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A fun way to attend and enjoy a concert!
The Concert
by Louis Honey
If you are under 21 do not read this.
Get OUT!

You got the message today. You had been waiting so long to hear his voice again and the deep timber of it on the recording in your office voice mail started you blushing and caused stickiness between your legs. Another adventure was about to begin and you were primed and ready for it!

“Be nude at 7:00pm Saturday night and waiting for me in the usual position,” he said.

You remembered what he had taught you about the “usual position” and a thrill ran up your spine and anticipation mounted in your mind.

At precisely 7:00pm Saturday, you had turned on every light in the house, opened all the blinds and were kneeling at the edge of your bed, nude with your cunt and ass held high and a blindfold over your eyes. The front door was open and unlocked. The house invited someone to come in and explore. The sound of someone coming up the front walk and coming into the house causes your heart to skip a beat or two. It seems like several sets of footsteps, not just one and you want to turn around to see who it was, but you dare not.

A hand is laid casually on your right hip while a finger worms its way up into your juicy cunt. Anticipation for this moment has you wet with excitement. Your anxious thoughts are frantically trying to figure out if this is him, or if it is a complete stranger taking advantage of a situation no real man could deny.

A zipper is heard being slowly pulled down. Not a word had been said, and you start to speak, but think against it, again, as many times in the past, he has told you not to speak until you were spoken to. You anticipate his entry into your pussy, but his hand still plays with your cunt lips and clit, straying up to lube your ass hole with the freely flowing cuntal juice coming out of your pussy.

Then both hands are removed from your body and a “Swish, Thwack” is heard before your ass explodes with a stinging pain. Before you can move again, another blow lands viciously below the first putting red stripes across your ass and making you squirm and juice even more. You hold steady as another eight swats are delivered to your rosy red rump. After the last one, someone kneels at your ass and begins licking and chewing your cunt lips and occasionally scraping over your clit. It isn’t long before you begin to cum.

As you groan and grunt out your first orgasm, the person licking and chewing so delightfully behind you rises up and a long anticipated cock begins its slide into your slick pussy. When it hits home in the bottom of your cunt, you orgasm again. Then it is removed. You whimper at its loss. Then you fell the head stretching your ass hole and plopping into your nether depths. As a sawing action begins in your ass, a hand reaches around to your clitty and begins massaging your way back up to orgasmic heaven.

After cuming several times, you hear a grunting from the one whose prick is in your ass and feel him dumping a load of semen into your hole. Then, he is gone. More footsteps are heard walking out the front door. You sway but do not move from the position you have taken. Then he comes back, alone, by the sound of his steps. A large butt plug is inserted into your ass, a round egg is stuffed up your pussy and a vibrating clit teaser is strapped on so that when you stand up, it will be right across your clit and cuntal opening.

Then he pulls you up off the bed and begins to dress you. No underwear preceded the short, full skirt he puts around your waist as its hem tickles your mid thighs. No bra encases your breasts as he pulls a sweater over your blindfolded head and leaves it outside your skirt. Then he bends you over, lifts the back of the sweater and tapes three battery cases with wires running to the three devices on and in your body, to the small of your back.

“Come with me,” he says as he removes your blindfold and you comb your hair and re-made your makeup as best you can. As you slip on a pair of summer, dress sandals, you can feel the vibrating clit teaser began to make you want to fuck. It is set on its lowest setting, doing a teasing job that you know will only get worse as the evening wears on.

You hurriedly put yourself to rights, grab for your purse and he says, “Leave that. I have everything you need.” You glance in the mirror as you leave the bedroom and notice the shortness of the skirt and the low necked opening of the sweater showing off a lot of cleavage, with your aroused nipples protruding in front. You think, “What a kind Master to have dressed you so sluttily and yet still make you look elegant in color coordinated clothing.”

He forces you to sit in the car with the seat belt strapping you down tightly, forcing the butt plug and clitty massager deeper into your flesh. The increased burning of your ass cheeks from the spanking and being strapped tightly in with your bare bottom on the cloth seat gets your juices rolling even more. The vibrations became more intense when under pressure like this and you begin to react to them more than you had before.

He takes you to the local Arena where a concert is playing. It is your favorite artist and the parking lot is full. There are eighteen thousand people at this concert! He guides you by an elbow through the crowd like the Master he is and steers you to a bank of elevators. You are impressed when he greets the operator by name and shows her a ticket that gives permission to go up to the luxury suite boxes.

