Luke and Lila finally wed! But will Lila's experiences hinder the honeymoon?
Everyone stood to their feet as the music started. Lila breathed in and out softly behind her veil, her tummy making cartwheels within her. This was it!

With her dad on her arm, she took her first step down the aisle. All eyes were on her, from her trim little waist to her golden blonde ringlets, braided and piled on her head. Her dress was long and lace, and it had been in her family for generations. So had her veil, and her hair accessories. Even her engagement ring had been in the family!

The little white church was packed, all of the pews filled to the brim. When they had heard that the lesbian was getting married- at 17, too!- everyone had to come and see.

Lila finally made it to the front of the church, and her father moved the veil out of her face. She smiled at him, and he kissed her forehead before handing her off.

Luke's eyes had never looked brighter. He had always dreamed of marrying Lila and making her his wife; after everything had happened with Adam, he had wanted more than ever to have her and protect her, in sickness and in health, till death do they part. And today was the day!

Lila was relieved, too. She was a saved woman now, and she had been baptized a few months after her rape. The Bible said that- no matter what happens- he will use every situation for good. Her experience had scarred her, but it had also opened her eyes. She now realized and repented her sins, and all of her evil ways. Homosexuality was an abomination!

After that was out of the way, she focused on Adam; he was an amazing young man, and she just knew that God had always intended for them to be together. Now here they were- in front of the Lord- saying the vows that would bind them together for the rest of their lives.

"I, Luke Stafford, take you, Lila Margaret, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To love and to cherish, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do us part."

Lila smiled into his eyes and felt like she was glowing; she had never been more happy in her entire life, except for maybe when she got her period after being raped.

"I do." She nearly whispered.

"I now pronounce you man, and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Luke turned to Lila, his sage green eyes intent on her face. They hadn't kissed until now. He brushed a strand of her silky blonde hair away and cupped the side of her face tenderly, wrapping his other strong arm around her delicate waist. Her pulse raced as he kissed her, his lips firm and warm against her own. The church cheered, her mother and father crying; their daughter was finally married, and they couldn't have been happier!

The two newlyweds broke the kiss and smiled at each other, their cheeks alight with life.

They cut the cake in the basement of the church; the reception was small, hardly a reception at all. There was food and drinks, but the area was much too small to allow for a dance floor. Besides, they had to be checked in at their honeymoon destination by 6 pm.

Lila and Luke couldn't help but stare at each other while they mingled amongst the crowd. They hadn't spoken about it, but they were both silently anticipating their first union.

Lila was more excited than she thought she would be. She had been worried that- because of all that had happened- she would be scared, but she wasn't. Quite the opposite! While she watched Luke move around the room, she couldn't stop thinking about that night . . . his strong arms wrapped around her, his lips on her bare skin, the feeling of him inside of her . . . she got goosebumps at the thought. Chills of excitement raced down her spine!

"Hon," Luke said as he placed a calloused hand on her back, "We'd best be leaving soon."

The feel of Luke's warm breath against her ear and on her neck made the butterflies in her stomach go crazy. Luke sensed it and smiled warmly, kissing her cheek before leaving to say goodbye to the family.

"You're leaving so soon?" Luke's mother asked in a confused tone.

"We have to check into the cabin by 6 pm, so we need to leave soon-" Luke began.

"I think it's because they're eager to get on their honeymoon!" Luke's brother joked. Luke and Lila turned an awkward shade of red, and he added, "It's okay, married love is nothing to be ashamed of-"

"And with that!" Luke said loudly, "We're off."

Everyone in the church waved goodbye, smiling and crying and laughing. The pair got in Luke's truck and left the church, their bags in the back seat and their destination only 2 hours away.

At first, all was silent. The hum of Luke's old Chevy went along steadily, and the young couple limited themselves to staring at one another out of the corner of their eyes while they smiled.

"So . . ." Luke began with a grin.

Lila looked over him, and instantly started laughing. She laughed until she cried; the whole situation was just so crazy and funny! One year ago she declared herself to be a lesbian, and now here she was, married to her life-long friend.

"We're married." She finally said with a giggle, "I'm your wife!"

"Yes, yes you are," He said in a slightly husky tone.

