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let's see what happens with his aunt and cousen
We slept most of the day away. When we finally did get up it was time for me to go to my aunt’s house. She and I showered together with a little play time mixed in. We got dressed and packed my into her car; which I have to say was a beauty. It was a classic Ford Mustang, and it had all the original parts under the hood plus the original lather seats. The only thing that wasn’t original was the C.D. player and the M.P.3 player hock up. It was candy apple red and a license plate that said BADGIRL on it. I got in and buckled up. She put the car reveres and pulled out into the street haling ass down the street. It took about fifteen minutes to get there. When we pulled up into the drive way seeing that no one was home, and just as I was getting out of the car Maggs grabbed my cell-phone. She started playing with it, I wondered what she was doing but didn’t ask. I started unloading my stuff and taking it to the fence. My aunt’s house was bigger than Maggs also with a bigger yard.

My aunt had a guest house that my uncle had put in before he died. He had wanted for me to have my privacy, and for me not walk in on my aunt in a less dressed position. I knew where she kept the spare keys all of them. I just finished putting the last of my stuff at the gate. I went back to the car to get my phone reaching in the driver side window to grab my phone, which is when she grabbed me and gave me another soul searing kiss that left me dizzy. Her soft lips against mine where going to keep me smiling, for months after this was done. She handed me back my phone, and that is when I saw what she put on it. It was her picture in a sexy pose that left a little to the imagination. I found something else, it was a recording of my conversation with my mom.

I played it, and Maggs face started to get this look that said if mom was in front of her…… mom would be dead. Maggs looked at me and hugged me. “I am sorry Damian, I didn’t completely believe you when you told me about this.” I fought the tears that weld up and fought to keep my voice from cracking. “I know Maggs, it’s okay. I didn’t expect anyone to believe me. Now I have proof that I’m not lying. My aunt is going to want to hear this. You can come by and meet my aunt you know? She would want to thank you for helping me.” She hugged me and gave me a kiss. “I promise I’ll cum by some time.” She said with a mischief’s grin. I laughed at the pun. I stood there as she pulled away from the house.

I was going to get with her again but I still had to deal with this. My aunt is a good woman, and she treated me like her own son. She always gave me advise when I asked, giving me a shoulder to cry on, and rarely needing discipline. My aunt is like my second mom, but a beautiful woman. Being only 28 years old with a seventeen year old daughter, she had a body that most super-models would kill for. With D tits, brown hair, grey eyes, a nice ass, also at 5’ 8”, and 130 lbs. She always had keys hidden keys in the flowerpot nearest the gate. I went over and pulled them out and went to the gate. I inserted it in the lock and brought all my stuff in to the yard and closed the gate locking it be hind me. I went to the guest house that my uncle had built mainly for me; he wanted me to have some privacy. I got all my stuff inside and put away then went to the fridge to see if there was anything in there. When I opened it I found fresh food that had just been put in there.

“Damn. Thanks Aunt Tina.” There was note on a twelve pack Mt. Dew.


If you’re reading this then I wasn’t here when you came over.
The key for the main house is on the same key ring. Just go ahead and keep those, I have one more set stashed in the other flower pot. Just go in the main house and wait till I get home.

Love you. Aunt Tina

I grabbed my laptop and went into the main house. I plugged in my laptop and did my school work that I had let get backed up from me being sick. Ms.Gomez was my online teacher because of me skipping so many grades when I was in the first grade I was four.
Now I am doing 11th grade work. I finished my work and grabbed a Mt. Dew. I went back to my laptop and saw PM from Ms. Gomez.

It read “Damian why haven’t you been on in little while?” typed Ms. Gomez.

I reapplied “Sorry about that; I was very sick. To the point of hallucinating, did I miss any tests?”

Her “No and what happened? You never miss any assignments ever.”

Me “It is a long story. It will take a minute to tell you everything.”

Her “Do tell me.”

I told her everything and when I was done my phone rang. It was a number that I didn’t know. I answered it “hello?” it was Ms.Gomez “Damian are you okay? No to hell with that I’m coming over.” I had never met her in person or talked to her over the phone so this was new. She had a very beautiful voice with a pretty accent. “No. I’m not at home. I’m at my aunt’s house and am going to stay with her for right now.” In a hesitant tone she said “okay. Give me that address and tell her I am coming to see you this Friday.” I said okay and after giving her the address I promised to give Aunt Tina the message. After hanging up I opened my soda, and put up my laptop in its case.

