Lila and Luke get Adam thrown in jail; Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0. Happily Ever After! Or is it . . .
The semen inside of Lila was indeed Adam's, the police confirmed. They made the arrest the next morning; he was less than happy.

"You bitch," He hissed at Lila. She watched them drag him into the police department; it took three officers to do it. Adam continued, "You fucking whore. You're lying! You fucked me and you know it!"

Lila's heart fluttered with fear. Luke sensed it and held her close. She buried her head in his chest, closing her eyes and whimpering. He stroked her hair with his large calloused hand and "sshhhed" her soothingly.

"It's going to be okay, Lila," He whispered to her, "You're going to be okay. I'm not going to let him hurt you; no one is going to touch you again. You're okay, Lila . . ."

Lila couldn't help it; she felt soothed. She felt protected. She felt safe, and loved, and . . . home. It just felt right. She stayed in his arms like this for minutes. People who passed them on the sidewalk gave them odd looks out of the corners of their eyes; wasn't that the lesbian?

Finally the two continued home. Lila's parents were waiting anxiously; Luke had called and told them that they had gone to the police department, but he wouldn't tell them why. Lila's mother wanted to rush there, but her father told her to wait. He adored Luke; he knew that he would take care of her.

When the two pulled up in the driveway her mother rushed out frantically, looking Lila up and down. She blushed hard; even though she had cleaned herself up after they had collected the semen, she still had bruising everywhere. Lila's father came outside as well and looked at Luke appreciatively.

"Let's go in the house now, okay?" He told his women softly.

Lila turned to follow her family and she was startled to hear Luke's truck door open. She stopped in her tracks and turned to him, gazing at him like a little girl. He shut the door and strode to her, asking in confusion, "What's wrong?"

"Luke, come with me," She whimpered, "Please don't leave me."

Luke's heart broke anew; she felt safe with him. He whispered, "Oh, Lila . . ." He pulled her close to him and felt her hold onto him frantically. Her father looked at them through the door and Luke nodded to him over her shoulder.

"Come on," He whispered, "We need to go talk to your parents."

"You're coming too, right?"

"I'm coming too, don't worry," He said.

He guided her up the steps of the house and into the living room. Lila's parents were already sitting in their chairs, watching the two closely and trying to predict what was going to happen.

"What happened?" Lucy asked quickly.

Lila blushed and stared down at her bare feet. She had thought about turning Adam in, but she had never thought about how hard it would be to talk to her parents about it. Facing up to the fact that it happened would be even harder then ever.

Luke gazed at Lila's face, which was tired and withdrawn. He cleared his throat and said quietly, "I caught Adam raping Lila."

It took a few seconds for what Luke said to register, but when it did, the effect was apparent. Her father's face darkened and he asked in a homicidal tone, "Where is he?"

"We turned him in," Luke explained seriously, "They collected DNA and matched it to him already. The police have him in custody now."

Lucy began to cry, and Lila blushed hard. She wanted to leave. She wanted to run away and avoid the prying eyes of her parents. She knew that she cared, but she felt so uncomfortable. She wanted Luke to take her and hide her away from the world forever. She wanted to wake up in bed, shaking her head at this crazy dream. She closed her eyes tightly and opened them again; she was still there.

"My baby . . ." Lucy sobbed. She ran out of the room, and Lila heard the door of her parent's bedroom close.

Lila's father turned to her and asked in an awkward tone, "Are you . . . okay? Do you need anything? What do you need?"

Lila looked at Luke. She needed Luke. She didn't want to be with anyone but him tonight.

"Can Luke and I go to the cabin for tonight?" She asked meekly, "I just . . . I feel safe with him, and mom makes me feel uncomfortable right now. I'd rather just get out of town and away from everything. I want to go somewhere quiet."

"Of course, hon." He said quickly. He turned to Luke and asked him in a somber tone, "Luke, would you mind-"

"Not at all."

Her father nodded, and Lila went into her room to gather her things. She packed her PJ's and clothes for the next day in a duffle bag, then changed into some clean clothes. It was her favorite dress, modest and comfortable. She sighed and ran her hands over her skin. She would shower for hours when she got there.

