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His Brother’s Keeper, Part IV

Casey had left her alone in his bed and she had only just cleaned her face off with the towel when she heard the water running in the bathroom.
She pulled the covers over her naked body and put the sperm covered towel down by the side of the bed. She closed her eyes and tried to be somewhere else in her mind. The room smelled of Casey’s sweating body and she could still taste his stuff in her mouth.
He left her alone while the bath ran; padding around naked in the other rooms. Then she heard him turn the water off. He came through and pulled the covers down. Amy was lying with her legs off to one side and her arms over her breasts. He slapped her ass hard with an open hand.
“Bath’s run, bitch,” he said, “time to get you looking gorgeous to meet the guys.”
He lifted her off the bed and walked her through the apartment and into the bathroom. He set her down by the bath.
“Get in,” he said.
Amy lifted one leg and lowered it into the bathwater. Casey hit her ass again. She winced but tried her best to ignore him. She lowered herself down into the warm bath and hugged her legs close to her body. Casey’s dick gave an involuntary salute then fell back down, soft between his legs.
“Be with you in a sec, darlin’” he smiled.
Then he moved away to the foot of the bath. He lifted the toilet lid and aimed his dick. He started to take a piss. Amy balked and closed her eyes. She could hear his stream drumming on the enamel and trickling into the toilet. She’d never even been in the same room as a guy while he pissed. Casey finished and shook off his wet penis into the toilet. Then he flushed and moved towards Amy. He cocked one leg over the bath and settled in. Amy was forced to open her eyes as he grabbed at one of her legs and pulled her down onto her back. He climbed on top of her; his back and ass only partly submerged in the water. Then he reached over her head and grabbed the soap. He put his hand under the water and started to rub the soap against Amy’s tight little pussy. She closed her eyes again and let him do whatever he wanted with her.
“Open your legs a little,” he seemed amused at how helpless she was getting, “I wanna wash your cunt.”
She parted her legs ever so slightly. Just enough to give him access to her opening. Casey used it. Rolling the wet soap around her pussy. He even started to stick the bar halfway inside her. She tried to let him but at one point he pushed so hard he started to stretch her. The pain made her react. She brought her hand to his hand and drew the soap out of her body.
“You’re hurting me,” she said.
“Shhh, darlin’,” he stroked her hair with his free hand, starting to push the hard bar back inside her.
“No.” She pulled at his hand.
His hand grabbed at her throat, hard enough to leave brief white marks on the skin. He stared into her eyes and tightened his grip ever so slightly; just enough to let her know he could break her neck if he wanted.
“Let me wash your cunt!!”
She closed her eyes again.
“Okay,” she said brokenly.
“Put your leg over the bath,” he said, “open that cunt up for me.”
She put one leg over the side of the bath everything wide open for Casey. She lay in the water and cried as he forced the soap into her again and again. Casey pressed his body weight down on her; starting to lick her ear as he pumped the soap in and out of her.
“Did you and Jackass take baths together?” He whispered.
Tears ran down Amy’s face. She and Jack had taken a bath once. They’d put some formula in the water and set some candles around the rim of the bath. They’d had some of the best sex of Amy’s life that night and afterwards Jack had said he loved her for the first time. But now. Amy couldn’t stop from crying. Now she doubted if she’d ever be able to willingly touch Jack or any other man again. Taking a bath with Casey was so different than with Jack. Him lying on top of her, not letting her breathe. Him having pissed in the toilet before getting into the water. Him forcing the soap into her body. Just as she thought it he pulled it out of her and started rubbing it over her stomach and tits. After awhile he slipped it into her hand.
“Wash my back,” he smiled.
She took the soap from him and reached round starting to rub up a lather on his broad, hard shoulders. He leaned in; kissing and licking at her face.
“Good girl. Go lower.”
She started washing the small of his back. He licked up her face leaving a long streak of his spit on her skin.
“Aw... fuck... soap my ass...”
She lowered her hands. Touching his ass cheeks. She closed her eyes and lathered them up with the soap.
“Good girl,” he chanted, licking her, “good fucking girl.”
After awhile he reached round and brought her hands to the front. He pressed them hard against his cock.
“Your doing great, darlin’, clean me.”
Amy took his flaccid prick in her hand, crying the whole time, as she stroked it with the soap .
“That’s right, baby, stroke me,” he smiled, “keep stroking me.”
His dick was huge. Even when he wasn’t hard. Amy had to use both hands to lather his disgusting prick. It was like servicing an animal, not a man.
