool shower donned her jogging suit and went for her daily run, maybe a good run will clear her head..

Well the run cleared Cindy’s head for about two hours. When she looked at her watch it read 2pm.

“Why in the hell must time go slower them molasses when you want to have some fucking fun!”

She was all hot and horny again, but decided to try and ignore it. She went about changing clothes and doing some housework, that always made time go by faster.

When Cindy glanced at her watch again it read, “6:00 pm. Oh good now we are getting somewhere. I wonder if the Reverent Caldwell would mind if I came by and hour earlier? I bet he would not, that man is probably as hot and horny and raring to go as I am.”

Cindy took another shower, applied a bit of seductive makeup, and dressed in her conservative black suit. The skirt was longer then she preferred, but she figured if she ran into any other church members she would look presentable. When she was done pampering she noticed it was time to go.

“Girl, you had better get your ass to church you don’t want to be late for prayer meeting.”

Cindy called a cab and headed off toward the church hoping she would not look too nervous.

As the cab pulled up at the church she noticed there were two cars in the parking lot. She figured it was just someone else who needed the reverend’s counseling.

She then paid the driver and walked toward the front doors of the building. She tried the door and found it unlocked and presumed that the preacher-man was already for her.

Cindy opened the door and went inside. She began searching for Reverend Caldwell; she wanted to see just how ready he was.

She chuckled. “I bet he is sitting naked at his desk lazily stoking a hard cock, just waiting for me to come in and see him.”

Cindy made her way toward the office, and all of a sudden stopped dead in her tracks. She heard something that totally took her off guard. She moved closer, quietly, because she wanted to make sure of what she just heard.

His office door was open a crack and Cindy could not help but look inside. She gasped, as there was her mother, but ass naked on her knees.

“Oooooh Herb you have such a beautiful cock. I cannot wait to suck it deep and swallow every drop of your cum.”

What the hell, her own mother was giving the preacher-man a blow job.

It appeared that Reverend Caldwell did not think anyone would be watching. “Oooooh JoAnne, I love the way you suck my cock. Aaarrrggghhh, that’s it momma, just like that. Oooh yeah, for an older woman, you really know how to suck cock!”

Cindy froze dead in her tracks, she did not know what to do, or did she?

After thinking for a moment, she came up with the idea to proceed with the prayer meeting as planned every day this week too. That way, she can have him do whatever she wants, when she tells the hypocritical Reverend Caldwell, that she saw him and her mother in his office that day.

One thing Cindy would do was tell either of them that she was going to serve up a double dose of revenge. She was a writer and planned on penning down the details of this torrid, true tale of her adventures, and posting it online.

She moved out of sight for the moment. When it was 8pm; Cindy knocked on the door of the office, and was greeted by the preacher-man.

“Good evening Cindy, I am glad you came to your prayer meeting. Shall we begin?”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply as his fingers caressed her wanting body.

Cindy returned this kiss and in her mind stated. “Wonder what mother would do if she could see me now?”

Preacher-man Ch 3 Angel in Disguise

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply as his fingers caressed her wanting body.

Cindy returned this kiss and in her mind stated. “Wonder what mother would do if she could see me now?”

When the kiss broke she winked and asked, “What are we going to do tonight in our little prayer meeting?”

He pulled her close, nuzzled her ear and whispered, “Anything you want Lil-darling.”

Cindy couldn’t help but snicker and reply, “Oh we could kneel, and ask for his help to guide us.”

“My dear, I don’t think he would offer us any kind of help in the sex department.”

“I know, but it sounded good.”

“Come here you Lil minx, I have been dying to touch you all day.”

She knew better, “All day huh, and you had no one else to console today?”

He raised an eyebrow, “Well your mother was here, she needed some spiritual guidance.”

In her mind she said, “If that’s spiritual guidance, I wonder how long she’s been getting it.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and purred. “Reverend, I need your guidance, in so many ways.”

As her hands roamed his firm, body, she planted a kiss on him that would curl more than his toes.

“Let me lock the office door, I think you need some serious counseling.”

“Oh I do, and lots of it.”

