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She gets her wish in Spades!
My wish come true!
by and

Notice: This document contains explicit adult oriented sexually material If you are not at least eighteen years old ......LEAVE NOW!

I meet him in a noisy restaurant and bar. We sit and talk quietly for an hour or so, and I decide to submit to this man who had contacted me originally on the internet. I was scared because I had heard a lot of people got hurt from these cyber romances, but I had also heard a lot of them were very happy with the person they had met via their computers. I was a pretty good judge of character, or so I thought, and could somehow sense that I could trust this man.

I had not had a mate in quite a while due to the pressure of work and the raising of two kids by myself. I was horny and wet whenever I thought about sex, and lately with the kids off to college and a promotion that let me keep regular hours once again, I think about having sex almost all the time.

I had recently begun to masturbate in the privacy of my big lovely and lonely home. I even went down to the local sex store and bought up a whole bunch of sex toys and magazines. I was so embarrassed to be the only female in there, but I was determined to get a few things for my pleasure. Then I discovered that I could buy those things over the Internet and have them delivered to my front door. I now have quite an extensive collection of "adult" material and "toys."

Finally, after a few minutes of chatting and getting to know each other, I told him, "Lou, you are making me so wet! Let's go before I totally lose my nerve to do so. I'm so hot, my pussy is dripping juices down my leg."

I had worn a short dress with a full skirt and unbuttoned most of the top buttons to show my ample cleavage as he requested. Although I had bought new undies just for this occasion, I purposely left them on my bed. As an afterthought, I had also stuffed a vibrating egg way up high inside me and had the controls stuffed under my right breast. I was able, during the course of our conversations, to secretly manipulate the speed control to stimulate my pussy without making myself cum. I was in dire need now and liked the horny, slutty way it made me feel. When I told him about the egg, he got very excited. I could see the outline of a large bulge under his pants. Needless to say, we quickly got up and left.

We went to his car and he drove slowly to his house. We parked in back and walked toward the garage entrance. As we approached the entrance to the garage, he removed my dress. "Clothes for you will not be necessary here, Liz," he said. Even though I burned crimson, secretly I was very excited. Since the kids were away, at home I always removed my clothes as soon as I walked into my door without thinking anything about it but I felt myself getting wet thinking of his comment. We haven't gotten into the garage yet but here I am in broad daylight, naked as I came into the world. Nothing on except the collar he attaches to my nipple rings by the new gold chains that I had bought for my birthday, and the egg buzzing quietly up inside me.

Seeing the hardware I had attached to my body, he excitedly said, "Now Liz, open your legs for me." He checked to see if I was wet (I was.) He put two fingers in my pussy. He seemed pleased to know that I was excited. My clit rings gleamed in the sunlight. He took great care in flicking them. "Almost healed," he surmised as he smiled at me. "Soon they can be attached to your collar too." He is pleased that I had them installed just for his enjoyment. That pleased me also.

"Come on now, my friend has been waiting impatiently." He pulls gently on my chains and leads me into the den. "Down," he says. I know what is coming as we have had many a hot and torrid email describing what I wanted to do over the last few weeks. I get on my hands and knees and look into the eyes of a new player in this man's game, a large Great Dane with a boner the size of Alaska. He looks at me like his bitch in heat. I could swear he was grinning at me.

"Excite." he commands the dog.

I dread this more than ever. The dog looks like he outweighs me by at least 30 lbs. He noses into me from the rear and begins to lick me, making himself hornier by the lick. He finds the right spot and licks over and over my stiff clitty teasing my clit with long, sloppy strokes of his tongue. I cum instantly even though I don't want to, as the dog's over large tongue slips easily and very deeply into my slimy, pulsing cunt.

As my head rests on my folded arms on the floor, a cold nose pats my ass hole as the dog licks and slurps around the opening of my cunt. Every now and then, his long tongue dips deep into my body to lubricate me further; my orgasm is coming again like a freight train in my head!

My new master gives another command, "Mount." Then the great dog mounts me and grabs me around the waist like a human. My master reaches under the two of us to make sure the dog's prick is on the mark. It is. He's done this before. The great dane begins a frantic pumping in and out motion with his engorged prick buried deep into my pussy. I cum again and again as the dog just keeps on pumping into my body.