I went to turn on the T.V. when I herd my aunt’s key in the lock. I herd her arguing with someone. “Frank I said go. I am not interested go home to your wife.” Frank came in to the hallway saying “Come on Tina you know it would be go.” Frank was blond haired, at least six feet tall, blue eyed, and well muscled. “Come on you know you wait some loven.” He said. This guy did not take a hint. I didn’t have my socks or shoes on which made it easy for me to sneak into the hall way. I had a knife behind my back in a sheath that was inside my belt; I pulled it free. Frank started by pushing my aunt up against the wall and feeling her up. The hole time she was fighting him off and telling him no. He wouldn’t listen and kept on going. My aunt saw me as I came into the hall without Frank seeing me and stopped moving; she just smiled.

Thinking it was him she was smiling at he said “yeah baby I knew you wanted it.” I ran at him kicking him in the back of the knee and he dropped to the knee I kicked him in. I grabbed some of his hair and yanked his head back putting the knife on his neck. I leaned in close to his ear and said a growling whisper “if I ever see you put your hands on my aunt again I will cut them off, and as you go into shock you’ll seem me cut off your dick. When you come to I will feed them to you. You got that?” I flung him toured the door. He got up and turned seeing I was a kid smiled. “I am going to fuck you up kid for spoiling my fun.” I smiled back and flipped the knife so its point was in between my thumb and index finger. I looked at him and with out looking I through the knife hitting the dart board that was in the game room dead center. He looked at me and grind even more. “You should have kept the knife kid now I am going to kill you.” He said.

Before he could move I went airborne covering the eight feet or so nailing him in the gut with my knee. As he started to go down I grabbed his right arm and did a shoulder through that put him on his back. Holding onto that arm I got him into a lock that I knew with out a doubt would brake his arm with just a little bit of pressure either way. I pulled with a satisfyingly loud crack.

After that I called the cops and told them what had happened and when they got there haled his ass of to jail. My aunt grabs me and hugs me to her. Now my aunt has some big tits so it felt like she was smothering me. I couldn’t have been happier. I was final released from the hug and went to retrieve my knife from the dartboard. I put it back in its sheath. I went to the living room and opened the Mt. Dew and took a drank.
This wasn’t the first time that someone tried to attack her, and that had been really bad.
The guy that I beat the hell out of spent six months in a full body cast.

“Not that I’m not glad you’re here but what are you doing here with out warning?” she asked. I started crying without warning. “Hay, hay, what is this all about?” she asked. I told her about my mom and dad going away on the trip. Then I told her about what was said. “I can’t believe that my sister would just leave like that. You must have misinterpreted what she said.” At that point I pulled out my phone and played the recording. The more she listened the more pissed she got. By the time the recording was done my aunt was livid. She grabbed my phone and thumbed it to mom’s number; when she found it she dialed. She went into another room and closed the door. The next thing I heard was my aunt yelling, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. The call lasted fifteen minutes and when it was done she came out even more mad then ever. She came over and grabbed me hugging her to her as I cried. She rocked me back and forth to try and stop the crying. “It’s okay sweetie. You’re going to live with me and your cousin okay?” she had said in a very sweet tone. In darker and more angry tone she said “and I’ll deal with my sister when the time comes.” It had gotten dark by the time we ate with out a word spoken. When it came time for bed I went too go to the guest house but my aunt stopped me. “No you’re going to sleep with me tonight. You are NOT going to be alone to night.” I went to get a weeks worth of cloths and my pajama bottoms. I put my stuff away in the guest room and changed into my pajama bottom. I took off my black jeans, my tee-shirt, and my boxer.

I pulled on my bottoms, I liked the pair. It was the fact that I just unbuttoned one button and my dick just falls out so I can take a piss. I went to my aunt’s room to go to bed, but when I entered her bed room and stopped. The reason for this was the baby-doll she was wearing made things very hard to concentrate. Her tits caused the nightgown to hang away from her body. It gave me full view of her tits and the pink thong she was wearing. I made sure not to let her see the hard on I had.

When we got into bed I laid facing toward her. I drifted off to sleep even with my beautiful aunt sleeping in front of me. It was about 1:30 in the morning when I felt her tit in my mouth. I started to suck. My aunt had her eyes on me with big smile on her face. “God. I have been waiting for you to turn thirteen so I could take your virginity.” She said. I smiled and said “to late Aunt Tina. I lost that a week ago.” “Damn who was it?” I just grind and move my hand to her thong covered pussy. I could feel her lower lips through her panties. I started tracing her pussy lips and got board with that. I decided to get rid of all of her cloths. I grabbed her thong in my right hand and nightgown in my left. I tore them off in one quick yank in either direction, and with a look of lust as I did so.

