This is a true story of my experience babysitting my 4 year old neighbor
Chapter 1

I was a typical 16 year old girl or so I had been told. Crazy for boys, excelling in school and very helpful and active in my home and community. I loved to learn new things in all subjects and took pride in the fact that i was able to retain random information about most things. I loved hanging out with friends and going to the malls and things of that nature. Most of my peers and teachers would describe me as well adjusted and normal, even predictable. No behavioral issues to speak of or any major incidences that might raise suspicions about me or what really went on.

What no one knew was that at a very young age I was a victim of incest at the hands of my fathers oldest brother, my Uncle Bob. I guess that is where my insatiable appetite for not only sex but strange sex had started. It was not unusual for me at the age of 5 to raid my fathers top drawer where he hid his porn magazines and use them as aids to masturbate to. It seemed that I could not get enough of that electric feeling of orgasm coursing through my tiny girl pussy. Shortly after I took to experimenting by inserting various object inside myself while playing with my little clit. I would take any opportunity of being alone to play with myself, watch porn or look at rated-x magazines.

As I grew older, now a blossoming teenaged girl things became a little more strange to say the least. In my own opinion I believe my early and unwanted introduction to sex was a direct result of this. i believe participating in the countless sex acts with Uncle Bob and the infinite hours of porn I constantly watched throughout the years made it utterly impossible to climax normally. I had become desensitized. It was now common for me to masterbate our family dog. I got off tremendously on this. I liked watching him hump the air spraying cum around and would often catch it in my mouth bringing me almost to instant orgasm. It was around this time I had started to fantasize about young girls as well which brings me to my story.


The school year had been long and uneventful. I had just celebrated my 16th birthday early in the summer and my partents had decided that it was time for me to learn responsibility and work ethic so they insisted I get a parttime summer job. I was less than thrilled at the prospect of giving up my summer of fun and deviant sexual behavior for a job! How could I convince them that this was the worst idea ever? I went to my room sulking and desperately trying to think of a way out of it.

When Monday came Mom and Dad were at me to be out in the neighborhood actively looking for gainful employment as they rushed out of the door to their own respective jobs.

"We both work young lady. And if you think you are going ro spend the summer shopping with our money you are sadly mistaken" hissed my mother as she fumbeled through her briefcase and headed out the door.

I did not budge. I was determined to figure a way out of this crap. I just sat there thinking how I could avoid being told what to do by yet another adult while still making a bit of my own money. And then as quick as a flash it hit me! Babysitting...

Being so well known, liked and trusted in my neighborhood and the community at large I thought it would be a great idea to start up my own babysitting business. I spent all morning and a good part of the afternoon planning my course of action to present to my parents. This way I could set my own hours, make money and also have a bit of naughty fun in the process all while getting my parents off my back about a job. It was a win win for everyone. I was quite impressed with myself. That night when I presented the idea to my parents they were thrilled by my initiative and thought it was a wonderful idea. After all the business of making up flyers on the computer, distrubiting them all around the neighborhood and taking out a small add on Craigslist I was surprised that the following week I got a call requesting my services.

My first job was to be for a lady named Mary. She was a newly single mother with a full time job living on the other side of town. She had a 4 year old daughter named Sam who Mary's mother usually watched. Well apparently the grandmother was not able to help out this particular day as she had an appointment that could not be avoided and so Mary needed extra help. She invited me over the following day to meet in person and discuss the details of the job. My heart jumped at the idea of a whole afternoon with a young girl alone. Up till this point my fascination with young girls had been that of fantasy. Now it may actually become a reality I thought.

I arrived at Mary's house the following morning almost dizzy with lust and anticipation. The house was small and looked as if it had seen better days. I walked up the cobblestone path to the slightly untidy porch and lightly knocked on the door. Mary greeted me with a half smile holding a cup of coffee. She was a very pretty lady with dark hair and eyes and a small frame and features. She introduced me to her mother as she scurried off past us and out the door on the way to her unavoidable appointment. We walked through the living room into the kitchen where she offered me a seat and a bottle of water. I was almost in a sweat as she began to talk.

We sat for a moment as she explained that she usually didn't use strangers (with good reason) to watch Sam but she was desperate and there was no other recourse. She didn't know many people in town and so she could not avoid seeking outside help as she had to be at work in an hour and could not find anyone else on such short notice. She asked me some general questions about home and school. I told her about how my parents were forcing me into working and thats how i decided to start my own babysitting company. She admired my drive at such a young age and agreed to use me as I seemed like such a nice girl. Little did she know of my plans for this particular afternoon.

Just then I heard the sound of light footsteps coming up the hall. My heart skipped a beat as the tiny child emerged. She looked like a miniature version of her mother with the same small dark features and frame. Sam was absolutely gorgeous and my palms began to sweat as I ran through my mind all of the things I planned to do to her for the next several hours.

