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A little girl, a bad guy and a deal that will change both.
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Hi guys, long time no see.
These are the first two chapters of this story. I'm posting two because the first one barely have anything sexual. If I'm posting another instalments it will be one chapter at a time.
Hope you like it.
(Special thanks to my good friend Rutger5 for all the help with the english stuff!! ; *)

The Little One

Chapter I - "The Deal"

My name is Alinne. I'm a girl who lives in a small town up in the mountains in the countryside. Being our town is primarily populated by people of german and austrian descent everybody here is really tall, except me. My folks were albanian and italian descent, normal people, not even that tall. Happened that I was born to be barely 1.55 meters tall at sixteen years old and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting any taller... In a place like this town it draws attention, earning me the nickname of Little Alinne or simply "The Little One".

Ok, I don't come to eye just because of it. I have my own particularities, like having silky black hair in a place full of blondes or the way people say I'm pretty. Nothing I consider special, I'm not shallow enough to think that's something else, but enough to make people notice me. I hate to use that, but I know a lot of help I had was due to that. My mother became an invalid from multiple sclerosis when I was just fourteen years old and my father died even before I even was born. People around us were touched and helped us since then but I never liked depending on others, so I started working at fifteen. At sixteen I had two jobs, both of them lacking any kind of contract or documentation, as I was underage. Anything to avoid sending my mother to any medical facility and having some child welfare official trying to send me to other families.

It caused me to be known by almost everybody in our little town, even the rich landlords or the mighty businessmen of a worldwide oil company that has a huge office here, the main employer of our town. I don't know exactly what mix made it happen, knowing that I'm a really quiet and introspective person. Maybe the way I make an ultimate effort to make clear I'm really thankful for any help someone gives us from good will or the way I struggle to show the people I like, that even being how I am, I like them. Well, I don't know. What I know is that it happened and I was glad I could work hard to keep me and my mother alive. Poorly, but I did.

When I got the opportunity to work as a servant in the oil company office I thought my problems were close to an end. I was wrong. Less then a month later my mother had a relapse, which made me spend the double I usually had to, so it all was about to collapse. That's when my life changed for good.

Working in that office, serving as an assistant in the kitchen, was where I learned I wasn't good looking only to the impressionable people of the countryside but to some of the big town people too. It was evident the difference between the way they treated the other women of the kitchen and me. It annoyed me, but I would never deny how good it felt when people treated me nicely even knowing that I was poor and that I wasn't able to study since my I was thirteen years old. It was soothing to my hurt self-respect. But it wasn't just that, most of them got surprised when talking to me and finding out that I could talk properly and that I showed an interest in many things other than farms, cows, country music or the local culture as a whole. My mother studied in a university when she was young, she was very clever and she did her best to make me clever too. She always said the worst thing that happened for her was that she found her perfect love, my dad, and abandoned everything else. Mama insisted that she never regretted that decision because she loved him and she loved being my mother too, but that she should have thought straight and kept studying and working, so today I would have a life instead of wasting mine to keep her alive.

I couldn't have a lot of friends there, I was just a servant after all, and always too shy or to introspective to keep a conversation flowing, but it wasn't hard to notice people liked me around them. Especially the men. When they acknowledged the way people in town used to call me, soon Alinne didn't exist anymore, just the "little one".

"Hey, little one, can you bring me some sugar please?"
One of the physicists called me like that once while lunching and as I did what he asked, everybody did the same. They liked the way the quiet and short cute girl answered to that nickname. As a matter of fact they seemed to like me more as they figured it didn't bother me at all. They expected me to get angry, as I never made any jokes, never laughed or talked to anyone without motive. I think they were glad to know I was a nice and easy person after all, which was quite true. In no time everybody knew me at the company too. Which brought me to Mr. Kevin.

Mr. Kevin was a top director brought from abroad, some kind of genius that arrived in our incredibly forgotten town to explore some crazy dream about extracting an absurd quantity of gas and oil from our soil. He was always very well-treated everywhere he went, very respected, but everybody used to talk about him with some fear in their voices. They had a really bad image of him, like some rumor had been shared since he came from his country and made everybody think that, inside, he had something weird, something dark. But as I was really misunderstood my whole life, I wasn't able to judge him.

For me he was, for a long time, only the man who was always reading a book on the porch of his office on the third floor of the building while I was lunching alone on a bench at the parking lot of the basement. Time or other I saw him looking down, checking on me, so disinterested as I usually am while looking up. The only thing that always intrigued me was his passion for books, after all three months working there and lunching there, after everybody had eaten, and he was always reading, with his feet crossed on the glass porch. But something had changed, as he called me to his office.

It was right before afternoon, when my shift was already over and I was getting prepared to assume my second job, as a waitress at the local cafe. I entered the room quietly, feeling that incredibly cold air conditioning, and positioning myself right before his desk.

