After the sleeping rape, there's a surprise phone call.
Jordan went back to the front room and gathered his clothes, and headed for his room. Leaving Justin sound asleep on the couch. He laid down, still half naked, completely exhausted, but also satisfied. He quickly fell asleep with thoughts of what had transpired tonight, running through his head.

Justin woke up during the night, and made his way to his room. He only remembered part of what had occurred, and knew he had lost his virginity.

Jennifer was the first to wake up in the morning, looking at the clock and she saw it was 9:00 am. She looked over at Lindsey, who was still sound asleep, and slowly rolled out of bed. She stood up, realizing her thong and boy shorts were around her thighs, 'that's really odd,' she thought to herself as she pulled off them up. She began walking towards the door, her asshole feeling a little weird and sore to her. As she exited the room, she felt a fart building up inside of her, and with a light push it came out. It sounded squishy and she felt some kind of fluid had leaked out of it. 'What the hell?' She asked herself as she walked to the bathroom.

Jennifer entered the bathroom, dropping her shorts and thong to her ankles and sat down on the seat. As she started peeing she looked in her shorts and noticed a somewhat white, slimy liquid in them. She put her finger to it and dabbed it to retrieve some. She slowly brought it to her face, looking at it, then she hesitantly sniffed at it. It smelled like shit, but also smelled like semen. "What the fuck?" She almost yelled, realizing she had been violated by one of her brothers in her sleep. After she finished peeing she quickly pulled her thong and boy shorts up and stormed back to her room.

As Jennifer entered the room she yelled, "what the fuck Lindsey, what did you make the boys do last night?" Lindsey groggily rolled onto her back and looked at Jennifer wearily, "what?" Jennifer was furious, she moved to the side of the bed, "don't give me that shit, what did you make the boys do to me?" Lindsey dropped her head onto the bed chuckling, "I didn't make them do anything they didn't want to."

This made Jennifer even angrier as she grabbed the blanket and threw it off of Lindsey. As the blanket was removed, Lindsey quickly tried to cover herself. Lindsey was still naked, not caring about getting dressed when she went bed. Her pussy was still reddened and slightly swollen from last night, as she tried covering herself. "You fucking bitch, I can't believe you did that, after you told me you wouldn't," Jennifer yelled at Lindsey. Lindsey shrugged her shoulders, "well you fell asleep and I was still horny."

Jennifer slapped Lindsey hard across the cheek, "that still gave you no right to take advantage of my brothers." Lindsey was rubbing her cheek as she looked at Jennifer, "I didn't take advantage of them, if anything they took advantage of both of us." Jennifer looked at her friend sternly, "but they had to have help, they were both virgins."

Lindsey sat up in bed, "actually I was going to teach them, but Jordan didn't need any instructions, he did it all on his own." Jennifer slowly shook her head in disgust, "that still doesn't explain how my butt got cum in it." Lindsey grinned devilishly at her friend, "that is actually a funny story."

Jennifer crossed her arms and stared at Lindsey, "I'm listening." Lindsey explained what had happened, with Jordan's dick slipping and sinking into Jennifer's ass on accident, then Lindsey said, "you know though, you did kind deserve that, after all you put your finger in his butt during that blowjob." Jennifer was still staring at Lindsey, still a little pissed off at her, but now angry at Jordan as well, "who's idea was it to come in here and take advantage of me sleeping like that?" Lindsey smiled, "to be honest it was both Jordan's and mine."

Jennifer quickly turned around and started storming out of the room. Just as she got out the room the phone started ringing, 'shit,' she thought to herself as she went to answer it.

It was their mom, she was calling to see how everything was going. Jennifer told her everything was fine, and they were just relaxing around the house. Then her mom informed her that their Aunt Kala was going to be stopping by to check in on them. Jennifer told her mom that it wasn't necessary for Kala to stop by. Their mom said Kala would be there for a little while, just to make sure they hadn't destroyed the house.

Kala was only 33. She was married and had a 13 year old son, Anthony, and a 9 year old daughter, Kirsten. Kala was their mom's sister, she had long brown hair and brown eyes. She looked good for having two kids, standing 5'3" and weighing 135 lbs., with a 38C cup chest.

