The greatest gift a son could get his fat old dad: The sons Latina teen wife wanting the dad to cum in her to get pregnant since his son secretly got a hysterectomy
My name is Jake, I am a 31 year old man. I married my wife, Leticia 2 years ago, she is 19. I don't think I'm really 'in love' with my wife, but she is very attractive, petite, and is my dream girl. Sometimes I am very jealous of her past relationships, because she has told me just about everything, so maybe I do love her since I have such protective feeling over her. I got a hysterectomy when I was 27 for personal reasons, I don't ever want to have kids. my wife does not know. My wife wants to have kids really bad. I act like everything is O.K. so I just keep trying with her, but she wants me to go to the doctor to get checked out, she already has and is fine, she knows there is nothing wrong with her. She is very gullible, by the way, and there is a slight language barrier since she was born and raised in Mexico. I lied to her and said I went to the doctor and said that I have some kind of a condition I never knew about that does not allow me to have kids. She had all these ideas about how to have kids, but they were really stupid.

My dad, Bill, and I were really good buddies, we were like high school friends. He looks like my older brother in pictures. He is even bigger than I am, but he is very overweight and does not take care of himself very good anymore, age is taking it's toll you know? My wife used to joke around with me about my dad, like how I'm "going to look like him one day" so she is getting used to that fact. To make a long story short, she even says stuff once in a while about how my Grandpa is handsome.

She acts like a very family oriented person and seems to have traditional Mexican family values. She has a dark side to her though. Her mom was a prostitute in Mexico when she was a little girl, and was around many men, but never did anything with them. She tells me some messed up stories, and it hurts me sometimes, but it's my fault since I keep asking her questions about her past. When she came to the U.S. she was attracted to white men and the whole American culture. She told me a story about when she was 13 year old virgin and alone with the cable repair man in her apartment, the story still makes me sick to this day. She is very 'dirty' with me, she is very sexually passionate in bed and 'kinky'. I view her as a piece of meat sometimes since she upsets me so much with stupid little things but can't help it I guess, and makes up for her stupidity with sex. So it all works out in the end, sort of. I really don't know how much longer we will be married, but it will help her for citizenship reasons. We usually get along, and she is cool most the time. She wants a kid or 2 very, very bad. Like seriously bad. I'm worried she will get knocked up by some guy who looks like me or something and act like it's ours. Like somehow I gave her a child. She is not the sharpest tool in the shed. She did heavy drugs for a year or 2 when she was 15-16.

My dad had a hysterectomy also, after my brother was born i guess. My dad and I were very open about almost everything. I felt bad for my dad, he has had a hard life. I'm not going to talk about my mom. I got myself in real bad situation and feel like killing myself because it makes me so sick. None of us are religious, anymore anyways. I know what kind of a person I am now but don't judge me since you may have done the same thing in my situation. We are all animals right? I don't know what this website really is, but I can't work up the nerve to tell a psychologist or anybody this. I just don't know what to do now. I am sick every day and will not let anyone know. It's hard to tell you this the way it happened but maybe it's good for me. Enough beating around the bush. I tricked my wife into having sex with my dad, until she gets pregnant.

I talked my wife into it before I told my dad. This was supposed to be a gift to my dad, but she never ever knew of that intention. I was a sick person. I talked to my dad about the 'plan', and how I needed him to act like he would absolutely refuse to that sperm bank or artificial insemination crap. She was a 10 in me, and my dads 'book' and I'm sure he would have never even would have had a girl this attractive when he was my age or younger.

My wife and I talked about how it would work, how my dad was also traditional and would only impregnate a woman in a conventional way, he was 'old school'. My dad and I talked about how it would work. I never let my wife and my dad talk about it. I don't my wife is not attracted to my dad so much that she would cheat on me with him. He is really not that good looking anymore. By the way, nobody I know will ever read this. The thing is, me and my wife talked about how the only thing we want is my dad’s 'seed' in her (even though I knew it was impossible).

