A Prize Leads to a Surprise
Nice Prize

It had come as a complete surprise; Gill had never won anything in her thirty years so it was with total bewilderment that she found out that she had won an afternoon at a leading beauty spa. Gill had never before been to a beauty spa and had no idea what to expect, she was a plain, no frills kind of woman who never pampered herself. She had found herself looking forward to the unexpected pampering.

It had all begun fairly normally, when she had arrived Gill had been introduced to the various people (all of them in their late teens or early twenties) that worked at the spa and had been told that she would be starting with a sauna followed by a facial and full body massage and finally a hair and make-up re-do. Obediently Gill followed the girl whom she had been introduced to as Sandy. They entered the sauna room and Sandy turned to Gill and asked her to get undressed while she prepared the walk-in sauna. Gill was taken a bit by surprise; she had brought nothing to wear in a sauna. She asked Sandy to explain the procedure.

“Oh, it’s pretty simple really. You sit naked in the walk-in while we control the temperature to a comfortable level.” She must have seen the worried look in Gills eyes “Don’t worry, the male staff are not allowed into the female saunas and you are the only booking for today, so relax and enjoy yourself” she smiled as she left Gill to strip.

Once naked Gill wrapped one of the huge, soft bath towels around her body. She was not really the shy type and she was quite proud of her body. Her firm 36C tits had dark, puffy nipples which were very sensitive and she loved them sucked. She often came just by having her nipples sucked and on more than one occasion her boyfriends had made her cum numerous times without even getting their hands into her pants.

She had a neat figure, not thin but not overweight at all, handles in all the right places. The apex of her thighs showed a neatly shaved strip of dark hair just above her clit but her pussy lips were shaved clean. Gill enjoyed masturbating her smooth pussy, especially when her juices made her puffy lips all slick and slippery.

Sandy stuck her head around the door and told Gill that she was ready for her. Gill followed her into the next room and walked through the steamed up glass door which Sandy held open for her, leaving her towel with Sandy. She was very conscious of Sandy watching her firm ass and tits as she walked past. Clouds of steam greeted her, she could hardly see and it was HOT. Carefully making her way to the wooden bench which see could dimly see through the gloom she sat down and tried to get comfortable. The slats of the bench pressed into the firm mounds of her ass and she could feel that her pussy was positioned between two of the slats.

“Just as well no-one is looking from below” she thought to herself “They would be able to see up my twat.”

She smiled to herself, and shifted, trying to get more comfortable. Gill decided that lying on the bench would be most comfortable. She was sweating profusely already, streaks of sweat running freely off of her. Gill was enjoying the feeling as the heat seemed to draw all the tension from her muscles. She relaxed and concentrated on the ticklish feeling of the sweat rolling off of her. Glancing down Gill could see her dark nipples, wet and glistening, she traced around her one nipple with her finger and gasped as her nipple hardened, rising outward from the centre of her puffy areola. That was unexpected, she did the same to her other nipple with the same results only this time as she watched her nipple harden she felt a familiar burning in her lower belly which gradually sank down between her thighs. Gill could feel her outer pussy lips swelling as she became aroused, her inner pussy contracted making her clench her fists with pleasure.

Gill felt really naughty, she was becoming unexplainably aroused lying here alone. She had only ever had sex in private and only ever masturbated on her own so this felt really erotic to her. She lifted her one knee and let her thighs fall open slightly, her nipples tightened as her pussy lips began to part slightly. Gill knew that if she opened her legs her lips would part, exposing her entrance completely, she did not need to use her fingers to open her pussy; nothing was left to the imagination when her legs were open.
Gill could feel her clit swelling, thickening and extending until the sensitive pink tip was showing clearly at the top of her slit. Gill was soooo tempted to reach down and slip a finger between her lips and tease her little friend into what she knew would be a mind numbing orgasm.