"Can you close the door please?" he asked me.

His voice was soft but somewhat hoarse.
I turned around and closed it. "What a weird request" I thought. Why might he want to talk privately to a servant? Then I went back to his desk and waited while looking directly at him for the first time. He was a mid sized man with large shoulders, wearing social clothes, stylish glasses and messy light brown hair, his always tense and serious face demonstrating something near to curiosity for the first time.

"I must admit, you're way different when seen up close" he said as he had come to a conclusion "That's a compliment."
"Thanks sir." I answered looking at him while he was literally sizing me up. That was disturbing me, the man sitting on his big chair with that critical look, evaluating me like I was some kind of product.
"I've noticed you watching me in your lunch time more than once. Is there some special cause for that?" he laid his elbows on the desk and enlaced his fingers in front of his face, like he was intrigued.
"Nothing particular. It's just hard not to notice someone reading every day at the same hour."
"So did you always looked at me because I was reading? Are you fond of books?" he asked with a cynical tone in his voice.
"Yes sir." I answered.
"Do you read?"
"Every time I can."
"That's a curious thing. Everybody here looks so simple and you..." he stood and walked around the desk, then sat over it, right in front of me. "You have that elegant attitude. The way you talk, the way you don't talk. Its captivated everybody here. Mainly because they know where you are from, know the hard life you have, it's interesting."

He stopped talking and just stood there looking at me. I felt my cheeks starting to blush but did my best to contain my shyness. People like him are used to taking advantage of shy people and I was sure this little meeting had its purpose. The way he was looking at me just made it even clearer to me.

"How come none of those landlords or their sons have never taken you for themselves? Those bright blue eyes, that porcelain skin, that wavy dark hair. You are really pretty. Actually I'm sure with the right care and out of that uniform you would be the prettiest little thing I have ever seen" he said still very serious, as he was scolding me for not taking advantage of my looks. "I'm fully aware of your situation and I can't understand why don't you act."
"That is very personal, sir." I said, looking firmly at him, yet blushing terribly.

A terrible moment of silence followed. I could see that he was thinking while looking at me. Then he sighed and relaxed a little, like he had decided something.

"I wasn't wrong. You definitely would be who I'm looking for" he said, and I cringed. "Don't be like that, I'm exactly like you. I struggle to get in contact with people, just like you" he said standing up and getting closer, what made me step back. "Don't worry, I'm not hitting on you nor do I want to do something to you here. But I think we could help each other. I want you to have lunch with me for the rest of the week. Today is Monday, I want to meet with you during these next four days. I'll change your shift and tell your supervisors that you'll be serving me at my lunch. We will talk during these days then I'll make you a proposal which can greatly benefit you and if you refuse, which has the better chance of happening, nothing will happen to you and you'll keep the respect you earned with me today, I give you my word."
"Respect?" I asked somewhat stunned by all that he had said.
"Yes. You certainly know I'm not only a chief scientist here, but also the son of a major shareholder of this company. That usually make some chicks act crazy about me. You are beautiful, have a gorgeous face and this proportional and perfect little body, which could give you a really great chance of seducing someone, but still, even being very poor and having to quit your studies to work and sustain your ill mother, you don't succumb. When talking to an acquaintance I told him I thought you were trying to get to know me, to have your shot at me. He insisted I was wrong. And I was wrong" he took a step forward again but that time I didn't move, so he put his hand over my shoulder and said "Just lunch with me the rest of the week. Speaking frankly I'm not the best that could happen to you, but I'm surely the most profitable. I'll make you the girl you wanted to be, you just need to pass through me."

Tuesday at noon I was in his office. He made me serve dinner for two then invited me to join him. Our meeting lasted two hours. For a start he just asked me casual things, asked about how I was liking the food and obviously I said it was good. It really was, but even if it wasn't I wouldn't say so as the cooks were all my friends. He noticed and grinned, so I figured it was a trick question. More smart pranks followed, making me pay complete attention. Soon we were talking about many things, almost a monologue from his part with the exception of my few questions, but it was being surprisingly good. He was talking about his experiences all around the world. He has been everywhere and knew about things I couldn’t even imagine.

Every single day I was anticipating lunch time to come to listen to more of his stories. The way he told them, the way he shared his thoughts with me... He was being honest and showing me that he was a very critical person, lacking some good sense while dealing with people too - I couldn't judge him about that - but his intelligence amazed me. In four days he never showed any interest in me, romantic or sexually speaking, just curiosity about what I thought of some things he said. Friday, when he thanked me for spending this time together, he wished me a good weekend and asked me to be ready for his proposal on Monday, when I should show up at his office in the afternoon, when my shift was over.