Lila turned to gaze at the landscape as it slid by, the rolling hills and lush forest all making for a picturesque scene. Luke gazed over at her between his swift glances at the road, allowing his eyes to roam over her body, which was being shown off so wonderfully in her wedding dress.

The dress was all lace and had had to be altered to fit Lila's trim little form. It fit her perfectly; tight all through the bodice, with a flowing skirt. She had had the neckline lowered, as well, so that her breasts- which had grown to a 34 B cup in the past year- were lifted up, making the most wonderful cleavage that he had ever seen.

Luke gulped and shifted in his seat, hoping frantically to hide his large erection. He had been praying for this night for months, but he still wasn't entirely sure how she was going to respond. Would she be okay with it, or would she be scared, despite his gentleness?

Neither of them had much time to think. In a very short period of time, it seemed, they had reached their destination. They pulled up to the main office and got out of the truck, walking quickly up the lane and entering the building. Luke "dinged" the little bell on the desk, and a small, eclectic woman greeted them with a beaming smile.

"Ah, the newlyweds!" She laughed, "I was wondering when you'd get here. Hang on, let me just check you in."

She pressed a few keys on the computer and Luke handed her some cash. She tucked it away in her little drawer and handed him a rustic looking key with a mischievous smile. Lila turned and headed out the door, and the woman whispered to Luke, "Have fun! It's the third one on the right, just down the little lane."

Luke and Lila got back into his truck and followed her instructions, arriving at the cabin in a minute or two. It was two stories high and sat on 10 acres of land; they wouldn't be axe murdered, but they definitely had their privacy.

"Wow." Luke said as they looked at the building.

"This is beautiful," Lila said with a smile. She turned to Luke with a smile, and blushed hard when she saw the hint of excitement in his green eyes.

"Shall we?" He asked jovially.

He scooped her up into his arms and twirled her around while she giggled, then he grabbed their bags from the truck bed and headed up the stone paved walk way.

"Here, you get the key," He told her.

Lila opened the door while she was in his arms, and he carried her through the threshold. While he sat their bags down, Lila turned on the lights, gasping at the beauty of it.

The cabin was so amazing! It was rustic, but it had a wonderful, cozy charm at the same time. It was fairly small, but it had a loft over half of it and had all of the modern comforts. There was a king sized bed, a hot tub, etc. Heaven!

Lila snatched her bag and trotted up the stairs while Luke untied his tie. He felt his pulse racing in his throat; they were going to have sex soon.

"I'm going to use the bathroom!" She lied, "Meet me in the bedroom?"

"Yeah," He blushed, "Sure."

Lila went into the bathroom and praised God that it was big; getting this dress off would be no easy task! After about 5 minutes of struggling, though, it sat on the floor.

Now came the fun part. Lila stood and looked in the mirror.

Her golden locks were still curly and piled on her head, showing off her slender neck and graceful silhouette. Her breasts were firm and soft, being concealed by a white lace bra. Her pussy hair was soft and blonde, hiding beneath white lace panties. She had white lace stockings to match, and she had a garter that was lace woven with ribbon. She knew that she looked stunning.

Lila cracked open the door and saw Luke sitting on the bed, all of his clothes on. The only thing that he had done was untie his tie and take off his footwear!

Lila took a breath, then stepped out of the bathroom. He looked up at her and his breath caught; she was more beautiful than he had ever imagined. She walked across the room to him and got down on her knees in front of him, kissing his hand and looking up into his eyes. She then looped her hands around her, unfastening her bra and letting it fall to the ground. Her panties came next; she slid them off over her hips, shivering as they hit the hardwood floor. She stepped out of her stockings and removed the pins from her hair, letting her curls cascade down to her waist. She smelled like lavender and vanilla.

The only thing left on her now was the garter, which Luke removed with tender hands.

"Why am I still wearing clothes?" He laughed.

"I don't know," She smiled, "Maybe you should take them off."

She caressed his hair with her soft hands, sliding them down his neck to the buttons of his shirt. She unbuttoned them for him, and he shrugged off his jacket and shirt. She let her hands wander to his crotch, and he inhaled sharply. She giggled, but simply undid his button and zipper for him.

