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This is about the latest woman in my life and her family
I first meet her when I worked at the local Wal-Mart. My first night on the job I walked down an aisle and saw what I thought was a twenty something hard body bent over with her back to me. Then she stood up and turned around I saw that she was in her mid-thirties. She told me later she was 41. I thought to myself that she must be a very fine piece of ass as good as she looked. A blue eyed blond, 5’3” tall and tips the scales at 105 pounds. She was an A cup but she looked very good the way she was built.
I talked to her for the next few months; every time I talked to her I would look at the large rock on her finger that told me she had a man in her life already. One night I pulled a joke on her and then said that I wasn’t earning many brownie points with her. She asked me if I was trying to earn brownie points and I pointed at her ring and said not as long as you have that on your finger. She looked down at the ring and said that it didn’t mean a thing; she only wore it so the men would leave her alone. With that she slid it off of her hand and put it in her pocket.
A few days after that it was New Years Eve and I was getting off early, I went to her and asked if I could get a kiss for New Years before I went home. She walked into layaway which was closed and started to give me a peck on the cheek when I grabbed her and kissed her hard and long. When I pulled my tongue out of her mouth she took off running to get away from me. I didn’t know what to think and chased after her until she got to the break room door where she turned and asked me to think of her when the clock struck midnight.
It was four days later when my phone rang and she was on the other end of the line. She wanted to know how to get to my place and told me she would be there in ½ an hour. When she walked into my house and took off her coat all I could say was wow. As good as she looked at work when she had on blue jeans and a nice top she looked great. She had an ass that looked perfect in those tight jeans. I took her back to my bedroom and set her down on my bed as we talked. Soon I was kissing her and pulling her top off to expose a set of tits that for a 41 year old mother of 4 were great. I got her nude that day but she didn’t want to have sex because we didn’t have any form of protection.
She was shy and all that I got to see that first day was a nice set of tits; while she was nude she stayed under the sheets so I couldn’t see her body. I did finger her out to find that she had a very tight pussy that smelled and tasted great when I sucked on my fingers. The next day the phone rang with she was on the other end wanting to come over again. I had picked up a box of 12 condoms the night before so I was ready this time. When she got to my place I took her straight to my bed and pulled her clothes off of her. Laying her down on her back I kissed her deeply as I ran my hands down to her tits and felt her nipples getting hard as I touched her. I dropped my head down to her nipples and took one into my mouth as she moaned deeply and wrapped her arms around my head. I pushed her down on my bed a started to kiss my way down her stomach when she set up and begged me not to go down on her. She was shy and didn’t want me to see her pussy up close like I would be if I went down on her. She had told me that she had not had sex with anyone in over 3 years
She told me that she wanted me to make love to her and not to worry about the condoms. I moved over between her thighs and let her guide my hard cock into her tight pussy for the first time. As soon as the head of my cock was in her I felt how tight her pussy was. She laid back and moaned as I shoved my cock into her. As soon as I hit bottom in her tight little pussy she had an orgasm. She pulled her legs up until they were in my arm pits and wrapped her arms around my shoulders as I pounded her pussy for the next 20 minutes until I felt my nuts tighten up as I got ready to shoot my cum into her. After I got off she held me close as our heart rates slowed down. I kept her in my bed until I was ready to go again and slid my cock back into her well fucked pussy. This time I tried a few different positions with her as I fucked her tight little pussy for the second time in an hour.
She had at least two orgasms each time we had sex that day. After we were done the second time she told me that she had never had more then one orgasm and didn’t cum every time she had had sex. From that time on every time we had sex I pushed her to do more each time. After a couple of weeks she let me go down on her. A couple of months after that we got into a 69 for the first time. It took me 4 months for her to let me do anything to her ass. At first all I could do was rub her tight little asshole while I was going down on her. Soon I was able to finger her ass while I ate her, then I could slid two fingers up her ass. After about six months she let me fuck her ass for the first time. I had gone to the local adult book store and picked up a sex toy a few weeks before that made her go insane as soon as I put it in her pussy. She would have one long orgasm that would last for as long as I held the toy in her. The first time I fucked her ass I slid that sex toy in her and made her cum the whole time that I fucked her. The feeling her ass gave my cock was beyond words.