"Sam, this nice girl is going to watch you today. Can you say hello?" Mary asked standing up and moving away from the table.

"Hi! My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam." said the child looking me up and down.

"Well hello Samantha. I'm going to be looking after you today." I said smiling and extending my hand to shake hers.

"I'm going to finish getting ready while you ladies get to know each other." said Mary as she rushed off down the hall and into a room.

I talked to Sam in a bit of generic kiddy conversation while admiring her cute face and body. She had on a pink little nightshirt that was obviously a bit too small for her. I could just barely see her white panties exposed beyond the unferling edge of the shirt. Her lean pale legs. The tiny little toes with bright pink polish. She seemed fairly outgoing and talked a lot. I almost lost it when she turned around and bent over picking up one of the toys strewn across the kitchen floor, giving me a full view of her barely covered, pert ass cheeks. I could feel my pussy start to tingle as I heard Mary barreling back down the hallway.

"Sam I want you to be good and to mind your manners. I want all of these toys picked up by the time I get home tonight." said Mary followed by a short list of instructions she expected me to carry out including a bath.

I assured her I would not dissapoint her as she gave Sam a kiss on the cheek, grabbed her purse and was out the door. I stood at the window and watched her back out of the driveway and speed off down the street. Alone at last I thought as I returned to the kitchen where I had left Sam. As I peeked through the doorway I saw that she was bent over again playing with the toys all over the floor. I stood a moment just gazing at the two perfect cheeks perched above the short slinder legs. She must have felt me looking because she quickly turned and asked what I was looking at. I told her nothing as I moved back to the living room and turned on the t.v. to the cartoon network.

A short time later, hearing the television, she came into the living room and sat beside me on the sofa. I could feel the lust building in me as we sat there silent in the early morning glow of the sunlight. I could barely contain myself looking at her out of the corner of my eye. She looked up at me and smiled.

"you're old, but not as old as my Mom." she said still with a smile on her small but full lips.

"Oh yeah?" I asked imagining kissing her.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" she asked still smiling.

"Not really. Do you?" I asked back.

"Eww, No!" she exclaimed.

"Why eww? Boys are fun. Have you ever kissed anyone?" I asked her.

"Just my Mom and my Grandma," she explained.

"No Sam, I mean a real kiss." I laughed knowing that she more than likely had not.

"I don't know how." She said looking a bit embarrassed.

"I could show you how if you want." I volunteered.

"But you're not a boy!" she exclaimed looking at me like I was insane.

"Girls can kiss girls too silly." I explained. "Its super fun. Like a game"

"Ok!" she answered getting excited at the prospect of a fun morning game.

I turned to her and picked her up positioning her on my lap. I gently rubbed her back through the nightshirt and then began to stroke her dark wavy hair to keep her calm. I leaned in, she followed leaning in as well. Our lips met and she kissed me much like I'm sure she kissed her mother daily.

"Very good!" I exclaimed reassuring her. "Thats not so bad, huh?" I asked.

"No." she agreed looking a bit unsure of what had just transpired.

"Ok, now let's do it again but this time open your mouth a bit." I instructed.

She was still looking unsure but shook her head in agreement as she did as I commanded. As I leaned in again to kiss her I let my hand fall to her perfectly rounded baby ass and gave a squeez as I slipped my tounge into her mouth. She closed her eyes and grew rigid as I began to massage my tounge against hers. I slipped my hand into the back of her panties tracing the crack of her tiny bare ass with my finger.

"What are you doing?" she asked pulling away abruptly.

"Just having fun with you." I answered taking my hand from her ass and placing it on her back again.

"that's a bad touch." she said with a wooried look looming on her beautiful face.

"Does it feel good though?" I reasoned.

"Yes." she answered reluctantly

"Well if it feels good, how can it be a bad touch?" I asked slightly laughing

She did not answer but instead seemed to sit there in deep thought trying to reason in her 4 year old mind. After a moment she agreed and said she wanted to try it again. I was delighted at this but told her this time let's try it without her panties on. I assured her it's what big girls did and that it was ok. I told her that if she didn't like it I would stop. Although I had no intention of stopping. She agreed and hopped off my lap pulling her panties down around her ankles and reaching up for me to pick her back up. I did so gladly.

I now was sitting in a strange living room with a bottomless 4 year old willingly participating in my moraly depraved fun and games. As I placed her across my lap I spread her slim legs exposing her naked baby cunt. As she leaned in to kiss me once more I let my hand gently circle her nipples through the nightshirt. Her breathing increased a little as did mine. I then moved my hand down to the hairless object of my desire. Her pussy was so small I thought as my tounge began to again massage hers. My fingers tracing the tiny slit repeatedy not wanting to go any father in yet. Her back stiffened.