“Wash my balls,” he said, his mouth open with pleasure as he licked and sucked at Amy’s sweet face, “come on, baby, wash my balls.”
She took one hand off his prick and started to fiddle with his glands under the water; soaping them up. This went on for long minutes. Stroking his cock and rubbing his balls. Finally Casey let her stop.
“Fuck,” he said, “keep that up and I’ll want to shoot my load again... you give a fucking good handjob, Amy...”
He got on his knees in the bath and grabbed Amy up by the waist. There was a ledge at the far end of the bath where all the toiletries were kept. Casey turned round and sat his ass down on the ledge pulling Amy down onto his knee. She sat on him, her legs off to one side. They were both soaking wet and Casey couldn’t believe how gorgeous Amy looked like that.
“No,” he said, “straddle me... one leg on each side... I wanna see your pussy...”
She straddled him; his hand going straight to her sex and starting to finger her.
“You’ve got a real nice pussy, Amy,” he crooned, kissing her back and slowly fingering her, “real sweet little pussy... did Jack tell you how sweet your pussy is?”
“Please,” Amy cried, “please stop asking me about Jack.”
“I think he was a fucking faggot,” Casey sneered, forcing his finger more roughly into Amy’s tight snatch, “I bet he couldn’t handle this fucking body... did he even finger you?”
Amy cried.
“Fucking faggot,” Casey smiled, licking her back.
He took his fingers out of her pussy and lubed them up. Amy felt a strand of his spit on her skin then she felt the wetness as he replaced his fingers roughly inside her. He fingered her like that for awhile then he reached back and retrieved something from the ledge. He brought it to the front and shook it. A can of shaving foam.
“Casey?” Amy said questioningly.
But her question was answered before she asked it. Casey sprayed a wad of the white foam onto his hand and started rubbing it onto Amy’s wet sex.
“What are you doing?” Amy said disgustedly.
Casey spread the foam around down there.
“We’re gonna shave your hot little cunt,” he said, “keep you nice and smooth... I don’t want your hair to get in the way of my view of your sweet little pussy.”
The white cream was all over her crotch and Casey was still rubbing it in. Amy just shut off and let him. He reached back and found the razor bringing it to her pussy and starting to shave her.
“I almost fucking came the first time I saw this pussy,” he smiled, rinsing the razor in the bathwater and continuing to run the blades over her hot little snatch, “I knew you were the kinda girl to shave between your fucking legs... I knew you had a little bald pussy... only a fucking slut shaves her pussy... you’re a fucking slut Amy... you like guys’ cocks...”
He was kissing her back and getting hard behind her. She just sat and cried waiting for him to finish. He ran the razor from her ass to the base of her stomach.
“Just a little more, darlin’,” he said, “then you’ll be nice and smooth for my fucking prick.”
He finished shaving her and then rinsed off the razor; cupping his hand in the water and washing the excess foam off her pussy. He admired his handy-work; staring down at her hot, wet body.
“You look like a slut Amy,” he said, “a hot little cock-slut.”
“Don’t call me that.” Amy said weakly.
Casey grabbed her round the throat and stood up, pulling her with him.
“What the fuck did you just say?” He slammed her hard against the tiles, “Don’t call you a slut, is that what you said?”
His hands around her neck were really choking her and he’d hurt her badly when he slammed her into the wall.
“You know what, bitch,” he snarled, “get out the fucking bath. I’m gonna beat the shit outta you.”
“No, Casey. Don’t. Please.”
He pulled her out of the bath by the hair and as soon as her feet touched the ground he slammed his knee into her stomach. She crumpled. Casey wasn’t a little guy and the kick nearly stopped her breathing. He kicked her again. Harder in the stomach. Making sure only to bruise her were it wouldn’t show during the party.
“Please Casey,” she screamed, “don’t hit me. Please.”
He kept on kicking her; each kick harder than the one before. She screamed and cried on the floor. Finally he stopped; crouching down and grabbing her hair again. He forced her head roughly against the bath and looked her in the eye.
“If you fucking dare talk back to me in front of the guys I’ll fucking beat the shit outta you there too. I don’t give a fuck! You fucking get me Amy!!”
“Yes,” Amy was in pain and just wanted it to end, “please. I’ll do whatever you say.”
“Fuck yeah you will, bitch,” Casey looked pissed as hell, “you can start by getting dried off and getting your ass back to the bedroom. I’ve got clothes for you to put on. More fucking money out my fucking wallet!!”
He rammed her head back against the bath.