When I got there, Monday afternoon, everything was as usual, but no lunch to serve that day. He was sitting on his chair looking at the sky beyond the window. The only difference, if it wasn't just me getting used to being near him, was that I could smell his cologne as soon as I got in the office. He stood there saying nothing for a while as I stood still in front of his desk waiting for him to talk to me and not saying a word.

"You are perfect" he said, then turned to me with a half smile on his lips. "If you don't accept my proposal I'll be really disappointed but, as I said, it will not change the way I think and the way I started to feel about you."

Weirdly that time I didn't feel bad, I just wanted to know what he wanted from me.

"Can you follow me to my small library, where we can't be heard?" he asked. That moment I got apprehensive, but my curiosity and the feeling that I owed him at least that as a compensation for the amazing week I had made me nod and follow him. If he wanted to attack me or something he'd probably already had have.

He unlocked the side door of the office with a key, turned on the lights and indicated a chair, then closed the door, not locking it, and sat on the other chair, two steps from mine.

"Miss Alinne, the thing I want you to know is that I tried to show you that beyond anything I'm just a person like everybody else and I did it for you to take confidence in me, and for me to know if I can trust you. What I'm about to tell you, what I'm about to propose to you, is information that would ruin me if told to the wrong person. I think I'm right about you, so I'll give it a try."

He said this apparently being honest, but that man already showed me he is very, very smart, so I couldn't know for sure. But I nodded again and let him proceed.

"As I already told you I'm a very lonely person. I can't bear someone restricting or controlling my actions in any matter. That's why I don’t even have a girlfriend, let alone a wife, even being near my forties. But I'm not an assexual person, quite the contrary. It happened that I created a pattern for my life, so I could enjoy my sexual life at its best, as anything in my life, as I had told you. So I started finding ladies that I could find myself comfortable with and created a special bond with them, never at the same time and never permanent, so we could enjoy each other and the ladies could have some kind of benefit in it..."

The way I was looking to him made him stop his speech. I already expected something weird, but the way I was seeing it, he was practically calling me a whore. But he resumed.

"... Don't rush to a conclusion. I know you think that I'm just trying to make you fall into whoredom, but what I'm proposing is a real deal. I want to make you..."

But I wasn't listening anymore, I just caught my breath and let the anger talk through me.

"What do you think I am!? You were the one who said I would have an easier life if I wanted to! I work in two different places, day and night, to have my self-respect, and you propose something like this to me?" I said getting up to leave the room "And to think that I actually thought that something good would come of this..."
"Alinne wait! Two minutes, it's the only thing I ask of you. Don't you turn your back on me like this or you'll regret it immensely" he said getting up too.

I was getting desperate. That man could destroy my life if he wanted, not only mine, but my mother's as well, so I waited. It was the rational thing to do.

"I'm not rewarding you with any money, I'll change your life. I want you for five years or six years at most. In that period I'll take care of your mother, take her to the best doctors there are. I'll get you in as a trainee in this company and let you study while building yourself a career. And you'll not be some girl I used after that time has passed, you'll be my friend like every other woman that had contact with me. I'll give you the life you always dreamed of, and it'll not be attached with mine! You'll not depend on me!" he said and let himself fall on the chair again, as soon as he knew he had gotten my attention.
"You would take care of my mom? Do you know how bad is her condition?" I couldn't believe I was hearing that. Most of all, I couldn't believe I was considering it. But he prevented my thinking.
"Of course, but that is just something I know I have to do, it is not my main focus. My focus is you. I'll make you able to sustain yourself, take care of your mother and still have a life" he said crossing his legs while I stayed there completely stunned. "I was very resistant to use your mother as an argument, I wanted you to glimpse the life you could have while beside me and beyond."
"How can you be this rich and still be trapped in this land of no one, working here so far from everything?"
"I'm here because I want to. Here everything is simpler. And this funny search for petroleum just gave me a jewel. I thought you were just one of those young girls who happen to be born gorgeous, but since I've got a chance to know you I'm amazed. You are also clever, brave, honest... I want to have you, and if you can stand the way I satisfy my wishes I'll love to see you evolve as a friend" he said approaching and putting his hand on my face.

I was trembling when renewed courage made me ask the main question "What exactly are your wishes?"

His face darkened a little, it was easy to see, and I trembled even more.
"You see... I'm a very eccentric man, attracted to very exotic things. I can't have pleasure as normal people do, just loving and being loved, so I found my own way to have pleasure. I love to possess other people. Do what I want and as I want to them..."
"What guarantee do I have that you are not just trying to have sex with me and just discard me? How can I know if all of this isn't just some kind of intricate lie?" I interrupted.

He just stood for a while in front of me. Looking deeply into my teary eyes and my blushing face. Then he moved, walking to a bookshelf near us and taking a little plastic box from beneath a book. When he opened it in his hand just in front of me I recognized it as some kind of recorder. He rewound the tape and played it. I could hear various parts of our conversations, including this last one. Then he removed the tape and gave it to me.