He locked the door and started disrobing as he walked back to the desk. “Clothes always get in the way of me advising you.”

She dropped her outfit and cooed, “Yeah they are so bothersome.”

He pulled her close, kissed her deeply, as his fingers toyed with her swollen nipples.

She giggled, “You know you are corrupting you parishioner.”
“Am I?”

“Yeah, keep it up.”

He laid her on the desk and kissed her from her ruby-red lips downward. Sucking and teasing each nipple till Cindy begged for him to go lower. He sat in his chair, spread her legs, and inhaled her intoxicating aroma. He then slithered his tongue across her honey laden slit.

“Ooooh my god, mmmm, I love what you’re doing to me.”

He spread her labia, and tantalized every inch of her velvety flesh. He shivered when she quivered with each lap of his tongue. In his mind, he told himself it was wrong, but his body yelled, enjoy it.

His tongue worked its magic and she ran her fingers through his hair, and pulled him closer. Her eyes closed, as she purred in delight. Wow, for a preacher he sure knows how to eat cunt.

It didn’t take long for her to bellow, “Oooooh baby, I’m cumming! Please fuck me now!”

“My dear I thought you’d never ask.”

He rose up and impaled his member deep in her throbbing vaginal orifice. Oh she was tight, and milking his rod with each thrust.

“Oh Cindy, I am going to cum soon, can I cum inside you?”

“You better, I have waited for this all day.”

He climaxed hard, and they reveled in the moment, basking in the afterglow.

Reverend looked at his watch, “Oh dear, time does fly. I need to be getting home; I have an early meeting tomorrow.”

“Will you be consoling another member of the church?”

“No, just a boring but necessary board meeting. However, I hope to see you tomorrow night at 8pm sharp. We have more praying to do.”

“Praying huh, is that what they call it nowadays? Do you have any more of these types of prayer meetings Reverend?”

“Not like this one, I assure you.” In his mind he wondered how on earth he was going to accommodate two women, sexually on the same night.

Thursday came and went like any other weekday, except JoAnne had called to cancel that evening, stating she had a migraine.

He sighed deeply, what a relief, as I was getting worn out, and not sure how long he could keep things up. Something would have to give soon. Especially before mom and daughter found out, both were being fucked by the preacher-man.