I had gotten to know her family during this time. Her oldest daughter was 23 with dark hair and eyes and a big ass from having a baby. Her middle daughter was 19 with long blond hair and a models body topped by a face that made you want to never stop looking into her beautiful eyes. Her youngest daughter was 16 when I started to see her mother with a body that would not stop. 5’2” tall, 34D cup on a flat tummy and a perfect little round ass, she loves to wear push up bras and low cut shirts with lose legged shorts and thongs. The last one I got to know was her sister. The first time that I saw her sister I thought to myself that I didn’t get the best looking sister, Her sister is 4 years younger then she is, stands 5’4”, and weights 117 lbs. the extra few pounds are all in her tits and ass. Her sister is a fine looking woman with a 34 C chest and an ass that will not stop. I could tell that she had been pampered her whole life and took very good care of her body.
She told me that I was the best lover she had ever had and that when her sister had talked to her about what her boyfriend did to her in bed she had told her everything that I did in bed and how much better I was then anyone she had ever been with. She had gone on to tell her sister how she could call anytime of the day or night if she was in trouble and I would be there. Her sister was used to having the best of everything and did not like to hear that. This started a seed that would lead to her sister trying to end our relationship and trying to make sure that she never had anything to do with me again.
After we had been together 1 and ½ years we moved a house together. It was the two of us, my son and her youngest daughter. We weren’t even in the house yet when she said her sister needed a place to stay and would be coming to live with us. The next day her sister was there and tried to take control of the house and everyone in the house. It went on for three months before she told me that my son and I had to leave and that she didn’t want to see me anymore. I found a house out in the country and moved out that same week.
It was two weeks after that one Saturday afternoon when there was a knock on my door. I opened the door to find her standing on the door step looking very scared. I asked her to come in and asked her what she wanted. She stepped in closed the door and took her clothes off where she stood. She then got down on her knees and begged me to forgive her and let her back into my life. I looked down at her and undid my paints, pulled out my cock, and offered it to her to suck. She opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it for all she was worth. After a few minutes I laid down on my back and we 69ed there on the living room floor. I used her pussy juice to work one of my fingers up her ass while I fingered her pussy with two more fingers rubbing her G-spot. I was sucking on her clit while she sucked me.
Soon I felt my nuts tighten, I pulled my mouth away from her clit and told her to swallow my cum as I shoot my wad into her mouth. She sucked me until I was done cumming and then set up and smiled at me as I looked at that body that I loved so much. She looked in my eyes and asked if I noticed that she had shaved herself for me. I looked down at her bald pussy and said yes I did. I then stood up and pulled her up off the floor and took her back to my bedroom where I dug out the sex toys and went to the bathroom to get the KY. When I went back to the bedroom I pushed her down on the bed and got down between her legs so I could eat her some more, when I got close I opened her legs and looked upon one of the prettiest pussies that I have ever seen. Her pussy is so tight that it looks like a young girls, a slit with hardly any lips. And a clit at the top that only comes out when she is very turned on, today her clit was sticking out as far as it ever had.
She knew what I was going to do and her pussy juices were running down her thighs. I lowered my mouth down to her clit and sucked on it, at the same time I lubed my fingers up and slid one up her tight ass before I slid two up her pussy to work on her g-spot. As she got hotter I slid a second finger up her ass. Soon I stopped what I was doing and looked at her, she was so turned on that she grabbed my cock and begged me to give it to her. I told her to suck it hard and she was down on me in a heartbeat. After I was hard she got on her knees and put her ass up in the air. I lubed my cock up with KY and shoved it up her tight ass. I pushed her down on her stomach the bed and put my legs on the outside of hers to force them together.