“Little fucking bitch,” he shouted, “I don’t want any more of your fucking bullshit!!”
He hit her head against the enamel again. Amy just cried. She was too frightened to talk back. Casey stared at her with his dark eyes wondering if she’d speak then he got up onto his feet and grabbed a towel. His body was beaded with bathwater and Amy noticed that he’d got an erection again. She felt so helpless. He got off on hitting her.
“Ten minutes, Amy,” he said, “I’m not even fucking close to kidding, bitch!”
He left the room. Making for the bedroom. Amy stood up. Her ribs felt like they’d almost broke with the treatment he’d given her. She took a towel from the rail and started drying off. Afraid of what Casey might do if she didn’t dress quickly.


The red lingerie that Casey had bought her matched the colour of the skin-tight dress; it was short and backless and the cut really showed off her gorgeous breasts. Casey really wanted his buddies to drool over her; to wonder what it would be like to fuck her.
Amy had thought the party would be in a bar or club but it wasn’t. It was going on in an apartment in town and when her and Casey arrived it was already in full swing.
“Hey dude,” one of the guys greeted Casey when he entered. The guy was a little taller than Casey and had a light dusting of blonde designer stubble. He was wearing a short sleeved shirt and Amy could just make out the outline of a tattoo on his inner arm; and another, a torn American flag on his light-haired chest. He had on a baseball cap which made him look like a real asshole.
“Hey Christian, how’s it going,” Casey shook the guys hand.
“Cool,” Christian said, “come in, man, grab yourself a beer.”
He looked from Casey to Amy. He tried not to make it too obvious that he’d just stolen a look at her rack.
“This your girl?” He said.
Casey looked at Amy.
“Yeah, this is my girl. Amy,” he smiled.
Amy just stared ahead.
“You got a cute girl man,” Christian complemented Casey, then to Amy, “good to see you.”
She just nodded.
“Come in, man,” Christian repeated, “mi casa es su casa.”
“Is Caprice not around?” Casey asked, following Christian through the crowds to the kitchenette.
“Na man,” Christian went into the fridge and got himself a beer; he handed Casey one, “she ain’t been too good since she had the kid. Wouldn’t be able to party. She doesn’t mind though she’s visiting her mother tonight.”
Christian looked at Amy.
“My girlfriend,” he explained, “just had our first kid a month ago... it was a difficult labour and she’s kinda sick.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.” Amy forced herself to speak.
“It’s cool,” Christian said.
“Where’s Dylan?” Casey asked.
Christian pointed. Over at the outskirts of the room, through the people who were mulling about, a dark haired latin guy with tan-coloured skin sat drinking on his own.
“You know Dylan man,” Christian laughed, “fucking lone wolf.”
“What about the rookie?” Casey smiled taking a swig of his beer.
“He’s on his way,” Christian laughed, “takes him forever in that heap of shit he drives, dude.”
Christian looked at Amy again. He sucked on his beer.
“Guy’s name’s Nathan,” he explained, “his car’s a fucking joke... he’s only nineteen and just started with the company but Casey here always invites him places ‘cause between you and me, Amy, he’s a bit of a pretty boy and helps with picking up the ladies... not that Casey’s into that anymore.”
Casey smiled and Christian snickered. Amy was in hell. Stuck here with two assholes she hated. Having to pretend she wasn’t being forced. But she had to. She believed Casey would hit her, even in front of his friends, if she provoked him.
Casey mulled about moving between this and that friend, or this and that business associate, and, of course, the fridge where he plied himself with beer after beer. The drunker he got the less he even bothered looking at Amy and in the end she was able to sit down at the side of the room. Near where Dylan was still sat; brooding about something shitty that had happened that day. She’d been sitting there awhile before she noticed him looking at her. Unlike Christian Dylan did nothing to mask what he was thinking. His eyes roamed over her tits and then rested on her legs. She pulled her dress down a little uncomfortably and tried to ignore his staring.
Around 10:30 Nathan arrived, toting a six-pack.
“Sorry guys,” he said to Christian and Casey who were over in the kitchenette talking bullshit with some other asshole.
The kid was good-looking. Well built for a teenager. With clear skin and dark opal eyes. He just stood there and listened to Christian and Casey talk with a little kinked smile.
Amy closed her eyes. She didn’t know what she wanted. She wanted the party to be over but then she didn’t want to go back with Casey. He might hit her again and he’d definitely fuck or make her do something revolting. She felt close to crying right there in the middle of the party.