He stepped out of his pants and stood nude before her. She inspected his body with something akin to wonder.

His body was large and sinewy; there was nothing feminine about him. His arms and shoulders were incredibly muscular, and his chest was smooth and hard. His abs were rippled down to his crotch, where his cock stood proudly. He was even bigger than Adam! He was at least 10 inches long, if not 11, and his girth was more than she could comprehend. And yet, she wasn't afraid. He was beautiful.

Luke hadn't moved. He watched her, anticipating her reaction and wondering what she was going to do. To his surprise, she stood and came to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him hard. He groaned, pushing her back towards the bed. He lifted her and laid her down gently, then covering her body with his own. He tried to hold himself back; he wanted her so badly, but he couldn't do it roughly.

He kissed her soft white neck and bit her gently, hearing her gasp and moan. He traveled downwards, kissing the whole area around her breasts. He teased one of her perky pink nipples with his warm tongue and she pushed in into his face, begging him silently. He engulfed it with his mouth and she whimpered, her eyes closed in pleasure.

He kissed her other nipple, taking it into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. He breathed in deeply and nearly shuddered; he could smell her pussy.

While he kissed her breast he let his hand wander to her hot little core. He could feel the heat from it, even on his open palm. He stuck a finger between her lips and she spread her legs, moaning a little as he rubbed her clit.

He had an idea. He moved from her breasts down to her pussy and took a long lick of it with his tongue. He felt her whole body course with pleasure as she moaned. He found her clit and flicked it with his tongue; she groaned softly, pushing her hips against his warm tongue. He pursed his lips and sucked it into his mouth, and she cried out in pleasure.

"Luke, that feels so good . . ." She whispered.

He sucked on her clit for a while, enjoying the little sounds of pleasure that he made when he touched it or sucked it in just the right way. He loved making her feel this good!

Finally, he couldn't hold back anymore. The smell of her soaking wet pussy was intoxicating him, and he thought that his dick was going to explode. He crawled up to her and gazed down into her pretty face, which was flushed and excited. Her eyes were the brightest blue that he had ever seen, and she was breathing as if she had just run.

He guided his penis to her little opening, never looking away from her pretty eyes. She kissed him hard, and as she did he slid into her, slowly and gently. She gasped and wrapped her arms around his back, her pussy loosening to try and get him in.

She felt amazing. He was a virgin, and he had never before understood why high school students got pregnant all the time. Now he did. He had never, ever in his life thought that sex could feel this good. He closed his eyes and continued to inch his way in, savoring the warm embrace of her pussy around his dick.

Luke's eyes widened in surprise as Lila wrapped her legs around his ass, forcing him all the way into her. She moaned in pleasure, kissing him hard. He sat in her for a moment, not sure what to do; he didn't want to hurt her.

"Make love to me," She whispered seductively in his ear.

That was enough to convince him. He pulled out of her and plunged back in, hearing her gasp and groan whenever he moved.

Lesson 1. Moving is good.

He humped her hard, listening to the bed squeak with each thrust. She hugged him close to her and he felt her tits rub against his chest, bouncing to his rhythm. He couldn't hold it in.

Luke pushed himself in as far as he could go, his balls flush against her ass. He groaned he came, pumping his hot cum into her pussy. She moaned at the feeling; she felt warm.

"Let's try this," Lila said.

She rolled over and laid down on her stomach, then spread her legs. She popped her butt up in the air, and Luke groaned deep in his throat. He could see the edge of her pussy, and the way that she had angled her ass gave him perfect access to her; she was begging with her body to be fucked.

He grabbed her hips and pushed into her hard and fast, hearing her cry out with pleasure. She humped her hips back against him; his cock felt incredible, and she couldn't seem to get enough of it. Adam was the farthest thing from her mind; right now she was lost in her own world. All she could think of was her love for Luke, and the amazing, incredible, fantastic feeling of his gorgeous cock as it pumped in and out of her.

"Lila, you feel amazing . . ." He whispered huskily in her ear, "I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"No," She replied. She was breathing heavily; every muscle in her body was tensed and relaxed. She felt like she was radiating heat, "Whatever you do, don't stop."

