I remember stopping in my tracks to look at this very fine boy, with mousey brown hair and semi-athletic, yet still boyish build. He was just about 5’ 4” tall, and thin, with an adorable young and innocent boyish face, wearing a gray Champion shirt and plaid shorts…and looked so hot and inviting, it was hard to walk away.
This is a story of FICTION.....and is part 1

I hope you enjoy this...please leave me your comments, and I will take them into consideration.

It was a relaxing summer Monday in June and I was about 26 years old….I had just moved into a nice private house with lots of acres over the weekend, when a very hot 12 year old boy approached me as I was bringing the last of a few small items into the house from my car. I remember stopping in my tracks to look at this very fine boy, with mousey brown hair and semi-athletic, yet still boyish build. He was just about 5’ 4” tall, and thin, with an adorable young and innocent boyish face, wearing a gray Champion shirt and plaid shorts…and looked so hot and inviting, it was hard to walk away.

He approached me and said, “Hi ! You must be my new neighbor…welcome !!!
I responded with a “Hello, I guess I am your new neighbor…depending on where you live that is. I am Tommy, nice to meet you.

He said his name was Troy, and quickly asked, “Do you have any kids I can play with ?” I thought this was priceless…so innocent, so focused on his own needs ! (If he was a little older, I would have answered that he could play with me…which is what was going through my head !) I told him that I didn’t have any children, but that it didn’t stop he and I from being friends and playing basketball and other games if he wished. He said he would like that, and walked back towards his own house waving good bye. Later that night, his parents, Bill and Alice, came over and introduced themselves, and apologized if their kid Troy gave me any problems. They told me they had a pool in their back yard, and invited me over on the weekend to take a swim and have a bar-b-q. I accepted because I could get to see and know Troy a little better !

On that weekend, I brought a bottle of wine to my new neighbor’s house to thank them for being so kind and welcoming. I was greeted at the door by Troy’s mother, who accepted the wine and led me to the back yard, where I found Troy’s dad, Bill, setting up the grill, and Troy and another neighbor and friend Benny, 14 years old, swimming in the pool. I was greeted by Troy’s dad, and while talking to him, Troy had recognized that I arrived, and he and his friend got out of the pool so that he could introduce his friend to me.

“Hey Tommy !!!! do you like our pool ??”, said Troy with a great big grin on his hot boyish face. I told him ‘it was a beaut…and I can’t wait to beat him in pool volley ball’. Of course his friend and he took that as a personal challenge and talked shit for a few minutes. When done, Troy introduced his friend….Benny.

Benny was a very handsome14 year old, standing about 5’ 6”, with dark hair, and a solid, tight, smooth killer body, much more defined than Troy’s, with the makings of a six pack in progress, and a little bit of hair under his arms, unlike Troy, who was hairless. We shook hands, but I was shaking his hand like a robot because I didn’t know where to look ! Here I am in Troy’s back yard, with Troy 95% naked wearing a skimpy speedo with his hot smooth hairless well-tanned boy body exposed except for the small triangle speedo covering his dick and ass….and standing next to him, Benny… touching my hand, was a sizzling 14 year old with a hot body in the making, wearing Tommy Hilfiger deck shorts that hung low on his hips showing me, in his innocence that he was not wearing any underwear, allowing the triangular “V” shape at his abdomen showing his pelvis and getting me hard in an instant ! I decided to make small talk with Benny, and said….”wow, that’s some grip you got there…are you working out ?” he replied, “yes, my mom and dad bought me weights for my birthday last month, and me and Troy have a workout schedule…one of us keeps to the schedule, and one of us doesn’t….I’ll let you guess which is which”. With that, I took the opportunity to ask Troy to let me feel his muscles, and with all he could muster, he made a weightlifter’s pose putting his arm up so that I could feel his muscle…if he only knew that his arm was not the muscle I was wanting to feel !
I started to rub Troy’s arm up to his shoulder when I heard his father say, “I try to tell them not to lift more than they can handle just to look cool, that it is dangerous”, which made the boys roll their eyes, and I took the opportunity to “be on their side” by saying to him mockingly…”Oh daaaaaddddd !!” the boys laughed, and then headed back to the pool saying, ‘get your suit on and come in…we’ll set up the net so we can kick your butt !” and ran toward the pool.

