What happend with Trish and Josh at nite
I'm Joshua Boyles, registered sex offender, sex addict, bisexual, and friend to Incestuous Father and this story is about what Trish and I did after we returned to my new apartment on the grounds of Eden Productions.

After eating the excellent Mongolian Beef Sabrina had made for her family I took Trish back to my new apartment. Carey went right to bed and I ask Trish if she wanted to do anything before we started to get sexual. She asked me if I was going to take her ass and when I said I would she asked me to give her an enema.

So we went to the bathroom and discovered the enemas and douches that were standard here in the mansion. Trish bent over the sink and told me to fill her but up with the douch solution. So I uncoiiled the hose, pulled down her jeans and panties and put the nozzle in her ass. I then held the bag high as the solution drained into her bowels. When it seemed the bag was imploded I walked her to the toilet and she sat down, reached between her legs and pulled the nozzle out. Then she pushed and the outflow was light brown. She stayed there and pushed every few minutes and as the expelled the last of the fluid it seemed to come out clear. Then she urinated and got up. I wiped her ass and cleaned her really well because I wanted her clean.

She asked me to do it again to be sure she was clean so I grabbed another bag, attached the hose to it and with her bending over the sink I drained a second bag into her bowels. I then helped her to the toilet where she pushed out the clear liquid into the bowl. Between pushes this time though she kicked off her panties and I snagged them out of the air and sniffed the crotch. It was a pleasant pussy odor that greeted my nostils. Then she took off her top and bra so she was now completely naked.

Incestuous Father had served me CocaCola and I needed to piss. She saw me shifting from one leg to the other and ask me if I had to go. I said "Yes, but I can wait until you're done." She said,"If it is okay with you can piss between my legs or on my belly or pussy if you want." She did not have to tell me a second time so I opened my fly and took out my prick, which was semi hard because of Trish being naked, and after a few second I started to pee. It started to hit her right on her navel and I held it there and as it tapered off it went down until I was peeing on her pussy.

I saw her shiver as an orgasm took hold of her and then my flow stopped. Trish said,"Come here, Josh." I walked up to her and she took my prick in her mouth and started to pump me. She had her tongue on the bottom of my cock as she pulled back then when only the head was still in her mouth she ran her tongue around the head which was something no other cock-sucker had ever done to me. It was a major turn on. I started to hold her head steady and she did not fight me on it and I kept putting more of my seven inches in until I was tickling her tonsils on the in stroke. She did gag a little so I pulled back. Now I was fully hard and wanting to cum. So I kept it up and she did not show any resistance to me at all. I did warn her that I was going to cum and she brought up a hand in an okay sign so I released and came in her mouth. She swallowed at least three times to get all the jets of cum I squirted into her mouth then as I faded she cleaned off my penis with her tongue and released it. I let go of her head and thanked her for the excellent blow job.

She got off the toilet and went into the shower enclosure and turned on the water. After that she came out and using a company tooth brush she brushed her teeth and used a mouthwash. Then she turned to me and kissed me and ran her tongue down my throat. This ten and half year old was a real slut.

So I picked her up with one arm under her back and the other under her knees and carried her to my bedroom. I laid the squeeky clean girl on the bed and took off my clothes and joined her.

I asked her what she wanted to do now and she said she was up for almost anything now. Being only in my twenties I have a fairly fast recovery time. We sat and talked and as time passed she started to rub my cock up and down and all around and I responded with a hard on. She reversed herself on the bed and lay on top of me with her mouth once again engaged with my cock and her pussy right over my mouth. So I licked. I licked up and down her slit and I put a finger in her pussy and as she lubricated I put a second one in. I licked her slit and finger fucked her until she stiffened and shivered in orgasm then I flipped her over to do her missionary. She put her legs up on my shoulders to allow me to penetrate her deeply. I kept running in and out of her greasy cunt and French kissing her until she again stiffened and shivered in her orgasm. I wanted it to be good for her and I held back until her second orgasm with my cock inside her before I let myself cum again.

This orgasm was harder than the first and she arched and lifted me off the mattress. Knowing she was pregnant I was worried about hurting the baby so when my penis faded and fell out I ask her. She said the doctor told her she could fuck all she wanted for first two trimesters but he did not want her to do missionary position after she was large with child because the extra weight on her belly would not do her any good.