He laughed deeply, "I don't think I could if I wanted to."

Lila turned over; she wanted to gaze into his green eyes. She wrapped her legs around his ass again, and he slowed his pace to match the change in her mood. He pulled out and pushed back in ever so slowly, practically massaging her pussy with his dick. She sighed and kissed him, savoring the feeling; she felt so close to him. He was inside of her. They were one.

"I love you," She whispered into his ear.

"Oh, Lila," He replied, "I've always loved you."

He kissed her neck, thrusting into her more steadily now. She moaned and tightened her pussy around his cock, smiling as he gasped in pleasure. He kissed her everywhere he could reach; she even tasted like vanilla. She laid there and enjoyed it; she loved it when he made love to her.

"Lila, I'm gonna cum . . ." He barely whispered as he shot into her. He pumped loads of his hot spunk into her and she cried out; it felt so amazing.

Luke panted and flipped onto his back; he felt like he had just run a mile. Lila looked at his cock, which was shrinking. Not allowed! She crawled down and dropped to her knees in front of him, taking his dick into her mouth instantly. It was still tender and sensitive after his recent orgasm, and he gasped at the pleasure that was so intense it almost hurt.

Lila smiled.

He was hard again.

She turned facing away from him and straddled his cock, sitting down on it hard and fast. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes; it felt sssooo good like this. It hit just the right spot!

Lila started bouncing on his cock, moaning and whimpering with each bounce. Luke wrapped his arm around her and rubbed her clit; she thought she would explode. She moaned and bounced harder, feeling the heat make its way through her entire body. She felt warm and fuzzy and on fire all at the same time.

Luke started pumping in and out of her, too, matching her thrusts. He could feel her hot juices dripping down his cock and onto his ass; this was getting her really worked up.

The thought had just crossed Luke's mind when Lila came hard. Her pussy spasmed on his dick, and even though he hadn't been near cumming, he shot another load into her as her pussy milked his cock, squeezing out every drop that it could get.

The two lovers collapsed next to each other, each panting from the intense orgasms. Lila's face was flushed, and her eyes were so very bright. Luke felt like curling up and going to sleep. He pulled the covers over them, then wrapped his arms protectively around Lila. She curled into him, her ass against his cock.

She was still wet. Even as he tried to sleep, the wetness of her pussy against his dick made it impossible. Lila could feel his stiff rod switching against her, and she spread her legs, backing up as Luke pushed into her again.

Lila moaned as Luke humped her; being out of her for even this short period of time had made him horny all over again. He humped her hard, holding onto one of her tits and rubbing her clit with the other. He grunted as he thrust, enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy and the sound that her wetness made when he pumped in and out.

"Luke, I don't think I'll ever get enough of you," Lila panted.

"That's okay," He rasped, "I don't mind giving everything that I have to you. Over, and over, and over . . . shit . . ."

He shot into her again, and she gasped in pleasure. She could feel each hot spurt as it hit her walls. She was full this time. She could feel his cum dripping out, seeping out from around the edges of where her pussy and his cock met.

She grabbed her panties and covered herself up, laughing as she went to the bathroom. After she had gone she looked in the toilet; it was full of Luke's cum.

"I have never seen a toilet that white before." She laughed.

"Aw, you let it all drip out?" He asked with a pretend pouty face. His eyes roamed her tight little body and he said in a voice that more than hinted his desire, "Well, I guess I'll just have to fill you up again."

He carried her to the bed once more and she giggled as she was laid down on the sheets. He kissed her fair neck, leaving hickeys to mark her as his. He kissed her lovely little breasts and rubbed her clit. She moaned and whimpered, and finally he stopped all at once.

Luke looked down into her face, her adoring blue eyes gazing up at him with innocence, love, and trust. He brushed a curl out of the way and cupped her face with his large, calloused hands. He saw the smile that played on her pink lips, and he whispered softly, "I love you."

He leaned down and kissed her, relishing in the taste of her sweet mouth as it welcomed his.

Luke and Lila lost themselves in each other; they could definitely do this for the rest of their lives.


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WELL DONE! A politically incorrect sex story.. A very good one at that....GOTTA LOVE THAT! YIPPY KI YI YA BABY!

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