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1:20 am. sunday morning she came back from the bathroom.

she could not find her self.

first heat wave of the season.

she could not sleep, restless in a room that was too warm a bed too hot.

She was feeling hot.

I knew that the last thing she need it or wanted was me getting too close to her.

I wanted to help, but the site of my semi nude wife at any hour of the day or night was hard to ignore.

All I wanted was to relieve some of that tension.

And for some reason she didn't mind when I started caressing her, starting from her neck all the way around her back softly very softly working my way down until I reach her waist, her butt, in a very gentle,in a very tender way, barely touching her trying to be as soft as a feather, at the same time I was nibbling and blowing cool air around her neck, gentle kisses sucking up her ear lobes to ease her worm. so I though !.

After some 20 minutes of this I was the one who was feeling the " Heath ", and started to think on ways to relieve some of that worm.

So I had no choice but increase the intensity of my touch, laying side ways she aloud me to tend her needs, caressing her butt always been a turn on for both of us, ever so gentle with my right hand using all my fingers to my disposal.

I started to play with her ass, two fingers pushing down wards, two fingers pushing up wards, spreading her butt cheeks. and the one lucky middle finger started to play around her precious anal cavity. while I was doing this I notice that she was getting moist juices started to run down, she was getting aroused, she was getting very wet.

Using her juice to lubricate my middle finger while I played with her.

She was so hot the weather had nothing to do with it !, well may be a little.

" Um...! "

" Ah... ! "

Moaning, breathing, harder, and harder, faster and faster as I run my fingers up and down her ass, adventuring from time to time by her now very wet hot pussy.

I ask her if she wanted more?.

She responded by asking me to continue with what I was doing.

by then all I wanted to do was just to bury my mouth between her legs.

I could not help my self so I did went there.

I had to !.

And when I did, she just responded with a big moan accompanied by a gush of the sweetest and delicious cum I had ever taste, and I was so please since I love this, and God knows how I love this... !.

but that was not enough, with no words just her body language as a guide.

She told me what to do, where to go, positioning herself so to accommodated our needs, and so I could have better access in to her pleasure zone.

she was a willing participant, and so hot that didn't care what I did !.

My tongue started to run up and down her wet dripping pussy.

in a slow circular motion spending time around her clit, going down all the way by her now loosen anus.

at times working in slow passing circles, making sure she felt every single nerve in the area, and I could see that she was.

just by the way she responded.

her moans.

her breathing, grabbing my head with both of her hands as to keep it in place.

her legs spread open started to tremble.

I could feel the tension building up, there was an orgasm in the making, and I was going to see it truth that she got what she wanted. besides as I said.

" I just wanted to help".

with both her legs over my shoulder. I knew that she was loosing control, it was just a matter of time before she got there, sensing this ceasing the moment, with my middle finger well lubricated by her abundant juices, and by me eating her out.

it started to work it's way up her ass in a very slow and steady rhythm.

entering dipper and dipper, and at the same time with my mouth that just could not get enough of her swollen pussy licking, sucking, working at the same pace as my finger devouring every single inch that was in front of me.

Then as I was tending to her precious area.

I felt both her heels pressing down on my back, her legs over my shoulders.

I saw her grabbing her tits moaning at the same time.

" ah....!"

"oh god...!

arching back wards as she did.

I knew it was time !

she could not control herself anymore.

so as in slow motion.

I started to pull my finger out, very slowly pushing inwards at times.

then again pulling it out, and back in.

just enough times to increase the pleasure that she was feeling, and when I did this.

she let this loud scream.



I was taken aback it's so unlike her !.

I fucking loved it !

She tighten her legs as she climax.

she was pressing, pulling her tits so hard that I knew then, that this orgasm was going to be very, very intense.

And it was so !,

for a while after words, she just lay there breathing so fast at times gasping for air trembling, cover in sweat

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2:00 am:

by now her legs shivering, her hands were caressing my chest playing with my nipples at times twisting them as to unscrew them.

her legs started to wrap around my hips, obviously the day just had began.

she wanted more. After she recuperated a little I started to play in and around her clit.

I could feel her warm wet pussy.


I was loving it !.

I wanted some attention too, so with my hand gently grabbing hers. I try to conveniently guided her to my now erect dick that was so hard and eager to do it's thing it could hardly wait.

" But "

she'll have none of that.

And with that I realize it wasn't about me or my needs.

tonight or this morning it was all about what she wanted.

and she wanted to play some!.

As we were laying side ways her hands started to run all over my back with the tip of her fingers gently around my shoulders then down my spine when ever she got close to my butt she'll tease me as to make me believe the chance of playing with my anus.

" we seen it in movies when the girl does it first using her fingers then licking it ".

looks as something I wouldn't mind having her try, and she knows it.

But she also knows that am no loosing any sleep over it, and besides this morning was about " her ".

we continued caressing each other for a little while.