"I'm ready," Lila said to the two men as she walked into the foyer. They both turned to look at her, and she blushed hard.

"Come on, Lila," Luke said. He looked at her father and nodded, a knowing and understanding between them.

The cabin was about a half an hour away. It was in the middle of the woods, peacefully nestled away from everyone. There wasn't anybody for miles, and Lila's family had often used it as a small getaway. It had all the modern conveniences; shower, bath, toilet, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Not to mention a great view and a wrap-around porch!

They drove up the large hill that it was built on and came to a stop. Lila had fallen asleep in Luke's lap, so he scooped her up and carried her inside the humble building, laying her down on the bed gently. She awoke when he did so, and she stared up at him with the eyes of a child.

"I'm sleepy," She told him, "You should cuddle me."

He saw her start to shiver, the cool night air making her skin cover itself quickly in goosebumps.

"Let me start a fire, Lila," He told her gently, "You're going to freeze if I don't get this place warmed up."

"Okay," She nodded. As Luke pulled on his boots and prepared to leave, Lila asked in a frightened tone, "Where are you going?"

"You don't have any firewood," He explained gently, "I just need to get some more. It'll only take a few minutes, I promise."

"Can I come with you?"

"In the dark?"

Lila bit her lip, but couldn't stop shivering even if she tried. She finally nodded her consent, and Luke kissed her forehead before leaving the cabin.

Lila curled up into a little ball and tried to keep her breathing steady. She heard Luke's footsteps fading away, and she silently wondered how far he had to go. Would he really be back in a few minutes? She calculated how much time it would take . . . he would have to find a downed tree- or fell a tree!-, cut it into pieces, and then cut those pieces in half. It was going to take at least half an hour, if not a full hour.

Lila put on a determined face and slipped on her shoes. She walked shakily towards the door, her hand trembling as she grasped the knob. She turned it slowly and walked out into the cool night air.

The breeze hit her, and all at once she wished she had brought her jacket. She felt her nipples harden beneath the linen dress, and she crossed her arms over her chest. She had to find Luke!

"Luke," She called in a normal speaking voice. She didn't want him to think that she was some loser who panicked every time he left the room . . . which was true . . .

She gulped. She turned around quickly at the snap of a twig, and once more as a large owl hooted above her. She felt her pulse quicken and she walked faster, panic setting in. Where was the cabin? If she could find it again, she would wait for him.

Lila spun on a circle, scanning the dark forest for any movement or light. She saw all of the above, and nothing at all. Her eyes were playing tricks on her and she knew it.

Another snapped twig, and Lila's eyes grew even wider. She heard a snorting, crashing sound, and she ran through the woods nearly as fast as the deer who had startled her.

Lila ran blindly, the branches tearing at her skin and hair. She heard her dress rip on a passing limb, but she didn't care right now. She had to get away!

Lila's foot caught on a root, and she crashed to the ground with a loud "whoosh" of breath. She lay on the ground, panting at the sky. Her eyes were swimming with all sorts of imagined sights, and she sat upright hastily as she heard footsteps approaching.

"Luke!" She said with relief, "Oh my gosh, I've been looking everywhere for you!"

"What a coincidence!" The voice said, "I've been looking everywhere for you too."

Lila's blood ran cold. She could see Adam's cold blue eyes, even in the darkness. His voice was deep and determined, his gaze menacing beyond belief. Lila crawled backwards, feeling her pulse race like a rabbit's.

"Don't try to run." He said in a matter-of-fact tone, "It doesn't usually turn out well for you."

"How are you here?" She asked in a voice that was braver than she felt, "I saw them arrest you!"

"Did you really think that you could successfully lock me up?" He asked with a smug grin, "My father is an esteemed member of this community. Do you really think that his word, and my word, wouldn't be more trusted than the claims of a supposed lesbian? I explained to them that you like it rough, and that it was consensual."

"They can't believe that!" She cried, "Not against my word, and Luke's!"

