Her story
Chrisy begins

It all started the year her cousins Mike and Rose moved into a house close to hers. she thought it would be cool to have some younger people to hang out with .instead of just he mom and grandpa all the time .grandpa was nice but he was old and stayed with them because he had heart trouble.

Rose was a year and a half older than her and Mike was two years older than Rose and Chrisy believed him to be the cutest guy she had ever seen. he was tall and muscular with brown hair and a big smile . Rose was taller than chrisy she was a little chunky but she had c cup breasts and long hair and a melodic laugh that was quite contagious.

They hung out at each others houses a lot went swimming and to the drive in movies with there moms there fathers were truck drivers and were gone a lot.

Every thing went great then one week when chrisy’s mom (Kim) and Mike and Rose’s mom( Mary) wanted to go shopping and the kids didn’t want to go they begged to stay home they would be good and besides grand pa was upstairs if there was any trouble!
The moms said ok they would only be a couple of hours and warned them not to get in any trouble.

After there moms left they went into chrisy’s play house and tried to think of something to do. Mike said they could play Doctor . he would be the Dr. Rose could be the nurse and Chrisy would be the patient . they all agreed and Mike told chrisy to get undressed she pretended to and Rose said “No for real you need to take your clothes of for the Dr.”

Chrisy got undressed and Mike put his ear to her chest and told her to “breath deeply” then he ran his hands all over her body he told her to open her legs so he could inspect her pussy and she said “what”s that Rose told her that’s what her privets’ where called so she did as Mike said.

He rubbed his hands over her pussy putting his fingers inside the slit and rubbing a little hard spot at the top of the slit that felt really good then he said they had to check her temperature he told her to open her mouth has he unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis telling her this is my thermometer she said no it will taste like pee Rose told her to do as your told it doesn’t taste bad I have done it lots of times its really good .

She got down on her knees and opened her mouth Mike took her head in his hands and guided her mouth onto has penis he said now such on my cock like it’s a sucker and don’t use your teeth. He started to push it in and out of her mouth slowly telling her she was doing fine rose got behind her and started to rub her hands all over chrisys body rubbing her chest until her nipples were hard then started pinching and pulling them it hurt a bit but a good kind of hurt that made her feel a tingle between her legs like when Mike rubbed her pussy she felt shaky so she grabbed Mikes hips to steady herself Mike moaned he liked that as Rose ran her hand down chrisy”s belly to her pussy and started to rub the hard spot asking if she liked her clit rubbed like that all chrisy could do was moan as her mouth was full of Mikes hard cock

Rose kept up a steady rhythm on her clit and Mike kept his cock working in her mouth He asked her how she liked getting her face fucked like this and again all she could do was moan. She felt the tingle in her pussy growing feeling like she was going to pee she started shaking uncontrollably and a wonderful feeling washed over her and she felt a wetness between her legs. Mike stiffened up told her not to stop as he shook and something salty and slightly bitter squirted into her mouth she swallowed it not knowing what else to do!

When mike pulled his penis out of her mouth and let go of her head she fell back into Rose and said what was that feeling They both laughed and told her that was an orgasm and it only gets better from here. Mike said he and Rose did this a lot and other things to but those things would have to wait for another time and they better clean up and get dressed before there moms got back. They finished doing that just as there moms pulled in asking how things went Mike said fine they had just played in the play house together and Kim asked if they wanted any ice cream they all nodded and said yes

Kim and Mary told them to wait out side and went in to get it and Mike looked at Chrisy and told her that this had to be kept a secret between just them or they wouldn’t be able to do it any more and they might actually get yelled at she said ok and they all swore that they would tell no one else as Mary carried out the ice cream.

They ate their ice cream smiling and laughing quietly talking about how much fun that was planning to get together again soon as Kim and Mary looked out the window Mary put her arm on Kim’s shoulder and said aren’t you glad our kids have so much fun together !

Chris story goes on and gets darker as her experiences get more advanced she is telling this story to her husband to explain her sudden unusual behavior after he comes home early one day and finds he doing something he never taught she would do in a million years

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Go back to school and learn proper English retard

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Go back to school and learn proper English retard

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The grammar, spelling and run on sentences make it a difficult read. Story line is good though.

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Don't write like you are a tweve year old. Horrible, story could be good.

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