Being an adult, it would have been rude and suspicious if I just took off to the pool to spend my time with the boys, so I hung out with the parents and spoke about adult things, to get a feel from them, and allow them to get a comfortable feel for me.

After talking for a while, Troy’s father said, I’ll show you where to change so we can join the boys in the pool. He showed me the bathroom on the first floor, and I changed into my suit and joined him in the back yard. We walked to the pool hearing jeers from the boys of “here they come !” and “time for their butt whipping !”, and his father and I laughed and mumbled jokingly, “we should just drown them and be done with it !” Troy’s father said, “we have to win…I can’t handle my son giving me shit that I lost to him and his friend !” and then laughed.

The game was good….I was actually surprised that the boys were as good and agile in the pool as they were….I remarked to Troy’s dad that “this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be”…he remarked back, “thank god you said that…I was thinking that I was getting old !” and we laughed. The game was called because Troy’s mom wanted his dad to start cooking….truth is that the boys were up by 3 points…and I was happy to catch the break.

With his dad gone, me and the boys just floated and swam and hung out in the pool, and got to know each other better….it was very beneficial for me….as you will see later. Troy began to hang on me in the deep end of the pool, making the remark that he was tired treading water….I had no problem with it, because as he hung off my shoulder, his boy cock was rubbing against my side, and as I slowly made my way to an area that I could stand without treading the water, I cupped his ass with my arm and pulled him closer to me, periodically rubbing his boy crotch up and down against my body. I hope, but was not sure, that Benny couldn’t see that I got a raging boner…maybe it would be good if he did see it ;P

We got called out of the water when dinner was ready, and went to the deck and ate the hamburgers and hot dogs and everything that goes along with them. Benny loaded up on the baked beans, and within the hour, continued to blow farts louder and louder with he and Troy laughing and the noise….Troy’s mother said, “Benny ! that’s disgusting ! stop it !” all he could do is laugh…and fart more (it made us all laugh).
The evening drew to a close, and I thanked them for the dinner and the swim, I told them that I will have them over as soon as I get more settled, and of course Troy & Benny are always welcome to help me unpack the hundreds of boxes ! I told Benny it was nice to meet him and to stop by my house whenever he wanted now that we knew each other….he said he would. I said I wanted to see the progress he was making with his weights…and he said, “Cool…I’d like that”.

That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about having both Troy and Benny naked and sucking my 7” cock while I blew them both one at a time, and fingered their ass….I threw the covers off and had to jerk off thinking about what a hot scene it would be, and started to lay my plan of getting one or both of them naked and in my control…. I blew such a load, that I hit myself in the chin with my jizz and it made a “slap” sound….the cum flew out of my cock so hard and fast, that you could hear the zit-zit-zit sound like a high pressure water gun shooting its stream of water as my cum sprayed from my dick slit !! I was so drenched in my own cum, that I had to take a shower to wash it all off my body !

During the following week, from time to time I saw Troy walking back and forth in front of the house, playing in his yard and such, and yelled “Hi” to him and waved…to which he responded with a “Hi” and a wave. On occasion, he would stop by and we would sit out on the deck, have a coke or iced tea and talk about a lot of things…from school, and the kids he liked or hated, to all the sports he liked to get involved in.
One day, I asked if he had any girls he was hot on, and he said that he had not even thought of girls as he was too busy with sports and other things. He also stated that he was planning to go out for the swim team when school started again in the fall. My plan was to have Troy over as often as possible and talk and get more comfortable so that I could suggest things or talk about sex freely when the time was right.
One afternoon at about 3:30, when I returned from work, I went to the master bedroom and began changing out of my clothes….it was very hot out, and my plan was to take a shower and then, as it was my house, and I lived alone, I generally sat around naked….I sleep naked, eat naked….hell…I guess I do everything naked ! Being naked is so much better then wearing anything….my balls and cock flop around to where ever they are comfortable, and if my dick wants to…it gets hard…and no one can say anything if I walk around the house with a boner !