"Mmmm. I feel weird." she moaned taking her lips from mine now starting to push her small hips forward to feel the full pressure of my fingers on her hardening little girl clit.

"Would you like me to stop?" I asked not really meaning it at all. "It feels good because we are having fun."

"No! Don't stop!" she yelled grinding herself against my fingers.

"Ok, but you can't say anything to anyone about it or we will get into trouble. Understand?" I asked sternly.

"Yes." she answered breathlessly, quickening her wiggling around against my fingers.

I removed my hand from her little crotch and placed her on the sofa. She was so small her feet barely reached the end of the coushin. I told her it was time to try something else and it would be even more fun. She smiled and agreed when I told her it would feel even better. I stood up removing my jeans and panties as I was now ready to join in the fun. After I removed all of my bottoms I kneeled down in front of her pulling her to the edge of the sofa and spreading her legs. I leaned in slightly asking her if it was ok if I kissed her on her pussy. Looking confused she shrugged not knowing what I meant. I pointed to her naked baby cunt.

"Oh you mean my 'pee pee'?" she giggled at my ignorance.

"Yes, that's right. Can I kiss your 'pee pee'?" I asked giggling too.

"Ok." she agreed easing back against the coushin again.

A second later my mouth was directly over her tiny bald mound. I could hardly believe I was about to finally get a taste of what I had been imagining for years. Another moment later I lowered my mouth onto her little "pee pee". Her body jerked abruptly at the feeling of my hot wet mouth on her slit. I placed both thumbs on either side of her baby pussy spreading the little lips apart revealing her rapidly swelling jewel. I pursed my lips and began to suck causing her body to jerk again.

I looked up at her pretty face. Her eyes were tightly closed mouth gaped open wide as she began to slowly hump my eager face and mouth. I asked her if she liked how it felt. Unable to speak she just shook her head in agreement. Still spreading her baby pussy I ran my tounge up the length always stopping at her swelling clit to give a suck each time. She ooooohed and ahhhhed a bit now increasing the speed and force of her humping. I reached down between my own legs and began to rub my clit as well. I licked her in accordance to my own movement on myself.

My clit was swelling and my pussy was dripping wet. I almost came instantly as I began touching myself. Finally living out this dark wicked fantasy was almost too much threatening to bring me to instant orgasm. I kept my eyes on young Sam's face as I rolled her prepubescent clit around with my tounge constantly sucking and working it. She looked to be in exctasy so I continued on like this for a half hour or so before taking it a step farther.

She was on the brink of her very first orgasm and I felt privileged to be the one to give it to her. She moaned in her little high pitched voice moving her ass around wildly now. Her head thrashing and her hands atop my head. I released the tiny lips now moving my thumb back and forth over her glistening wet clitty. With my other hand I took my thumb and index finger spreading her slit to reveal her baby pussy hole. I gazed in awe at the sight of her unpenitrated and tightly sealed hole. Without a second thought I stuck my tounge out and plunged it inside. She gasped as her whole body stiffened. Her dangling legs were now rigid stretched out straight and spread even wider as her humping subsided followed by about 5 involuntary jerks. She went limp, retracted her legs, rolled over on her side and began to suck her thumb.

I cuddled up behind her stroking the long wavy mane. She turned around and to my surprise gave me an opened mouth kiss sticking her small tounge into my mouth just like I had showed her earlier. She was a quick study I decided as I extended my tounge to meet hers. She was kissing me now like an adult. I grabbed one of her bare ass cheeks and squeezed it again tracing the crack with my wet fingers. It was thrilling! I could taste her on my lips. Her sweet young juices still all over my mouth and face.

"I like that game!" she said loudly smiling and putting her thumb back into her mouth. "Can we play again please?" she pleaded.

"Sure we can, if you want." I agreed. I had every intention of doing this all again. "First though you have to pick up your toys."

She bolted from the sofa into the kitchen where her mess was. She must have really wanted to continue this game I thought because she was almost eager to clean up so she could feel my mouth on her more.
After about 10 minutes she returned from the kitchen smiling and still bottomless. She told me she had cleaned up all of her mess and was ready to play our "new" game again. I smiled at her and assured her we would after we took care of the list of things her mother had asked us to do.

After inspecting her room and the kitchen for mess I began to make her a little bite to eat. She almost choked down the soup and sandwich in anticipation of more "play time". I was as eager as she and decided to run the bath and get her clean before we continued. I removed the much too small nightshirt exposing all of her. I ran my hand up her belly to her baby nipples rolling them between my fingers. She gigged and protested saying it tickled. I laughed too as I ran the water checking the temperature to avoid burning her smooth young flesh.

I placed her in the water admiring her perfect little body and face. I thought of how much fun was to follow bath time. After allowing her to soak for a while I stood her up to begin washing her, but not before I licked the tiny pink nipple and began massaging her "pee pee".