The night wound on and before long it was going on one in the morning. People had started to leave and Casey, lost for company, started to notice Amy again. He moved over to where she was sitting and sat his ass down next to her on Christian’s sofa. He was still laughing at some joke a guy had told him. His eyes looked wild. He was so wasted. He turned and looked at Amy. His hand started playing with the back of her neck. She looked at him questioningly.
“Do I get a kiss?” He said.
She looked at the sparse people in the room. Christian was still talking to Nathan across the room, near the fridge, and Dylan was sitting so close he heard everything. Casey tilted her head back towards him and started kissing her. She could taste the beer on his breath. He pulled away bringing his lips to her ear.
“I’m sorry we fought before, baby,” he whispered, “you look so hot tonight.”
“Hey guys,” Christian said. Talking to Dylan, Nathan and Casey. The only guys left at the party. Casey looked from Amy to his buddy, “I don’t mind if you guys wanna crash here. Dylan and Nathan can take the couches and Casey you and your girl can take the spare room.”
“Fuck that.” Dylan swore, “I’m fucking outta here.”
“Come on,” Christian said, “you’re gonna drive clear across town as shit-faced as you are?”
Casey laughed.
“I’m up for it,” he said, his hand tightening on Amy’s neck.
“Me too,” Nathan added.
“Cool,” Christian said, “that’s settled then... Dylan you’re staying man... believe me you want to... come on, dude, I’ll show you where the spare room is... you look fucking wasted, man.”
Casey pulled Amy to her feet and steadied himself as they both followed Christian through the narrow hallway leading off from the living room and back towards three doors at the rear of the property. Christian opened one of the doors onto a small bathroom.
“Just in case,” he smiled, “you know, nature calls.”
He closed it over again and pointed to the door opposite.
“I’m in there if you need anything,” he said, then he opened the door straight ahead, “and this is the spare.”
The room inside was small with a dank little window and a double bed taking up most of the space. It was full of blueish darkness. Casey led Amy inside.
“Thanks man,” he said to Christian, making to walk off into the room with Amy.
“Wait a minute man,” Christian said, “can I talk to you?”
Casey looked at Amy.
“Be with you in a sec,” he smiled. Then he closed the door leaving Amy alone in the dark.
She crossed the small room and sat on the bed. Waiting.
Outside Casey waited to hear what Christian had to say. He was swaying a little on his feet from all the beer.
“Listen man,” Christian said, “if you need any rubbers they’re in the bathroom.”
Casey smiled.
“Na, man,” he said, “don’t use rubbers. Nothing like fucking bareback.”
Christian’s cock was getting hard in his jeans just thinking about banging Amy.
“Fuck dude,” he said, “Amy... she’s the hottest fucking girl I’ve seen you with, man... fuck, she’s about the hottest I’ve seen period... listen, dude... I gotta ask... I’ll fucking hate myself if I don’t ask... what’s she like in the sack?”
Casey laughed and put a hand on Christian’s shoulder.
“Think I’ll keep that to myself, dude,” he smiled.
“You fucking lucky cunt,” Christian shook his head, “ever since Caprice dropped the kid she’s not let me fucking touch her... I’ve been beating off four times a fucking night...”
“Well, time for another, eh,” Casey smiled, “see you, dude.”
Casey turned and opened the door, stepping into Christian’s spare room and closing the door behind him. Christian started to undo his jeans on the way to his own room.


Casey walked over and took Amy’s face in his hands; kissing her lightly. Then he lowered her onto her side on the bed and got down beside her. He spooned her; both of them still fully clothed.
“Fuck, Amy,” he felt her body through the thin material of her dress, “Every fucking swinging dick at that party wanted to bang the shit outta you...”
He was slurring his words and sounded wasted as fuck. He kissed her back.
“...feels great to be the only guy gets to lie down with you...”
His tongue started playing on her neck.
“...only guy gets to fuck you...”
He pulled her dress up from behind and grabbed at her red lace panties. He was so fucked he twisted them as he pulled them down to the base of her ass. She heard him undo his belt and felt it as he lifted his ass off the bed pulling his pants and boxers down to his ankles. He settled back behind her and started rubbing the mushroom head of his hard cock against her soft ass cheeks. Amy felt strings of his wet pre-cum on her skin. He maneuvered his cock with his hand to her tight opening and started to push in. She was so dry down there he had a tough time getting the head in.
“Make yourself wet, bitch,” he slurred.
Amy didn’t move. She just lay there, panties halfway down, with Casey rubbing his dick-head against her skin again. Casey got pissed and grabbed her hand forcing it between her legs.