"It won't stand up in court," He admitted, "I'm only out for the night to 'gather some things and say goodbye'. Not like you'll make it to court, anyways . . ."

His voice trailed off, and Lila felt more afraid than she ever had in her entire life. She felt her back bump up against a tree, and Adam crouched down to glare into her eyes. He explained to her in a voice that sounded like Satan himself, "I'm going to fuck you till you bleed to death, and then- just to make sure- I'm going to wrap my hands around your pretty little throat until all of the light fades out of your lovely blue eyes. And I'm going to laugh."

Lila couldn't move, but she tried. She darted swiftly to the side, and Adam scooped her up effortlessly, holding her painfully tight against him. She kicked at him and tried to bite him, but it was no use. He started out of the woods at a determined pace, taking her with him.

Lila squirmed and pushed against his chest, finally clawing at his eyes. He roared and dropped her, and she took off running. She wasn't sure where she was going, but she was on a path now. She heard his footsteps behind her, and he was gaining.

Why was this happening? How had he even found them? She prayed to the God that she didn't believe in that this was all just some crazy, stupid dream. She wanted to wake up in her cozy little bed like she always did, shaking her head at the imagined insanity of it all. Unfortunately for her, she was soon reminded of the harsh, cruel reality.

"Fucking whore!" He grumbled as he dragged her down.

She landed hard, hitting the side of her head on a tree root. She felt the pain race through her scalp, right before she blacked out.

When Lila awoke, her panties were off, and Adam was poised at her tight little virgin ass hole. With no lube.

"Luke!" Lila screamed.

Lila's cry was blood curdling and desperate. She opened her mouth to scream again, but Adam stuffed her panties in it and rammed himself up her ass.

Tears came, then. He couldn't get himself all the way in yet, but he was trying. He started pumping in and out of her at a slow pace, and Lila tried to claw away. Adam leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Even fucking try to get away, and death is going to come a whole lot sooner, bitch."

Lila remained still, the tears streaming down her face. She could feel herself tearing and stretching, blood seeping out to assist Adam's mission.

"God, this is so fucking tight . . ." He moaned, "I can barely move."

Lila whimpered into her panties, her brows furrowed with hate. She turned her face away from him, and he grabbed her chin roughly, forcing her to look at him.

"You're a cunt, Lila. And you're my cunt. Look at me!" She opened her eyes, seeing his face snarling down at her, "You're a fucking bitch, and that's why I'm going to rid the world of you today. Fucking sick, lesbian cunt . . ."

He fucked her ass even harder, forcing himself in and out as fast as her little ass would allow. Lila screamed into the panties; the pain was unbearable. She felt like she was being ripped in half by his cock!

"Oh, fuck . . ." Adam groaned. He rammed himself in all the way, his balls pushing up against her pale, smooth ass cheeks. Lila's eyes widened as he shot his seed up into her, filling her up completely. It hurt so bad . . .

"Get on your knees." Adam ordered her, "Now."

Lila got down onto her knees, her little ass and pussy exposed to him. He plunged himself into her pussy, and it almost felt good compared to the horrible pain of him taking her ass cherry. After just a few thrusts, she was a little wet.

Adam chuckled at her wetness, "You're such a whore. Even when I'm getting ready to kill you, your pussy still craves my dick."

Lila squeezed her eyes tight; at least this way she didn't have to look into his dark, soulless eyes.

Adam grabbed her hips and dug his fingernails into her tender skin, slamming himself into her roughly. Lila started crying again; her tissue was still damaged from his last savage raping, and she still had the bruises where he was digging into her. She sobbed, every jolt shooting pain through her little body.

"I'm going to make sure that you're pregnant when you die." He whispered sadistically in her ear.

He doubled his pace, fucking her as hard and as fast as he could. If it hadn't been for the panties in her mouth, Lila's teeth would have clacked together. She could feel her firm little tits bouncing with his every thrust, swaying in her dress.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, he came, filling her tight little pussy with his cum. She whimpered into her panties; it was so hot!