Jennifer wasn't looking forward to see her aunt or her cousins. She was still fuming from what had happened last night when she was asleep, and this was just adding fuel to her anger. She went the boy's room and entered yelling, "Jordan, Justin, time to get up, aunt Kala is coming over." Jordan rolled over and looked at his sister, "what?" He asked groggily. "Get your fucking ass out of bed and get dressed," she yelled at him angrily.

Jordan threw his blanket off, still half naked from the waist down. He also had his normal morning erection, and Jennifer noticed it. "What the fuck Jordan, you come fuck me while I'm sleeping, and you're still naked, and you have a hardon?" She yelled, almost in a gasp. He quickly nodded and smiled at her.

Jennifer quickly moved to Justin's bed and threw his blanket off. He also was half naked, but his dick was still limp and laying across his thigh. "Get your fucking ass out of bed Justin," she yelled at him. Justin slowly rolled onto his back, opening his eyes halfway, "why?" He grumbled. "Aunt Kala and her brats are coming over, so get your ass out of bed," she yelled. Justin slowly sat up and looked at his step-sister, "why are they coming over?"

Both of the boys got along with Anthony, but they didn't like Kirsten very much. Jennifer couldn't stand either one of them, thinking they acted like spoiled brats.

"I don't fucking know, mom said Kala was coming to make sure we haven't destroyed the house or some shit," Jennifer said as she turned to leave the room.

Neither of the boys had ever heard Jennifer cuss so much, or look as angry as she did. Jordan asked, almost in a yell, "what the hell is your problem Jenn?" Jennifer turned to look at him, "you know exactly what my problem is, and I will deal with that later on." She walked out of the room and turned back to look at him again, "and don't think that it will turn out good, because that was very wrong, what did last night." Jordan held his head down, almost in shame, but smiling to himself. Jennifer, then walked back to her room.

Justin looked at Jordan, "what the hell did you do to piss her off." Jordan looked at his brother and shrugged his shoulders as he got out of bed. He didn't want to tell his brother that he had sex with his sister.

The four of them all got dressed and were picking the stuff that was laying around, when the doorbell rang. Jennifer went to answer the door, knowing who it was.

As Jennifer opened the door, Kala and Anthony were standing there. "Hi Jennifer, how are you?" Kala asked, smiling. Jennifer nodded at her, "I'm good. Where's Kirsten?" Kala opened the screen door and walked inside, "she stayed at home with Uncle Mike." Jennifer closed the door behind them, and followed them into the front room.

Kala was wearing tight jean shorts, that came to just below her ass cheeks. She had a tight t-shirt on that her tits strained against. Anthony wad wearing a loose T-shirt and knee length black jean shorts.

Lindsey was sitting in the arm chair, while Jordan and Justin was sitting on the couch. Anthony walked in and sat down in-between the boys, and Kala sat down next to Jordan. "So have you boys been behaving yourselves?" Kala asked them as Jennifer sat down in the recliner across from them. Both of the boys nodded towards Kala and Justin replied, "yeah no problems here."

Jennifer looked at her brothers scornfully, still mad at Jordan, as they talked to their aunt and cousin. Jordan noticed Anthony staring at Lindsey, and Jordan smiled to himself. Jordan turned to Anthony and said, "oh dude we have something for you to check out." Anthony looked at him and asked, "what's that?"

Jordan got off of the couch and told Anthony to come with him. Justin got up and followed them to the room. As they entered the room Jordan turned to his cousin, "you ain't gonna believe us, but that other girl out there took our virginity." Anthony shook his head slowly, "your bullshitting me, you guys are to stupid to figure that out." Justin piped up, "no we're not, it was amazing." Anthony looked at Justin, "prove it then." Justin shook his head, "that's gonna be hard to do right now, but if you can stay the night we can."

Kala was talking to Jennifer and Lindsey, "so how much have you picked on the twins?" Jennifer shook her head in disgust, "we haven't picked on them at all." Kala could sense that Jennifer was a little perturbed, "what's wrong Jennifer?" Again Jennifer shook her head, "nothing, it was just a surprise to see you coming over." Kala didn't believe her, "there's something else bothering you, come on you can tell your aunt."

Jennifer held her head down, thinking about what to say, and she decided she should just tell her what had happened. She told her aunt about how they had given the boys the show, then giving them both blowjobs, and about Jordan taking advantage of her while she was sleeping. After she was done telling her aunt, Kala had a stunned look on her face as she asked, "who's idea was all of this?" Jennifer still looked at the floor and said, "well it was kind of both of us that did it."