Inside the luxury suite, another couple awaits. There were two rows of five seats on the front, outer edge of the luxury box suite from where the concert can be easily seen. Behind those is a counter height bar with tall stools behind it. These are somewhat recessed from the general crowd, but can still be seen from the first two rows of spectators in front of the suite. A waiter discretely knocks at the rear door to the suite and takes your drink order as you nibble on a few munches in the back of the suite. You wonder how he can afford all of this and at the same time you are proud that he can and glad that he thinks enough of you to bring you here. You vow to do whatever he wants tonight.

The concert starts and he will not let you sit down in the seats in front of the suite. The other couple has occupied the lowest, front row of seats by themselves. You are three rows up and behind them, leaned forward across the bar with binoculars in your hands, resting on your elbows. As you twitch your tail in time to the beat from the band, you feel his presence brushing against the back of your skirt behind you. He reaches under your sweater to the small of your back, and all three devices started a medium vibration that set your orgasm urges into high gear. Your twitching is a definite back and forth motion indicating you want to be screwed, but he teases you by sliding a hand under the dress to press the clitty massager into your clit harder.

You start to groan and the entertainer finishes a song about then and the crowd goes wild. Your moan is lost in the noise of their applause and cheers. The other couple is content to watch from the front row and is oblivious to what is going on behind them. (So you think.) But then you ask yourself, “Are they the extra footsteps that I heard at home before we left?” You don’t know. Not that it matters. All that really matters is that you please him, tonight.

A hand lifts the back of your skirt. You know better than to turn around. Your cunt is sloppy with the running juices of your horny excitement. You feel the head of a dick pushing between the lips of your pussy, dislodging the nub of the clitty massager from your cuntal opening and pushing it harder against your clit. The crowd bursts forth in applause and you scream as another orgasm takes away your breath. The prick sinks to the bottom of your hole and stops as still as it can be while your hips sway and grind subtly against it, pushing against the mildly vibrating egg deep in your cunt. He slides in and out in shallow, smooth strokes as another song erupts from the loud band in front of everyone. After a while, your use of the binoculars is out of the question, so you put them down and grip the counter top to get a better leverage to fuck back against him. You are being teased so softly by his slow in and out strokes that it keeps you right on the edge of an orgasm through out the length of the next two songs.

As you hunch back and forth rhythmically against the dick in your cunt, the people around you are wondering why someone is grunting in the middle of a soft and easy song. He grabs your upper arms and straightens you to a near standing position and holds both wrists behind you. He is just barely inside the clasp of your pussy, and you don’t want to lose him from your pussy’s grip. Your gyrations slow to a stop as the song progresses in the arena below you.

A shove from him pushes your clit against the counter top pushing the deliciously vibrating clitty massager into your clit more firmly and you silently peak again from the added stimulation. All this time you are suppressing your moans and sighs as a slow, sensuous song takes you and the audience on a mental journey to the singer’s ideal place of love and romance. Then he lets you bend over about half way and shoves what feels like a log up into your pussy again. You moan again, but this time, the crowd is applauding and you are not heard. You bend over some more and shove back at him while the applause continues, feeling his cock bumping against the vibrating egg while the vibe in your ass massages his entire length. You feel him spurting into your cunt and you hear some of his moans as he peaks and finishes in you. He withdraws slowly and you feel his spend sliding down your leg as he reaches under you to plug further spillage with the nub of the clitty massager over your clit and cunt hole. You quietly moan as your orgasm overtakes you again.

Then your skirt is dropped. He wipes himself on the back of your skirt. You hear him zip up. He leaves you leaning and swaying against the counter to go grab a seat down front and enjoy the concert. You wonder how many encores you can entice out of him in this private concert place as the residue of his lovemaking continues it’s journey down the inside of your bare leg. Your favorite singer is making love to you with his songs and your man is making you wait for more love. You are pleasantly frustrated… for now.

About that time, the waiter returns with drinks for everyone and you straighten up to take yours. He notices the wetness on your skirt back but doesn’t say anything. He leaves with a smirk on his face as you turn beet red with embarrassment. The embarrassment turns to horniness. After everyone returns to their seats, you move up next to the counter top again to press the clitty massager into your clitty harder. It makes a slight humming noise between songs that he hears. He looks up and grins at you.

You wonder how long he will need to recover before he will come back to take care of you. You are already getting horny again. The concert is not yet half over. It is certainly an impressive concert for you.

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