His first day in business comes to a close
As we sat in the living room waiting for supper to finish cooking the phone rang. It was Steve at the front gate wanting to know if he should admit one Joshua Boyles who has shown up with his cousin Carey. He and she had been sexually active together since they were kids. I tell Steve to send them in to the doctor and have them checked out. I call Rita to see where we'll put Josh and his partner.

Rita sets them up in the apartment acrossed the hall from Sabrina's apartment. I know Josh is a sex addict who can be dangerous so I warn both my granddaughters not to flirt with him.

Meanwhile, Josh has parked his vehicle and is in the infirmary being checked out by the doctor. Josh is okay but his cousin has a minor yeast infection brewing in her vagina so the doctor tells her not to have sex until the anti yeast cream she is to use has effects. He sets up a time for her to come back in the morning and and see if the cream is effective.

I hear a bit of a bump outside the apartment as the staff moves Josh's property into the apartment acrossed the hall. It has 3 bedrooms and they put his property in one and her property in the other. Just like when I came in they unpack everything and get done before Josh and Carey get there.

There is a company computer in every room with a directory of who's who and where they stay. So about a half hour after the moving crew pulled out there is a knock on the door. I answer it and it's Josh who I haven't seen since prison. We hug and once I release Josh I reach out to Carey and she responds. She's a tiny girl with not large breasts but not too small either.

Carey sees the table set but no food on it and calls out,"I guess we came at a bad time?" Sabrina comes out of the kitchen and says, "Nonsense! I'm making Mongolian Beef for six and there are only four of us so you're welcome to stay.

Beatrice comes up and says, "Hi, I'm Bea and Charlie's granddaughter." Josh looks her up and down and asks "Is he doing anything with you?" I'm still a virgin if that's what you want to know. But I suck and ass fuck with the best of them."

Josh looks at me and at Carey and Carey nods and he looks at me again. I shrug. I don't know what Beatrice wants to do. I put an arm around Carey and say,"If you say 'don't let him ' I won't so it's up to you and Beatrice whether he does anything.

Josh is hesitant. Beatrice puts him at ease by putting her arm around him at the waist. He puts his arm around her neck and slips it into her dress' wide opened collar and you can see him playing with her nipples. I slip my arm around Carey's neck and reach down to her nipples outside her blouse. She unbuttons to two top buttons of her blouse and moves my hand to the front of her collar. I reach inside and find no bra. I knew she didn't hove much of one anyway since I could feel the nipple through the cloth of her blouse.

Sabrina says supper will be ready in five so we'd best wash up before the meal. I guide Carey and Beatrice guides Josh to the bathroom. we sort of line up and each of us washes our hands and return as couples to the dining room. Sabrina bring out two bowls: one is heaped over with white rice and other is pull of thinly cut strips of steak with a brown sauce and a lot of one inch long pieces of green onions mixed in. We all settle at the table and are joined by Charlene.

She walks in, sees our guests and says "I'm Charlene, Sabrina's youngest." I introduce Josh and Carey and we all sit down to eat. I tell Josh of my hiatus for mourning and he says whatever I want to do is fine. He asks Charlene if she knows anything about sex. She says she knows how to suck cock and has a vaginal expander in her to help her grow down there so she can fuck pretty soon. He asks if she's ever taken it in the ass. She says she has but wants an enema before she does him. Sabrina clears her throat and says it's not the kind of thing to talk about at the dinner table.

Josh tells me South Carolina won't even let him go to a mall. He can't go theaters either. we have much better than that here.

The rest of the conversation is over the trip they took to get here and how the weather was in route. Charlene does not talk much and is shoveling her food trying to get done as soon as possible. She says,"excuse me," and dunks under the table. We hear a zipper being unzipped and Josh slides his chair back at to see his cock in Charlene's mouth. She's not kneeling. By bending at waist she can deep throat him by lining up her esophagus with her mouth. Josh is smiling as she blows him.

Carey is looking pissed but continues to eat the meal. Sabrina is watching with interest to see what she'll do if anything. Suddenly Josh stiffens and shakes and his face screws up and I know he's blowing his load.