As my new master lovingly watches me and the great dane hump each other, my orgasms seem to merge into one long one. I know a dog's prick gets a large bulge in the middle of its length and lasts until after orgasm and the dog's prick goes flaccid. I can feel the overly large bulge in this dog's prick as it widens my cunt channel with every stroke. My eyes are bulging as the swollen part of his prick pushes my vaginal walls beyond any limits that have been reached before. I fear he will tear me, yet I want him to continue the orgasmic feelings he stirs within my honey hole. I am deeply embarrassed to be fucking a dog in front of my master, but I cannot help it. He says I must. I secretly want to, but am too shy to admit it.

The beast retires after dumping at least a full pint of spunk into my cunt hole and hanging around my waist with his scratchy claws until the bulge in his horse-like cock goes down and he slips out of my slick pussy. My master puts him in another part of the house.

When he returns, I am still resting on the floor, head on arms, knees supporting an ass that is attached to an arched back that holds the canine sperm in my vagina like an upturned cup. My master approaches and I groan.

"Are you all right, Liz?" he says. I am okay but so exhausted that I just want to drift away to dreamland. "Yes" I say almost in a whisper.

"I'm glad you enjoyed your first time because it will not be your last and I have another surprise for you. He has two brothers-more of the special-bred, long lasting litter," he explains.

I groan and shiver, more from excitement than from fear. I wonder how he seems to be always a step ahead of my thoughts. It's almost scary.

"Lean up, Liz," he commands. I get up on my knees, arms behind me, eyes down. The canine spunk immediately runs down both legs and puddles on the linoleum floor. I blush at the mess I am making and my new master just shakes his head in mock disgust at me. Then he smiles at my submissive attitude. He remarks, "So well trained, I'm very proud of you. You have come so far in such a short amount of time." I am glad that I please him. I can feel the blush rising from my cunt up to my face again.

Once again he checks my rings. I'm still a little embarrassed with them. They seem to all the more point out my nakedness. My nipples become stiff and pouty from his touch. They seem to stick out in search of sucking lips. He licks the tips, first one and then the other. My pussy again begins to secrete fluids. More of the dog's cum drips down both legs and puddles on the floor where I am kneeling. He doesn't seem to mind now. He is busy with making me cum.

He pushes my face down to his crotch still with my hands behind my back. Holding on to each other as if cuffed. I can see the imprint of a hard boner outlined against his cutoffs. I'm glad he didn't wear shorts today. I lean forward and press my mouth against the bulge, feeling the heat rise from him.

"Take it out," he says.

Happy to do so, I reach down with my freed hands and unzip his pants to reach in with one hand to take out the head and lick up his nectar-like juices. I request permission to take him into my mouth but he denies it. "You know the rules," squatting down, sitting on the edge of a kitchen chair and pulling me across his lap.

"Now spread your legs and don't flinch." The first swats sting just a little but as he continues, I have trouble keeping my legs spread. It doesn't help that every time he spanks he inserts one finger into my pussy and tickles my clit with his thumb. Juices are running down his leg until I shudder in complete release of passion.

"Now you're ready," he says.

My heart is thundering so loudly that I wonder if he can hear it. He helps me up as I settle my cunt over his large weepy dick protruding lewdly from the front of his cutoffs as I face forward. He presses me forcibly down on his shining, slick pole and we both inhale a big breath. It seems like I feel him almost in my throat. He rubs my clit as I rise and descend on his dick. Over and over again pressure builds up between us. I can feel him getting closer to cumming. He pinches my clit hard and sprays my insides with his seed as I cum once again so hard that I almost pass out.

As our heartbeats slowly become normal again, he lifts me up and says, "Now, clean me off." I lick him happily tasting mingled juices until he is once again clean. Then he leans down and kisses me, making sure to clean my tongue and explores deep into my mouth seeking more. I cum again.

The next day, a gentle kiss on the lips and tiny butterfly kisses along my cheekbone to the indent at the base of my throat awaken me. I groan sensuously as he quickly sucks up one nipple and swirls his catlike, rough tongue around it and the ring in it, several times, sending flashes of lust directly to my cunt and clit. He pulls slightly on the ring between his teeth and my entire breast is elongated and pulled away from my chest. This causes another series of erotic feelings to crash into my cunt and clit. My poor, abused clitty awakens and uncovers herself from the clitoral hood that covers most of it in spite of the clit ring driven so cruelly through it.