It took a while to work it out with her and break the idea to her the right way, but she was O.k. with it, after her crying and talking sleepless nights about it. She eventually really wanted the end result very bad. She talked about how hard it would be for her to work herself up to do it, and didn't know what to expect when it was happening. We were both not in the right state of mind I think because she was thrilled of the chance of having kid(s) with my 'DNA', instead of adoption or other means. I told lied and told her how DNA works and how my dad’s is the same as mine and other stuff. I was turned on for some reason, at that time, and thought it was exciting in a way (she did not know that). We agreed that the only way it should be is quick and to the point, no sweet talk or kissing.

I knew what my dad liked in women, what turned him on. I used to look at his porn magazines as a kid. He liked latinas. In the week building up to the first day they were together we made sure it would work out as smooth as possible. We both wanted him to go quick in her. She was looking hotter than she was on our honeymoon. She got a really nice tan in the back yard, was working out really hard, body wax, all that foo foo stuff. She got those really long black eyelashes done and spent over $400 on lingerie.

She rubbed lotion in all over, put on her sweatpants and tang top, make-up and lipstick then left our house and drove over to my dad’s house, only a few minutes away. She was back in like 25 minutes, but sometimes it would be longer like 45 minutes or sometimes even shorter like 15 minutes. That is when the sickness and jealousy began to set in. She got so hot looking for him, but I knew the reason. It was to get him so excited he would blow asap. She told me exactly how it happened, so guess how I feel about it all now. She told me stuff like how "he was so heavy on her that she could hardly breathe sometimes, but had to take it". She wanted to "do him just the way he wanted to so that it would end quicker". She told me how he wanted her to sound and how he wanted her to bend her over and shove her face in a pillow and all those details. How he would squeeze her as he went. He made her wear bows and put her hair up and all kinds of weird stuff.

