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This story is a work of fiction.
Julia and I started dating about six months after my second marriage went down the tubes. She was pretty, funny, smart, and independent, and I really just enjoyed her company. The sex was good, and her body was in decent shape. She was a year younger than me, at 36, and carried her age very well. I had always gone for youngish girls in their early twenties, or so, but I had learned that was part of my problem. Julie was the whole package. She had a 16 year old daughter named Sophie, who lived in Texas with her father, and Julie only got to see her a few times a year, as she was a flight attendant, and kept a crazy schedule.

After things got serious between us, Julie and I talked about it, and decided to move in together. Things were going great, and then a few months later, Julia's ex husband called complaining about Sophie. She was beginning to get rebellious, and out of control. After a long talk, we all decided it was best if Sophie came to stay with us. Since I ran my own business from home, I would be willing and able to keep an eye on Sophie while Julia was on flights, and Julia could spend time bonding with her daughter and give her some womanly guidance when she was home.

I'll never forget what the site of her did to me. Standing right there in the airport I had to mentally fight a raging hard on. She was 5'2'', maybe 105 lbs, perfect figure. Her skin was golden, and looked smooth, and delicious. She had light blonde hair, and an amazing rack. She was wearing a vee neck tee shirt under her half zipped hooded sweater, and I could just tell they were large for her relative size.. and amazing.

Sophie and Julia chit chatted all the way home, and continued in the kitchen, as Julia made Sophie her favorite dish to welcome her home. I took this as an opportunity to relieve myself so I wouldn't be making a napkin tent under the table during dinner. I tried to distract myself from unclean thoughts of my girlfriend's daughter by watching a little internet porn, and it did help, for what it was worth.

When they called me to dinner, I came downstairs, hopeful that my freshly relieved balls would make me more resistant to dirty thoughts about Sophie, but not so much. She had apparently changed into something more comfortable, and was wearing a thin gray tank top, and ditched her bra. Her nipples were proudly protruding from underneath it, and my cock began to swell. They were big for her size, maybe a C cup, and round, perky, beautiful. She had changed out of her sloppy jeans, and was now wearing cotton track shorts, so short that they barely covered her gorgeous teenage ass. This was the first time I noticed it, and it was perfect. I had to fight off visions of me ripping them off, bending her over the dinner table, and pounding her pussy.

After dinner, I left Julia and Sophie to have some more time alone together, as Julia had to leave at 3 am for work, and would be gone for 3 days. I went to my room, and came twice while masturbating to thoughts of Sophie's glossy young lips around my cock, and tits bouncing as I dumped my load into her tight, throbbing pussy.

The next morning, I woke up at around 9, and read the note Julia had left to say goodbye, and then went to the kitchen to make coffee and check the news. I figured, being a teenager on summer break, Sophie would still be sleeping, but I was wrong. Through the windows on the french door leading out to the pool, I saw her. She was wearing a red string bikini, and my heart almost stopped. She lounged on her back, sunglasses on, her young, firm flesh oiled and glistening in the light of the morning sun. I froze at the sight of her, my cock quickly filling with blood at the sight of her tiny waist, flat tummy, shapely flawless legs, and gorgeous round perky tits. I wanted to see her tight little pussy, and feel it squeezing my cock.

I tore myself from the window in a moment of sanity. This was all wrong! She was my girlfriend's daughter, and she was only 16! She had the body of a woman, yes, but I had to remember that she wasn't yet. This was crazy. Something about her drove me crazy. Maybe it was withdrawals from younger women, or maybe it was just me being a perv, but I wanted her so bad. I decided to take my coffee to my office on the other side of the house, and get busy with a worthy distraction.

After an hour or so, there was a knock at the door, and I invited her in, hoping she was still in that bikini so I could get a closer look, but at the same time, hoping she had covered herself up so I could have coherent thoughts. She had not. Just a towel wrapped causally around her softly curving hips. She greeted me with a warm smile.

"Hey, Jack, you busy?" She asked, her voice like bells.

"Not really, What's up?"

She stepped right up to the desk, and her tits bounced beautifully as she did. My erection raged under the desk.

"Oh, I was just thinking that maybe sometime today you and I could get to know each other better..." She said with an innocent grin.

"Sure!," I replied, maybe a touch to zealously, "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I am really loving the pool, and I would love for you to come swimming with me."

I was so down for that, it wasn't even funny, but I tried to keep a calm and collected tone.

"Sure, okay.. er.. how about now?"

"Great! You just go change into your trunks, and meet me down there!"

And with that she turned around and walked out of the room.

I got up from the desk, and went upstairs to change into my trunks, and rubbed a big one out in about 40 seconds. I had to control myself. That was the plan.

When I got to the pool, she was floating around in the deep end, and playfully splashed me.