"There it is. You can use it at a court and I'll not stand a chance. You could blame me for luring an underage girl, extortion... Etc. Its yours" he said calmly and, for my despair, still looking really honest. I wanted him to look anything but honest, so I would decline not feeling guilty for letting this opportunity go. But at that moment, remembering the life I have, the way my mother needed me and the life he was promising me... I couldn't.

My voice went failing. "What do I have to do?" I asked trying my best to hold in my tears.
"So you accept my proposal?" he asked seriously and I hesitantly nodded. "You won't have to do anything until next week. First things first. I'll introduce you to the new aspects of your life and I'll send your mom to the capital to be treated by the best doctors in this country, or send her abroad if needed. I hope you are ok with that. It is for her own good."

I nodded again, now crying.

"The only thing I want of you now is a sign of good will. Would you take all of your clothes off, please?"

I widened my eyes. He just nodded and sat on his chair again, crossing his legs and relaxing like someone just about to witness some kind of show. I tried to swallow but my mouth was dry. I was trembling. A lot.

"I know this is difficult to you. We are not in a rush, take your time. If you want to sit down and talk for a whi..."

He interrupted his speech when saw me unfastening my apron.
If I had to do it anyway, better get this over with, I thought. So I shifted my weight tottering while undressing my uniform. A girl who had never even kissed a boy, taking off her clothes for a man. I was trembling so much and my heart was beating so fast that I honestly thought I would faint. But I didn't. When I got to my bra and panties I stopped.

"Yes, everything."

I took a deep breath and hesitatingly took them off. The cold air of his office was reaching every single place in my body, making me shiver even harder. I couldn't look to him, so I kept staring at the ground and crossed my arms over my belly. I was so ashamed, feeling so dishonored, so dirty...

I almost gasped when I saw him stood. The chills I already had intensified and my skin was tingling. As he was approaching me the only thing that repeated inside of my head was "He lied." I was certain he was going to do something with me. The way his breathing had intensified to the point I could listen to it... Tears were rolling down my face when he hugged me, wrapping his arms down my waist and pushing me closer.

He rubbed my back and then one of his hands lifted my chin making me face him. His gaze wasn't what I expected. He was still calm as always and spoke softly to me.

"You have a really beautiful body. Your breasts, that flat stomach, your skin, all your delicate curves. I loved it. Thanks for doing what I asked you to. Now we have a deal."

My body unconsciously relaxed and I felt like I was going to fall, but he was holding me. My nipples erect and tickling while rubbing against his shirt. My chin barely made it to his chest. He was way taller than me.

"When we are together among other people I'm your boss, nothing less, nothing more. When we are alone in a common space I'll be your friend and my only goal will be to make you comfortable, smarter and even more beautiful. But when we reach a room, any room, that I indicate for you to wait for me there, when I get in, I'll be your owner, your master, and I'll do anything I want to you. Do you understand?" he said still caressing my back.

I hesitated. I was afraid, really afraid. He probably could see that in my face.

"I know you're scared and you really have reason to be. When within one of my chambers you'll learn to hate me, until you learn to appreciate some of the things I'll do to you. But as I said before, believe me, this is the biggest chance of your life to be happy. I need an answer. Do you agree? Will you be mine when I demand?" he asked firmly.

So I nodded, my whole body shaking.

"I need to hear you say that you will be mine" he said.
"I'll be yours..."


Chapter II - "The Real Deal"

Soon as I got home that day my mother noticed something was wrong with me. Perhaps the tone of my voice had betrayed me. All I could do was tranquilize her and tell her I was just nervous because I'd gotten a real job at the petro company. She didn't buy it.

"Shouldn't we be celebrating? This is great news..." my mother said suspiciously.

For a moment I felt like Mr. Kevin's influence was already running through me, because I didn't even have to make a big effort to come up with a good escape for that situation.
I just hugged her and said "They are going to help you. They are going to take you away from me, that's why I'm sad."

And with all that emotion, real emotion, just begging to burst out of my chest, I cried like a little baby.

"Oh God... My little daughter..."

My mother hugged me back and we both cried. I was really going to miss her. A lot. But I did had another good reasons to cry too, like knowing that a man was going to do really bad things to me a week from then.


He definitely wasn't lying about the deal. That same Tuesday I received the notification that I was now a trainee under Mr. Kevin Eisner's supervision and that I was to report to his office soon as I arrived at the building.

When I got there he was waiting for me with a secretary that took notes and made copies of all my documents, gave me a card with credit for food and transportation then brought me a new uniform, a beautiful light gray one with a blouse and a skirt that I had never seen, with a tag written "Executive Trainee".