That night he walked out through the chapel, wanting to spend some quiet time by himself before Cindy arrived.
As he neared the front of the room, he spotted a woman sitting there, at first he did not know who it was. When he moved to sit down by her he noted it was Cindy.
She had her head down, and seemed lost in a train of thought. When she slowly raised her head, he noticed she was crying.
“Reverend,” she tearfully spoke.
“What’s wrong Cindy?”
“Something inside of me tells me I have sinned, horribly and I think I need to come clean.” She paused and looked around warily.
“You appear uncomfortable telling it here in the chapel, shall we go to my office. It allows a person to relax without the pressure of the holy domain hovering over them.”
She smiled, and nodded. “Yes, I think I would like that much better.”
When she stood he closed his eyes and shuttered, and asked for forgiveness. Her perfume, full breasts, curvaceous body, made him quiver excitedly.
They walked down a long corridor to the rectory. He opened the door, and allowed her to go in first. He then offered her a chair.
“Can I get you anything, a glass of water perhaps?”
“No I need to tell you something before I lose my nerve.”
Cindy watched him as he pulled his seat next to her. He was quite attractive, with a nicely trimmed mustache. And he dressed in impeccable fashion, with made her blood rush, and her heart skips a beat. “Damn-it she told herself, how can I be falling for a preacher?”
With a tearful voice, she spoke. “I cannot remember when I last confessed my sins, but think I should if we are going to get to know one another better.”
Her voice was as sweet as an angel, he loved hearing her speak.
Cindy went on to say, she has had many boyfriends and even several sexual encounters. I thought a few of them were my true love, but none of them were fulfilled. I felt incomplete. Used, and then thrown away when they were finished with me. I’m…. I’m not a bad person,” she sobbed. “I just need someone who really cares, to love me. Is that too much to ask?”
He watched her intently, and wondered, if anyone really has shown Cindy love. Not the kind a parent has for a child, but the kind of love that exists between men and woman, a true unconditional kind.
She paused, and looked into his eyes, and saw tears. She then wondered, “Is he feeling the same way I am, about him, could this be love?”
He saw a hint of love in her soft green-eyes. He felt the reaction stir his heart that sends a shock wave clear to his crotch making his penis harden. “Was he falling for Cindy?”
When she saw the look of concern on his face, she stopped, until he touched her arm and said continue.
She swallowed hard, “Well there is more. I saw you with my mother, and it really hurt, because, I think I love you!”
He blinked his eyes and almost fell off his chair. “You saw us, when, I’m so sorry.”
She stood up, and shouted, “Me too you bastard, because I trusted you!” Cindy then stormed out of the rectory.
She didn’t care who saw, her, she needed to get out of that damn church away from all the hypocrites, especially the Reverend Caldwell.
All the way to the car she kept telling herself, “How could I have been so fucking stupid?”
She reached for her keys and was about to unlock the door when a hand touched her shoulder.
“Please stop, let’s go sit down again and really talk about this.”
“Why, so you can tell me more of your damn lies, Reverend Caldwell!”
“No, so I can tell you how I really feel.”
His arms encircled her. With tears in his eyes, he pulled her close and brought his lips down on hers. He did not care who saw them. At first she fought him. Crying, and pounding his chest with her fists, until she finally collapsed, into his arms.
He led Cindy back to the church and into his office. Telling himself him to get serious, for once, and confess his true feelings. Or he just might lose his angel is disguise.
He sat down next to her holding her hand and looking her straight in the eye. “I think I need to confess something my dear.”
She sniffed, blew her nose and replied, “Oh really, this better be good or I’m out of here!”
“I’ve used women for my own pleasure for so long, I did not recognize a real honest to goodness one, when I met you. I though this one is going to be a piece of cake. However, you did more than pleasure me honey, you grabbed a hold of my heart strings and would not let go.”
“Oh really, go on.”
“I did not know what to do, how to react, or even what to say. I’ve been wrestling with my feelings ever since that first kiss. No woman has ever done that to me.”
“To tell the truth it was surprising to me too, I never knew a man of the cloth could kiss like that.”
“I was all set to have a sexy rendezvous’ to appease my mother that I almost didn’t see the real man behind the pulpit. I thought I was too much of a sinner for the likes of him, and no one in this church would accept the real me. So I played you.”
“In a way Cindy I am glad your mother introduced us. I need you as much as you need me. Please forgive me for taking advantage of you and being stupid.”
“Well if the man upstairs can forgive my sins, how can I not forgive you?”
“He can, and did, and I hope we can be friends now.”
She moved into his arms, kissed him hard and purred, “Honey, we are more than just friends. After all, I am falling in love with you.”
“You’re not just saying that to make me feel better are you, as I hate pity?”
“Reverend Caldwell, I do not say things I do not mean, when it comes to matters of the heart. I must confess I had a plan of revenge for you and mom, but decided, I can do something better than that.”
He put his lips on hers, kissed her hard then asked, “Which is?”
“Make you mine!”
“Doll, that won’t be hard to do, because I have fallen head over heels in love with you. You are my angel in disguise.”

Preacher-man Ch 4; The Devil has Blue Eyes!
“Doll, that won’t be hard to do, because I have fallen head over heels in love with you. You are my angel in disguise.”
He guided her over to the futon, and unfolded it. The two of them climbed onto it, curled up in each others arms and then talked most of the night. It was kind of weird as no man had ever just talked to Cindy before. They all couldn’t wait to get into her panties.
She curled up closer to him ran her finger across his chin and asked, “Where do we go from here Reverend?”
His blue-eyes met her seductive emerald-green eyes. They seemed to shimmer with flecks of gold. This blue-eyed devil pulled at her like a moth to a flame.
“Cindy, call me Herb. Where do you want it to go from here?”
“I’m not sure, but I do want to take things slowly and get to know you more, out of bed.”
“May I suggest coming to the real prayer meeting every Wednesday night for starters? We have a pot-luck dinner followed by small groups for prayer. I just know you’d like the group with women your own age.”