After I did this I grabbed the sex toy and put it into her tight pussy turning it on high I ground it into her cunt. This made her cum very hard. As I fucked her ass I worked that dildo in her pussy; soon she was having one long hard orgasm I fucked her ass for a good long time as she cried out over and over again that she was cumming. I pounded her ass as hard as I could when I felt my load start to build I grabbed her shoulders and buried my cock as deep as I could in her ass as I shot my cum into her ass she cried out in pleasure. When I pulled my cock out of her I looked down to see her asshole open as if waiting for something to fill it and then it slowly closed as my cum started to run out and drip down onto her pussy that still had the dildo stuck in it.
She laid there face down and didn’t move for several minutes while I went to the bathroom and got a washcloth to clean us up with. After I cleaned my cum and the KY off of her she rolled over and told me that she didn’t want to break up with me but her sister had talked her into it and that after being apart from me two weeks she couldn’t stand it any more and had to see if I would take her back. She said that she knew I would tear her ass up but wanted me to do it, she wanted to feel me buried in her ass again and wanted to know that she could come to me anytime she wanted. She stayed while I showed her my new house and made us something to eat before she went home to get ready for work.
It was about two hours after that when I was taking the sheets and comforter back to bed after washing the KY and cum off of them that there was a knock on the door. I yelled for them to come in as my arms were full and turned to see her youngest daughter walking into my door. She asked me how I was as she set down in a chair and threw one leg over the side of it. When we lived together I had crossed the girl’s legs for her almost everyday when she did this because I didn’t want my son or me to see her thong or cunt when she set like that. Today I notice that she didn’t have any thong on and that the legs of her bib shorts opened enough to give me a clear view of her trimmed pussy. I set were I could see her cunt the whole time and asked her what was going on. She saw where I was looking and opened her legs wider and asked if I had gotten her anything for her 18th birthday that was three days ago.
I said no I had forgotten it when she set up and I noticed for the first time that her top was one her mother’s that covered an A cup chest but a D cup chest had tit hanging out everywhere. This and the fact she didn’t have a bra on with her bib shorts meant that she was barely covered. She said that’s all right what I want from you can’t be bought in a store anyway. With that she walked towards me and dropped her bibs on the floor. Her top followed in a heartbeat and there she stood all 5’2” 34D-24-34 of her dripping honey on my carpet. I asked her if she knew her mother had been out to see me just a couple of hours before and she said yes. Her mother had told her she was going to come out and see if I would take her back. She went on to say that her mother had told her everything about me and what I was like in bed. Even that I had fucked her mother’s ass and she loved it. When she said that she turned around and bent over at the waist reaching around her she grabbed her ass cheeks and opened them up so I could see her ass hole and asked me if I would fuck her ass too.
I dropped my shorts and led her back to my bedroom, I wanted to tear this little slut up I knew the girl had given up her cherry when she was 13 and that by the time she was 15 she went out every weekend and whoever got her drunk fucked her. Now here she was at 18 wanting to fuck me, and I was going to do it. I led her back into my room and turned to face her beside the bed, she turned me on so much that me cock was hard and ready even after cunning in her mother twice just hours before. I grabbed her by the back of her neck and kissed her hard and long while my hands raced all over her body. First to her tits, then her ass, then her cunt, and back to her tits. After I kissed her and felt her up she slid down to her knees and started to take my cock into her mouth, I stopped her just before she did and told her that her mother had been there with me earlier in the day. She said so and sucked in the head of my cock, I told her that I had sex with her mother and hadn’t showered yet; she took in more of my cock while looking up at me. I told her I had fucked her mother’s ass and then she started to bob up and down on it while she played with her tits and rubbed on her pussy. I said ok and picked her up to get her in a standing 69.
After a couple of minutes of this she took my cock out of her mouth and asked if we could lie down on the bed, she was starting to get dizzy. I walked over to the bed and set her down and then lay down on back. As soon as I laid down she jumped on top of me and shoved her pussy into my face and took my cock deep into her throat, after she deep throated me for a minute she pulled my cock out of her mouth and started to suck and lick my balls. She then licked and sucked the length of my shaft before deep throating me again. Why this was going on I was eating one of the best tasting pussies I ever had in my life, I sucked on her clit and then licked her the length of her slit sucking all of the sweet pussy juice I could out of her before I went on to lick her tight little asshole. I would swirl my tongue around her asshole and then try to stick my tongue up her ass.