Lindsey looked at her friend, not believing that she had just told her aunt what had happened, and that she admitted she was part of it. Kala looked at Lindsey, then back at Jennifer, "you know both of you can get into trouble for what you did." They both slowly nodded. Kala stared at Jennifer, "well I won't tell anyone, but did guys enjoy yourselves?" Jennifer lifted her head to look at Kala, "to be honest, except for when I was sleeping, yes."

Kala was starting to move around nervously on the couch, she had gotten a little excited while listening about what had happened. It had been a few weeks since she had sex with her husband, and now she was starting to get hot. "So you guys played with each other too?" She asked. Jennifer nodded slowly, wondering what her aunt was thinking. "Did you enjoy playing with each other?" Kala continued.

Jennifer looked at Lindsey, then back at her aunt, "it was a new and fun experience, to be honest." Kala smiled, "well I tell you what, if you do it again for me, I won't tell anyone, I promise." Jennifer looked at her with fear, "you mean, you're going to blackmail us into playing with each other again?" Kala nodded, "and you need to include me too." Jennifer's look turned to terror, "no way Aunt Kala, that's wrong."

Kala scoffed, "and what you guys did was right?" Jennifer looked at Lindsey, staring at her friend, looking for assistance. Lindsey looked at Kala, "what about the boys that are here?" Kala looked at Lindsey, "I guess they'll get another show if they come in." Jennifer could not believe what her aunt had just said, looking at her in disbelief.

Lindsey and Jennifer knew they didn't have much of a choice as they both stared at Kala. Kala grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started pulling it up, getting about halfway up, "so do we have a deal?" Jennifer slowly nodded, knowing her aunt meant business. Kala smiled, "I'm sorry it had to come to blackmail, but your uncle hasn't given out lately, and your story made me so hot." As she pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her white lace bra covering her chest.

Lindsey followed Kala's lead, pulling her own shirt over her, but she wasn't wearing a bra. Kala looked at Lindsey and commented, "somebody was expecting more fun today." Lindsey nodded as Kala stood up and moved towards her. As Kala walked up in front of Lindsey she slowly reached out and cupped the younger girl's right tit and lightly squeezed, "mmm to have breasts like this again, so nice and firm." Kala said and she fondled Lindsey's tit.

Lindsey pushed her chest into Kala's hand, enjoying the attention as she moaned. Jennifer watched her aunt lightly tweek her friends nipple, with her thumb and forefinger. Lindsey moaned a little louder as she started rubbing her pussy through her shorts, getting more excited by the second. Kala smiled at Lindsey, "so you like that huh?" Lindsey could only moan out, "mmmhmm."

Jennifer decided she should join them so she didn't get in trouble. She stood up and removed her shirt, tossing it aside as she moved to her knees in front of Lindsey. She was wearing a pink sports bra, and her nipples were poking at it, as her tits bounced as she moved her head towards Lindsey's chest. Kala moaned, "oh so you finally decided to join us?" As she cupped Lindsey's other tit and held it still as Jennifer moved closer to it. Jennifer opened her mouth wide and covered Lindsey's areola completely.

Lindsey groaned as Jennifer sucked her nipple into her mouth. Jennifer moved to her knees on the floor as she sucked hard on the nipple. Kala moved back a little, letting Jennifer have full access to her friend's chest, "that's it Jenn, get her all hot." Jennifer moved to Lindsey's other nipple and sucked on it hard too. Lindsey's moans were growing louder, as she grabbed Jennifer's head and pulled her hard into her chest.

Kala was watching her niece being forced to suck and alternate between nipples. She undid her shorts and pulled then down with her panties and kicked them aside. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, with just a thin strip of pubic hair running up to just above her slit. She knelt down behind her niece's upturned ass, lightly running her hand across Jennifer's firm ass. She lightly groaned as she moved her hand to the crack, then down to Jennifer's covered slit.

Jennifer moaned into Lindsey's chest as her aunt pushed her forefinger against her pussy. Kala moaned as she felt Jennifer's pussy lips split around her finger. Jennifer pushed her hips back, and slowly moved them up and down against Kala's finger.