We then fell asleep holding each other and I woke up a couple hours later and woke Trish up. She ask me why I was waking her up and I told her I wanted to fuck her. She said,"Well Fuck you Josh." But she raised herself up into the doggie position and I put my cock at the entrance of her ass. She opened a panel in the headboard and handed me tube of KY jelly. I coated a finger with it and gently pushed it into her ass. With the free hand I squeezed out some on the head of my cock which I lined up with her ass hole after withdrawing my greasy finger.

I begam to push and her sphinker yielded and my cock slowly slid into her ass. When my pelvis met her ass cheeks I pulled it slowly out until only the head was still inside her and then slowly pushed in until I was all in again. Trish reached a hand down and was rubbing her clit and I increased my pace in her ass as she began to rock with me as I fucked her tight little ass hole. I kept up my pace and she worked herself to climax and the quaking of her body almost made me shoot blow my load. As I kept it up I knew I was getting closer to my climax so I slowed a bit until she worked herself to second orgasm and when she pulled her trigger I let my gun go off and I shot rope after rope of my semen into her bowels.

As my erection faded I pulled out of her ass. I fell immediately back to sleep again but was slightly disturbed when she got up and went to the bathroom to expell my deposit from her rectum. I was in a deep sleep when she returned to bed and went to sleep. she was facing me when I woke up a couple of hours later. I gently shook her shoulder and she again asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted her and she rolled over on her back and said "Kneel straddling me, put your cock right here, pointing at the point between her tits and hump me til you cum."

I straddled her on my knees and laid my cock pointed at her chin on her breastbone and started to slid up and down and up and down. I was hard in no time. I reached behind me and played one finger up and down her slit to stimulate her and she woke up slowly and said, "If you are going to rub me that way you are going to have to fuck me." I said, "Okay" and moved a bit down her body to the entrance of her love tunnel and she was wet enough for me to do her. So I pushed it into her sleepy body and starting sliding it in and out of her and she began to hump back at me and moan. Then she was panting and then she was gasping and she stiffened and quaked and arched us off the bed as she climaxed but I was not ready yet. So I kept on pumping and when she opened her eyes I kissed her with tongue and she said,"Josh, I love fucking but this is your fourth cumming since we met this evening. Don't you ever take a break?" Josh answered,"I like fucking young kids like you and I don't get many opportunities to do it. So forgive me if I take advantage of the situation with a lovely little girl like you." She then stiffened, shivered and lifted me off the bed with a back arch then collapsed to the bed surface again and I still was not ready to cum.

I kept up my pace and she began to put her fingernails into my back which just speed up my pace and when she stiffened again and shuck like Richter 9.0 and once again lifted me off the bed I came and pumped rope after sticky rope of cum into her slender but pregnant body.

When I rolled she rolled with me so my prick remained in her as I fell asleep this time.
I woke up two hours later and was still in her. So I started to thrust into her slowly at first and then picking up the pace. I felt her cunt flood with lubrication and she still did not wake up. I wondered if I could fuck her to climax without her waking up. I kept pumping a soon I found out the answer. She stiffened, quaked, her eyes opened, and says,"Are you fucking me again?" I said "Yes, sorry to wake you." She smiled and said,"I can't think of a more pleasant way to wake up than in orgasm." So she could not sleep through an orgasm. I kept it up and soon she climaxed again and damn near threw me off the bed this time. She began to work with me rocking her pelvis to enhance both our experiences and when she climaxed the third time I came again and pumped a few more shots of my sperm into the pregnant body of Trish.

When my erection faded I pulled out and she rolled over so we were spooning. I reached over her and put the palm of my hand on her nipple and worked it til it was hard. Then I went to the other tit and did the same. I fell asleep after that and slept through to seven o'clock.

I woke up with a hard on and was still spooned with Trish. I asked quietly "Trish, are you awake?" She sleepily replied,"Yes, Josh you want to fuck me one more time? I slid down the bed and reached over her to pull my cock through between her legs and to line it up with her love canal. When I was properly lined up she slid down to put me into her and we humped together like partners who had been together forever. She came quickly shortly after I penetrated her. I noticed the quaking of her lovely pre-teen body that was the way I realized she had stopped humping with me because she had lost control of her body. As soon as she came back to reality she re-initiated the synchronized humping with me. And when she came again I released my load into her sucking willing vagina.

I fell asleep again. I found out later she got dressed and left my apartment and had breakfast across the hall with my friend.
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