Just then Sandy opened the sauna door to inform her that the time was up, Gill wasn’t sure how long she had been lying there but she was certainly glad she had not gone ahead and made herself cum. As it was Sandy couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off the area between Gills thighs. Gill had often fantasized about doing another woman but had never taken it further than fantasizing. Sandy handed Gill her towel and she covered up, her pussy burning but she tried to ignore it, she could feel her juices flowing as she followed Sandy. She was so aroused that she found herself eying Sandy’s ass as she walked ahead.

The next room was very obviously the facial and massage room. Sandy asked Gill to lie on a massage bed in the centre of the room, face up. Gill obliged, rearranging her towel so as not to let any of her squishy bits show. In came a very attractive girl that had been introduced to Gill as Abby. Gill saw Sandy whisper something to her as she approached the bed. Abby was dressed in the same attire as Sandy, tight fitting shorts and a cotton tank top, under which it was very obvious that the girls wore no underwear.

As Abby drew closed Gill noticed that the seam of her shorts had pulled up between the lips of her pussy to reveal the beautiful shape of her slit. Gill could not help staring and she found her mouth going dry as the young girl got nearer, her sex clearly defined behind the thin fabric. Abby explained that she was going to apply a face mask before beginning with a full body massage. Gill was wondering just how full the body massage was going to be. She had never been touched by a woman before and she wondered what the result would be in her aroused state.

Abby made Gill lie back and began gently massaging her entire face. Gill melted, it was so relaxing that she momentarily forgot about the burning need between her legs.
She let herself drift as Abby skillfully worked on her, pausing briefly to apply the mask before carefully spreading it over her entire face. Her fingers felt like feathers on Gill’s skin.

Gill felt Abby touch her shoulder.

“I need you to turn over now please, undo your towel as well please” ask Abby with a grin on her face.

Gill turned over and loosened her towel, her naked mound was now against the toweling cover on the massage bed and the rough material teased her sensitive nipples as she moved. At last she was comfortable and she was aware of Abby folding the towel upwards from her legs to cover her buttocks and expose her legs up to the fold at the top of her thighs. Gill held her legs closed, she knew her pussy was visible to anyone standing below her. Abby told Gill to relax and after a short pause she felt Abby at her feet and two strong hands on her ankles. Abby began massaging Gills ankles and feet in slow, firm motions. Again Gill melted. It was divine, the girl defiantly knew what she was doing and Gill began to relax, reveling in the sensation of the warm aromatic oil and the firm fingers on her naked skin. Abby worked up Gills legs and down again, each time going higher until her fingers reached the curve of Gills buttocks, Gill gasped as Abby touched her, waiting to see what would happen next. Abby retreated back down Gill’s legs. Gill found herself suddenly getting very aroused again as Abby edged upwards again, stopping at the fold at the top of her thighs but this time Gill felt her fingers slip slightly deeper between her thighs, almost touching her bare pussy lips.

Gill flinched slightly and could not help sighing as she felt her vulva respond to the intimate contact. She found herself hoping that Abby would do it again, only this time, actually touch her pussy. She waited as Abby neared her ass and bit her lip in anticipation, her pussy lips were swelling and her clitoris was now fully erect.

“Touch me dammit” thought Gill

She almost cried out as Abby slowly and deliberately allowed her hand to travel up the inside of Gill’s thigh, higher she went as Gill prayed that she would not remove her hand. Abby didn’t, she kept it between Gills legs as she moved her hand higher. Gill felt her oily fingers slide onto her closed pussy and hissed through her teeth. She lifted her hips slightly and parted her thighs as Abby’s finger slid along the length of her juicy slit.

“Nice and wet already and I’ve only just started” whispered Abby as she pressed deeper between Gills willing thighs, probing with her fingertip and separating Gill’s lips. Gill spread her thighs further, allowing Abby easier access to her desperate cunt. Her clit was throbbing and so swollen that she could feel the tip rubbing against the toweling cover of the bed. Abby suddenly removed her hand from between Gill’s legs and Gill felt her lift the towel covering her ass and a wet sensation as Abby poured oil over the gap between her thighs and into the cleft between her buttocks. Again Gill lifted her hips slightly, causing her cheeks to part and allowing oil to dribble over her puckered anus. Abby then replaced her hand rubbing the slippery oil all over Gills firm mounds and tracing the crease between them. Gill was in heaven, she spread he legs as far as the bed would allow and angled her ass upwards, opening her ass and pussy. She knew that her opening would now be exposed because she felt the moment her lips parted, showing off the deep pink inner lips and small opening of her vulva.