“I could, but might be shy at first. Tell me something, what is your favorite activity to do besides having sex?”
“Well I love to play miniature golf, go sailing, and visit the theater. What do you like to do?”
“I love playing miniature golf, have never been sailing, but would try it. I also love to go to a dinner theater. My mom and I go every now and then. I also love museums and the zoo.”
“Well now, I see we have some things in common, we can have a lot of fun getting to know one another.”
She sat there thinking for a moment, what on earth she would tell her mother. If she mentioned she had sex with Herb, she would never hear the end of how she is a real bad sinner.
“Cindy, a penny for your thoughts.”
“Oh I was just thinking of what to tell mother when I visit her this week. I know she will have a million and one questions.”
“Just be open and honest, and remember not to judge her too harshly. After all she does love you. Well I think it's time I took you home don’t you?”
“Hum, not just yet,” she purred as she ran her hands across his chest and began unbuttoning the buttons. “I have some unfinished business to take care of.”
“Oh yeah, what kind of business,” he teased as he reached for her and pulled her close.
She flashed him a devilish smile, and started removing her clothing. “It requires the two of us to get naked. After all even a preacher needs sex.”
“I love your way of thinking.” He stood and removed his trousers, shorts, socks, shoes, and shirt.
She ogled him. Oh he was so handsome. It was apparent that he took care of his tall, tanned, body from his broad shoulder, down to his firm stomach. When she looked down further she gasped, oh my god, he was hard already.
“Oh honey, it looks like something is raring to go.”
He walked over to her, and ran his hands across her velvety belly, up to her breasts, down her arms, and took a hold of her hands. “Has anyone told you that you are beautiful?”
“Flattery will get you anywhere with me honey.”
“I mean it, you’re not too skinny, and your voluptuous body has curves in the right places. I hate toothpick women; they slip through a man’s fingers like a bar of soap.” His whole body ached for her.
Cindy climbed back onto the futon, and motioned for him. “Come here you sexy thing.” She wanted to excite every inch of his body, make the moment special since they had confessed their love to each other.
Her angelic voice mesmerized him, clear to his soul. His heart skipped a beat as he climbed up next to her, and lay on his side facing her. He could smell her sex, it's alluring perfume permeating, his senses, and going straight to his cock making it as hard as steel.
He pulled her into his arms, and they kissed, long, hard, and deep.
She kissed him back with all the passion she could muster. While pressing her large breast into his chest she ran her fingers down his side, with a light feathery touch. She felt him quiver with desire.
When the kiss ended she was barely able to utter, “I don’t want to fuck, make love to me Herb.”
“Oh my sweet Cindy, it will be my pleasure.”
He held her sweet body as he started kissing her from her ruby-red lips downward. When he came to her breasts, he nibbled, suckled, and pulled at one than the other.
She felt euphoric, as his kiss, set her skin ablaze with desire. With each touch of his lips, she quivered, and felt her juices run down the crack of her ass.
As his mouth worked its magic Cindy reached for his erection, and began caressing it, softly at first then firmer with each stroke.
“Oh darling, squeeze it, hold it, stroke it, this dick is all yours from now on.”
“You mean that, don’t you?”
“Yes I do, why do you ask?”
She paused watching his face to gauge his reaction then spoke. “I was thinking maybe that you can have one last tryst, mother, me and you.”
For a moment she thought he was going to pass out. “Herb, are you okay?”
“Let me see if I heard you straight, before I answer that one. You want us to do one last rendezvous, a threesome with your mother. Correct?”
“You heard me right; I want her to know that I hold no ill feeling for what she did with you. If she will do it, she is kind of weird, and may not.”
“Well there is no harm asking, now hush baby, I need to make love to you before this dick explodes all over this futon.
They made love for a couple of hours, and then decided it was time to go home.
When she glanced at her watch she noticed it was almost noon when he lead her to her car kissed her goodbye.
She was too elated to sleep. She drove directly to her mother’s home, and knocked on the door.
“Well isn’t this a surprise, hello Cindy. What brings you by this early in the day, aren’t you suppose to be working?”