Adam panted and pulled out of her, his cock going limp from the use. He pulled his pants up and started to laugh.

"I knew you'd show up eventually," He said, "Too bad for your little girlfriend that it wasn't sooner. Look! She's bleeding out of both holes this time."

Luke felt like squeezing the trigger right then and there. Lila was collapsed on the ground, curled up in the fetal position and shaking. He could see the blood pouring out of her ass and pussy, mixed with the semen that Adam must have dumped in her.

"You bastard," Luke said in a raspy voice, "Give me one good reason not to shoot you on the spot!"

"Her." Adam said. Luke heard the click of a gun, and he saw the glint of it in the moonlight. It was aimed at Lila. Adam looked back at Luke over his shoulder and smiled, "You wouldn't want to kill your girlfriend, would you?"

Luke felt the rage build up inside of him. He wanted to kill this son of a bitch right now, once and for all. But what would the police say? If it wasn't a kill shot, would he go to jail and leave Adam free to rape Lila? If he did kill him and he went to prison, would Lila be devastated? Luke's fingers tensed and tightened slightly on the trigger.

Luke had a plan. He sized Adam up; Adam was big, but he was bigger. He weighed a little more than him, and he knew that the farm work he had been doing all summer had paid off; he had to be stronger than him. Now, all he had to do was get him good and pissed off . . .

Would he fall for it?

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Luke asked in a deep tone, "You're a sick, spineless bastard. How about instead of raping a defenseless girl you face me like a man! That is, if you actually are one."

Adam's eyes turned grey and he replied in a dark voice, "If you really want to die, fucker, then fine; wish granted."

Adam put his gun back in his holster and Luke did the same. Adam opened his mouth to ask about the rules, and- with a mighty roar- Luke slammed him to the ground.

In an instant, Luke was on top of him, pounding away at his face. Adam tried to cover himself, but that only got him punches to the arms as well. Luke was unleashing all of his rage on Adam.

His nose bled first, then his lip. Then he started bruising. He already felt his eyes swelling; both would be black by tomorrow. Adam felt himself slipping, but he would never admit it. There's only so many blows to the head that you can take before blacking out. Which he did, after not even a minute.

"Luke!" Lila said in a frightened tone.

Luke was lost in his own world. 225 pounds of pissed off country boy was unleashed, and he wasn't going to quit. All of his rage was being used; he had hurt his girl. HIS girl! He had raped Lila, and he deserved to die.

All that Luke could think about was that hard cock being rammed into Lila. He couldn't stop hearing her screaming, or watching her shake and bleed on the ground. He remembered how proud she was to come out of the closet about her sexual orientation, only to be slammed back down and abused by this bastard.

Who the hell did he think he was? He had no right to do that to her! And he knew deep in his gut that she was pregnant. He had soiled his Lila with his sick, demented seed, and now she was going to be pregnant! Even from the grave or a jail cell he would continue to cause her pain.

He could just imagine her cries in labour. Why? Because she had been raped by this son of a bitch! Because he was a twisted fucking asshole, Lila was going to bleed. And bleed. And then she was going to swell up and give birth.

All of these horrible images bounced around in Luke's head, fueling his every punch. He could feel the bruising start on his knuckles, but he couldn't stop.

He imagined the way that it should have been; Lila should be his. He should have deflowered her softly and gently on their honeymoon; as her husband. Not forcefully, tearing through her hymen and making her cry!

Lila should be carrying his child. He should have pissed on her leg or put a ring on her finger . . . he should have done something! He should have talked her out of this lesbian nonsense so that she could have been safe with him.

Luke focused back on the task at hand and remembered that this man, right here, had violated his Lila. His blows increased in their power, and he could literally feel Adam's bones breaking beneath his powerful fists.

"Luke!" Lila screamed. She grabbed Luke's shoulder roughly, pulling him off of Adam.

He lurched forward and punched Adam hard in the groin, but Lila kept pulling. She put both hands on his face and forced him to look at her. He was back in reality.

His sweet face was solemn, and all he said was, "I got him."

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