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Cara wants revenge. She wants to see her family torn to peices. YOU decided what happens next
Right guys. This is my first story so give me some genuine feedback please. This story doesn't specifically involve any sex. It's just a template. I want to do things differently here. I want to know what you want me to do to the characters. Who you want to see raped, who you want killed ect ect. You dictate the next chapter. It's that simple. Leave some comments on what you would like to happen in part 2 and itll be up this time next week. 

Cara had had enough 

She had had enough of her overly  protective mother always dictating to her what she can and can't do. She had had enough of her obsessively aggressive father and his unpredictable outbursts of anger. And she had had enough of her disgustingly annoying little shit of a brother who never knew when enough was enough. Cara had had enough. It was time to get her fucking revenge

Ever since Cara can remember, she's always been a little bit messed up in the head. Having the dirtiest thoughts, the sickest fantasies about what she wanted done to her and what she wanted done to others. She was the muckiest, craziest bitch around. No one knew this though. She put on a facade of being polite little shy introvert Cara, everyone believed the front she put on. Now at 17, Cara decided it was time to let people see the real her

Monday evening 
Cara pretended everything was normal. She sat at the dinner table and did what was expected of her. She ate her greens. She said please and thank you. She muttered the lords prayer along with them. She did what was expected. 

'Cara, your awfully quiet tonight' her father asked suspiciously 

'Im just waiting for them dad' Cara replied

Her father gave her a confused look. 'Waiting for who darli....

He never got to finish that sentence. That's when Caras Night of revenge started.

The door flew open and in came 7 hooded figures. All holding guns. They moved towards the terrorised family.

'What the fuck' screamed Caras father as he stood up to protect his family

'SIT THE FUCK DOWN' menaced one of the hooded figures, pointing his gun directly at the fathers head. 

'Sit down or your wife gets a bullet up her pussy, you want that faggot?' shouted another one of the figures

Caras father sat down. By this point Lil Adam had climed on to his mother and was crying uncontrollably. He had his face buried in his hands and his mother was trying to stay calm for his sake.

'What do you want? Please. If its money that you want just take it. You can have anything. Please just dont hurt us' Caras mother begged 

They laughed.

'Bitch if we wanted money we would of robbed a bank now wouldn't we. Nar it's not money we want.' 

He then went into a bag that one of the guys was holding and proceeded to pull out four blindfolds and 3 pieces of long rope. Everyone by this point was terrified, even Caras father was shaking. 

'What are those for?' he half demanded

His question didn't need a spoken answer. Instead, the leader of the group walked menacingly towards him and violently got a grip of his neck and wrapped the blindfold round his face. Ted tried struggling but there was no use. The hooded hooligan then proceeded to tie his hands behind his back with one of the pieces of the ropes and did the same with his legs. He then tossed Ted onto the floor where he couldn't move. He was completely helpless. 

Norah had never been so scared in all her life. As Adam clung on to her, she didn't have a clue what to do. Her husband was tied up on the floor and there was strangers, dangerous strangers in her dining room pointing a gun at her. Why were they here? If they didn't want money what did the want? Norah didn't want to know the answer but was sure she was going to find out. 

The leader walked up to her and looked her in the eye

'Hello beautiful'

'Fuck you' she screeched in reply. She didn't want to back down to these people.

'Now that's not a very nice way to speak to your guests now is it?' 

Once again, determined not to back down, 'Fuck . You.' 

He wasn't having any of it. All of a sudden he punched her right in the face and she fell to the floor. Crying uncontrollably and nose bleeding, Norah was shocked. Adam was completely terrified and ran to the corner, crying all the while. 

While the carnage escalated, Cara just sat there. Calm and controlled. She wasn't shocked or phased by the whole scene. She sat there expressionless. Mesmerised by the wreckage of her whole family unit

While all this was going on, the other 6 figures just stood there. Overseeing the brutal treatment of this pathetic family. The plan was going so perfect.

'Now listen to me cunts. I'm about to leave this room with your beautiful daughter. If you want her back alive, I suggest you don't move. My friends will be staying here so unless you want a bullet through your skulls, I suggest you stay seated'

No one moved. 

He went over to cara and ragged her up and went towards the stairs. He stopped abruptly and turned towards   Adam

'Little boy, look at your pathetic cunt of a dad and slut whore twat of a mother. After I'm done with this bitch I'm coming down for you. Look forward to it' and with that he turned and dragged cara up the stairs 

When they got up there, Cara could speak freely.

'This is the fucking most craziest thing EVER!' cara shouted.

'Keep your voice down man, do you want them to know your involved? Now seriously Cara, are you sure about this? I mean, this is pretty fucked up. Your brothers terrified man'

'Are you backing out on me Dodge? You said you'd be up for this?' 

'I am. I am, its just are you sure you want to go through with this? It's your family...'

'My family? You mean the same family that's treated me like shit for 17 years? No Dodge, I want them fucked up. I want them ruined'

Dodge just looked into her eyes. What had made her like this? Why was she so... Evil? 

'Okay. Who first?'

End of introduction. Like I said, no sex, however, tell me what you want happening? Who's first? Want to see the Lil boy raped by 7 hooded figures? Or what about the mum, forced incest maybe? 

Or what about character development? Want to know how Cara knows Dodge? Who is Dodge? Why is Cara so messed up? 


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Mom first, raped and abused by all. Brother second, getting abused, no sex involved yet. Then the father, raped and abused by all. Have the father rape his son but get him to think he's fucking his wife.

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