Abby slipped her well lubricated fingers between Gills’s upturned ass cheeks and probed her warm anal opening, pressing her fingertip against the tight resistance but stopped just short of penetration. Gill moaned loudly as she felt the intrusion; she consciously relaxed her anus, inviting the teasing finger inside. Gill couldn’t believe that she was behaving this way but she could not help it, she was so turned on. Abby must have felt her tight ring relax because she gently pressed inward, not deep, just inside the elastic entrance before she turned her finger in Gill’s ass, round and round, stimulating her anal opening and causing a flood of pussy fluids to erupt from the entrance just below the probing finger.

Gill’s anus tightened around Abby’s finger as she felt the first signs of an approaching orgasm. Abby realized what was happening and gently removed her finger from it’s tight prison.

“I don’t want you cumming before I have felt that gorgeous pussy of yours, you had Sandy so hot just now I bet she had to go and finger herself when she left you with me.” teased Abby.

Gill felt Abby move her hand downward and cup her swollen mound, finding the thick shaft of her clit Abby began to gently circle the swollen nub causing Gill’s hips to jerk as pleasure shot through her pussy. Gill began to thrust her mound into Abby’s hand in time to the touch of her finger on her clit. Gill was very close to cumming as Abby released her clit and slipped her finger into the slit of Gill’s pussy, following the deep groove until she felt the soft opening of Gills willing hole, dripping pussy juice and begging to cum.

Abby pressed her finger inward, inserting it fully into Gill’s tight hole. She positioned the tip of her finger over the soft spongy spot just below gills clit and began to stimulate it. Gill squealed as her pussy contracted around Abby’s beautiful finger, she moved her hips in time to Abby’s finger, her whole cunt on fire as Abby relentlessly manipulated her g-spot. Gill knew that there was no way she could prevent herself cumming, she grabbed on tight to the bed, lifted her ass and pressed back against Abby’s hand. She felt her inner pussy swelling as it gripped Abby’s finger tightly, tensing up for one of her extra wet orgasms. Abby, without missing a stroke, quickly slipped a second finger into Gill jus as she felt her inner muscles begin to convulse, squeezing her fingers as she continued to rub Gill’s cum button. As Gill came her whole body danced and twitched, her pussy ejaculating a hot juicy stream of sweet female cum as she experienced one of the most mind blowing orgasms of her life.

Abby kept her fingers inside Gill’s pussy for a while as she came down off of her orgasm. She felt her vulva relax and her hips dropped down on the bed. Abby slowly withdrew her hand, caressing Gill’s firm buttocks and still convulsing anus, helping her to relax. Gill opened her eyes to see Sandy standing wide eyed, watching her. Her eyes glued to the very wet pussy between her legs.

“I hope you didn’t miss the show?” Abby asked Sandy.

“No, I came in just as you began to finger her ass” breathed Sandy. “This woman has got the most beautiful pussy, can I feel her?”

Gill was still trying to recover from her orgasm and here these girls were discussing her as if she wasn’t even there. She didn’t care, she had just had an amazing orgasm and her pussy was still on fire. She wanted more; she wanted to fuck both these young girls together.

Gill felt two pairs of hands on her, caressing her from her ankles to her butt. Now and then a hand would venture further, probing between her cheeks to tease her newly penetrated asshole or slip briefly along the length of her sensitive inner cunt, parting her lips to feel the soft opening that was begging to be entered.
Not to be outdone Gill used her newfound sexual confidence and dropped her hands down off the bed and ran a hand up the leg of each of the girls standing on either side of her. When the girls felt her touch they moved closer, eager to find out how far Gill was prepared to go in exploring their young, eager bodies.