I reached over and grabbed the dildo that was still on the headboard of my bed and worked it into her tight pussy. This made her scream when I turned it on and started to grind it into her clit. In a few seconds she started to thrash around and asked me what I was doing to her, I moved the dildo more and started to suck and bite on her clit as I rubbed her asshole with my other hand. She had stopped sucking me now and grabbed the mattress with both hands and pushed herself back into me and started to buck her hips as her orgasm rose in waves. My finger slid into her asshole and seconds later she tensed up and screamed as her orgasm exploded. Her pussy juice ran out of her cunt and into my willing mouth in waves as she rode out her orgasm and went limp on top of me.
She rolled off of me, looked at me, and said that she had never had anything like that happen to her before. I pushed her down on her back grabbed the dildo and the KY and went to work on this hot tight little slut. I shoved the dildo back into her and lubed up my fingers to put them up her ass as I sucked on her clit. I started out with one finger but as she relaxed I put a second finger up her ass and then one more. She had two more orgasms while I was doing this. When my tongue was tired and my cock hurt I pulled the dildo out of her and put her legs over my shoulders as I took aim at her sweet pussy with my hard cock. As the head of my cock slid into her cunt I felt a very tight pussy gripping me as I pushed deeper into her. She made her mother feel lose she was so tight.
I fucked her like this for a while and then pulled my cock out of her and lubed it up with KY. While I was doing this she looked at me and asked me if I was going to fuck her ass. I put her legs back over my shoulders and guided my cock to her tight little ass, I got the head in her ass before I said yes and shoved forward as hard as I could. This got about half of my cock buried in her ass as she cried out in pain and pleasure at the same time. I worked my cock into her until she had the whole thing up her ass, at that time I put the dildo back in her cunt and told her to fuck herself with it. She did but had never done anything like this before so she wasn’t sure she wanted to give herself pleasure in front of me.
Soon the pleasure mattered more then anything else and she fucked herself with the fake cock as I tore her ass up. Soon I felt my cum starting to rise in my nuts so I pulled out her ass and grabbed her hair and put my cock in front of her face. She took it all the way in her mouth and didn’t think about it as I shoot my cum into her throat, she didn’t stop sucking me until I was done cumming, she then took my cock out of her mouth and sucked on the head to get every drop before kissing my cock and laying back on the bed. She said that she thought she had an orgasm before but she was wrong, she had never had anything like that before and knew why her mother didn’t want to lose me.
This went on for the rest of the summer; she would come by 3 or times a week when my son was gone. Her daughter would come once or twice a week when the coast was clear. I was happy but tired the whole time then one night in September I was fucking her daughter when she walked in on us. At first she just stood there then she went off, screaming and cussing. Her daughter took her in bathroom for the next hour and at first I could hear every word that was said then I couldn’t hear a word. They came out hand in hand and she said that her daughter had told me how she had changed after she came to me, how she used to get drunk and let anyone fuck her and how now it was different. Now no one took her because she found out what it was like to have someone in her life that wouldn’t use her like a slut all the time. Her mother said she was leaving and that she would see me the next day and from then on she would call before she came out.
So until mid November this went on, it was a don’t ask don’t tell on the part of her mother. One night there was a wild storm and the lights went out. I could see by the flashes of lighting that the road was flooding. I had called my son before the lights went out and told him to stay with friends until the storm had passed. Right at the worst part of the storm there was a knock on my door. I ran to the door with visions of someone torn up by a car wreck standing there. When I opened the door there stood her sister, she looked like a drowned rat with her make up running down her face and her hair matted to her face. She had on a sheer blouse with a black lace bra on under it her nipples were sticking out an inch as she shook from the cold and the wet.
She asked if I had a robe she could wear to get out of her wet cloths, I said no. then she asked if I had a towel she could use to dry off with and cover up with when she got out of her wet things. I went to the bathroom and came back with a washcloth. She looked at it and told me that I would have to use my body heat to warm her up then and took off everything that she had on. I took one look at her standing there and picked her up threw her over my shoulder and carried her back to my bedroom. I dropped her on my bed and took my cloths off as I told her I was going to face fuck her ass fuck her and then pound her pampered pussy until she begged me to stop.