So I am undressed and ready to go in for a shower, and the doorbell rings…I wrap a towel around me and go downstairs to the door. I glance through the glass panel and it’s Benny !!!!! What luck !!!! I’m here in my towel, and Benny is here ringing my bell !!!! Fucking awesome….my mind quickly starts to think about dropping the towel “accidently” and see what his reaction is… I dare ??? So I open the door and see Benny standing there in a cut off sweat shirt with no sleeves, and oversized shorts, like basketball shorts, that had leg holes so big…that he could fit 4 of his legs in one leg of the shorts ! I say, “Hey…Benny, it’s great to see you man !” He steps in and glances at my towel, and says, I’m sorry to bother you Tom, but Troy and his rents are out, and my mom is working late, and I don’t have my key to get into the house….so I was wondering if it would be alright to wait here for her to come home. At this statement, I am starting to get hard, and the towel is beginning to rise as a million thoughts go through my head about how to seduce him ! I quickly say, “sure ! No problem ! Make yourself at home….I was just about to shower, but you can sit and watch TV and have a drink of soda or do anything you want (hoping he would say something like…I see your dick is getting hard…let me suck it for you !). He sat on the couch, and I went to the kitchen to get him a soda…I was trying to think of other things so my cock would go limp again and not embarrass myself or him. When I returned with his soda, he was leaning back on the couch with his hand down the front of his pants adjusting his own cock…I think he may have seen my dick getting hard again at this site…well, at least I hoped that that was why he had to adjust !

I looked at him and said, “issues ?” with a slight laugh in my voice while tossing my head in his crotch direction, he laughed and said, “no, I was playing basketball all day, and my balls are sweaty and sticking to my leg”…he then took his hand out of his pants put his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply and loudly, smelling his fingers…following with a loud “aaaahhhhhhh” !! If this wasn’t a sign…then I don’t know what is ! I laughed and said, “boy THAT sounded hot...I wish I could do that !” and without missing a beat, he offered me his fingers to sniff, while laughing a little…sort of like a dare. My cock started stirring in the towel again as I grabbed his wrist, and bent over a little bringing his fingers to my nose and inhaled deeply….the smell was heavenly boy sweat…it was undescribable….it was a cross between a manly locker room filled with testosterone and body musk…my cock was about to rip through the towel, and I KNOW he had to see I was hard now and would have been fully erect if it wasn’t for the towel holding my stiffening cock down ! I let go of his hand and said, “awesome….I love to smell my own balls when I am sweaty too !”. He said “me too, it makes me hard”. I stood up straight and my towel was in a serious tent sticking toward him, and I said, “ahh, yea…duahh” pointing to my cock straining the towel begging to be set free, and he said, “nice !...looks big !”
Here is my chance I thought to myself, and seized the opportunity cautiously…I said, “well…since you and I are sweaty, you can join me in the shower”, he sort of grinned and gave a half laugh, and said…naah…I’ll just wait until I get home”. I said, “suit yourself, but I still have to shower” and started to walk out of the living room, when he said, “anyway, I’ll need to jerk off smelling these sweaty balls anyway” and with this I turned back to look at him and he lifted the leg of one side of his shorts and flashed his balls and possibly his limp dick too at me….unfortunately, the flash was too quick for me to see anything in detail…but I can dream !
Although my bathroom is in my upstairs bedroom, and I would normally shower there….i decided to shower in the downstairs bathroom fairly close to the Living Room….I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Now remember, I live alone and am nude 95% of the time….I generally don’t close any doors when I do anything, and of course, if they are not closed…they don’t need to be locked. This time, I did remember to close the door…I stood at the sink, staring into the mirror in disbelief of what just happened…being flashed by my hot 14 year old neighbor and smelling his ball sweat…..I tried to reason with myself that this was just not happening…that I was reading too much into it…soon I woke from my trance, and turned on the water, took off my towel and noticed my cock was still about 70% hard….I laughed and slapped it a few times watching it wiggle…it got a little harder, and I stepped into the shower.