Gill reveled in the sensation of four warm hands exploring her deepest folds, growing ever bolder as they realized that she was on the brink of complete sexual release. The girls massaged Gill’s firm ass cheeks, spreading them to expose her aching pussy and twitching ass ring to their hungry gaze and teasing fingers. Gill eagerly felt upwards with her hands, Abby and Sandy’s firm legs were warm to her touch as she ventured upwards. She felt the curve of two hard ass cheeks as she caressed the girls, feeling them respond by turning sideways toward her hand, making it easier for Gill to touch their pussies.

Gill gasped as her hands found the two pouting mounds ready for her trembling fingers. Both girls parted their legs slightly to allow Gill easy access to their waiting slits. It was wonderful to feel the firm outline of the girl’s lips beneath their panties and gentle pressure allowed Gill to press her fingers between their lips and find both girls had very prominent, erect clitorises. Gill rubbed her fingers over the hard nubs and heard the girls sigh with pleasure, the heat from their arousal made Gill want to plunge her fingers deeper up inside both pussies to feel their tightness around her.

Before Gill got the chance to do any further manipulation of the two wanton cunts Abby and Sandy pulled away, Gill taken by surprise did not resist as the girls turned her on her back and bent forward, each taking one of Gill’s erect nipples in her mouth, tonguing it erotically. Gills nipples reacted by stiffening further, swelling inside the warm mouths that sensuously teased them to full erection. Gill moaned and held the girl’s heads, pressing her tits against the indecent pleasure that worked at the peak of each of them. Involuntarily Gill drew her knees up, her burning pussy indirectly stimulated by the infuriatingly arousing sucking that her tits were receiving.

Abby felt Gill raise her legs and hooked her arm under Gill’s knee, lifting and holding Gill’s leg level with her head. Sandy did the same, opening and exposing Gills highly aroused cunt. Gill felt her outer lips and ass cheeks spread as her legs parted and she could feel her warm juices dribble from her open hole and run teasingly over her puckered anus. It was the most erotic feeling Gill had ever experienced, she was literally being fucked by two gorgeous young girls, something which she had never imagined in her wildest dreams. Her most secret place was being flared open for anyone to see and for these girls to take advantage of. The realization made Gill moan with pleasure and her pussy reacted by contracting tightly as the treat of an impending orgasm approached.

Sandy released her grip on Gill’s nipple and moved down to stand between Gills wide spread thighs. She hesitated momentarily to remove her panties before she bent forward and placed her mouth firmly over Gill’s exposed pussy hole. Gill momentarily stopped breathing as she felt the warm wet sensation of Sandy’s mouth at her opening. Sandy probed with her tongue, tracing the rim of Gill’s vulva before forcing the firm length of her thick tongue into Gill’s depths. Gill sighed as Sandy hungrily tongued her pussy, moving in and out of the wet entrance with her teasing tongue, pausing now and then to run the tip of her tongue along the thick, stiff shaft of Gill’s clit. Sandy sensed that Gill would not be able to hold out much longer before she came in her mouth and slowed her assault on the still uninitiated Gill.

Abby now also released Gill’s nipple and moved to stand over Gill’s head. Gill watched as Abby dropped her panties and, placing a knee on either side of Gill’s head, straddled Gill with her pussy mere millimeters from Gill’s face. Gill reached up and took hold of Abby’s ass cheeks, parting them, pulling them gently apart to expose the completely shaven slit hiding between Abby’s thighs. Gill reached further around Abby’s ass and holding her upper thigh she pulled gently and watched eagerly as Abby’s pussy lips parted and exposed her soft inner pussy, the stiff nub of her clit and the wet opening of her cunt. Gill’s own cunt tightened around Sandy’s tongue as Abby bent forward causing her pussy and ass to open fully to her stare. Gill took her example from Sandy, lifted her head slightly and, sticking her tongue out, tasted pussy for the first time. The tangy, coppery taste was pleasant and Gill probed deeper, finding the puffy, pink opening which released a stream of warm pussy juice into Gill’s mouth as she penetrated the elastic entrance.