His hand comes down to twirl and tug at the clit ring and the three vulva rings running up and down each side of my cunt opening. These are almost healed after just three days since they were installed in an expert tattoo parlor that specialized in body piercing. It had been relatively painless until he got around to the clit. I shudder remembering that incident. I had agreed to meet him with the jewelry already installed. I had to go through with it because he had been my on-line master for so long and because I wanted to please him.

"Get up, my love," he said, "It's time for breakfast and another surprise for you," he continued. My body feels alive with lust. My cuntal juices are running again and my nipples and clit are standing at attention from his manipulations. I feel vibrant and excited to see what else he has in store for me. A quick shower, some makeup and the fine breakfast he made for me rescues me from the ravages of sleep.

Clothing isn't an option. There is none for me to wear in the whole house. He told me likes me nude so he can freely fondle and caress me (and check to see if I am wet. I usually am!). He sometimes handles me like a fine carving he had just bought, examining it in great detail and touching it all over. This makes me so hot! To think that he loves my rounded body with such intensity really turns the crank up on my horniness.

"Come down to the basement my dear and we'll get started with your surprise," he says as he leads me down to his basement which is outfitted like a mid-evil dungeon and torture room. Chains and ropes hang from the walls and ceiling while racks of torture instruments line the walls. This is all new to me. I had never been down here before. So, for just a few minutes, as I descended the stairs, I furtively looked around with wonder at all of the implements I see.

"I have bought a new chair and improved it turning it into something that I think you will find extremely unusual. Please sit down on it," he said as he gallantly helped me to a ladder-back, straight wooden chair with a skirt around the bottom and sitting upon a two-foot stage. As I sit down, I notice that the chair legs are firmly bolted to the stage and there are leather cuffs around the front legs.

When I sit, the seat gives way as if it were collapsing, but instead, arm bands come out from the chair arms and wrap themselves, with some speed, around my arms, pinioning them to the chair arm rests. Velcro apparently holds them in place. I try to move them, but they are firmly captured and made as if they are a part of the chair arms.

He then attaches to my ankles and the front legs of the chair. Then he wraps a length of heavy nylon rope around my belly, chest (both above and below my tits) and forehead. I was surprised that there is an extension of the back of the chair that can be attached just for that purpose. The tightly wound cord makes my tits stand out from my chest as my helplessness continues. I am freely juicing in my cunt now and all I want to do is to please my master.

Trussed up and helpless feelings of fear and trust mingle in my mind while my pussy begins to heat up and drip more woman juice down onto the seat. Then he moves to the back of the chair and pushes a lever and the chair slants toward the back and the bottom of the padded chair falls out leaving me with only a rim supporting my ass, like a toilet seat. A blindfold is secured next around my eyes.

My next sensation is of oil being rubbed onto the outside of my cunt and ass, especially the crack of my ass and the top of my pubic bone. Then a sharp razor is felt removing any hint of hair left around my pussy. The deliberate teasing motions of his fingers as my pussy lips are pulled out by their rings sets my thermostat even higher as I try to remain perfectly still while he shaves my nearly bald cunt again. Then, he shaves lower around my ass, the ass crack, and near my ass hole.

Then he shaves all the way up my tummy to my navel. No sprig of hair is allowed to remain attached to my body in the area of my two holes. The warm hot towel he leaves laying on my freshly shaved areas feels very good and sexy. He lets me enjoy it as I hear his footsteps go into another room and come back into this room. Nothing happens for a while and I surmise that he is just staring at me. I think what a lucky girl I am to have a master who takes such good care of me, and who thinks I am so lovely.

The towel is removed and an anal vibrator is pushing, slowly and gently into my ass hole. I can feel some sort of lubrication on the end of it and am congratulating myself once again for having such an attentive master when the burning sensation begins around my ass hole where the lubrication touches sensitive flesh. The feeling of mentholated Vaseline creeps up my ass as the butt plug is worked ever so gently into the depths of my shit chute. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the wide bulbous bottom part of the big, butt plug slips past my sphincter and the only thing stopping the whole thing from slipping all the way into my ass channel is the wide flat base on it's end.

I squirm experimentally and discover that the more air I allow around the greasy end sticking out of me, the more the mentholated, burning feelings light up my ass. I start twitching and jerking into orgasm after only a few minutes of this ass torture. He must have been waiting for this as he runs a finger into my cunt and tugs on my clitty ring. I cum again! A gush of girl juice spews out of my cunt and coats his entire hand with lubrication as he continues to bring me to orgasm after orgasm by varying vibrations in my ass with strokes and tugs on my clitty.