She said my dad’s penis is about 25% "bigger than" mine and that he went "really quick every time". She said that was the only part that made the whole thing bearable.
She told me what happened a few times. She said that the first time as she got out of the car and walking up to his house she saw him looking out the window at her. She thought he looked like he was ‘jerking off’. She came up and knocked on the door he said ‘come in’. She opened the door and walked in and he was wearing a robe. They sat down for a minute in silence. She took off her shirt revealing her tanned smooth skin and perfect c-cup breasts with hard pink nipples on her perfect petite body, not too skinny and not fat, and not a bunch of toned muscles popping out, just perfect. He started undoing his robe and she stood up and pulled down her sweatpants then said “O.k. we know why we are doing this, just go quick. Let me know what I can do to help you go”. She turned and bent over in front of his face and pulled down her sweatpants to her ankles showing her firm tanned but and very tight little shaven pussy, which started to naturally open a little as she stepped out of the pants. She turned back around facing him for the first time totally naked with her shoulder length black hair and her soft tanned skin lathered in lotion. She was 5’2” 115 pounds, no tan lines and perfect smooth skin. She had long black eyelashes, mascara, dark red lipstick and white nail polish. He lay back on the couch, opened his robe all the way off and showed his fat white stomach and hairy body with his big dick up like a pole. He reached over and turned the light on so he could see her body better. It was the hottest young Latinas body he had ever seen! It was better than what he ever seen or masturbated about. She said “are you ready” in a very nervous broken English voice. And he said “yeah” in a very serious voice. She crawled up on him. She put one knee on the couch next to his waist then he helped her by holding her waist as she put her other leg on the couch cushion. He started rubbing and grabbing her back and waist, he was too nervous to grab her tits because he was afraid she would get off him and go home. She said “it’s O.k. to do whatever you want. Me and Jake already talked about it. We just need you to cum in me as quickly as possible because I really don’t like doing this at all”. She spread open her pussy lips and leaned forward rubbing their tummies together as she moved her body down on his dick, he hugged her shoulders and tan smooth soft back and helped slowly to touch his dick in the middle of her opened pussy. As he went up in her just half an inch she took her hand away and let her tight pussy grasp around his rock-hard penis. She was so tight, so he had to move her up a hair, then down even more to get the slow humping motion started.
He stayed slow and focused on going ‘balls deep’. Her skin was warm and felt so good and lotiony. As soon as he got got balls deep he didn’t rock her up or anything, he just hugged and kissed her neck and chest. He was up in further than anyone had ever been in her. It was like a virgin area of her pussy. Then he slid his dick down half an inch down her tight vaginal wall and back up again all the way to the top. She stayed silent and was looking down at his face to see if he needed her to do anything to be hotter for him, so he would cum in her quicker. She saw him staring at her belly button on her perfect little tanned tummy, as it was rubbing on his. They were actually fucking now, even though it was very slow and gentle. He couldn’t believe it that she was humping him and he was going to be able to cum all the way deep in her body. She remembered some sexy things she could do to help, like making high pitched sexy out of breath painful noises and hugging him around his neck making her nipples gently kiss his lips. She knew he loved her sexy Spanish accent. He scooted to the end of the couch cushion so she could straddle him better with her tanned soft smooth legs around the sides of his fat white waist. He rested his arms on the top of her thighs and rubbed and squeezed her fit waist and Mexican tanned midriff, the skin of their bodies were sliding and sweating together. She was gently rocking on him. . She felt and looked so hot on him that he only last 45 seconds. As she felt him shiver and shake, like he was going to cum, she thrusted her waist down onto his waist and jiggled around on him so that his dick was absolutely as far up into her body as possible, until he cummed deep up in her body. It was so far up it was like between her belly button and her perfectly tanned back dimples. She was so petite that he was able to put his elbow almost to the top of her butt crack and reached up and grasped her at her shoulder holding her down on him as he shot up deep in her with his other hand around the side of her athletic tanned leg grabbing her teen ass check. Her pussy was so tight and felt so well connected with his dick.and He twitched and almost cried as his cum began to squirt out through his pubic hair.
As soon as she knew he had gone in her she began to climb off him. He tried to hold her body longer but she wanted to leave now and he didn’t want any trouble. She just put her grey sweatpants and white tang top back on, with her belly button and tan fit waist exposed, and left out of the house into her car parked across the street and left. There were some highschool football jocks throwing the football around out on the street that saw her walk out to her little VW Beattle and their jaw just about dropped out of their mouths she was so hot. One of them got his smartphone and took pictures of her behind her back. After he cleaned himself up with a towel, Bill went to check the video cameras he had set up secretly. They all recorded clear HD vids at different angles, but he never jacked off to any of the hundreds of videos until months later, since he was having the greatest sex imaginable by anyone, ever, almost everyday. He turned off the bright lights aimed at the couch and ordered a pizza. He began setting up the bathroom and his bedroom for her next visit.

She kept going for about 2 months until she couldn't stand it, since nothing was happening. She told me sometimes he couldn't get hard or ejaculate or something so they had to take a bath together or some crap. She didn't tell me they kissed until after a few months it was over with. She says they never had oral sex. She always came home with the lipstick on like nothing happened. She said it was "helpful but hate doing it, but didn't know what to do". The last time she was at his house she found a video camera on recording when he went into the bathroom and didn't say anything to him. She told me, and I had to act like I was mad at him, but it was really all my fault. She hated it every time, she told me. She really is a sweet girl and seems very innocent. She wants a real family. It has been about 1 year and she acts like everything is fine or at least O.K. Still no kids, thank goodness, but my dad and her never talk or are around each other, ever.

We still had sex but it sucked. I feel like I have lost all chances of ever loving my wife and having a meaningful relationship with her. I view her as only good for sex. She can't cook and can barely clean the house. I don't ever even need to look at porn or anything but I feel sick every day. My dad seems happy and I'm glad for him. I asked him certain questions about things that happened and he just replies with nods. I started regretting the whole thing after the minute she left the first time. Is there any way out? or should I just 'off' myself?

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This was a very poorly written story; it could have used both a proofreader and an editor.

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you need to learn how to write and use paragraphs.

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a woman gets a hysterectomy. a man gets a vasectomy.

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ask and yee shall receive................mytou wanted here to fuck him and she did even tho she didn't want to she did it foer you so now live with it or knock yourdself off........... you got what you asked for

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