Charlene: I decided to welcome grandpa's friend with a deep throat blow job so he would know I was willing to satisfy him. When he came I put him way down my throat so I did not have to swallow. He shot it right down to my tummy. When I looked up after he came I saw him reach down and he pat my head like I was favorite pet. I got out from under the table and stood up next to Josh. I whispered in his ear. "You can eat me later, okay?" He whispered back,"Any time you want me to just ask."

she ducks back under the table and I feel her touching my knees. Her elbows are resting there as she unzips my fly and, reaching in, pulls out my semi hard penis. she immediately puts it in her mouth and goes up and down its length with her tongue caressing the bottom of it as she pulls back. I'm hard as stone within three cycles of this treatment.

She had been kneeling but now rises back to the bent over position she uses for deep throating cocks. This child has no gag reflex at all! She cycles it in and three times and then comes off to exhale and take a very deep breath before taking me down her throat again. This is as good a blow job as I've ever had. I know I can't last long. The next time she comes off I warn her I'm going to cum. She does her three strokes then takes me deep as I can feel and she can sense the semen flowing up the vas differen. I start to spurt and she just hangs there taking it down her throat. When my pulsing stops she comes off my prick and smiles real big, then licks her lips and says,"You taste different from Josh. Thank you grandpa." I don't get it. Why is this child thanking me for letting her blow me?

She comes out from under the table. Josh asks me if he can take Beatrice back to his apartment for the night. I tell him "No because I want to preserve her virginity to take it on camera." He tells me of Carey's temporary inability to fuck him so I pick up the phone and call Trish up and ask her if she would mind spending the night with a 25 year old sex addict who would fuck her brains out. She asks where and I tell her to come to Sabrina's apartment to meat him.

Dinner is done and Sabrina is taking the dishes and loading them in the dishwasher. Charlene climbs up on the table and lies with her legs widespread in front of Josh and says,"Josh, eat me." Josh opens his mouth and starts to lap up and down her slit. She starts to breath hard immediately then starts gasping for breath. I know she's on the edge but can't get there so I tell him,"Pinch her ass or tits, she's a masochist." He does not pull out of charlene's pussy just makes an OK sign with his hand and pinches her ass. She says, "Harder Josh" So Josh puts his nails into her With her feet on his thighs she raises her pussy toward him and screams her orgasm. As she settles back Josh pulls back and says,"Is that enough?" Charlene says, "Yeah, that's real good."

We hear a knock at the door and ten year old Trish who is pregnant by six weeks is at the door. As I go to the door Charlene climbs down and pushes her dress down so she looks like nothing happened.

Trish walked in and Josh looks her up and down and smiles. I introduce them to each other they go to the living room to get acquinted. Sabrina comes back in and I ask her,"I've been getting erections nearly as often as when I was seventeen and since I'm sixty-one, it doesn't feel normal. Are you giving me anything to help me feel younger?" She says."I give you a 36 hour Cialis every morning. That why you can get it up often. I want you inside me tonight so no more until I get some."

I rise from the table. Put my prick back in my pants and close my fly. I kiss my daughter on the mouth with tongue and say"Okay" I go out in the living room and ask Josh what he thinks of Trish. He says. She's a sweet girl but doesn't seem too experienced. Trish scoffs at that and asks if she can use my home computer. I nod and she logs in with her user name and password and goes to our Japanese site and brings up her gang bang. Josh's jaw drops as he watches the video as one after another prick enters her and cums in her and she walks to the bathroom and douches after each man. That way she stays fresh down there.

When it's over, Trish says,"One of these fuckers got me pregnant, which is why my mother left and Charles is my parent now. He asks me,"Charles, do you know who the Daddy is?" I say,"Not yet, we'll do DNA later to give the Dad a chance to be part of the kids life but we haven't done it yet."

He tell me "Speaking of DNA do you think he'd make a clone for me?" "Of who"I asked. "Arianna's hair brush is in my suitcase in a plastic bag." I say, "I'll ask him on Monday." Josh says,"Thanks Charlie. It's getting late and I know you want to tuck your grandkids in. We'll go to my apartment and continue what we want to do. So Josh, Carey and Trish all leave to go to Josh's appartment.

Once they are gone. Sabrina tells her girls to go get their showers before going to bed. Beatrice heads for the bathroom and I hear the shower going. I'm sitting so I can see down the hallway and about ten minutes after she went in Beatrice comes out of the bathroom naked and walks to her room. She comes out wearing a robe.