“Make yourself fucking wet, cunt!!” He shouted, “fucking finger yourself!!”
Amy cried but did as she was told. She pushed her fingers into her body and started to move her hand slowly and passionlessly in and out of her pussy.
“That’s right, slut,” he smiled, “Play with your clit. Get that cunt nice and wet for me.”
Amy continued to cry silently as she fingered her dry opening. There was no way she could get turned on. In the end Casey lost it.
“Fuck bitch,” he started wanking off behind her, “can’t wait all fucking night!!”
He leaned down and spat on her ass. Amy cringed and stopped touching herself. Casey scooped up the spit and started rubbing it between Amy’s legs. He straightened up and spat two more times in his cupped hand; reaching round and rubbing his filth into her warm pussy. In the end she was soaking wet down there.
“That’s fucking better, bitch,” he slurred, “nice wet cunt.”
He positioned the head of his cock against her opening and started to push in; grunting like a pig as he forced it all the way. His hips started to thrust backwards and forwards slowly.
“Feels fucking awesome,” he groaned, pumping himself in and out “let’s get these fucking titties out.”
He started pulling at the front of her dress but he was so wasted he couldn’t handle it.
“Get your fucking titties out!!”
She cried and started to undo her dress.
“Fuck, slut, why’ve I gotta tell you every fucking thing twice.”
She pulled her dress down over her breasts.
“Get this fucking bra off!!”
He tore the invisible strap to her red lace bra from behind then he reached round and ripped it off her body. His hand went straight to her breast and he squeezed it hard enough to leave bruises. He was getting rough with her pussy too; slamming his dick inside hard and violent every time. After awhile he pulled his wet cock out of her and grabbed her hips.
“Get on your fucking back!! I wanna see those fucking titties!!”
He turned her round so she was lying down on her back and climbed on top of her; face to face. He took off her cute little panties and then fished down between their legs and started trying to push his dick back inside. His cock head missed her entrance a couple of times. He started wanking off and trying again and again to enter her. He was starting to go soft.
“Fuck!!” he shouted as he writhed on top of Amy, “Shit!!”
He grabbed her tits and jacked his dick trying to get himself harder. His face was contorted with effort and alcohol. He was so rough with her Amy twitched a little.
“Keep fucking still!!”
He punched her hard in the face with a clenched fist. Lights shot in her eyes and she started to cry openly.
“Don’t hit me Casey, please,” she cried, “You’re just drunk. I can get you up. Please, Casey, I promise I can get you up.”
He looked at her darkly. Then he conceded grabbing her hand and forcing it round his cock.
“Get on with it bitch.”
She started stroking his long, soft, wet thing in her hand. He just leaned on his elbows and stared into her face. He looked fucking pissed. Amy wasn’t even sure she’d be able to give him an erection. She was crying silently and her heart was beating at a gallop. She knew hitting her would be his consolation if he never got to use his dick. He drove his hips into her violently.
“Hurry up, cunt!!” he shouted, “get me fucking hard.”
“I’m trying,” she cried, stroking his thing more steadily.
“Did I ask you to fucking try, slut!! Get my fucking dick standing or I’ll give you a few more fucking bruises!! Don’t act like you’ve never given a guy a fucking handjob!!”
“Please, Casey, don’t hurt me again,” she begged, “I’ll do it for as long as you want.”
“Shit!!” He pumped his hips against her again.
She just continued stroking his soft member wondering when he’d lose it and start hitting her again.
“Fuck!!” he shouted at last, “no fucking way I’m getting a hard-on like that. Put your fucking hands by your side!!”
She did and then watched frightenedly as he climbed up on top of her. He pressed the head of his limp dick against her mouth; too drunk to give a fuck about the wet pre-cum that wiped off onto her lips.
“Open your mouth,” he slurred.
She lightly opened it and let him lower his dick inside.
“I’m gonna ride your mouth until I get a boner. Don’t dare fucking move.”
He rested his hips down on her face, his pubic hair brushing up against her nose, then he started moving his ass. Amy just kept her mouth open; doing her best not to choke or to freak out at the disgusting taste of his oozing pre-cum. Her jaw was sore with the amount of head he’d made her give.
“Aw... shit... that’s it... I knew this’d get my fucking prick hard... I don’t get fucking limp-dicked like a fucking faggot!”
He continued to pump his now hardening cock into her soft, wet mouth.
“Tongue it, bitch!” he shouted down at her.