“I was but traded with Renee so I could have the day off.”
Cindy walked into the room sat down, and with a stern voice requested. “Put the coffee on momma, we need to talk.”
For a moment, JoAnne just stood there, wondering where this female hides her real daughter. Then gathered two cups and poured them each a cup.
She gave Cindy an awful look and with a gruff voice, asked. “Sounds serious, you’re not pregnant are you?”
“Mother, please, why must you always think the worst?”
“Maybe it’s because you have never given me any reason to think otherwise.”
“I know, but for now, just shut up and listen for a change; can you at least do that?”
Her mother rolled her eyes and under her breath said, “Here comes the bad news.”
“Go ahead dear talk, but watch your language please.”
“I’ll try okay. First off I want to thank you for introducing me to the preacher-man. He isn’t that bad, and I kind of like him.”
“Well bust my britches, finally I found a man she likes.”
“Enough mother, now try to be calm and don’t blow a gasket but I want to tell you something you might not like.”
“Well then spit it out honey.”
“The other night, I was meeting with the Reverend to pray and talk about my life. I saw something that upset me terribly.” She took a sip of coffee swallowed hard, and told herself, “It’s now or never.” I decided to go a few minutes early. The rectory door was open and I saw you with Reverend Caldwell in a compromising position. I didn’t know women your age could give blowjobs.”
“Well I never,” she went on to say, but Cindy raised her hand and stopped her.
“Mom, let’s not argue, let me finish then you will have time to speak, okay.”
Her mother took a sip of coffee and if looks could kill Cindy would be dead. “Please continue,” she huffed.
“I know you miss dad, and I suppose like any wife, you miss the sex too. I’m not judging you, mother, I just wanted you to know, that I saw you, and I totally understand.”
Her mom looked around the room and under the table, “Ok where did you hide my real daughter?”
“Cindy, how dare you snoop on me like that, I taught you better than that”
“Good grief, I was not snooping!”
“Okay, now I suppose you are going to tell all your girlfriends and use this against me. I knew I should not have done it, but he is so handsome, sexy, and I am always so horny. Don’t look at me like that, I may be 65 but I still have sexual urges.”
Cindy reached out her hand, and grasped her mothers. “I know, and if you don’t remember anything else about this conversation, is that I totally understand. Just be careful, next time it might not be me that catches you.”
“There won’t be a next time; I will use my toy from now on. Now can we please change the damn subject?”
She giggled, and gave her mother a weird look. “Mother, you are swearing, I never knew you could.”
“Enough already, now what do you want to keep this from going throughout the whole congregation?”
“Nothing mother, I do have some good news too.”
“Oh Lordy here it comes, you're pregnant.”
“No, I have fallen in love with the Reverend Caldwell, and before you get your bloomers in a kink, hear me out.”
“Blessed be, finally maybe now you’ll settle down and I can have a few grandbabies running around.”
“Whoa momma, not so fast. You see you were not the only one tempted and allured by the handsome blue eyed devil, called Reverend Caldwell. I have slept with him more than once, and before I realized I was falling in love with him.”
“Oh sweet Jesus, I hope the woman’s auxiliary don’t hear about this!”
“They won’t but I have a plan that will end it all and make us all happy, if you're up to some sexy fun.”
“Oh Cindy, anything sexy if fun in my book after all I am not a prude. I cannot wait to hear this.”
“Let’s get another cup of coffee first, then I will tell you what is on my mind.”
Her mother poured the coffee, and moved her chair close to Cindy. Her whole body was alive with desire, and she didn’t want to miss a word.
“Well mother here is the plan; I thought maybe we can invite the good Reverend over for supper some Friday night and we can all spend the night together. You get one last chance of sexy fun, I get my sexy fun, and we can call it a going out with a bang party, just the three of us.”
“Oh my goodness I can hear the church women gossiping now. We cannot do something like that,” she rolled her eyes and continued, “Can we?”
“It’s your call mother, I think we can, and don’t worry I am not a lesbian, I prefer men with stiff cocks.”
“Oh me too. Cindy, I wonder if the Reverend’s father is still living and single.”
She rolled her eyes; “Here we go again, my mother the match maker.”

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