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My girlfriend Bena is very submissive and always horny. She is a little slut from Romania. She is 25, brown haired, brown tanned and has a very sexy slim body with a great ass. We are together for 2 years now and had several extreme hot sexual expiriences together. Including this adventure in the mall.
Yesterday i told bena, my submissive, very beautiful brown tanned, brown haired and 32 A perky titted girlfriend, that we are gonna make a little trip to the city mall. For that she would have to wear a white mini skirt, that barely hided her ass cheeks and would show every men and woman on planet her hot wet slut slit, if she bends over to the ground. She wasnt allowed to wear any undies at all, since we were together. She also had to wear a white bando top, whithout a bra of course. It was a bit sheer so if you look at her you could slightly see her brown hard 1/2 inch nipples. Completed was that look with some nice white stilettos.

So we went to town and the fun began quite quickly. As we arrived at the parking lot bena went out of the car while next to us three guys parked as well. The view on my bitch left the guys mouths wide open. As she spread her legs to get out they could see her blank shaven pussy. A pussy with quite long inner labia, that sprout out of her cunt. The guys were howling. Bena blushed red. She stood up and got her skirt right. Then we walked to the mall. We went for an ice cream and i said to my slut that she' ll had to put some of her chocolate ice cream on her white top. That made her style even more sluttish. With that we walked right through the mall. I found a dime. I comanded bena to fetch it for me. In her stilettos she could hardly bend down, but somehow she managed it. With that her skirt slided way up to her hips and her whole slut slit and ass including her asshole was exposed. She was so embarresed that she blushed redder than bevor. Her tan is nice olive brown, so i was suprised she blushed that much. I was turned on and it turned several men next to me on as well. They followed us. I enjoyed the shocked views of disgust of other females on my slutslave.

Next i told her to go to the mens toilet and sit and wait into a cabin and do whatever she gets told by any man that talks to her. When she went inside at least 5 men walked behind her. Bena went into one cabin and left the door open. She started to pee into the pot and 3 guys laughed and were astounded of so much perversity. She held her slit open and stood about the pot and let a steady stream go down between her sluttish beautiful tender legs. The guys howled and said to bena what a filthy slut she is. She said yes and added: "and i do everything what anybody of you tells me to do." That was the icebreaker and suddenly one of those young guys from the parking lot got his 8 inch dick out and shoved it down her throat. She was a bit shocked of the speed but finally took it as given. He rammed his dick in her throat and thrusted very hard into her slut mouth. Bena was still pissing. She massaged her clit and blow that guys cock hard. Suddenly 3 others puttheir dicks out and rubbed it while looking at that gagging slut. The guy in her slutmouth thrusted so hard that you could see his hard one deep in her neck. Her white top went totally sheer through the gag. So her perky tits were clearly visible now. Her huge nipples on her small cleavage pressed through the sheer cotton. Another guy came to her and grabbed her ass while she was still giving a blow job to that young guy standing on top of the pot over her. He dived his hard really fat 3 inch wide dick bare in her tight slit and gave her a rough fuck in her pussy. She gagged again and even more spit run down her face. Her stomach, her tits and her pussy were totally wet. Now with the dick in her mouth and the fat one in her pussy she was so aroused. She came within seconds and shot some of her pussy juices on the guy with the fat dick. He laughed and said: "oops, what will my wife say". And then he shot his hige two week load into my slutslave. The guy in her mouth was also coming and took off his dick and placed it over her fuckface. In that moment he left a giant load on her open eyes, her nose and her open mouth. What a picture. Now two others stood next to her and rubed their dicks over her face. Just minutes after their predecessor they shot their cum over her slut face on her eyes and her nose. She opened her mouth and licked the cum of the foreigners and made a yummy sound.