After ripping her cloths off I took one look at my aunt’s breasts and her areolas were the size of half dollar coins. Her nipples where as hard as rocks, and the size of my first knuckle on my pinky. I started kissing between her beautiful mounds paying special attention to her nipples. Sucking her nipples in to my mouth gently biting down. She moaned loudly with lust and started bucking, shaking, and convulsing. All the sudden she started cumming with a loud moan that turned into an animalistic cry. I had never heard of a woman cumming when you played with her nipples. My aunt finally came down from her orgasm high and that was when I crawled in between her lags. I went strait for her pussy starting with licking her lips and sucking on her clit. That just drove her wild sending her into an orgasmic frenzy causing her to rap her lags around my head almost suffocating me in the process.

The more I tung fucked her the more she came, and damn did she cum. “Okay stop teasing me and stick that fat dick in me.” Aunt Tina said breathlessly, and that caused me to grin evilly. I started to lick my way up and when my head was right at her tits I attacked them again. I could feel my cock rubbing on her pussy which was so sensitive that she kept squirming. She reached down between us and put my cock right at her opening.

I pushed in side her and started fucking her hard and slow. Every time I went in and out of her she moaned loudly. “Faster baby. Harder please it feels SO good. More baby, please Damian!” I continued going in and out of her at the same pace, and then she kept asking me for more so I went as fast as could. The faster I went the more she screamed. She kept on screaming and then her pussy got real tight. When she came down from her orgasm high “sorry…pant… pant… I didn’t mean to scream in your ear baby.
That was great, I am not normally that loud, but DAMN that good.” I grind and looked strait into her eyes. “Who said we’re done yet?” “Oh shit” was all that she got out when I slammed into her hard and fast to the point the she couldn’t even speak. She kept coming to the point I lost the count of how many times. I took over three hours for me to cum. When I final did my aunt left bloody nail marks on my back do to her cumming so much. When her nails dug in I started cumming and continued to cum which caused her to cum and cum hard. By the time we both came down she passed out and rolled over to her. She turned on to her side and pulled me in to her arms and held me the whole night.

I woke to an empty bad with a note. It read: thanks baby that was in credible. I also talk with your teacher and know she is coming over tomorrow. I will be home soon, love you Tina.

For her to have signed it with just her name and not her honorific in front of it said a lot of what was going to happen when she got home. I looked at the note again and smiled at the fact that my harem was growing.

If I was right on my days then tomorrow Ms.Gomez was coming over. I got a shower than I dressed in my black jeans and black tea shirt. I left off getting on my boots. I went over and grabbed my laptop and cord. I got on line to see if I had got any school work and sure enough there were eight of them. A math test, history, English, science, a graphic design, and three tests on computer fundamentals which I finished I twenty minutes. I finished the other work after that and that was when Maggs called me.

“Hello master how are you today?” I smiled.
“I miss you Maggs and my aunt wants to know who took my virginity. I figure that she should meet you. I think you mite, just mite be able to move in with us if she knew who fucked my brains out.” She laughed at that. “No master you were the one fucked my brains out and specking of which. When do you think I can come over?”

“Try tonight. And wear something really sexy.” She laughed. “I think I have fallen in love with you master and I hope you don’t get scared about that.” I smiled and thought about it. I really liked Maggs and I think was falling in love with her and told her so. I heard a moan of pleaser that said all that needed saying.

She said I love you and rang off. I had just put my phone down when my cousin walks in. now let me describe my cousin Tammy for you. She is half Japanese and half white. Now as I have said my cousin looks just like my aunt save for her Asian blood and her blue eyes which was rare in Asians.

“Hay lil’ cous. What you doing here?” she asked. I told her the same story and then play the recording for her. The more she listened, the more her skin change from its normal copper to a burnt red. That was the only way you knew she was mad, and right now she was pissed of big time. She reached down and kissed me on the forehead saying she was not mad at me and asked if she could barrow my phone. I nodded. She turned off the recording and dialed mom’s number. “Aunt Jennifer what the hell do you mean doing this to him. (pause) No he is thirteen and yes he is very responsible for his age, but he is YOUR FUCKING SON BITCH. (pause) NO I WILL NOT WATCH MY LANGUAGE. HE IS FAMILY AND YOU KNOW HE WOULD HAVE BEEN PUT IN FOSTER CAIR BECAUSE OF THIS. The second I see you I am going to beat the fuck out of you for this. I swear to god.” she hung up the phone and handed it to me. She pulled me down to the couch and then held me like when we were younger.