When she left Mr. Kevin pointed to a notebook on the table and said "That's yours, to help with your studies. I already enrolled you in a distance course, as there aren't any good courses here and you need to finish school. You'll only study in most of the time that you'll be here. You'll do your course, finish your studies and learn English with me. Then in a couple years I'll shift you to another headquarters of the company so you can attend a good college. Oh, and take the afternoon off to arrange things for your mother's travel and to say good bye to her."

"Thank you" I couldn't help myself and started crying again.
"Don't be like that" he said getting close and caressing my hair "Even though I like you, I'm not doing all of this just for out of the kindness of my heart. You'll have to be mine and attend to my needs, remember that. One day in the future, when we are over and I do something for you, then you can cry and say thank you. For now I'm just doing my part of the deal".
"Yes, sir" I answered wiping my tears.
"Oh, and never stop calling me Mister Kevin, or Sir, I really like the sound of it when it comes from you" he told.
"Ok, Mr. Kevin" I answered and he smiled at me.

Many people at the company cheered the fact I was doing well in life, some of them even approached to say that they already expected that someone would notice me, because I looked really smart. That embarrassed me a lot. I felt like a whore again and cried all night long when I got home. I wasn't smart, I was a girl selling herself to a maniac.

To my misfortune the week passed really, really fast. I studied a lot, learned a bunch of new things, some of them really interesting things. Mr. Kevin did exactly what he told me he'd do. When together in the presence of other people he was my boss, telling me curtly to do things and being completely dry with me, as I did my best to be as good as I could with his demands, I was even complimented on my attitude by a director that came to visit the company. When Mr. Kevin said it was only my fourth day at the job the man said I was a "natural" and that I had an elegant posture. But when we were together he was outstanding. Taught me everything with patience, always being really nice and never getting any closer, never taking advantage of me. To my surprise I was getting really fond of him. The only thing that kept me from truly liking him was the fear I felt every time I thought about this next weekend. Indeed Sunday came in the blink of an eye.

The fancy phone he gave me - and that had become my passion through the week , as I never had one, even at home - was now my torment, as I knew it was going to ring anytime soon and my time would come. I barely had slept from Saturday to Sunday and my apprehension was at its limit when, at 9AM, he called me.

"Hello" I said trying not to sound like someone who was dying.
"Alinne, I'm waiting for you here. Do you know where I live?" he asked.
"Yes, sir. I'll be there as soon as I can, ok?"
"Right. I'll be exercising, so if I don't answer the door you can just come in, understood?"
"Sure, sir. See you in a moment."
"See you."

So I took a quick shower, put on my best blouse and jeans and left. It was a cloudy day. He lived at the other side of the town and I did my best to avoid contact with anyone until I got to the private road that led to his mansion, which I could see from afar. Hopefully nobody saw me heading there, I wouldn't like the fame it would give me in town if someone saw me going to meet my boss alone on a Sunday.

When I got to the front porch the door instantly opened and Mr. Kevin was there waiting for me, wearing a yellow tank top and black shorts. For the first time I figured how muscular he was. Not big, but he had well defined and beautiful muscles, something I didn't expect in a 39 year old genius. His hair, not as straight looking as I was used to see, was kind of wet, as were his clothes. It was certainly sweat.

"Be welcome" he said "Can you follow me, please?"
"Yes, sir." I answered and, as he walked in, I followed him through the entrance hall and a large corridor, then he pointed me a room.
"Can you wait me here for a while? I'll just shower and get back in a minute. Make yourself comfortable."

I nodded timidly and entered the room. It was a big bedroom with an enormous bed. The floor was covered with a really soft golden carpet that, soon as I saw it, made me remove my shoes not to stain it. I couldn't sit on the bed - like doing it would anticipate something, so I just walked around the room seeing its fancy furniture and getting surprised by the incredibly nice view he had through that huge window. He could see the entire town, the petro company building and a wide view of the mountains. It was amazing. Then I heard the click of the door lock.

He had entered the bedroom, dressed in a white robe, and locked the door.

"Enjoying the view?" he asked getting closer.
"Y-yes. Very beautiful" I answered, gasping from the fright.
When he got near me he took me by the hands and brought me to the center of the room.
"You'll get used to it. You'll be seeing it a lot" he said caressing both my shoulders. "My little partner, are you a virgin?" he asked.
"Yes, I am, sir" I answered blushing strongly.
"Did you ever had a boyfriend or something?"
"No I haven't, sir."
"Have you ever been kissed by someone?" he asked sounding like he couldn't believe it.
"Not that either" I answered again, really embarrassed.
"Hmm..." he crouched a little and grabbed me by the waist and lifted me so we were at the same height "Lets fix it right now, look at me" he asked and when I did he fixed his grayish green eyes on mine and approached until his lips touched mine.

I didn't know what to do, so I just imitated his movements until he stopped.

"Open your mouth a little and let me in" he said, and kissed me again.