Now i went into the game and turned her around and put two fingers in her wet asshole. I fucked her hard and she moaned. I added two more fingers after a while. Somebody said: "come on, fist that bitch." That was what i wanted to hear and my slut expected. I fucked her a bit and spreaded her asshole. That must have been a bit painful but so arousing for bena to be fucked by me in front of all those horny folks. I said to some fat old rocker guy, that he should put his fist into that slut. He's got the bigger hand. So he went to my slutslave and spit a green one on his hand and pushed it directly into her poor anus. That made her wild and insane. She screamed so loud that one of the guys put some toilet paper in her slutmouth. That was a great picture. That fat guys hand in that poor little sluts ass, her skirt wet and dirty and lifted up to her hip. And then those perky tits under the top, wet of all that gag and cum and her totally destrosed face with black mascara lines and cum all over her so beautifully prepared face. And in her mouth pieces of toilet paper. A picture you'll never forget. And she moaned like a whore that never gets enough. She pissed as the fat guy fucks her hole like a jackhammer. He ploped his hand in and out. Her ass made sloppy noises and farts. She had no control of her ass muscles anymore. She was going crazy. Her eyes rolled in pain and lust. Every time he took his fist out of her hole it stayed widely open and a little prolaps came out. Then he boxed it back in. After five minutes more fisting she came in a long and heavy orgasm. She lost control and couldnt stand any longer. She slowly falled on the ground while her arse was still open like it never gets closed again. Her face full of filth, her body embarresed and raped. She was sitting in a little puddle of her own pee. The guys around her spit on her and the fat rocker took out his dick and peed on her. Her white skirt and top got yellowish. She opened her mouth and drank a bit of it. And said: "Thank you guys. That was so great" after she spitted the toilet paper in the pot.

That was the point were all the guys went of the toilet and bena walked out of the mens toilet in her dress. Her skirt still up on her hip. So everbody saw her abused body, her sluttish shaven cum leaking pussy, her gaping asshole with a small prolaps. Her yellow skirt and top showed her perky tits clearly. She dangled a bit drunken through the mall. Some woman called her a filthy slut. She just said: "thank you". Some spit on her. Some kicked her with their shoes in her ass. She fell over and laid helpless on the ground. She got up and as she did that she spread her legs in front of a group of young guys and said sorry. Where is the exit to the garage? The guys indicated the way and she dangled slowly but focused towards the exit. Sperm ran down her face. She was totally outpowered and ready for a two day vacation. But she didnt get two days off.

Do you want to know what happened the yesterday evening? If you're interested, tell me. Then i'll go on with the story.

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2015-10-02 14:18:11
While the story itself is hot, and the sex scenes are well thought out, I can't help but agree with previous commenters. It's stories like this that lead to the reputation of erotic fiction writers as nothing more than a bunch of horny guys who just quickly type up some perverted fantasy. There is no substance to it. No fleshing out, no story, and what there was had remarkably poor spelling and grammar.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-10-23 08:17:04
Your grammar sucks and the story line is erratic. The story itself has very little 'meat'. I recommend that you give it some more detail and not leave it at such a fuck and dump ending. Also at the very end, what is with the "...tell me if you want to hear more." shit? Your not telling a story to children, and your not some old radio program from the 90's. Get rid of that. Again use your "Spell-Check". Stop ignoring it cause you think that your smarter than the computer. Your obviously not. My last bit of advice,...JUST STOP WRITING. For the sake of all of us on here who are looking for quality stories, just stop.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-11 19:45:46
It is people like you that give reading a bad reputation. I recommend you enroll into a night school and specifically for English 101. You have the desire to write, and that is good, but you lack the grammatical understanding of sentence structure and spelling. Use your "Spell-Check" whenever possible. Then you will be a better writer and people will enjoy reading your stories.


2013-06-05 17:54:50
your grammer and spelling are atrocious,the story itself is ridiculous and revolting, even a true sub like myself would put you in the grave very quickly.


2013-01-27 17:19:26
Hot fucking story -- cum bucket slut whores are one of my favorite masturbation fantasies -- looking forward to reading the others. Pay no attention to these impotent wimps who are hung up on grammar. Have no idea why they even read sex stories when all they're interested in is punctuation, spelling, etc. Hot sexual content is what makes a good story - and yours my friend, are stocked, cocked and loaded with plenty of that -- Looking forward to busting my nuts over and over again on stories your adventures. When it comes to masturbation adventures - cum slut housewife whores are my passion.

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