He spread his legs wider on each side of Amy’s head and started to plough into her mouth; his ass beaded with sweat and his damp body-hair nearly suffocating her with every thrust. Then he pushed his full erection into her throat; grabbing her head and holding it there. It was like he was trying to kill her with his cock. Her gag reflex went wild and she tried to push his sweating thighs off her.
“Hands by your side, cunt!!” He said, “it stays in your fucking throat until you calm the fuck down!!”
She forced herself to put her hands by her side. Her eyes were wide and staring for help. His cock buried deep in her throat wasn’t letting her breathe.
“Fuck I want it deeper!!”
She moaned in pain and desperation as he started pressing his whole body hard against her face trying to force his cock deeper still into her throat; deeper than was possible.
“Fuck I love fucking face,” he grunted, “I could fuck your little slut mouth like this all night!!”
She tried to beg him through the cock in her throat but it just came out a strangled moan. After awhile Casey pulled back. Letting his erection slip out of Amy’s mouth. She turned her head away and coughed violently. He turned her head back with a playful slap.
“Did I tell you to take a fucking breather?”
“No more.” She begged.
Casey took his nuts in his hand and dangled them near Amy’s lips.
“Kiss my balls.”
She cried with humiliation but tilted her head up and kissed the ugly sweating things softly.
“Kiss them again, baby,” he said, “my fucking boys like your mouth.”
She kissed them again. Casey smiled at her discomfort; stroking his cock real slow to keep himself ready for fucking. He moved up further on her slowly teabagging her then hovering his sweaty butt-cheeks over her face.
“Now kiss my ass.”
“Casey, no!” She turned her head away.
“Come on, darlin’” he moved his ass closer to her face, “just a little fucking kiss.”
“I can’t, Casey!”
“Amy!” Casey cautioned her, “if you don’t kiss me I’m gonna shove my fucking cock back in your throat and keep it there all fucking night.”
She steeled herself turning and reluctantly kissing his wet ass-cheek.
“Don’t let the other one get jealous, baby,” Casey smiled.
Amy cried harder than she had all night tilting her head up and kissing his other ass-cheek.
“That feels hot, baby” he said, then he lowered himself closer, “actually, use your tongue a little.”
“Casey, I can’t do this!” She tried to push his ass away from her. Casey pressed down harder; violently.
“Don’t make me fucking angry, Amy!” He shouted, “I’m not in the fucking mood!! I’m only asking for a little fucking lick!!”
Amy closed her eyes and licked his sweaty ass.
“Aw... yeah... that feels awesome... do that again, slut... how does the sweat taste on my fucking butt-cheeks?”
She licked him again then lay her head back. She wasn’t going to do anything he didn’t tell her to do. He was having a wank. She just lay there and stared at his firm, sweaty ass; praying that he wouldn’t make her do anything else with it. Soon after he started to climb down. Amy took advantage of the few seconds of breath she could get while he settled down between her thighs.
“Open your legs,” he said, “I wanna fuck pussy.”
She spread her legs for him and he took his cock in his hand as before. He pushed the head in and then fed the rest of his raging erection into her hot little snatch. He started slowly, gently humping into her fine body. The room was silent and dark around them.
“Play with your clit.” He whispered.
Amy responded putting a hand down between them and passionlessly starting to rub her clit in slow circular motions. She turned away from him and closed her eyes; her body pumping against the bed in regular time with his slow-fuck. He started sucking on her tits. He did it for awhile, slobbering on her skin as usual, then she felt his face hovering over hers.
“Does my cock feel nice?” He asked.
Amy frowned. Trying to ignore him.
“Take that as a no, cunt,” he said, “forgot you were used to faggots who can’t fucking get it up... when’s the last cock you had before me?”
He picked up the pace. Not much but enough.
“Lucky for you I’m about to fucking cum,” he whispered, “I’ll be outta your fucking ungrateful little pussy soon enough.”
There was so much contempt in his voice. He got a little faster still; doing it a little deeper with each stroke. Then, finally, he pulled out and shot a hot load on her flat stomach. His gunk pooled their as he drained every drop from his ball-sack onto Amy’s damp skin then he wiped the head off just above her pussy like a guy cleaning his dirty hands on a cloth. He rolled over when he was done and lay down next to her. Closing his eyes.
“You can work out how do clean yourself up, cunt,” he slurred, “I’m getting some fucking shut-eye.”
Amy lay there, eyes still closed and head still to one side, her stomach covered in his white cum as Casey slowly drifted off to sleep.

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