His tongue entered my mouth and started playing with mine. In no time I was answering to his sucking motion and that felt really good. Then he carried me to the bed and laid over me. With eyes shut I could feel his fingers tracing a route through my chest and soon he was pulling my shirt over my head, then started kissing again, while aiming for my bra. I felt him unbuttoning it and my breasts getting exposed and, concentrated on the kiss, it was way less embarrassing that I thought it would be, until he stopped and pulled away of me a little to have a clear view.

I was panting with my arms over my head and my eyes were teary, while his were focused on my nude chest.

"Your breasts... They are wonderful. Just look at this..." he said while one of his big hands cupped one of my tits and started massaging it.

I was always proud of my breasts, as they were a perfect fit for my body, being small if compared to other girls but they had a really nice size for a girl slightly slim and short like me. Now someone was confirming it to me.

All my skin tingled with his touch and that didn’t felt bad either, even when his thumb began a circling movement on one of my rosy nipples. I started feeling an awkward sensation and my nipples became erect, it was arousing me a lot and I didn't expect that. Then he put his other hand to work too, playing with my other nipple. My mouth was semi open and my breath was getting irregular. Mr. Kevin was rubbing my breasts, twisting and softly pinching my nipples. I was controlling myself not to start moaning.
He bent and kissed me again, then spoke to me, his face really close to mine "Aside from this shame you are clearly feeling, and all that shaking, you're being really receptive. Is that all gratitude or are you enjoying this?"
"Both... I think" I said sighing and avoiding eye contact.
"That's exactly the attitude I was expecting from you" he said while distributing kisses on my neck, then between my breasts, my belly, until he faced my crotch and unbuttoned my jeans preparing to pull them down.
"Seems you don't have a problem with me seeing you naked anymore" he said when notice I had arched my back to help him take my jeans off.
"Not exactly... But I can't do anything about it, can I?" I asked him.
"No, you can't" he said grinning while taking off my pants and leaving me only with my white cotton panties. Then in no time he pulled my panties down as well.

There was I, completely nude in front of him, to do as he like. I shivered when he knelt and looked at me then sighed satisfied.

"Open your legs for me" he ordered.

For some seconds I hesitated, then I did as he wanted and spread my legs for him. Then he bent over me again, staring at my crotch more closely.

"You barely have pubic hair. Are you really sixteen?" he said with a joking tone.
"Almost seventeen" I answered while looking to another side, trying to contain my shame.
"I thought just your looks resembled a younger girl, but even your more personal details..." his fingers started traveling over my most sensitive parts "...Seems to be of a younger girl".

He leaned completely over me and used both hands to explore my most secret places, caressing the little hair I had there and making me tremble when using his thumbs to spread my flower open. I could feel his breath on my thin and fragile skin.

"Ok, let's start" he said standing up " I'm feeling even less guilty for preparing your initial care now that I know you'll not suffer as much as I thought.

I was completely still on the bed while seeing him taking things out of a drawer in a big dresser at the corner of the room. He deposited them over the bed, near my feet, and I could see a lot of leather straps with buckles, a handcuff and some other things I didn't recognize.

"Oh my God" I mumbled.

He just grinned and got on the bed again, kneeling on my side and pushing me near the headboard, held one of my wrists and handcuffed it then passed the linking chain through a hole on the headboard and handcuffed the other.

"You don't need to do this, Mr. Kevin. I'll keep still, I promise" I tried to argue while he was separating some of the straps.
"Don't argue with me, I do what I want, remember?" he answered seriously.
"O-Ok... I'm sorry" I answered almost crying again.

He looked back at me, with some surprise on his face, caressed my cheeks then positioned himself to bend one of my legs, then he passed a leather strap around it, joining my ankles with my thighs, and buckled it. Did the same to my other leg and then passed another strap behind my back to link the two straps, shortening it to keep my legs stuck to the side of my body.

I was completely exposed and helpless, with my legs bent and tied apart, like butterfly wings, and my arms outstretched, chained to the headboard of the bed.
As always he stood and took some distance to appreciate his dominance over my body. Then he took another leather strap, this one with a red ball full of holes in its middle, and came close.

"Open your mouth" he demanded.
"What is that!?" I asked completely afraid.
"That's a ball gag, it will not hurt you, and that's the last time I warn you about interrupting me. The next one will have consequences" he scolded "Now open your mouth."

I did as he asked and he put the ball in my mouth, then carefully lifted my hair and buckled the strap around my neck. It was made of some kind of rubber or silicone, and soon I noticed I really couldn't move my jaw and I felt terrible. At least when my breathing became quick again I noticed that I could breath normally through it, due to its holes.