Things became a bit of a blur from then on as Abby began humping the length of her slit against the firm resistance of Gill’s tongue, fucking her pussy hard into Gill’s mouth, making her taste every juicy contraction of her vibrant opening. Sandy had now pushed a finger deep inside Gill’s cunt, searching for and finding her swollen “G” spot. Gill felt her clitoris swell to an enormous size and Sandy took it into her mouth and sucked on it like a miniature cock. Abby was furiously fucking Gill’s tongue and reached down between her thighs to rub her middle finger over her erect clit as Gill tried to shove more of her tongue up inside her.

Gill felt Sandy shift position and was disappointed to lose the delicious friction against her clitoris but it wasn’t to be for long. Sandy climbed up on the table and placed a foot on each side of Gill’s pelvis, one between her legs under her ass and one to the side of her hip. Gill still had her legs high in the air so when Sandy squatted it placed her open pussy squarely over Gill’s. Gill moaned into Abby’s gyrating cunt as she felt the smooth, wet lips of Sandy’s pussy pressed against her own open slit. She was amazed to feel the firm pressure of Sandy’s stiff clitoris as it came in contact with her own erect clit for the first time. Sandy began sliding her well lubricated pussy along Gill’s swollen, upturned peach. Allowing just enough pressure to grind their swollen cum buttons together, by moving her hips in a circular motion Sandy managed to rub her clitoris around Gill’s, causing both immense pleasure.

Abby was fast approaching orgasm as she furiously frigged her clitoris as Gill licked and teased her hole. Sandy was fucking Gill’s cunt faster as she too approached orgasm, Gill pulled her mouth from Abby’s cunt and drove two fingers deep into the tight opening. Abby bucked against the intrusion and cried “ Yessssss.” Her inner muscles contracted tightly around Gill’s fingers as she began fucking them in and out of Abby’s willing hole.
Gill looked up and saw Abby’s puckered anus winking at her just above her pumping fingers. Wanting to return the earlier favour, using her other hand she placed her middle finger against the firm, warm resistance of Abby’s asshole and, feeling the probing digit Abby relaxed as Gill easily slipped her finger deep into Abby’s rear entrance. Gill could feel the extreme tension approach as her thrusting fingers brought Abby to the brink of an explosive orgasm. Both her openings clamped down on Gill’s fingers as Abby bucked and thrust, riding the hot waves of orgasmic pleasure erupting from deep inside her pussy.

Seeing her friend cumming was enough to drive Sandy over the edge and she drove her cunt hard against Gill’s, releasing a hot stream of liquid lust which burst from her pussy and drenched Gill, squirting into her open pussy, flooding her to a point where she overflowed, spilling Sandy’s warm cunt juice down the crack of her ass and all over her enraged clit.. The sensation of the warm cum shooting into her cunt released Gill’s own orgasm, an orgasm so intense that she felt for the first time the welling up of her own ejaculation, the moment of release hovering as she experienced for the first time what seemed to be perfect control over her pussy as she came.

Gill contracted her inner pussy and was amazed to feel a thick stream of hot cum spurt from deep inside her. She felt the torrent force its way out past her opening and upward into Sandy’s still convulsing entrance. To Sandy it felt as if a thick, warm flood had suddenly been released into her and she screamed as her pussy convulsed again, prolonging her orgasm. The two women ground their pussies together, milking every bit of pleasure from each others orgasms. Abby had begun to come down from her intense orgasm, her ass and pussy still chewed on Gill’s fingers as she slowly relaxed, enjoying watching the two of them cumming on each other.
It took quite a while to disentangle the three of them and Gill could look at the two girls standing before her, unashamed at what had just happened, fidgeting as their pussies still tightened uncontrollably now and again. Gill smiled, cupped her saturated, sensitive pussy in her hand and said “Well, that was a nice prize, good for a start but I hope you can do better next time”


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