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A story of rape
My name is Misty and I’ve got a job working as a secretary for my husband Mike’s law firm. We are a rather sexually experimental couple and we constantly discuss doing things together and even on occasion have brought others in on the fun too. We have a list, a bucket list of sorts of things that we want to try before we die. I am a 28 year old Latina woman, about 5’ 11” with curves in all the right places. My most attractive feature according to my husband are my large breasts. They are 34DD and he just loves to play with them and it gets me really worked up when he does. Its nice to work for my husband because I get to see him every day and as most women that are married to or dating a lawyer know, that time can quickly become few and far between.

One night as I was finishing up at the office, I overheard my husband on the phone with a client. I couldn’t hear what the person was saying but I heard Mike say “Sure, I’ll work that up now.” Which meant that I would be going home alone tonight. Just like I called it, he hung up the phone and came to my office and told me that he would be working late tonight and that I should go ahead and head on home for the night. I grabbed my things and gave him a kiss and left for home.

It was already pretty late when I pulled in the drive as the sun was just starting to set. I figured that I would get things tidied up a bit and then grab a shower before cooking up some dinner for Mike and I. I opened the door and went in and got started. We didn’t have kids yet and had decided that at this point we would wait for another couple years before we did. So anyways, our house never got that dirty but I went through the place tiding up and getting things ready for the next day just in case Mike wanted to have a little fun when he got home. It was about 9 pm when I got in the shower and started to wash the day off.

I had just gotten soap in my hair when the lights went out. “Great!” I thought to myself, “the fucking power went out.” I continued trying to wash the soap from my hair in the dark when I heard the shower curtain pull open and a dark figure stepped in and grabbed me. “Get against the wall slut,” his raspy voice said as he shoved me against the shower wall and pinned me with his forearm in the back of my neck. “What the fuck are you doing?” I screamed as the dark figure pushed his body to mine and I could feel his cock press against my ass. “STOP!!!!” I screamed at the top of my voice hoping someone would hear me. “Shut up you little slut! If you cooperate I won’t hurt you!” the voice said. “What do you want from me?” I asked the voice. “Oh we will get to what I want soon enough” he said as a felt something very cold slide up my body, over my tits and press against my throat. “I’m holding a knife at your throat and if you don’t do what I tell you too I will cut you,” the voice told me. I was trembling at this point and honestly I didn’t know what to do. I had this strange dark figure with his cock and my back holding me to the wall and a knife at my “Do you understand me slut?” I came out of my thoughts as he snapped at me. “Yes just please don’t hurt me” I said as tears started welling up in my eyes.

The dark figure leaned into me and the voice began telling me what he was going to do to me. “First you’re gonna get on your knees and suck my thick cock and get it really hard, then you’re going to fuck my cock with those big luscious tits,” the voice said as I whimpered and tried to muster out a no but my voice was gone. “Then I’m going to bend you over and thrust my cock hard and deep into your pussy and fuck you until you cum,” the voice continued. I found my voice this time and some courage as I said “You can have my body any way you want it but I will not cum, I will not enjoy your intrusions one bit.” “Oh yes you will my slutty little bitch. I will fuck you harder and deeper and longer until your pussy is raw or you cum harder than you ever have” the voice scolded me. Then he continued “and when I’m done with your pussy, I’m gonna fuck that sweet tight ass of yours until your screaming from the pleasure.” “NO NO NO” I protested but quickly realized that he was going to get what he wanted one way or another but I still had it in my head that I would not cum for this man.