Mr. Kevin bent over me and kissed me over the ballgag and said "Now you can struggle as much as you want" then he got up and left, opening a door of the huge wardrobe on the opposite wall and got out of sight through some kind of passage, probably one of those hidden toilets that the old houses used to have. It seemed ridiculously perfect for someone like him. Soon after I heard some weird metallic noises he returned with a small metal pot whose contents let out steam and placed it by my side, stirring it with a ladle.
"This is hot wax, a little hotter than women usually use to depilate themselves and I'll use it on you now" he said rising the scoop with that white fuming liquid while I just looked at him in disbelief and don't even had time to beg, or try to beg, for him to not do that with me.

My whole body reacted to the pain when he poured it just above my lady parts, which ran down covering all the skin between my legs and making me give the loudest scream I had given in all my life.
A place in me that I always had taken care like it was so delicate, so sensitive, was now on fire. I struggled as much as I could but it was useless and the wax seemed to take an eternity to cool.

Mr. Kevin just stood there watching. He was savoring it, I could see it in his eyes, and through all that tears that were blurring my vision I could see when he took another spoonful of wax and poured it on me again while spreading my ass with his fingers.

I felt my throat getting sore due to the strength of my choked scream, but nothing compared to that burning feeling on my most sensitive parts. He then got up, took the pot and left me there in agony.

It took a while for me to start to relax, as my body has gotten completely stiff. It was still burning. And before I could compose myself he was already sitting beside me again. In a swift movement he grabbed a tip of the wax and ripped it out of my skin, carrying my pubic hair with it. It was time for me to scream again. A lot.

After two or three more minutes of torture he left me alone for a while. I was slowly recovering my breath, still crying and choking due to the gag, feeling drool running down my chin and wetting my chest. When he came back he had a folded towel and a small bottle with some kind of transparent gel in his hands.

"No please!" I tried to scream when he approached the towel of my groin. Even knowing that it was unintelligible.
"Relax, it's just a towel with cold water" he said while passing it over me.

He couldn't blame me. For me it could be some kind of acid he was about to use to finish the job. The feeling of the refreshing touch of the towel on me made me groan from relief.

"Good, isn't it?" he asked laughing mischievously. "That's the way it is going to be. You'll never shave this part of your body again while you're with me. If you take this from me I'll have to pleasure myself with something else, ok?" he kept looking at me waiting for an answer until I nodded to him.

Then he cast the towel aside, poured some of the gel in his hand and focused on my crotch again. It felt as good as the towel but he was using his fingers to spread it over me. He sat really close to me, in front of my open legs, and traced all the curves of my pussy with his fingers. Time to feel completely uncomfortable and ashamed again.

"That's beautiful. I think I did a pretty good job on you" he spread the lube on every inch of my little entrance, tracing the lines of my petals and opening them to have full access of my flower, while I was just looking at him with my teary eyes and moaning. It was relieving the soreness and I couldn't hide how good it was feeling, until he forced one of his fingers inside of me.
"Huuugh!" I writhed, arched my back and he retrieved his finger.

Then he climbed over me and untied the gag, which left a fine line of drool along my chest. He held my face with both hands and joined our foreheads. My fringe was completely wet from sweat and my breathing was really fast.

"Time to become a woman" he said and as I was too shaken to say anything he continued "If you promise to be a really good girl in the days to come and never, ever, question what I'm doing again, I'll free you of the straps and make love to you the way it is meant to be for the first time. What do you say?"

I was confused and shocked. I never had contact with any man, never had contact with anything about sex and just had my body tied and chained and my lady parts burned. But I had conscience enough to know what I wanted, even tough I thought him like a monster now.

"Please..." I barely said.
"I want you to say you agree, to say that you'll not question anymore. You see, I'm a sadist. I did everything I could to not be like that, but I am" he said firmly stroking my cheeks with both hands "I'm being more careful with you than I was to any other woman. I'm trying really hard to avoid some thoughts, some actions..." he kissed me again, his legs fitted to mine, his member was escaping his robe and rubbing my little slit, between my petals, sliding on all that lube.

He kissed me strongly, sucking me and sticking his tongue into my mouth, massaging my cheeks with his thumbs while his pelvis was stroking mine, his phallus rubbing me, making me moisten. Until he stopped and spoke so close that the tip of my nose was touching his.

"Say that you will be mine willingly. Say that you'll never question me again."
"I will... I will..." I answered, with a hoarse and broken voice, due to all my screaming.

He smiled and kissed me even more frantically, while his hands worked on my body untying the straps, freeing my legs, which were being hurt more than I was noticing. Then he unfastened his robe and tossed it away, held my thighs around him and pulled my hips towards his. He bent himself over me again and, while our faces were close enough to kiss and my eyes were completely immersed in his, Mr. Kevin drove his member to my entrance and started to force his way in.