Then Charlene goes into the bathroom for ten minutes of showering and she comes out naked and just walks into the living room like she does it all the time. She climbs up in my lap and turn her sideways to kiss her. She gives me tongue and when she breaks it off she says I'm just getting you ready for Mom. Sabrina goes in the bathroom and takes a 15 minute shower. As she comes out and goes to our bedroom to get a robe I go in grab my robe and go take my shower. My erection Charlene raised fades gradually and I come out, dry off, put on my robe and come out.

Charlene again climbs up in my lap. But I've got my daughter on my right and I start kissing her. She tongues me so I return the favor and as we get to necking Charlene excuses herself and says,"Goodnight Mom and Grandpa, I'm going to bed." She then rubs her eyes and heads off. Beatrice sits at the computer checking her E-mails and says,"One of my friends from Iowa wants to visit and may want to stay a while, Mom, is it okay?" Sabrina says to me,"Dad, we don't know if the girl is active sexually or not can we risk having her here?" I tell her we can put me in Rita's apartment for the duration of her stay and Sabrina could come to the office or that apartment if she needed anything. She says, "I'm not sure I want to do that but I guess I could stand it for a while."

I tell Bea to tell the girl she can come but she'll have to go to school and may be with younger kids since she's been in public schools. Bea logs off and goes to bed. I go to the computer and Google the girl's name. I find a news report that her mother killed her father when she found him in bed with her and the mother was convicted for the murder. So she was fleeing foster care with an Uncle.

So I think I know what happened the majority of incest victims report other family member come to expect sex from them. So that may be why she want to get away. This may not be the right place for her.

So I'm sitting here making out with my daughter and all we are wearing is our robes. I slip a hand into her robe to massage a breast and the nipple stands up in my palm. I put my other hand in and start on the other nipple and she reaches into my robe and extracts my penis. She strokes it gently and as it hardens up she she speeds up her hand. I reach into the lower part of her robe and find her pussy already wet! She says,"I get wet when I see my girls in action and jealous when they do it with you." I run my finger up and down her slit. I pick up lubrication at the hole and then slide up and circle her clit and slide back down. She starts to breath hard and says,"I want to fuck you right now. Lay on the floor." So I lay on the floor on my back and she straddles my pelvis and squats to bring her pussy to my cock's head.

When she has me lined up she pushes down hard and my prick slides into her well lubricated vagina. She slides down until my pubic hair touches her bare labia (She is still shaved) and then pushes back up until only the head of my prick in hidden in her hole. She slides back down until I'm fully inside her and then lays down on me so her breasts are pressing into my chest.

She whispers into my ear,"When I used to do this with my husband I played like it was you and I'm so glad I don't have to fantasize anymore. I wanted to fuck you when I was eight but couldn't stand the pain of my cherry being broken but now it's all good." She's gasping for breath as she stops to inhale then continues, "I loved doing this when I was kid and now I'm fucking you for real! Daddy I love you!" Then she stiffened and shuddered and arched her back and then collapsed onto me, panting.

As she comes back to the real world she said,"I thought you'd cum with me but if you are still hard maybe I should continue?" I tell her,"Let's try another position. Honey, Get on your hands and knees." She says,"Okay but put it in my pussy, not my ass. I did not give myself an enema this evening." Then she complies and gets on her hands and knees. I slip my rock hard organ into her pussy. I slip my left hand around her hips to her clit and my right middle finger I slide into her butt hole. As I stroke my prick in and out of her she pushes back into me and I massage her vagina through her ass and play with her clit at the same time with the other hand. After a few minutes she stiffens and rears up with her orgasm and then collapses again into a heap with my prick and middle finger still into her holes. She passed out!

As she comes out of the unconscious state, she says,"God, that never happened with my husband! I never came so hard that I passed out!" She says, "I want you to pull out now Dad." I comply and know I am close to coming.

She rolls over and says,"I want to see your face when you cum so let's finish in missionary position." She spreads her legs and I enter her again. I stroke in and out of her looking into her eyes as she smiles until her breath is again taken away by sexual stimulation. She is tight but well lubricated which is how I have been able to last so long. As her orgasm approaches I feel the burning in my balls that says I'm getting very close and when she climaxes stiffening, shuddering and raising me off the floor as she arches her back and I feel my balls pumping my jism into her pussy six or eight strong pulses followed by uncountable weaker ones. When she collapses to the carpet we are both fully spent. I'm still inside her but supporting my weight on my arms as I kiss her and thank her for the best orgasm I've had in years.