When I was ten some boys in the aria had killed my dog Blitz and I went after them. They thought I was just a nerdy kid that they could beat up and send me running. Boy were they wrong, and being that there were twelve of them they had laughed when I had told them I was going to put them in the hospital. “Yeah right, your just going get the shit kick out of you and run home crying to your mommy.” They jeered. That had been it at that point I beat them so badly that their parents tried to pull me off. Bad move, and in the end it had been Tammy that brought me back to my senses. I looked at their parents and said in a flat voice. “Don’t let me see them again or I will finish what I started. If you are wondering why I did this. They killed my dog and best friend Blitz.” The boys had been sent to the hospital and spent the hole summer there. That day Tammy held me as I cried my eyes out.

My aunt walked through the door at that moment and said to Tammy “Have you fucked him yet?” What! I looked at Tammy. “What is going on? And how long have you two been planning this?” I asked. My aunt said “No your uncle did. He told me that if anything should happen to me that he wanted his girls looked after. He said that he wanted you as the head of his family if he died. And his exact word were and I quote (you may not be samurai, but you have proven your self an honorable man.) That’s why we have been trying to seduce you. Your uncle said to wait till your thirteenth birthday to have Tammy and I to sleep with you, but when ever you were over here your mom was here and I couldn’t get you alone.”

“So that is why we slept together last night. You are now our master body and soul. But to seal the deal with Tammy you must fuck her like you fucked me.”
At that point Tammy grabbed her tank-top and yanked it over her head reviling her beautiful tits. She had no bra on which made it more of a surprise to me that she had a nipple ring in her left nipple. I didn’t even see my aunt leave the room. Tammy started stripping me out of my jeans and tea shirt. She went strait for my boxers pulling my cock out. “DAMN. That is one hell of a big dick Damian. It is the biggest I have seen yet!” she said. She started to jack me off. As her hand started to go up and down I leaned back in to the couch and closed my eyes. It felt good, and then she did something I didn’t expect.

The next thing I felt was warm wetness and opened my eyes to see my beautiful cousin sucking my cock. As she sucked I leaned forward and pulled down her shorts and thong panties. She was well toned considering she worked out all the time. She kept sucking and then she let my dick fall out of her moth and grind. She brought her right leg over my lap and straddled me. “Now lil’ cous’ let’s see if I can get this big motherfucker in me?” She slowly lowered her self down on to my cock. She moaned as she went down. “Fuck that thing is thick. I think your going to split me in half with that monster.”
She said as she went down on my throbbing member. She started a slow and steady pace, but she was slowly picking up the pace. Moans of ecstasy reverberated through the living room as she kept getting louder and louder.

I reached up and grabbed her breasts, and put her nipple in my mouth. I started to lick, suck, and play with her nipple like a baby at meal time. The more I did this, the more she went wild and that was when she had her first screaming orgasm. I could feel her juices started flowing over my dick making a squishing sound. As skin slapped against skin she screamed her second orgasm, and with more to come I decided to change the pace. I flipped her on her back and started to jackhammer into her, and with that Tammy started screaming out her orgasms. By the time I started even feeling like I was going start to cum she had hit her fourth orgasm doing a constant wailing as she came.

The closer I got to cumming the faster I went, and that was when her fifth orgasm hit her. The more we went the more she started to build up to her ultimate and finale orgasm. When final felt my balls get ready to empty I said in a strained voice “Tammy I’m cumming!” “Go ahead and cum in side me I’m on the pile.” She said as she hit her peak and wailed so loud I thing the next county heard her. I erupted inside her when I slammed in her one final time. Spurts of cum shot into her as convulsed and passed out.

As I pulled out of her and put her all the way on the couch and covered her with a blanket. As I got dressed Aunt Tina walked in smiling like the cat that ate the canary. “Well how was she master?” she asked. I laughed. “You know? I am going to have to get use to being ya’lls master. Oh I almost for got two things. First: Maggs the woman that helped me and took my virginity WILL be moving in with us. Second: My teacher will be coming to talk to you. By the way if Ms.Gomez is hot, I am going to want to fuck her and add her to my harem.” “Yes master. I will help you with accomplishing that.” She said. At that point the doorbell rang. I got up and went to open it. There in a candy apply red dress stood my mocha skin beauty Maggs.

“Long time my master. My stuff will be delivered here tomorrow. I started packing when you and I got done making love that second time. This way I would be ready to go at a moments notice master.” Maggs said with the same grin that my aunt had a few minutes ago. That night my aunt, my cousin, and my first sex slave all jumped me at once. They all wound up walking funny for a few hours till we all fell asleep.


give me a little bit part 3 and 4 will be posted at the same time. and just for a teaser his mom and teacher will be in the next one

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