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Hey guys! This is my first story so give me feedback on what to improve. Enjoy!
My name is Arthur Hawk, and I am 16 years old. My sister Jenna is a year younger than me and we have always been very close, despite our constant argueing. I live in a very interesting neighborhood to say the least, as it is known as Angel's Hollow and houses many an angelic girl, many of which are more devilish than meets the eye. This is an account of everything that has happened to me in this wonderful neighborhood and I shall start from the beginning.

It was a hot summer day, and my sister and I were laying on the leather furniture, which was completely soaked in our sweat. It had reached 95 degrees in our area that day, and for some reason our air wasn't functioning. Our parents were both at work so we had nothing to in our incubator of a house. We dared not go outside, the sun would bake us alive if we stayed in it for long. To hot to move, we sat there in nothing but our underwear, moaning to each other.

"It's so hot..." I managed to gasp.

"Great observation" said Jenna as she flopped over on the sofa, placing her other side on the somewhat-cooled-with-sweat leather couch. We sat there for a few moments before my sister shot up from the sofa. "I know!" she yelled.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"My friend Sarah has a pool!" she exclaimed. "We could go over and swim!" I instantly felt joy rise up inside me at the notion of a clear blue swimming pool on a day like today. We both sprinted up the stairs to grab our suits and towels, afterwards bolting through the door towards Sarah's house. With all the skill of an average teenage girl, my sister whipped out her phone and notified her friend of our upcoming arrival. We soon slowed our sprint to a walk as we continued towards the house. On the way, I thought about my expectations of our future host.

"If she's anything like my sister she'll be a brat," I thought to myself, "but maybe they'll just splash around in the far end so I can relax". I thought about it for a few more minutes before we reached the promised land, or promised pool in our case. My sis bounded up the cobblestone steps and knocked on the tall wooden door. I looked around and noticed we were in the nicer part of the neighborhood, as I admired the several mansions the dotted the sides of the street. It was then that the door swung open, and all my expectations of the host disintigrated. Standing before me was one of the sexiest girls I had ever seen. She had a pretty face, long wavy blonde hair, a large pair of tits for a girl her age, and a perfect hourglass figure. Her bathing suit, which she was already wearing, looked like something start out of a bikini shoot. The bottom piece resembled a thong, and the top covered only about a two inch diameter around her nipples. Luckily my sister was there to cover for my dumbfoundedness and speechlessness, as the two girls gave each other a big hug. Their tits squeezed against each others, and my jaw all but touched the floor. Sarah quickly pulled my sister and I through house and out to the backyard, where her giant circular pool was located.

"Last one in's a rotten egg!" Jenna yelled, and the girls ran for the pool. They made a big splash, and an even larger one from me followed. We splashed around for a few minutes when Sarah spoke up.

"It's time for Marco Polo!" she said and both girls voted me as first Marco. I accepted and shut my eyes, spun around and called out "Marco!"

"Polo!" the girls cried in unison, and I dove towards the sound of Sarah's voice. I heard her shriek before I went under the water, and I opened my eyes to cheat while still swimming in her direction. She started to swim away, but I was faster. I stretched out my hand and grabbed her by her right butt cheek. It was firm and round in my hand, and I gave it a quick squeeze before coming up for air.

"Gotcha!" I yelled as I resurfaced, and Sarah blushed slightly before taking her role as Marco. After a few minutes Sarah got me again, so I closed my eyes and yelled "Marco!".
When the girls said polo I dove towards Sarah again, and this time I think she was trying to quietly slip away. This proved ineffective against my cheating tactic and I continued towards her and the pool ladder she was standing next to. Once I got closer to her, she attempted to jump away, only to be suddenly pulled back. Her suit had caught on the ladder, and in addition to pulling her back, it had ripped the bottom portion of her suit in half. I quickly resurfaced and found the bright red face of my sister's friend. She scrambled out of the pool, her torn suit in hand, and ran into the house, shortly followed by my sister. I hoisted myself up and sat on the edge of the pool, unaware of what to do next. Eventually I went into the house, and I found my sister and Sarah talking on the couch. They looked up at me, but then down to my feet. I looked down and saw that I had dog poop all on my feet and in between my toes.

"Gross!" my sister said, "Sarah, can my stupid brother use your shower so he doesn't have to walk home with dog crap on his feet?"

"Sure", she said, her face still slightly pink, "bathroom's right there". She pointed at a small room across the room, and I began to hobble my way over to it. Before I made it, my sister cursed under her breath.

"Shit! I have to go, mom will be home any minute to take me to cheer leading tryouts, and she'll kill me if she figures out we came over without asking. Later, Sarah!"

"Wait what about me?" I said frantically, pointing to my crap covered foot.

"Just shower and come home, I'll cover for you with mom, I'll tell her your in your room, Bye!" and with that she shut the door. I sighed and stepped into the bathroom, getting into the clear glass shower and turning on the water. While I was in the shower, I began to think about Sarah, and although it was embarrassing, it felt great to finally have my mouth in a girls crotch. I licked my lips and I could still taste her lovely fluids. I became hard at the taste of Sarah's pussy, and I began to slowly jerk off. I imagined her big perky tits and I began to stroke harder, pumping faster and faster at the thought of my sister's friend until I blew my load all onto the floor of her shower. I was about to turn the water off, until I heard a voice behind me.

"Having fun?" Sarah said as I spun around, my face was now as red as hers had been.


2012-06-26 22:42:15
There will be a part 2, this was just to test the waters. I must have accidentally deleted the sentence were Arthur collides with her cunt. thank you all for rating! Part 2 coming soon.


2012-06-26 09:10:28
Well let us no if there is a part 2?


2012-06-26 09:10:26
Well let us no if there is a part 2?

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-26 01:21:26
a very good start... a little short and when did the bro's face come in contact with the friend's pussy?

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