My organ shrinks down and falls out of her pussy and she says,"I guess we ought to go to bed huh?" As I start to get up I hear a young throat being cleared, and I turn to it and see both of Sabrina's daughters standing behind me with their hands rubbing their pussies. I ask them, "How long have you been there?" In unison they say,"Since you laid on top of mommy." I turn to help my daughter up off the carpet and she goes to the bathroom to use a douche.

I tell the girls they need to be in bed and getting their rest. So I take one in each hand and walk them toward their rooms. As we pass the bathroom Sabrina calls out,"Dad, they are so turned on you might have to make them cum to get them to sleep." Charlene steps quickly to get ahead of me turns and puts her arms up so I reach down and pick her up and she wraps me up like an octopus would arms and legs around me.

lling me that!" I look down and my semi-hard prick is pointed at her pussy's entrance! I pull down to remove it and climb off her and cover her with the sheet as she pushes her nightgown down. I give her another kiss and when I pull back she grabs my neck and says,"I wish you'd call of the moratorium because I would fuck you right now" I say,"Honey, don't be in such a hurry to give up your virginity. I really don't want to force you into it."

I return to Sabrina's room she's in bed already with the sheet up to her neck. She's not asleep though so I go to bed and climb in next to herd. As I climb in she observes my almost hard organ and says,"Did Bea or charlie do something to you?" I said,"No I just fingered and ate them." I pull up the sheet over me and Sabrina puts her arms around me as I settle into bed.

Her breasts are pushing to my chest and my semi-hard penis is being pressed on my her pelvis. She kisses me with tongue and I tell her,"Honey isn't once a night enough?" She replies,"We'll See." She rolls over and spoons with me. My cock is between her legs and she starts to hump me. I slip an arm over her and put it on her breast and try to fall asleep as she continues to stimulate my organ though it starts to be painful. Soon I feel her moving up the bed and then she grabs my penis between her legs and slides it into her vagina. She continues to hump me and it feels fantastic. I kiss her neck and nibble her ears as she continues to hump me and I feI take her to her room and lay her on the bed. I lick my finger and put it on her clit and rub it directly. She grabs the wrist to push me harder to her pussy. She starts to pant and I bend down to get my mouth on her and my tongue stimulates her clit now and she starts to gasp for breath. I go deep and pull her clit into my mouth and bite down with my toothless gums and she cums immediately. As she stiffens she pushes my head into her pussy then her pelvis rises to about 7 inches above the mattress as she climaxed.

Beatrice had been watching as I brought her sister to orgasm and her hand was still on her pussy. I pulled Charlene's nightgown down over her pussy and down to her knees then covered her with a sheet up to her neck. Then I bent over her and said, "Good night Sweetheart and gave her a kiss with just a little tongue which she returned in kind. As I walked Beatrice out of the door I heard Charlene say,"I love you grandpa and good night."
I turned and said,"I love you you too Charlene."

Beatrice entered her room and climbed into bed pushed her sheets down the bed and hiked her nightgown up til it bunched under her arms. Then she slid down about 2 feet toward the foot of the bed and asked,"Sixty-nine?" I say,"I don't think I'd me able to get so hard so quick. I'll just do you. Okay?" She bent her knees and spread her legs and climbed up on the bed to get into the optimum position.

I licked my finger and started running up and down her slit until she was panting then I dove in the ran the route with my tongue. I did put a finger into her virgin vagina just to add some internal stimulation. After a minute of this she was gasping and her hands grabbed my head to keep me their and after two minutes of combined internal and external stimulation she stiffened, quaked and arched up off the mattress nearly a foot! When she collapsed back to the mattress I climbed up her body kissing her nubile breasts as I passed them and kissed her on the mouth and she returned the tongue with a vengeance and said,"Thank you Grandpa for making me cum so good." I reply"Good night, sleep well. I love you." She says,"Yeah, you do love me. Your prick is feeling a very slow buildup toward my climax. This is very slow gentle lovemaking she is doing and I'm responding to plunge into her with my now fully hardened prick. We go at this for about 20 minutes before she stiffens and quakes with orgasm and my prick responded with three hard pulses of cum and six weak pulses and I fell asleep still engaged with my daughter's pussy.

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