I had open the window curtains to let the moon light truth, seen her there naked with that silky shine just turn me on, been a photographer I wanted to capture this scene, but it was better just to enjoy it there.

In a sudden move she got up and position her self over me spreading her legs while on her knees in front of my face, um...!.

teasing me...

playing me...

she started to get closer and closer to my mouth.

But every time that I try licking her she would pull back.

she did this for sometime torturing me, enjoying it while seen me suffering for no having what I was craving.

when she started to play with her breast my first though was.

" my baby it's on fire".

and with that I got a hold on her butt and push her towards my mouth, she didn't resist at all, let in me devour that succulent wet pussy of hers, and I did, licking, sucking, playing all around it, spreading her lips with my thumbs, so I could thrust in my tongue as far as it could go, taking every single drop of her tasty juice in, letting nothing to be wasted, she moaned as she pressed down bucking at a faster pace, arching backwards resting on her arms, she started to cum again,.

" oh God...!.

" oh God...! "

" Fuck me...! "

" oh fuck, fucking eat me...! "

" eat my pussy ! ".

I could heard her say.

Enjoying such a treat, could not help my self been overly exited, my dick was so hard and ready I could hardly wait, but I had to since she was calling the shots

shivering as she was, she whisper something I could not understand.

breathless she could hardly open her eyes.

what a scene.

she try to grab my hand but could not do it !.

me with a big smile approach her and whisper in her ear .

" you are mine now ! ".

And she smile back and said.

" I'm ready ! "

" Fuck me !, I want you to fuck me hard ! ".

So I did.

laying on her back spreading her legs open, resting her upper body with her arms as to have front row view she said.

" now I wanted now ! "

Kissing her very softly I started to work my way up.

I wanted to be inside of her.

but not too fast !.

I wanted her to climax with a bang...

the expression on her face was that of eagerness, desire, so as I held my dick with one hand been careful of not let it in right away, as she call this in spanish.

" si pero no! "


" yet but not yet "

just the tip of my cock softly caressing her clit, going up and down in a circular motion on every single inch around her hot and wet pussy.

she then held my head with her hand guiding my lips toward hers.

kissing each other with lots of fucking passion !

just then.

I started to enter her with out warning

" Oh god ".

"Aaaaaah ! "

She was saying as she arched back wards.

my dick was just gliding inside of her.

she was so wet it felt so good, so I did whisper that to her.

at first I did went all the way in, letting her fell my whole dick inside of her.

then as in a slow motion.

I pulled it out.

and then I started to go back in.

inch by inch .

going in then pulling it out, and every time adding a bit more, thrusting each time dipper and dipper. Faster and faster, she was loving it holding on my shoulder with her hand as she just focus on the action bellow, getting more exited as she saw my dick making it's way dip inside of her.

You like this ? she asked me

" I love it...!"

I said !

Look at my dick how wet it is !.

see how it is cover with your cum " .

I f... love it ! "

She smile back and gave me a kiss.

then leaning back resting on her arms she said,

" Go for it. "

" do it ! "

" Cum inside of me ".

" I want to feel you cumming inside of me..."

the intensity grew, my trusts were harder, dipper, faster, my dick was so hard. I could not believe it my self, suddenly a tickling feeling started to crawl it's way from all the way down my feet up my legs, then my butt, then when it got to my balls, it was a sensation so great that I didn't wanted to stop, then when it went to the rest of my body I was the one leting out loud moans.

oh yeah...!



I could feel, and I did felt every single drop of juice with in my balls running out.

an out this world awesome sensation !.

I could not stop, it was too fucking good to stop.

pounding her harder and harder, my balls were slapping her, adding to this amazing sensations for both, until I lost control.


after load.

after load.

after load of hot cum shotting inside of her.

an unbearable and endless sensation of joy as if everything inside of me was completely been force out through my dick.

For seconds after, even so it felt like minutes every thing around me went silence and if as in slow motion I felt as if I was floating.

Sweat running down my body.

my arms were shivering barely holding on.

just finish a marathon so it felt as that.

When I open my eyes, sound and motion became real once again.

now I could heard my self breathing harder, but more impressive was the state that she was in.


gasping for air.


her body cover in sweat.

the muscles around her wet and swelled pussy were tighten around my prick.

pleasingly smiling at each other out of joy, as I started to pull out.

she lift her head eagerly looking at my dick as it slowly made it's way out.

a fountain of cum spew out of her cunt.

a mix of both our her juices.

my dick while still hard was cover in it, and with that I collapse to the side.

It was around 3:00 am

Gracefully looking at her while caressing her arms.

she was still looking at my now semi erect penis.

with such a playful smile she then turn to me, while grabbing my dick with one hand.

went down again, first licking it.

then sucking it whole.

as sensitive as it was I did not have an once of strain to stop her,so I didn't

after some time. I was so exited with all that attention, that I was cumming for a second time in such a sort period of time

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