"A-augh..." I moaned while feeling my skin breaking to let him pass.
"You are so tiny... So delicate... I'll love to see if I can fit in here" he said and his look turned into a pleasured and determined one, I saw him recede to gain momentum, then I closed my eyes and felt him fight his way in, ripping me open.
"AAUGH!" I yelled and instinctively arched my back to prevent him to from getting further soon as I felt the pain of my flesh stretching. But he didn't even gave me time to adjust or something. Soon as the tip of his cock was inside me he moved his knees back a little and laid over me, forcing himself even more inside of me, stopping only when he felt he couldn't pierce me any further.
"My God, you are tight. Look how you stretched to fit me" he said lifting my legs enough for me to partially see his thick member spreading me open.

Two thin lines of blood were slowly running down my belly. My breath was fast, as I tried to deal with the pain. Mr. Kevin laid my back again and repositioned himself kissing me once, when I tried to reciprocate, but I couldn't, because at the same time he withdrew his member to it's head and sunk into me again, deeper.

The pain and the discomfort were almost unbearable. My whole body trembling as my brain was divided between that lot of different focus of pain. My broken hymen, my lips over stretching, that thing buried deep inside of me heading to my uterus... It was torture. And I was helpless.

But I held myself, closing my eyes tight, groaning and digging my nails in the mattress to keep myself from begging him to stop. He had kept all his promises, it was time to keep mine, even if that meant I was his to torture.

He passed his wrists beneath my head, under my stretched arms, laid his torso over mine and while compressing me between his body and the bed, he augmented his speed. I felt like I was being made a bride for a beast. He groaned like he was fighting with me and I could hear the splashy noises my own body was making. The last inches of his member were being forced in, moving so fiercely, so deep, that the only thing I could do was cry more at each thrust.

Until a point my cry was pure despair and, finally, he heard me. And he stopped.

Mr. Kevin looked puzzled for a moment, then ashamed "That's not what I promised you..." he withdrew his penis, what I received with relief, then he reached a small key chain over the nightstand and unlocked the cuffs in my wrists "I told you I would make love to you, as it is your first time... I'm sorry".
He then crawled down the bed and knelt with his face between my legs, while I was still trembling and waiting for him to bite me or something, preparing to suffer even more. I had given up trusting anything good would come of that, until he kissed me there.

While holding my legs with his arms, pushing my hips to him, he started kissing and sucking my pussy, right above the entrance, a place I had never explored and, for the first time that day, I moaned for something other than pain.

I was completely new to that, I did not even know how it should feel, but when I started writhing and gasping he looked to me and, from the little I could see of his face, he was grinning. It was feeling great, but it agonized me somehow, as if I wanted to stop him and beg him to keep doing it, at the same time. I was getting to know pleasure for the first time.

After a minute struggling with myself, in pure bliss, I had forgotten everything that happened, at least in that moment. When I started contracting, feeling that something was going to happen, to come, I curled myself and held his head, then started moaning like never before. He stuck two fingers in me and moved them really fast, forcing them up in the same direction to the spot he was licking. Then it happened.

I fell back to the bed again, arched my back while he kept his motion and I moaned loudly, feeling my body spasm from my first orgasm. But Mr. Kevin didn't stop, he kept licking and fucking me with his agile fingers. I felt myself tremble into that high moment two, three times until I couldn't even breath anymore. When I had no more air to groan, and just stood there completely stretched and still, he stopped.

My body relaxed and I slowly came back to my senses while he laid over me again, crossing my legs behind his back again. I was getting afraid again, but he just caressed my hair and kept looking at me with a gentle look.

"I think we will do really great together" he said "there is something in you that keeps me from being the bastard I was with the other girls..." I felt one of his hands rubbing my pussy and then he slowly inserted his cock in me again.
"Ahh... Ugh..." first it hurt, then I felt it slowly sliding inside of me and, even still hurting, I felt good.
"I loved the way you endured my last act, my weakness..." he was saying while carefully moving "... And the way you kept still while I was deflowering you..."

He was kissing me, my mouth, my neck, my collar bone, while his member was slowly massaging my insides. I just relaxed and enjoyed it, keeping my eyes half closed and my arms around his neck. It didn't take too long for him to have to speed up his pace, but that time I was prepared and he wasn't trying to shove all of himself into me, so when he came inside of me, in an intense orgasm, I just hugged him and felt lots of his cum spraying inside of me, big part of it oozing when he withdrew himself and relaxed over me.

"You have no idea how your fragility is appealing to me. If you keep that way, if you keep that exchange of favors with me, I'll make you happy."

I couldn't understand why he was that way. I couldn't understand what makes a person enjoy others suffering. But I could feel he was struggling with that. It didn't matter for me if the only reason for him to help me, to help my mom, was to have me with him on a bed, or wherever he wanted, what mattered to me was that I decided to keep my part of the deal now, for as long as he needed me. I just wished he was saying the truth, when he said to like me, because what I experienced that day I would never forget.

What I didn't expect was that I would soon learn to enjoy it too.



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