The next thing I know, he spun me around and pushed me to my knees and said “Suck it slut!” I didn’t hesitate as I was afraid this man truly would cut me if I did. I grabbed his cock and ran my tongue up the length of it judging its size. I knew this man planned on taking me in my ass so I wanted to make sure that I could handle his assault. To my surprise he was about the same size and girth as Mike so I knew that I could handle him. I slid my tongue back to the head of his cock and opened my mouth. He must have sensed that my mouth was open because he thrust forward and his cock went fully in my mouth and into my throat as I gagged from the surprise of it. “MMMMM he moaned, just like I like my sluts, mouth full of cock” he blurted out as he heard me gagging. I pulled back until just the head of his cock was in my mouth and grabbed the base so that he couldn’t gag me again. “Move your hand bitch! I want my cock in that throat again” he said forcibly. Gathering more courage I pulled his cock from my mouth and said “Look, I can deep throat you if you want me to but you’re only gonna get it in my time. Or would you rather me throw up all over you?” I asked the dark figure. “Fine he said but you by god better hurry” the voice demanded. I took his cock back into my mouth until it hit the entrance to my throat and back off and down again swallowing this time and taking him into my throat. I flexed my throat and began working the figures cock over hoping that maybe he would just cum and get it over with and leave. “My god you slut you really can suck a cock” he told me as I continued. His hands dropped from my neck where he was holding the knife and I started to think that maybe I could escape this bastard and call the cops. I kept sucking his cock while he started moaning louder and louder and I decided to make my move. I got him out of my mouth and up to my feet and started heading for the door as he screamed “Hey bitch! Get back here” and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back into the water before I could get away. He threw me against the wall of the shower and pinned himself against me as he put the knife back to my throat. “Oh fuck Oh fuck he’s gonna cut my neck” I thought to myself. He leaned into my ear again and said “I knew you’d try and run slut! That’s why I dropped my hands, to see if you’d do it.” Tears were flooding my face and he started kissing my ear and worked towards my lips. I help them tight together as he tried to ram his tongue into my mouth. “Open your mouth” he said as he put pressure on the knife. I obeyed as if I were a slave or something. It was then that he started mauling my mouth with his. He kissed me hard! It hurt! It was the worst kiss of my life but I was pretty sure that he wasn’t doing this for my pleasure. He worked his way down to my tits and started to suck and bite at my nipples. No one had ever biten my nipples before and to my surprise it felt kinda good! “Oh God!” I thought to myself “are you really enjoying this?” I shook my head to get the thought out as I felt his hand press against my pussy. He crammed his fingers into me hard and I yelped out. “Damn you’re wet! You must be liking this! You really are a little slut!” the voice said. “Oh my god I am wet!” I thought to myself. Through all of this and being in the shower I hadn’t realized that this sick bastard was making my pussy wet. My body was revolting against me and was slowly getting turned on by the sick fuck raping me. As I was thinking this the dark figure suddenly turned me around and bent me over against the shower wall and thrust his hard cock into me with one hard thrust. “Ahhhhhhhhh” I screamed as he ripped me open. He wasn’t trying to bring pleasure! His thing was pain. He continued thrusting hard and deep into my pussy as my body started revolting again and I could feel that I was going to cum and soon. A few more strokes into me and my body started to shake and I screamed “Ohhhh Christ……I’M CUMMINNNGGGG!!!!!!” The voice started laughing as he knew that he had gotten the one thing that I told him he wouldn’t get. He was right though, the sick bastard fucked me hard and deep and made me cum soooo hard. I was still cumming when he pulled his cock from my pussy and pushed hard into my ass. He slid all the way in thanks to my cum soaking his cock. “Christ this man hurts!” I thought. He started fucking my ass with a purpose and the tears were still rolling down my cheeks as he moaned louder and louder and I thought to myself “Thank god he’s gonna cum!” I started to egg him on cause I wanted this asshole out of my house and out of my life. “Fuck my ass hard baby! MMMM oh yeah fuck my little slut ass!” “I want you to cum in my ass…..fuck me harder…..oh yeah right there!!!” He was moving in and out of me faster than any man ever had before in my life and I just knew this son of a bitch would cum soon. Two more hard thrusts into my ass and I felt him explode as rope after rope of his hot cum filled my ass. He kept cumming and kept cumming as he hollered out “oh yeah baby there you go! Is that what you wanted my little cum slut?” I didn’t answer, I just let him finish cumming inside my ass waiting for his assault to be over. He slumped over and in the dark I could tell that he was worn out.

He slouched over me and I resisted. “Ok you got what you wanted now get the fuck out!” I screamed. “You even made me cum now just go” I cried as tears started to roll again. Suddenly I felt his arms wrap around me and pick me up in his arms. “What the fuck are you doing?” I cried. The voice stayed silent as he lifted me from the shower and set me down on the floor.

He started kissing me again but this time it was different. His kiss was soft, warm and passionate. Almost loving. “What the fuck is going on” I thought to myself as I could tell the light came on through my closed eyes. He broke our kiss and was at my ear before I could open my eyes to see him. He whispered softly “another one scratched off the list baby!” and then he pulled up and there was my husband standing before me. All I could think was “Damn!!! He got me good with that one!”

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