Finally, after an eternity of cumming over and over again, he stops fingering me, but the vibrations just diminish but do not stop. He isn't through yet, he wants my sensations this day to be many and varied. I feel him insert a large object into my juicy, pussy mouth. "I wonder what in the world this could be?" I ask myself. The feeling is so strange. The smell is incredible though. I want to ask what is being shoved inside me but dare not.

"Are you about ready for lunch, my pretty one? Almost time," he says, watching me squirm. All this sight deprivation has turned my senses up to high and my hormone level to maximum. He lightly strokes my inner thighs and just barely swirls around the tight ring of my ass. The burning sensation returns. A sigh escapes my lips. He makes tiny kisses and nibbles on my back that makes me shudder. Everything is so enhanced by the blindfold.

I just can't seem to stop cumming. Every time I feel the burning sensation stopping, he gives that vibrator a turn up on the controls, which starts the sweet agony to renew itself. I can't seem to catch my breath. Cum drips down the floor through the chair bottom. I can feel it dripping out of me.

He empties my pussy, which makes me feel so empty. "Bite" he says as he holds something to my mouth. Timidly I open my mouth and bite down on something....Chicken! "Ummm, good," I say. "I'm glad you like it. Your hot pussy kept it warm." he informs me as he force-feeds it all to me. My first reaction is one of extreme horniness and my pussy clenches in a fit of orgasms again as he continues to feed me the juicy drumstick and I lick his hand clean afterward.

Then, he inserts an egg shaped object way up inside of my cunt and lets it vibrate on low for a while. Another object is attached to my clitty and he laces it into place with the pussy lip rings and somehow attaches the clitty ring tightly to it. It also begins to vibrate on low. Next, I felt the dildo in my ass start to move slowly in and out as the burning sensations around my anus intensify. The egg and the clitty vibes start to increase their action and I cum again. and Again! and AGAIN!

The master attaches the chains on my titty rings to the other ones around the vibrating clitty massager. I bend forward as far as the ropes around my middle will let me, shuddering as orgasm after orgasm continues to rock my body. I don't think I can survive the intensity, as the feeling seems continuous on into eternity. "It's time I join you, my lovely one. Lie back." He says as he pushes me back into the chair further stretching the taunt strings from titties to pussy further. He lays the chair almost on its back, but still elevated up off the floor. Then I hear him quickly get undressed.

His hard as steel, purple member surges forward like a sword. I can almost feel it swish through the air as he approaches me. He quickly enters my hot, moist opening feeling the vibrations down deep inside me. The head of his penis touches the vibrating egg and he almost cums. He grits his teeth in the process. He gradually, with extreme effort, calms himself down enough to begin his long slow strokes. "You're like molten lava inside, babe." He begins his final fucking motions as he grabs my ass cheeks and pulls me to him and strains the ropes across my body.

"Uhhhn, can't hold it. Take my cum," he moans as he cums with a shudder. It seems like gallons of the creamy jism flows into my juiciness, robbing him of all energy. He is too exhausted to pull out. A joint mixture of creams flow out of his slave and over his semi hard dick. The egg and the butt plug are still doing their jobs but we are both too spent to move in spite of the horny feelings flashing about in my ass and cunt.

Much later we drift back to consciousness surprised to discover that the vibrators had run down. We were both clammy and sticky. He proceeds to remove all the hardware from my body both inside and out. Leaving me laying in the chair, but with all restraints removed, he gets a hot, wet towel. He gently cleans my body of fluids. In the process he gets his semi hardness licked clean by me.

As I fall back into slumber still reclining in that devious chair, my master french kisses my extra swollen cunt lips then speaks into my ear softly, "Sleep well my love, tomorrow will be another busy day." On my journey to dreamland, I could swear I hear three distinct dogs barking. I sigh, "Brothers," and smile in my sleep.

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2013-04-06 23:14:37
I find most of this pretty much the opposite of a turn on. The dog was bad and the Drumstick had me laughing instead of Cumming. What the fuck...

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2012-07-08 01:52:20
Titties? Clitty? What are you, five? Come on, use grown up words! And cut the crap with the 'do not enter if you're under eighteen' shit on every one of your stories. Lots of minors use sites like this and there's nothing wrong with kids developing a healthy sexuality.

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