Jennifer could not believe this was happening, but after her experience with her brother's, she knew something else was bound to happen this weekend. And now she was getting turned on again as she pulled back from Lindsey's chest long enough to yell out, "oh yes, that feels good."

Kala was slightly bent at her waist, rubbing against Jennifer's shorts as the three boys came walking back in. Anthony was about to say something, but the three of them froze at the entryway, mesmerized by the scene in front of them. Jennifer was kissing and sucking at Lindsey's tits, as Kala started to pull Jennifer's shorts and panties down, exposing her ass and pussy to them. Anthony's dick quickly hardened in his shorts, as he watched his mom slide a finger into his cousin's snatch. Justin's and Jordan's dicks also responded as well, quickly rising in their shorts.

Jordan could not believe this was happening in front of him again. 'Wow two days in a row?' He thought to himself as he watched his aunt start fingering his step-sister. Justin was watching this with his dick already out, the waistband of his shorts under his ball sack, slowly stroking it.

Jennifer started kissing her way down Lindsey's stomach, as she grabbed her friend's shorts and started tugging at them. Lindsey helped her by lifting her ass off of the chair enough for her shorts to come down. Jennifer pulled them and Lindsey's panties completely off as she slowly kissed her way down to just above Lindsey's pussy. She looked up at her friend as she lightly ran her tongue across Lindsey's puffy lips. Lindsey closed her eyes and threw her head back, letting out a long moan, "ohhhh fuuuucccckkkkk."

Anthony was rubbing his virgin dick through his shorts, having never seen porn before, this was a new experience for him. Jordan had pushed his shorts down and was proudly displaying his erection, stroking it hard.

Jennifer was sucking on Lindsey's clit, as Kala lowered her head down, and moved herself back, until her face was level with Jennifer's wet pussy. Kala pulled her finger out and moved her head in, sticking her tongue out and lightly running it across her niece's pussy. Jennifer moaned into Lindsey's pussy as she shoved her hips back into her aunt.

Jordan couldn't stand it anymore, his dick was going nuts, begging to get into a pussy again and it didn't care who's. He started towards the three girls in front of him, as Justin grabbed his arm. Jordan was on a mission and quickly broke free, moving quickly up behind his aunt.

None of the girls knew they were in the room until he made that move. Kala felt someone come up behind her as she wiggled her hips in front of him. Jordan got on his knees behind her, grabbing her hips to stop her from moving. He moved his hips forward, trying to penetrate her without using his hand. His dick pushed against her lips, but slipped down the front of her slit, splitting her lips apart and brushing his head across her clit.

Kala moaned into Jennifer's pussy as she felt the dick trying to enter her. She used one of her hands to reach under herself and rubbed the underside of the cock. Jordan let out a groan as he felt his aunt rub his dick. He moved his hips back and Kala moved her hand with it, lifting his dick up until the head was penetrating her outer folds. Jordan knew she had helped him, and he rewarded her by pushing his hips forward, sinking his dick fully into her until he rested against her ass.

Kala let out a muffled yelp as her nephew smacked against her ass. It had been far to long for her, and this young dick penetrating her was far better than any plastic dildo or vibrator. She didn't know who's it was, but as it throbbed deep inside of her she was in heaven and didn't care. Kala stuck her tongue as far as she could into Jennifer's sucking pussy as it got wetter and wetter.

Jordan held onto her hips as he started moving in and out of her hard and fast, his hips slapping against her ass. Her pussy wasn't as tight as Lindsey's or Jennifer's, but it still felt incredible to him. Her pussy was extremely wet and made squishing noises each time he slammed into her.

Anthony had pulled his own shorts and briefs down and kicked them aside. Anthony's dick was fully erect at it's 6" length, it wasn't as thick as Justin's, only about 2 1/2" around, and was standing out proud. Justin and Anthony stood there, slowly stroking their manhood's, watching Jordan fucking Kala hard. Justin started moving towards them, as Anthony followed him closely, keeping their eyes focused on Jordan.

Kala tried to squeeze her pussy muscles around Jordan's dick, trying make herself cum as he fucked her as hard as he could. She reached under herself and started pinching her clit with her forefinger and middle finger, moving her hand up and down across her filled slit. She pulled her face away from Jennifer's pussy as her orgasm started to build. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes fuck me harder, fuck my pussy," she moaned, moving her hips in time with his.