"Do u like me touching your 'pee pee' Sam?" I asked

"Mmmhmmm." she replied as she widened her stance and pushed against the weight of my fondling hand.

"Kiss me." I demanded opening my mouth to receive the little tounge.

We stood there, her naked in the bath kissing me as I rubbed her wet soapy pussy. She moaned wrapped her arms around my neck grinding that delicious baby cunt against my hand. I could not resist stripping down and joining her in the warm water. I sat there naked rubbing her sucking at the pink fleshy nipples enjoying her totally. Of course I lowered my head nibbling her tiny clit once more enjoying the sounds of sloshing water and little girl moans. It was the most exciting experience of my own young life!

Wanting to feel her mouth on me I suggested she suck my nipple too. I had found through sex with Uncle Bob my own nipples were very sensitive and I always climaxed quickly when they were stimulated. Sam agreed and sat straddling me now. She was facing me and her height was perfect for sitting on me her mouth directly in line with my budding breasts. She opened her mouth and began to suck feverishly. I cried out. It felt incredable.

I could only imagine the scene. How awkward it must have looked. Tiny Sam suckling at my small teenaged breast, me with my hand planted under her working tirelessly on her baby pussy. Her ass moving back and forth as she slid over and over again on my stiff fingers. Water spilling over the edge of the tub onto the floor. I could not be happier as she began to climax again. Her back n forth motion quickening eyes closed concentrating on my hard nipple. I reached down and played with my clit now ready to orgasm.

"Oh yes Sammy!" I cried. "Keep sucking baby!" I screamed as I began to cum.

It was lovely and by far the best orgasm I had up to that point. We continued to kiss a bit before I got out of the tub and dried off. I put my clothes back on finished washing Sam up and dried her too. She was exhausted from our new game and I wasn't surprised that as I dressed her she was fading into sleep. I put her in bed and tucked her in again reminding her of all of the trouble We would get into if anyone found out about our new fun game. I told her I wouldn't be able to play with her again if she told.

"I won't tell." she assured me. "I want to play again sometime." she said as she drifted off to sleep.

I returned to the bathroom drying the floor and did a quick walk through of the house as I expected Mary back soon. I threw the panties and wet nightshirt into the laundry bin along with the soaked towel. I cleaned up all the mess from Sam's lunchtime snack. Straightened the sofa coushins and turned off the television. I didn't want to leave any trace of anything suspicious behind. Just as I was finishing up I heard the key in the door.

Mary came in looking around almost as if she knew something was going to be off. She walked through the house to discover everything was just the way she had left it earlier. She went into Sam's room to find her fast asleep and clean. She was totally impressed and walked through the house with a huge grin on her face. I met her with the same huge smile.

"Wow I'm very happy to see everything has worked out. I hope Sam wasn't too much trouble for you." she said in a half giggle.

"Oh no she was great!" I said smiling. And she was. Absolutely fantastic.

"Great! Here is the fee we agreed on." she said handing over a crisp 50 dollar bill.

I thanked her as I took the money and made my way to the front door. She thanked me profusely as she walked me out. As I walked to my car my head was swimming with the excitement of what had taken place, with fear of what might happen if Sam slipped and told, and with a feeling of pure fulfillment. I thought no matter what happened at least I had a chance to spend the morning and afternoon with such a wonderful little princess. I replayed the events over and over in my head on the drive back across town. It was hard to concentrate on the road.

It was almost 6 in the evening when I pulled up in front of my house. I could see Moms car parked in the driveway and Dads car parked out on the street. I made my way up the sidewalk to the pathway and through the door. Before I was completely through the door Mom greeted me holding the portable house phone in her hand.

"I just got off the phone with Mary" she said with crossed arms.

Oh god I though as my heart sank into my shoes. So much for Sam's discretion I thought as I braced myself for the worst. The implications of what I had done could mean jail, being disowned or worse. I almost fainted as my Mom began to speak again. What had I done I thought as she started her sentence. Waiting for her to throw down the gauntlet. I leaned back against the front door awaiting my horrible fate.

"I don't know what you've done young lady." she started "But Mary was so impressed with you she was wondering if you could come back at the end of the week to babysit again." she finished smiling and holding out her arms to hug me.

"Good job kiddo!" my Dad laughed. "Our daughter the successful business owner! Who would have thought it was possible?" he joked.

I whiped the sweat from my forehead almost breaking down with relief. I presented them with the crisp brandnew 50. A sign of a job well done and money earned. Who would have thought that I could earn a living living out my horrible fantasies. I thanked them for pushing me to get a job and teaching me the value of responsibility, you know, blowing smoke up their asses as I ran up the stairs to my room to rejoice in the fact that I had gotten away with all of it. And moreover that I would get yet another chance to enjoy the young Sammy.

The End-

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