She looked me in the eye and said good, no one has given her anything for 5 months and she need a good hard fuck. I went to the linen room and grabbed two cloths pins and walked back to her. As I reached out and clamped them on her nipples I told her that she had broke her sister and I up at one time and I was going to use sex to get even with her. I reached down and grabbed her hair at the back of her neck and pulled until she cried out in pain, I then used her hair to move her head around so I could rub my cock all over her face. She looked up at me and opened her mouth to take my cock in. I held her head in place while I fucked her face as hard as I could, she chocked on it twice but I just made her take it deeper as I held her head with both of my hands. When I was about to cum I pulled out of her mouth and shot my cum all over her face.
I grabbed my camera and took the first of many pictures that I would shoot that night, she was licking my cum off from around her mouth and using her hands to wipe her face off and then licked them clean. While she was doing this I got every dildo I had out and went to get the duct tape and KY. I duct taped her hands together behind her back and made her lay down on her back on the bed I then took one dildo and put just enough KY on it to get it up her ass and shoved it all the way up her ass. She cried out in pain and then she had an orgasm from the pain. I then shoved a different dildo in her well trimmed cunt and then taped them in place with the duct tape. I turned both dildos on high and grabbed the camera, at first she just laid there but soon she started to trash around and moan and groan deeply. After 15 minutes she begged me to turn them off, after half an hour she was horse and shaking from cumming so much after an hour the lights came back on and she begged me to make it stop. There was a wet spot two feet across on the comforter she was cumming so much. At the two hour mark she agreed to let me put a web cam on her and do whatever anyone on the internet in a chat room told her to do.
I took her to my computer and went an adult chat room and let anyone watch that wanted. She was told to finger her pussy and her ass, to suck me, to fuck me, and to take me up her ass and then suck me clean. All I had to do was tell her that I would put her back on my bed and put the dildos back in her and she did every thing she was told. When I got tired of that I took her back to the bedroom and put her on her back, I fucked her first on her back with her legs over my shoulders, then on her knees, then I had lay on her head and shoulders beside my bed while I fucked her from above. When I was ready to cum I made take my cock in her mouth and swallow my seed.
It was after this that I heard the sleet hit my bedroom windows for the first time, looking out I saw that the water in the yard was starting to freeze and that it had gone from rain to snow and sleet. I turned around and said to her that she might be there a while. She smiled and said good she might need some time to recover. Later I tagged her ass and then we went to bed to wake up in the morning to see close to a foot of snow. I fucked her in the ass twice more that day and fucked her times three that day and the next before we could get out of the house. I don’t hit her sister much but about every three months she comes out to be abused for the night or the weekend. As far as her family knows she was trapped out at my place trying to find her sister and we still don’t like each other. She had heard so much about me in bed that she had to see if it was true, that’s why she came out that night.
I have never been as good with anyone as I am with her and her family; women just didn’t cum 2, 3 or more times with me like that until they came along. So I’m happy and well fucked and if her other daughter comes over so much the better.

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SweetSissyPussy on February 1, 2011 There is nothing betetr than sucking down a huge black cock cum load and having my wife hold my head down on him and tell me to Swallow that splooge you little fairy faggot cock sucking cum whore. I cum instantly


2007-12-02 22:38:18
Absolutely fucked, you are a pathetic idiot who should learn how to speak english!


2007-05-10 05:32:16
What a load of crap. Badly written ego trip fantasy. Your female characters are based on blow up dolls with just as much life.


2007-03-23 18:50:43
Dildos - you have forgotten mentioning they're powered with DuraCell batteries...
Mother, dughter and sister - there are still left aunts, room-mates, and so on...
Try to put some order in your life, or admit you have made all this up!


2007-01-22 06:44:02
Just like reading a catalogue. All the items are there but where is the plot?

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