Anthony looked at his cousin's dripping pussy, wanting to try what his cousin was doing to his mom, just not sure how. Justin was rapidly moving his hand on his dick, wanting to join them.

Lindsey still had her eyes closed, lifting her ass off of the chair, on the verge of cumming, as he moved up next to her. He didn't know where this urge came from, but he grabbed her head and pulled it towards him, his thick member brushing against her face. Lindsey's eyes shot open, looking at his dick and up at him. She was so close to orgasming, but just couldn't get over the edge, she didn't want to suck on his dick. She resisted as he pushed the head against her closed mouth.

Jennifer could see her brother out of the corner of her eye and what he was trying to do. She laughed to herself as she got an idea. She bit down onto Lindsey's clit hard and flicked her tongue against it.

Lindsey couldn't hold her mouth closed any longer. She felt the electric shocks pulse through body as her orgasm started. "Ohhhh myyyyy fuuucccckkkiiinnnggg gggoooddddd!" She yelled as her orgasm rushed through her body. Her ass raised high off of the chair as pussy juice squirted out of her, splashing into Jennifer's face and running down her chin. Justin watched Lindsey's orgasm overtake her, as she shot more juice into his sister's face.

Anthony stood there, mesmerized by Lindsey cumming, and squirting her girl cum all over his cousin's face. He felt his balls pulling closer as he stroked himself faster. He felt his whole body tingling, as he felt his body heat rising.

Jennifer looked back at her cousin, seeing he was about to cum already. She quickly spun herself around and pushed his hand away and replaced it with hers. She wrapped her lips around the head of his dick and sucked hard. Anthony let out a loud grunt and his dick throbbed and shot his hot semen into her mouth. Jennifer moaned as she tasted his hot cum. She tried to swallow it as fast as she could, as his dick throbbed again and shot more virile cum into her mouth. Anthony's hips quickly jerked each time his cock fired it's load into his cousin's mouth. He shot a total of five times, overfilling her mouth and leaking out, around his deflating member and running down her chin.

Anthony weakly staggered back as he watched his cousin scoop up his cum running down her chin, and lick it off of her hand. Jennifer swallowed all of the cum and lightly smiled at him. Anthony weakly returned the smile as he fell back onto the couch, drained of his energy for the time being.

Jordan was fucking his aunt as hard as he could, as it felt like her pussy was getting tighter around his dick. Kala was moving her head all around as her own orgasm drew closer. She was yelling out, "oh fuck I'm gonna cum, oh fuck I'm gonna cum, " over and over. As Jordan felt himself getting close as well. He laid across her back and whispered, "I'm gonna shoot in you, I'm shoot my sperm deep inside of you Aunt Kala." He pushed himself back as he buried his dick deep inside of his aunt and held it there. He let out a loud grunt as his cum rushed up his dick and spilled into his aunt's pussy.

As the first shot of Jordan's cum splashed into her, Kala's orgasm shot through her body as she threw up in the air and let out a shriek, " yesssss. Fill me up with your hot seed." She slammed her ass into Jordan as his dick throbbed again, firing more of his cum into her orgasming pussy. Her pussy milked at his dick, trying to get all of it's seed out of it, squeezing and releasing it as her hips moved forward and back on it. Jordan was groaning throughout his orgasm, and he slowly moved his hips forward and back. As his dick finished filling her up, he feel back on his heels, his dick slipping out of her creamy hole, as she still came. Her pussy forcing some of his cum back, as her orgasm started to wane. Kala's arms gave out as her chest fell to the floor, with her ass up in the air, and her pussy still contracting from her fading orgasm. Her pussy made wet fart as more of Jordan's cum bubbled out of it, and trickled down the back of her thigh.

As Justin was watching his aunt and brother cumming together, he was jerking his dick hard, feeling his cum boiling up. Unable to hold back any longer, he shoved his hips forward as cum flew out of his dick and splashed onto Lindsey's face. It caught Lindsey by surprise as she looked up at him, as another shot of cum flew out and covered one of her eyes. Justin hips continued to jerk as he came, stroking his dick faster as he shot two more times onto her face. He continued slowly tugging at his wilting member, making sure everything was out of it as he stepped back a little and looked at Lindsey's cum covered face. "I'm sorry Lindsey, I couldn't help it," he muttered as he staggered to couch and plopped down next to his cousin.

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