"Jump in!", she exclaimed, splashing me a second time, to which I obliged, making sure I got close enough to splash her. We swam, and made get-to-know-you conversation for a while, before I suggested we go in and have some lunch. She got out of the pool first. The sight of her dripping wet nearly killed me, and I implored her to go in, and get changed and I'd be right there. I didn't want her to see my massive erection through my wet trunks when I got out.

After we were both changed, I made us some sandwiches, and we continued to get to know each other, and share funny stories about our lives. The conversation was easy, and I had managed to look her in the eye for most of it. After lunch, I was washing up the dishes, when she came up behind me, touching me on the shoulder, I turned around, and there she was in that damn bikini again.

"More swimming?" she asked, a mischievous look in her eye.

"Errr.. uhh.. I really have to get back to work, Sophie. Maybe tonight after dinner?"

"Jack, I watched you get out of the pool from the window, and I saw your... cock, and how excited you were."

This threw me for a loop. What must she think of me?

"Were you thinking about mom, or did you just see something you liked?" she said seductively, tracing her fingers down my chest, to the waistband of my shorts.

"Sophie, what are you doing? This is inappropriate..."

She cut me off by putting her hand to my mouth, and took my hand, leading me up the stairs. I would have protested, but she was wearing that bikini, and she was just too perfect to pass up. I would think about the consequences later, but for the moment, I had to find out where this was going. She led me to the bedroom that I shared with her mother, and closed the door behind us. She smiled as she untied the top of her bikini, exposing her perfect tits. They were even better than I had imagined. Her nipples were small, and pink, and they proudly crowned the full and firm globes of her fabulous tits. Without a word, I reached out, taking them both into my hands and squeezing them firmly. She gave out a soft moan as I sucked one of her nipples, and helped pull my shirt off.

"Mmmm.. I saw how big it looked, and I had to have it. I've never been with a real man before, just boys my age. Can I see it?"

I pulled down my shorts, setting my full eight inches free. She gasped.

"OH MY GOD!", she shouted, dropping to her knees. Before another word was said she started sucking it like a pro. The sight of it was almost too much, but with the feeling too, it wasn't long before I was filling her teenage throat with a thick stream of my cum. She swallowed every drop.

"That was amazing!" I said, falling back onto the king sized bed.

"Oh, I've got more for you, Jack." She said, straddling me.

She still had on her bottoms, so I tugged at them, and she raised up, taking them off. I got a perfect view of her hot young pussy, as she stood over me on the bed. It was small, hairless, and beautifully pink. I pulled her down, and made her sit on my face. She smelled like heaven, and tasted even better. I licked her from her clit to her puckered little asshole as she shook, and came all over my face. It was so fucking hot. My dick came back to life and she hovered over it, swaying so that the tip of my thick cock rubbed the length of her slit.

"You want this 16 year old pussy, old man?" She teased.

"Fuck yes."

With that, she eased herself onto my cock slowly, engulfing it in her incredibly wet, amazingly tight pussy. It was perfect. She slid down, taking most of it, moaning sexily as it bottomed out. She began rhythmically moving herself up and down on my shaft, pinching her perfect little nipples, and moaning with pleasure.

"Mmmmmmm.. Jack.. Ohhh your cock is sooo big in my little hole... mmmmm...," she said, as her speed increased. I had a hell of a view. Her tight young body bounced up and down on my cock, her tits bouncing, her teenage pussy milking my massive rod, as she gushed all over it.

I lifted her off, and bent her over. I wanted to see that round ass of hers while I fucked her sweet little cunt hole. She screamed with pleasure as I buried my cock to the hilt.

"Oh fuuuuuuck," She moaned, I don't think anyone has ever fucked me so deeeeep.. mmmmm.."

I pounded her for a few minutes, watching my cock disappear between those firm ass cheeks, into the hottest pussy I had ever fucked. She came twice more, each time drenching my cock with her juices. I turned her over, and sunk my cock into her while standing on the floor. I fucked her hard, watching her perky tits bounce with each thrust, watching her tiny little hole take my cock, as she came again all over me. This girl was on fire.

The sight of this goddess of a teenage girl, my girlfriend's daughter, cumming multiple times on my cock was starting to have it's ultimate effect on me.

"You like my pussy, Jack?", She asked seductively, rubbing her clit as I fucked her.

"Oh baby, it's so fucking good... mmm.. it's gonna make me cum, baby, where do you want my cum?"

"Oooohhh, can I please have it right...there?" she begged, as my cock was at it's deepest.

"You want me to cum in your pussy?"

"Mmmm, Pleeeaaasse! I want to be full of your hot cum! Pleeaaasse cum in my little 16 year old pussy, Jack. Mmmm.. fill it up!"

This talk, combined with watching her rub her little pretty clit, and my hands around her tiny waist, as my cock slammed into her pussy that was cumming, once again on my cock, pushed me over the edge. I roared as I pumped the load of my life into that perfect pussy, it throbbed around me, milking me of every last drop.

We fell asleep in a sweaty heap in my bed shortly after.

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