The thoughts of what had just transpired was fresh in my mind while I went through the motions of washing my hair, and I was thinking of a lot of things that I could have done or said to maybe move a more the sexual portion along… a knock interrupted my thoughts and Benny called out through the door, “is it ok if I use your phone to call my mom and see what time she is coming home ?” I hollered back, “sure…no problem”. I continued to shower, and the thoughts came back into my head and made me hard as a rock. I don’t know how much time passed, but a second knock came on the door and I thought I would hear Benny say something like ‘my mom was home or on the way home’ and that he was leaving. Instead, I heard, “I have to piss…can I come in ?” My mind raced as I looked down and grabbed my steel cock and turned my back to the glass shower doors trying to hide the fact that I was beyond hard, just in case he looked through the glass….as much as I wanted to show him, and hope he would get into it…I was shy to show him for some reason….maybe scared that he would freak…anyway, with my back to the glass, I yelled back to Benny, “sure….come in” I felt the pressure and temperature of the bathroom change as the door opened and closed behind him. In a few seconds I heard him open his zipper, and then his piss hitting the water…I turned my head to look through the glass shower doors, and could see him standing with his back to me pissing…not knowing what to do, and trying to show that I was just washing in the shower, I soaped up my hair again and began lathering it up…I used way too much shampoo this time because of my nerves, and of course, it was getting in my eyes…so I closed my eyes tight…about the time that Benny had stopped pissing. He said, “I’m about to flush the toilet…better step out from under the water”…I did and said, “thanks…that was thoughtful”. His voice became very loud, almost yelling as he began saying, “oh yeah…I called my mom…she is going out after work, and said she may not be home until about 10”. “I said, no problem, you can stay here and have dinner with me…or we can go out for dinner if you want…your call”.
When the water cooled, I started to rinse my hair off, and the combination of the water beating on my head, the water and soap clogging my ears, and Benny yelling that it didn’t matter what to do about dinner, I never heard the shower door open or close, but suddenly I jumped when I felt a hand touch my shoulder !! I honestly didn’t know what to do first…I was desperately trying to get the soap out of my hair and away from my eyes, while simultaneously thinking about the current state of my dick, which, because I was paying attention to my hair, was beginning to lose its boner…but was still about 30% hard, while simultaneously trying to hide my dick from Benny ! (I don’t know why I was trying to hide my dick…the fact was that I wanted to have sex with Benny, and in order to do that, we would of course, have to see each other’s dicks at the least…thinking about my shy or cautious actions now makes me laugh !).

I got most of the soap out of my hair, and was able to turn just my head toward the location of Benny’s hand…and saw Benny there naked, in the shower with me !! he was an absolute Adonis…although everything was happening in mili-seconds, time seemed to stand still in my mind….everything was moving in slow motion…I looked deep into his hazel eyes as best I could, still wiping water and soap that was trickling down my eyes, and with a sheepishly sly smirk on his face, he said, “relax…it’s cool”. I took my gaze from his eyes to now view his entire body and saw that he was beyond erect almost to the point of his dick skin about to rip off his boner, and was slowly stroking it. It was a winning 6” with a long hard shaft and beautiful mushroom head glistening from the water. His balls were hanging low and had an almost effervescent glow to them due to the water beading in small droplets on the thin brown hair on the balls. His cock was so hard that as he pulled it slightly away from his abdomen, stroking it slowly, his hand would slip off the head and the ridged tool would snap back to attention against his abdomen. As I looked at the scene, now thinking it was a dream, and not sure I wanted to wake up if it was…he reached out and grabbed my semi-hard cock, that was slowly growing harder, and said, “I was right…it is big”. I now, realizing that I am in heaven with this god…had my own sheepish grin on my face, and said to him, “it gets harder”, and quickly reached for his cock.

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